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Moonshot Recap

In Manhattan in 1965, Rip takes Henry Heywood to New York City and explains that he has to disappear with the Spear fragment and start a new life. Henry figures that his wife Bettie will assume that he died in Leipzig and be left to raise their baby on her own. Rip assures her that Hank's sacrifice will save the world, and Henry asks Rip to give his grandson his dog tags.

The Legends arrive seconds later but don't see Henry in the few seconds that passed in 1967. Amaya warns that Henry is a master of concealment and infiltration, and Sara assures Nate that if they can't find Henry than neither can the Legion.

The Legends return to Waverider and they figure that Henry will look for work in a job that was patriotic. He was a fighter pilot before he joined the JSA, and Martin points out that NASA called on test pilots in 1968 to become astronauts. Gideon brings up the historical archives, and they find a photo of Henry at NASA on April 13, 1970. Ray realizes that it was the day that Apollo 13 was endangered. Rip says that they need to find a way to contact Henry, and Sara takes command and says that they have to infiltrate NASA.

At ASA in Florida on 1970, the team takes a tour while Rip is in the press room with Ray. The two of them see Henry talking to the flight director, and Henry sees Rip. Henry punches Rip and the press takes photos. When Henry helps Rip up, he whispers that he's a son of a bitch and then tells the press that Rip doesn't have the proper credentials. The guards escort Henry to an interrogation room.

Henry and Ray go there and Henry explains that he was never supposed to see Rip again. A guard brings in Sara, Amaya, and Nate, explaining that they asked for him. Henry and Amaya hug, and then Nate hugs his grandfather. Nate explains that there's a Legion that are hunting the fragment of the Spear, and Dr. Mid-Nite trying to protect his fragment. Henry says that he hid his fragment somewhere safe, and Nate realizes that he put it on the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the Moon. Ray says that Henry has to figure out how to save the Apollo 13 astronauts, and Henry confirms that everything is going great. They realize that history has changed.

Aboard Apollo 13, the three astronauts report to Houston that they're entering the dark side of the moon and will be losing their signal. A disguised Eobard injects Lovell and Haise with a sedative, and then drops his disguise.

The Legends head out and Sara figures that they have to intercept Apollo 13 before it lands on the moon. Henry goes to introduce the rest of the team to the Flight Director because they need someone monitoring on the ground.

In the control room, Henry tells the Director that Martin, Jax, and Mick are British flight controllers there to study their procedures. Mick is busy stealing pens, and the Director lets them stay as long as they don't interfere. Once they're alone, Henry says that he's going with Nate into space to keep the Legion from getting the fragment.

Waverider heads into space with the remaining team, and Martin reports that they have 17 minutes until Apollo 13 regains radio control. Rip tells Henry that they need to have a private chat, but Henry isn't interested. Nate overhears them talking and goes after Henry to the cargo bay. Henry explains that his wife spent the last 14 years raising his son, and it's Rip's fault for asking him to abandon his family. Nate explains that Rip's family was killed, and wonders what his father Hank would be like if Henry hadn't disappeared. Henry says that he will get Rip to take him back to the day in 1956 when he abandoned his wife and son, and no time will pass. Amaya overhears them, and comes in and says that they found Apollo 13.

The cloaked Waverider approaches Apollo 13 and Henry warns that it's in the wrong position. Sara says that Ray will fly over in shrunken form and tell them what's going on inside. Atom flies over and enters the command module, and finds Lovell and Haise unconscious. Eobard is entering the lunar module, and Atom promises that he'll stop him. He flies into the module after Eobard, and Eobard spots him. Atom grows to human sized and punches him, and the two men struggle in zero-g.

Sara tells Martin that they've run into power, and Jax goes to cut the feed when it comes back online in three minutes. Atom realizes that Eobard can't use his superspeed in zero-g, but Eobard says that he doesn't need it. He draws a knife and hacks at Atom's armor, and Atom disarms him. The two continue fighting and Atom finally manages to blast him back. Eobard hits a red button, and Henry explains that it separates the module from the command module. He warns that Ray will have to fly the module, just as it separates.

Jax tells Martin and Mick to create a distraction because he needs more time. Martin starts singing and Mick reluctantly joins in. The module slams into the lunar surface, and Jax cuts the feed just in time. A technician reports that the module appeared for a second and the command module is spinning off course. Meanwhile, Ray tells Sara that he burned up too much fuel and it won't launch into his space. His suit's thrusters were damaged in the fight and he can't fly up. Sara has Gideon head for the command module, while Ray goes to get the fragment.

Amaya asks to talk to Nate privately and he goes with her. She warns that Nate knows the consequences of returning Henry to the timeline. Nate hopes that maybe returning Henry will change the fact that his father was a cold jackass. Amaya tells Nate that if he alters history then he won't be the man who found Waverider. Nate doesn't believe him and insists that his grandfather's happiness means his father will be happy.

Gideon warns of a coming impact. Sara reports that the module is heading for a meteorite beam, and she's swinging Waverider around while putting a tractor beam on it to change its trajectory. Rip says that they need to abort as Sara uses the timeship as a shield against the meteorites. Sara points out that Rip did the same thing in 1942. As they argue, the first wave of meteorites hit. Gideon reports that the jumpship has been critically impaired.

Ray steps onto the lunar surface and heads for the flag. Once he has it, he removes the fragment. Rip tells him that Waverider has sustained major damage, and Ray is stranded on the moon.

Back in the module, Ray records a video log about his plight. Eobard wonders what he's doing, and insists that he's not dying on the moon with Ray. He suggests that Ray unties him and they work together to get back to Earth. Ray doesn't trust him and says that he already has a plan. He'll transfer the white dwarf star fuel source from his suit to power the module. Eobard warns that it's a two-person patch job, and if he's lying then they're both dead.

