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Out of Time Recap

John takes a shower and then picks clothing from the many selections the apartment owner has. Once he's dressed, John looks around the expensive apartment and works out how to microwave a burrito. On the TV, is a newscaster is talking about the police's search for the Key Killer. The apartment owner Ben Lewis comes in and John introduces himself, and realizes that the owner is Bella's roommate who was away on business. He says that Bella is in bed, and Ben realizes that John is wearing one of his suits. As Ben goes looking for Bella, John grabs a butcher's knife and goes after him. Bella is on the bed, cut up, and John comes in and kills him. John then goes to the microwave and eats his burrito.

Herbert is at Vanessa's working on the time machine that she had moved to her ballroom. She says that there's no reports of new victims, and asks if Herbert can fix the machine. Herbert says that he can but it will take time, and reveals the crystal that focuses light into a specific wavelength that lets the machine breach the fourth dimension. Vanessa says that she has her team out looking for John. Jane comes in and Herbert tells her that she looks lovely. She thanks Vanessa for letting her stay there, and Vanessa leaves.

Jane explains that the museum has no idea what's going on since Vanessa moved the exhibit, and they think that Jane is working with Vanessa taking an inventory for the insurance claim. She says that H.G. Wells--the exhibit--is her responsibility, and Herbert tells her that if she wants out then he'll understand. Jane assures her that she'll help Herbert see it through, just as John calls. She puts the call on loudspeaker and John says that he wants the key to the time machine. Herbert takes the phone and asks what he plans on doing with it, and John says that he's on a personal journey of self-enlightenment. When Herbert invites John to come get the key, John tells him that he'll give Herbert a location and then Herbert will have five minutes to bring him the key and the machine. Herbert points out that the machine is broken, but John figure that he can repair it in 12 hours. Jane asks him not to hurt anyone, and John warns her that he let her live once but it won't happen again.

John leaves the apartment and the tall man, Chad, secretly follows him.

Vanessa comes in with Martin Scott, who works at the innovation division of her company. Martin knows who Herbert really is and says that he's a big fan of Herbert's work. Doug comes in and says that Vanessa's appointment is waiting, and she excuses herself. Herbert explains the key's function and asks Martin to change it so that the time machine will return to the room once John is inside.

In the hallway, Vanessa joins Griffin. He admits that he's nervous about the interview and warns that reporter has a reputation as a snake. Griffin thanks Vanessa for helping him and they meet with the reporter, Chase. Chase asks if they're going to get married, pointing out that they're a power couple. She then asks why Vanessa remains such a low profile with her philanthropic work, and Vanessa says that she's always been a private person.

Martin checks the machine's control board and puts the calculations into his laptop. He explains that Herbert will eventually propose the idea of a computer, and Jane explains that Herbert hasn't written it yet. They activate the machine and Herbert gets inside. He inserts the key and the machine shorts out as it ices over. A blast knocks Jane and Martin back and the impact shakes the house. Vanessa excuses herself and goes to the ballroom, where Jane is helping Herbert out of the machine. He discovers that the power surge has destroyed the crystal and they'll never meet John's deadline.

John goes to a flea market at the docks and notices Chad following him. He ducks behind a hat rack and Chad goes past. As John walks off, he bumps into a woman, Brooke. She complains of her carpal tunnel and John insists on looking at it. He says that he's a surgeon and the woman says that she knew he was too good to be true. Brooke points out that he has charm, good lucks, and an accent, and is a surgeon as well. She introduces herself as a neural pathologist, and John says that it's an underrepresented profession where he's from. He invites her to have a drink with him.

Herbert examines the cracked crystal and explains that it was mined in the Ural Mountains in the 1600s and has to be a precise size and cut. Martin realizes that the crystal acts as a laser, and Jane says that there's a gemologist, Paul, that she met through the museum who is the only one who could possibly find a similar gem. As she goes to call Paul, Doug tells Vanessa that John has evaded pursuit and the police have nothing.

An older woman, Phyllis, sits in a house humming to herself. She calls to Sam, and Chad comes in and says that Sam has gone for groceries. Chad reminds her that he's her son and warns that Sam can't find him there. He says that Herbert has arrived in the time machine, and Www asks if he brought the Ripper with him. Chad says that they're both there and it's all real just as she said, and Www tells him to stop them from going back so that none of it will happen. As Www breaks into a coughing fit, Sam pulls up outside. Chad sees him and tells Www that he has to go, and reminds her not to tell Sam that he was there.

Griffin tries the door to the ballroom and discovers that it's locked. Vanessa arrives and Griffin asks what's going on. He points that she's been acting strangely since Herbert arrived, and wonders if she wants to be part of his Senatorial campaign. Vanessa asks him to trust her for now, and Griffin wonders if she trusts him.

John and Brooke have drinks and he assures her that she has a surplus of talent and could be a surgeon. She says that she spends most of her work time thinking, and only tests when she's absolutely sure of the results. When John says that he does the same, Brooke points out how he works in the moment and relies on his instinct, courage, and precision. John admits that there's an addictive quality to knowing that people's lives are in his hands, and explains that he does what he does due to a drive for power and control. Brooke says that at least he's honest about his motives, and says that their brains tell them that they're flawed so that they can find a way to be better. Smiling, she says that there's nothing wrong with the occasional evil thought. John checks his watch and Brooke, noticing, asks if there's some place that he has to be. He explains that he promised to keep a deadline, and Brooke gets up to go. John assures her that he's going to meet his deadline and Brooke sits back down.

