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Under the Mask Recap

In the Arctic, Malina goes out on the tundra and an invisible figure accompanies her. The figure tells Malina to focus because another wave is coming, and Malina looks up at a reddish storm gathering across the horizon... that only she can see. When Malina hesitates, saying that she may not be ready, the figure warns that the storms will only get worse and the world will need Malina’s powers soon.

In Odessa , Noah steals a truck and tells Quentin to get in. He warns that they can’t take a plane because they’ll be searching for him, and promises to sew Quentin’s wounds up when they stop for gas.

Luke and Joanne drive through Texas in Noah’s car, and Joanne goes through the Evo file she found. She figures that they can use it to hunt down more Evos, including Oscar in Los Angeles and Alexander French in St. Louis. Luke doesn’t respond, and Joanne insists that they need revenge and points out that they made the decision again. Her husband reaches to turn off the radio and the ignition shuts off. They pull over and start walking. Luke glances up at the sun and complains that it’s hot.

In Tokyo, Miko appears in the lobby of the Yamagato Building and the security guards attack her. She easily takes them out with her newfound martial arts skills and demands to know where her father Hachiro is. A new man, Harris, arrives and takes a baton from a guard. He then tells Miko that it’s time to surrender, and she attacks him. Harris easily knocks her down and then paralyzes her with a few strikes when she comes at him okay. He tells her that the sword isn’t hers and picks it up.

At the Teterboro airfield, Taylor and Francis take Molly to a private jet at the nearby airfield. The guard informs Francis that he isn’t cleared for flight and refuses to let him aboard. Taylor demands to talk to Harris, and when Molly objects, Taylor tells her that she can do anything she wants. The guards check with Harris and tell Francis that he isn’t cleared to fly. They haul Molly aboard and shoot her with a tranq dart.

At the Yamagato Building, Erica Kravid--the CEO of Renautus--holds a team briefing about how they have to rely on themselves. She shows a pair of EPIC glasses and assures them that it will be revolutionary for the entire world. One scientist, Shintaro, assures the group that they can make any modifications necessary as long as the processor is online. Erica assures them that they’ve recovered the lost piece and the processor will be online ahead of schedule. Harris comes in and Erica quickly ends the meeting. Once they’re alone, Harris tells the CEO that Miko fought in the lobby with Hachiro’s sword, and she claims to be his daughter. Erica tells Harris to hold Miko until they know what they’re dealing with, and then take care of her.

In LA, Carlos finds a photo of Captain Dearing on h is dead brother’s board. He pockets it and walks and goes up to the garage, just as his nephew Jose comes in. Jose says that he used to go over the books with Oscar when his father was alive, and Carlos says that they’re closing up the garage for the time being. The boy realizes that they’re not going to find out who killed Oscar, and Carlos assures him that things are going to get better. However, Jose doesn’t believe him and walks off.

Ren goes to the Yamagato Building and confirms that it’s the same building as in the Bandit City VR world. He goes inside and finds medics tending to the injured guards. Erica and Harris come out and Harris is holding the sword, and Ren covertly takes a quick photo of them. As they walk past Ren, Harris assures Erica that they land in Midian in Colorado at 7 and EPIC will be online until then, and they’re holding Miko in the main conference room. Ren quickly walks away and bumps into an intern, stealing her security card.

At a hospital in Odessa, Noah and Quentin are in the waiting room watching a newscast about unusual sightings of the Aurora Borealis far south of its usual location. Quentin wonders if the Evos that Noah broughtin when he was working for Primatech were being used for the same reason as the captured Renautas Evos. Noah ignores the question and the nurse calls Quentin into the ER to tend what Quentin claims is a nail-gun injury. Once he’s alone, Dr. Moore comes up and addresses Noah by name. Noah says that he was just passing through, and confirms that Moore saw him a year ago on June 13. Moore asks Noah to wait there and then goes to call security. When he turns back, he discovers that Noah is gone.

Carlos follows Captain Dearing from the LAPD station to an abandoned factory. Inside, Carlos watches as Dearing and two of his men question a captured Evo, threatening to shoot her unless she tells him about the underground railroad. She head-butts him and tells him to go to hell, and figures it’s an off-the-book interrogation. She dares them to kill her, and Dearing pistol-whips her and then throws her out a window. She flies off and tells his men that she tagged him and she’ll lead them to the others.

Carlos accidentally makes a noise and Dearing sends his men to check it out. The vet runs down the stairwell, ducking fire, and gets outside. Mauricio grabs Carlos and fades him into smoke, evading the crooked cops. Once they pass, Mauricio reconstitutes them and says that he’s trying to help Carlos. Carlos tells him to find another soul to save and runs off.

Harris comes to see Miko in the conference room and asks where she got the sword. She says that she got it from her father, and Harris shows her footage of her teleporting in and asks how she did it.

Ren sneaks onto the floor, evading the guards.

Quentin returns to the waiting room and discovers that Noah is gone. On the news, Renautas is announcing the release of a new product. Quentin overhears the guards looking for Noah. In a hallway, Noah grabs a guard and questions him. The guard, Norris, explains that a year ago, Noah put a guard in the hospital. Noah has Norris take him to the security room so he can see the footage.

