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3. Double Bluff Recap

Eve runs through the night and enters the empty tavern. She goes upstairs and gets herself a beer, and sees Golding waiting for her. Eve drops the bottle in shock, and Golding orders her to toss over her phone. She does, and Eve grabs a hidden gun and aims it at him. Golding raises her arms and invites her to shoot. However, when Eve pulls the trigger, the hammer drops on an empty magazine. Golding drops the bullets he removed and another man comes in. The crime lord says that he almost got out of England, but a freak storm cancelled the crossing... every time. He realized that the bracelet doesn't want him to go, and figures that it's time for something new. The other man steps forward to grab Eve.

The next day, Harry is at an outside cafe and Isabella walks through the fountains He congratulates her on her entrance and Eve invites him to try it. She tells him that he wants to learn how the bracelet works, then he has to play the game. Harry says that he did it before and made his family homeless, and Isabella points out that if he'd won then they'd be living in a palace. Harry takes her bet and steps out into the fountains, and each spray misses him. He takes Isabella's hands and dances with her.

Anna and Jonny come by, and a spray of water hits Harry. They go inside for a drink and Isabella congratulates Anna on being in such handsome company. Jonny admits that he was nervous to meet Harry, and Isabella explains that the owner Giovanni is a friend. Harry insists that they're not together, and Isabella adds "Not yet." She asks how Anna and Jonny met, and Jonny explains that they work together and he's always admired Anna. As Anna asks Isabella how she and Harry met, Harry gets a call and then says that he has to get to work.

When Harry arrives at the station, Suri tells him that the victims name is Anthony Johnstone and died the previous Tuesday. He was killed by a blood clot, but the coroner found human flesh in his stomach. Suri figures that they have a cannibal on their hands. They go to the morgue and Ralph explains that he found a fingernail. The meat is human but there was apple, pork, apple, and sage mixed in. Ralph figures that Johnstone knew what he was eating, and he may have eaten a pie with human flesh before.

The police soon arrive at a pie shop and question the owner, Beverley. Johnstone's wife said that he visited Beverley Donoghue most days, and Beverley recognizes him. She says that she gets her meat from the Smithfield Market, and claims that she doesn't have a regular supplier. Beverley figures that she's ruined once word gets out. Back at the station, Alistair shows Harry and Suri video taken after a neighborhood screams. The video shows the two men taking Eve out, and Harry recognizes her. There's a split second where Golding's face is visible, and Harry goes to Anna's office. Alistair orders a squad car there and Suri points out that Golding is smiling. She figures that he's not a man on the run.

Harry arrives at Anna's office and tells Anna that Daisy is being sent there. He explains the police precautions, and Anna says that she can't work there. Harry offers to take her home, but Anna ignores him. He goes after her and Anna says that she's sure Harry will catch Golding. She then points out that she saw that Isabella was wearing the same bracelet and wonders if they got lucky together. Harry says that Isabella is fun, and promises that he'll find Golding.

At the station, Alistair reviews Golding's file with the DIs and Harry arrive. He suggests that they track the van via CCTV and talk to the witness to find out what she heard. Alistair tells him that he can't work on the case with his personal history, and Harry says that he promised Anna. He angrily wonders what he's supposed to do, and Steven says that he has a match on the DNA of the flesh found in Johnstone's stomach. Harry is less than enthused that Alistair is keeping him on that case.

Harry drives to the home of Adam Sykes in a pool car, and Steve meets him. Steve explains that the neighbors haven't seen Sykes for a week. Harry remembers that he's a forger, and Steve points out that it was a fluke that they got an identifiable DNA sample. The officers break down the door and Steve admits that he's not thrilled to be working under Harry, and sarcastically asks if he's responsible for everything that's happening.

The two men go inside and find Sykes' materials to set up a new identity but no signs of Sykes. There are no signs of a struggle, and Harry explains that the last time he caught Sykes, Sykes was selling forged bearer bonds to Russian undergraduates. The forger was covered in ink, but the home is spotless. They scan the interior with UV lights and finds blood in an arterial spray pattern. The men figure a professional cleaned the place after the murder.