Jane assures Herbert that it isn't his fault, but Herbert says that he's the one who brought John there. He's altering the future and they have no way of knowing what harm John has done. Jane points out that Herbert is there and altering the timeline, and Herbert insists that time travel should only be used for observation. Jane says that they can't take Fate and Destiny out of the occasion, and figures that they were always supposed to meet. If not, then it would suck if it was all just a coincidence. Herbert admits that he was drawn to her beauty when they first met, and then her kindness, and now he realizes that she's the sum of many parts with her mind leading the way. As they draw closer, Jane's phone rings as Paul calls her back.

Chad looks at his board of Herbert and John articles and loads his gun as he looks at a recent photo of Herbert on the street. He then puts the gun in his belt and leaves.

That night, Doug drives Herbert and Jane to Paul's office at the Institute of Gemology. Herbert asks Doug how long he's worked for Vanessa, and Doug says that it's been 13 years and he was in the Army before that. They go into the institute building and Chad pulls up down the street and watches them as they enter and Paul greets Jane. Once they're inside, Chad gets out of his car.

Paul says that he was hoping to hear from Jane someday, and says that when he heard Coldplay was in town he thought of Jane. Jane explains that Coldplay produced an album that she and Paul both like, and Paul is surprised that Herbert has never heard of Coldplay. After admiring Jane, Paul leads them to his workshop.

Chad discovers that the outside door is locked and breaks the window to let himself in.

Paul shows them his selection of gems and asks Jane if she's still at the museum as Herbert examines the gems. Jane says that she's working with Vanessa as a consultant, and the woman will cover all the costs. Paul asks if Jane and Herbert are a thing, Jane says that they're just friends, Herbert asks Paul to bring him a particular stone. Once Paul leaves, Jane apologizes and explains that she and Paul went out on a few dates. Herbert says that Paul doesn't seem her type, and she wonders what is her type. He says that her type seems a little less congratulatory, and points out that Paul lacks subtlety.

Chads makes his way through the institute.

Jane assures Herbert that nothing came out of her and Paul's dating, and that there was no electricity between them. She figures that Herbert has felt it since he was married, and explains that his ex-wife Isabelle never understood his passion to discover and explore. Jane suggests that they always find the right person, and Herbert admits that Fate may indeed play a hand.

At the townhouse, Griffin comes back and Vanessa thanks him for returning. He still wants to know what's going on, and assures her that he can handle whatever she has to say. Vanessa explains that "George" is really H.G. Wells who traveled to 2017 in the time machine. Griffin figures that she's nuts, but then realizes that she's serious. Vanessa shows him the DNA test, but Griffin figures that Herbert is running some kind of a scam. He goes to deal with Hebert, but Vanessa asks him to trust her like she trusted him. Griffin admits that he doesn't know if he can.

After John and Brooke have sex, he tells her that she's single because she won't settle for anyone as good as her. Brooke realizes that John is hesitant to commit, and admits that it would be out of character to have him stay the night... but she'd like him to. John says that his intimacy issues can handle it and goes to the kitchen while Brooke stays in bed. He pours himself a drink and finds a knife in the drawer.

Paul returns with the gem that Herbert requested, and Herbert confirms that it's exactly what they need. When Paul goes to get the papers, Chad pistol-whips him from behind and knocks him out. Herbert and Jane hear Paul drop and Chad shoots at them when they come to investigate. They run off and Chad pursues them into the storage shelves. He calls out that he knows who Herbert is and what his time machine is, and that he knows about the Ripper.

When Chad comes after them, Herbert slams a cart into him and then he and Jane run. They head for the exit but Chad recovers and cuts them off. However, Doug arrives and shoots him in the back before he can shoot Herbert. He tells Herbert and Jane to get out and he'll handle it.

Back at the townhouse, Vanessa tells Herbert and Jane that Paul will cooperate and she'll pay for the damages. They wonder how Chad knew about Herbert and the Ripper, and Vanessa says that Doug will check with his contact in the police department when they ID the body. Martin calls them into the ballroom to install the new gemstone, Once Herbert does, Martin initiates the remote activation sequence and Herbert tells him to bring the machine back one second after it departs. Vanessa brings Griffin in to see the machine in action. The machine activates, ices over, and disappears… and then returns a second later. Griffin concedes that what he saw is real, and Herbert figures that the trap is ready.

In Brooke's kitchen, John records a video for Herbert and says that he's met a fascinating woman. He explains that he feels human in Brooke's company but he's really an animal, and there's no redemption for his soul. John says that he must remain true to his nature but he'll feel regret. He then turns on the music and Brooke comes out. They dance and John secretly reaches for the knife. As he prepares to stab her, Brooke jams a syringe into his neck. John staggers back and Brooke deletes the video, then tells him that she thought he had gone soft as John passes out.

Herbert continues working on the machine, and Jane asks if he thinks John will kill again. He assures Jane that they will capture him, and Jane says that even though tings were scary, she wants in because she figures that she's supposed to be there. Herbert tells her that he believes that there are certain moments in life that are rare and precious. As they kiss, the machine sparks and Jane firmly kisses Herbert as the machine releases a burst of sparks.

On the street, Griffin calls someone and says that his plan worked and he now has access to the machine. However, he warns that someone else knows about Herbert and they have to find out who else is out there.

Brooke takes John to her lab and straps him to an operating chair. He wakes up and Brooke addresses him as Jack the Ripper. She says that she's been waiting a very long time to meet him.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 14, 2017

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