Luke and Joanne stop at a diner and Luke wonders why they don’t just go home. She insists that they’re on the same side, but Luke suggests that they go to LA and see the ocean. As he cuts his steak, his knife glows red-hot. Joanne looks up in time to see the now burnt steak and calls the waitress over to complain.

In the hospital security room, Noah reviews the footage and notices that the time code keeps skipping as he jumps from spot to spot. On the footage, he’s talking to someone just off-camera. Noah realizes that Hiro Nakamura--a time-manipulating Evo he knew--must have been involved. The footage shows Noah in the morgue examining Claire’s body, but he doesn’t remember her dying in the hospital. Norris brings up different footage showing Noah with Molly. Quentin comes in and Noah quickly leaves with him.

As they drive off, Noah explains that he was at the hospital a year ago and Claire died there despite her power, and Molly was there. He wonders why he had the Haitian erase his memories, and figures that Hiro and Molly were there. Noah figures that Molly can answer his questions, but they can’t let Renautas digitize her powers.

Molly wakes up on the plane and warns Taylor that Renautas had Francis stay behind so that they could either kill him or adapt his powers to an app.

At Yamagato, Harris asks Miko if she has her father’s power or if she’s just Hachiro’s best work. Miko doesn’t know what he means, and Harris mentions the accident. She doesn’t know what he means, and Harris takes out some torture instruments. As he prepares to cut her, Ren runs in and Miko attacks Harris, grabbing a cleaver and cutting off his left hand and knocking him to the floor. She then runs out with Miko. On the floor, Harris regrows his hand in a matter of seconds. On the floor, his hand grows a new Harris, who gets up and hands over his watch to the prime Harris.

Miko and Ren run out of the building and Ren shows her his photo of Erica. He figures that she’s heading to Colorado, and they head for the airport.

Luke and Joanne arrive at a motel and Luke tells his wife to check in while he gets some fresh air. Once she goes inside, Luke ducks around the corner and his hands glow as he absorbs the sunlight.

In Carbondale, Tommy is in his bedroom doing pushups when Anne comes in. She figures that he’s exercising for a girl and that he’s put on his good t-shirt because he’s going to a party. Anne refuses to let him go, Tommy objects, saying that he knew she would freak out, and tells Anne that someone is sending her text messages to protect him. She refuses to let him go and Tommy teleports himself past her and walks out.

Later at the party, Brad tells everyone that Tommy stole the beer for the party.

At Renautus HQ in Midian, Colorado, Erica and another Harris wait for Molly to arrive. Noah and Quentin roll under the closing garage door and get inside, and Noah punches Quentin in his wounded shoulder and then muzzles him to keep him quiet.

Taylor calls Francis and gets his voice mail, and she tells the guards to get her to Harris. Quentin staggers up, bleeding, and Noah knocks out the distracted guards. Molly refuses to go with him, and Noah explains about his memory wipe. She says that there’s too much at risk and runs off, and Quentin warns Noah that they’re out of time. Meanwhile, the Harris clone and his men recapture Molly.

Emily heads out and Tommy goes after her. She figures that he was busy having fun, and Tommy admits that he definitely doesn’t like beer. He offers to walk Emily home and she agrees. Casper is watching from nearby when Anne puts a gun to his head and asks how long he’s been following them. He says that he kept his promise to watch Tommy and follow the plan, and he won’t break. Anne hesitates and Casper says that the world will need Tommy soon, and she needs their help protecting her son. Tommy and Emily come up, and Anne tells Casper and his people to stay away from them. She then orders Tommy into her car and refuses to answer his questions about Casper.

In East LA, Dearing follows the tracker on the flying Evo. Inside, she tells the other runaways that they need to get out of town and she called Mauricio. Carlos comes in, wearing the El Vengador costume, and says that they have to get out because Dearing is coming in. Dearing breaks in and the runaways grab their papers and leave. The captain comes in and El Vengador attacks him, demanding to know who he’s really working for. Dearing hits him with super-strength, shoving him into an office and then through a wall. El Vengador leaps out a window and staggers away, spitting blood.

Harris and his men strap Molly to a chair. At the Arctic Circle, another Harris clone tells Erica that they’re inbound and should meet the last team in a few minutes. A Harris clone brings Taylor to Erica, and Taylor wonders what happened to Francis. Erica refuses to discuss it and assures her daughter that EPIC wouldn’t have been possible without her. The CEO then goes out on stage and puts on a pair of EPIC glasses. Noah and Quentin secretly watch as Erica explains activates EPIC. A global scan comes up and Erica explains that they can now locate every Evo on Earth and allow remote viewing.

In the Arctic, the Harris clone meets with a military team and gives them EPIC goggles. He tells them that they’re getting a strong signal in the area.

EPIC locates an Evo in Renautas and has her security guards escort one man, Myles Stevens, out of the building. Quentin warns Noah that Renautas is going to find all of the Evos and harness their powers.

Malina’s guardian warns her that they’re running out of time and turns visible.

Noah says that they need to find Molly and destroy EPIC, as Erica finishes her presentation.

As Anne drives home, and Tommy realizes that she’s going to move them on again. He insists that they’re supposed to stay this time. All of the traffic lights turn red, and Anne keeps going... and a truck slams into them.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2015

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