Next, Harry and Steve go to Smithfield and they split up to search for the supplier. Harry takes out a coin and goes to one supplier, concentrates on the bracelet, and flips the coin. It rolls across the floor and stops near a butcher, Thomas Rice, cutting up meat. Thomas realizes that Harry is a cop, and Harry figures that Thomas has been in trouble with the police if he can spot a cop. Harry asks if Thomas's knife is sharp enough to cut through bone, and Thomas says that he heard a story about a man who got his arm cut off when he didn't watch where he was going. The DI asks how Thomas keeps the room so clean, and Thomas picks up a meat cleaver. Thomas says that he keeps his cleaning chemicals in his van, and Harry says that he wants to take a look at it.

Thomas leads Harry out but then turns and attacks him with the cleaver. The two men struggle and Harry falls back into the freezer. He calls for backup and Steve calls out. Thomas slips out and loses himself on the street outside.

The police secure the business and Alistair tells Harry that they found Thomas's van. Suri is there, and they realize the plates are the same ones that Golding used. Harry figures that Golding plans to kill Eve and cut her up for pies.

At the station, Alistair calls Harry into his office and tells him that the two cases are linked. Harry figures that Sykes was providing Golding with a new identity, and Golding killed him to cover his tracks. He wonders why Golding didn't use the identity to escape, and Suri comes in to report that she's identified Eve. Golding killed her mother, and Alistair asks Harry why Golding would take her. He admits that he doesn't know. Outside, Suri confronts Harry about how he knew who Eve was from when they watched the video, and is angry that he didn't say. She points out that Harry started wearing the bracelet just when Eve turned up, and doesn't believe him when he claims it was a gift from Rich. Suri asks where Golding took Eve so she can find her, but Harry says nothing and she walks off.

Harry goes to Rich's flat and Rich says that the police told him about Golding already. He points out that Harry is there even though he asked him to keep his distance, and Harry says that he's missed his brother. Rich closes the door in his face.

Next, Harry goes to the National Gallery to meet Isabella. She points out that Anna is gorgeous, and Harry realizes that she set the whole thing up to see Anna. Isabella says that she wanted to see how Harry was with Anna and find out what's stopping Harry from kissing her. Harry tells her that Golding is involved and he's been taken off the case, and Isabella tells him that she doesn't care and neither would Harry if he knew who Eve really was. She explains that Eve has known about Isabella and the bracelet all along, and points out that she never told Harry. Isabella tells him that she had two baby girls and Eve is the reason that she lost them. When Harry wonders what happened, Isabella refuses to explain and tells Harry to forget Eve, but he warns that Golding is cutting people up, and he needs Eve to find him and keep Anna and Daisy safe. She tells Harry that he'd do the same and worse if it was Daisy who had died, and Harry tells Isabella to stay away from him before walking away.

Thomas finds Golding on a rooftop, and Golding complains that Harry found him. He warns that Harry can find them and they'll never know how, and now they'll never catch Harry. They go inside and Golding says that Thomas was just supposed to put Harry in a trunk and let him die on his own. Thomas insists that he should cut off Harry's head, but Golding warns him that it will never work. He says that it's over and they're going with a new plan. They go to the room where Eve is locked up and Golding says that they have to cover their tracks. He tells Thomas to kill Even and get rid of the body, and then he's on his own. Eve says that she can help Golding beat Harry, because there's a second bracelet and she knows the woman who wear it. If Golding gets her on his side then she can beat Harry because she's stronger. Golding tells Thomas to put down his knife.

At the station, Steve asks Suri how Harry found Thomas. He says that Harry didn't do anything he wouldn't have done, but it's always Harry. Suri isn't interested in discussing it, and explains that she's checking cash checkpoints to spot Golding since they froze his bank accounts. The facial recognition software isn't precise, and Steve tells her that she needs to look bigger.

Isabella is in her apartment when her doorbell rings. It's Golding and Thomas, and Golding says that they're there to ask for her help. They want her to help them kill Harry. Thomas pours the champagne that they brought, and Golding asks to see the bracelet. He knows from Eve that Isabella can summon luck, and insists that he was meant to have the bracelet. Isabella says that Harry is good for her and will eventually fall in love with her, and Golding warns that eventually Harry will hunt her down for her predilections and he'll win. He tells her that he's never stop Isabella, and warns that Harry will only ever love one woman. Isabella asks him what he wants, and Golding says that once Isabella gets the bracelet off of Harry, he'll have Eve put it on him. After that, Isabella can have whatever she wants. He offers to kill Eve, but Isabella says that she wants to do that. With that, they toast each other.

At the station, Harry is at his desk when Isabella calls him. She texts him asking to explain, and Harry finally meets her. Isabella says that when her girls died, she never got over the pain. However, she'll help Eve because it's Harry who is asking.

Steve links the cash points with mobile phones being used. He narrows them down to three paid with cash, and eliminates them... leaving Golding's phone. Once he turns his phone on, they've got him. Suri admits that Steve is a good cop, and he tells her the same. Steve jokingly says that she's be a nightmare as a girlfriend, and Suri tells him to shut up.

Rui drives Isabella and Harry through London, and she tells Harry that the bracelets will lead them. Golding texts Isabella and says that he's ready, and she nods to Rui.

Suri and Steve pick up on Golding making the call and head to his location, calling for backup as they go.

Rui pulls over at an empty factory and Isabella claims that luck brought them there. She and Harry go to the gate and see a flock of crows overhead. They go inside and find Golding's quarters. The identity papers are on a chair, and Golding comes in and congratulates Isabella. Thomas wraps a plastic sheet over Harry's face, wraps him up in another plastic sheet, and takes him into the room with Eve. He manacles Harry to two tables on either side, and Harry realizes that Golding, Isabella, and Eve are there.

As Thomas prepares his knife, Golding tells Eve that Thomas is going to cut Harry's arm off. He tells Eve to give him the bracelet once Harry is dead, and she nods in agreement. Thomas cuts Harry's arm, and Harry asks Isabella why. She says that he was getting boring and is still in love with Anna, and she was starting to like him. Isabella figures that it's safer to feel nothing at all.

The crows fly in and Thomas jumps, startled. He drops the cleaver and it lands in his head. Smiling, Isabella tells Golding that she would never choose him over Harry. When Golding tries to run, Eve punches him and keeps punching him. Isabella kicks her a knife and tells her that it's what she always wanted. Harry tells Eve not to do it, warning that he'll come after her and put her in prison. When Eve says that she'll kill Harry as well, Harry tells her that they're not monsters and there's no way back if she kills him. After a moment, Eve tosses the knife away and Isabella frees Harry. She tells him that she got Golding as she promised and he has to start trusting him. Eve warns that Isabella will hurt him, and Isabella tells her to leave. Harry agrees with Isabella and Eve walks out. Isabella tells Harry to find her and leaves as well.

Golding wakes up and Harry picks up the knife and tells him that it's the end. When Golding laughs, Harry tells him that the prisoners will do terrible things to an ex-prison governor. He takes a photo of Golding and sends it to Anna, saying that they got Golding. Suri and the others arrive, and Harry asks what took them so long.

Later in Alistair's office, Alistair points out that there are still a lot of questions. Harry sticks to his story that he was out for a walk and stumbled across Golding, and Alistair tells him that he's glad Harry didn't do something stupid. Alistair advises Harry to get back together with Anna, and Harry tells him that Anna is going to a ball with Jonny. Chuckling, Alistair tells Harry to go and win her back.

Harry drives to the ball and sees Anna going in. He gets out and follows her to where she meets Jonny. They go in holding hands and Harry keeps his distance. Isabella is standing nearby and calls him. When he comes over, she says that she's there waiting for Harry because it's all that she does. After a moment, they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2017

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