Waverider drifts toward the moon and Henry warns that they'll only have one chance to rescue Ray before the moon's gravity slingshots them back towards Earth. Amaya comes in and tells Henry that he can't return to 1956 because it will change the future, including Nate. Nate insists that it's conjecture, but Henry realizes that it's a possibility and asks Nate why he didn't tell him. The historian says that Hank needs him, and he wants to protect his family. Henry tells him that the mission always comes first, and thanks Amaya for telling him the truth. Once Henry leaves, Amaya insists that she was trying to protect him. Nate tells her that they don't have a future together because she has a destiny. He tells her what Ray told him, and asks if she'll choose history over her own family.

Henry visits Rip in the parlor and apologizes for punching him. He admits that abandoning his family to save the world was a mistake, and Rip says that he couldn't find a better way to protect the fragment. Henry figures that what's done is done and all he can do is look forward. He offers Rip his hand, and the two men shake. Henry then congratulates Rip on turning the Legends around since he first met them in 1942, and Rip says that he wasn't the one who did it.

Ray frees Eobard and the two of them hook the suit's fuel source up to the module engines. Eobard admits that he's worked missing with a fellow scientist, and that he misses the comradery he had with Caitlin and Cisco. He tells Ray that he's met some of history's monsters and he's not one of them. Ray points out that he killed Barry's mother and Rex Tyler, but Eobard says that they're both scientists obsessed with achieving the impossible. He points out that Ray became the Atom because he wasn't satisfied with his small, pathetic life, and there's no shame in reaching higher. Eobard says that he wants the speed for something much more elemental: he wants to live. Martin warns that they have one minute to the intercept.

Martin gives Sara the intercept coordinates, and Eobard tells Ray that he'll just have to trust him. Ray hits the ignition and the module heads into space. They close with Waverider and dock with the attached command module. Sara disengages the tractor beam and has Jax restore the feed, and Apollo 13 heads for Earth. Lovell and Haise wake up and check in, and the Houston command crew applaud. Mick realizes that Martin doesn't seem happy, and Martin points out that Waverider is on reserve power. Their crew has an infinitesimal chance of returning home.

As Waverider plummets toward Earth, Ray and Eobard come to the bridge. Eobard tells the Legends that he's not going to kill his ride home, and they take him to the brig.

In Houston, Martin tells Sara to power down all non-essential hardware. He tells her that she has to conserve more power to activate the heat shields and survive reentry. Rip proposes that they shut down the water filtration and the heating systems, and Sara agrees.

In Houston, a teenaged Hank Haywood comes in and explains that he won a contest to see Apollo 13 land. Mick tells Nate that Hank is there, and Henry admits that he fixed an essay-writing contest so that he could meet his son. The guidance system fails to power back up, and they need to figure out a reentry angle. Martin needs a supercomputer, and Ray goes to the brig. Eobard tells him the proper angle, explaining that he learned astronavigation in grade school in the 22nd century. Ray goes back to the bridge and gives them the angle, and explains that Eobard wants to go back to Earth. Martin admits that the angle could be correct but he can't be certain. Rip says that someone needs to make a decision. He tells Sara that she's the captain, and she asks Ray if he trusts Eobard. Ray says that he does, and Sara says that she trusts Ray.

Waverider hits the atmosphere at Eobard's angle. The thrusters go offline, and Martin tells them that they need to depressurize to get back on course. Rip volunteers even though it will kill the person responsible. Sara says that she's the captain, and Amaya realizes that Henry is gone.

Henry goes to the cargo bay and calls them over the intercom, telling them to talk him through it. As Nate runs for the cargo bay, Rip has Henry close the inner door. Nate calls through the door asking to do it, but Henry refuses to let him risk his life. Now he's just a grunt and it's Nate's turn. Nate tells Henry that Hank is at Mission Control waiting for him, and Henry asks Nate to tell him that he's sorry for leaving. He then throws the lever and is sucked out into space to his death.

Waverider reaches the proper angle and safely enters Earth's atmosphere.

Amaya finds Nate and holds him as he breaks into tears.

Eobard vibrates through his cell wall as Ray arrives. The speedster explains that he invented Rip's anti-speedster measures, and Ray figures that Eobard's on the run because he's a time remnant and something is changing him. Eobard's bracelet alarm goes off, and Ray figures that Eobard has to leave without searching the ship for the fragment. The speedster says that they'll meet again and runs.

Nate slips into Mission Control and finds Hank. He says that not all of them made it home, and sees Henry's dog tags around Hank's head. Nate admits that his father wasn't there for him either but he knew that he loved him, but couldn't show him. Hank says that it isn't fair and Nate agrees. However, he says that if he can accept it then him and his son will be a better man.

Sara finds Rip in the parlor drinking and joins him. She thanks him for backing her play, and Rip admits that he wasn't entirely supportive of her. Sara figures that it was hard for him coming back and finding someone else in charge, and Rip admits that she's a better captain than he ever was. He wonders what his place is on the team if he's not the captain. Sara points out that he's a misfit and an outcast, and says that he's a Legend like the rest of them.

Nate is looking at Henry's dog tags. Amaya comes in and apologizes, saying that it's her fault. Nate figures that Henry would still have sacrificed himself to save them, and Amaya wonders if destiny has plans for all of them. He apologizes for telling her about the future, and Amaya figures that whatever happens is bigger than her. Nate tells her that seeing Earth from outer space made him realize how small they all are... in a good way. He hugs Amaya and then walks off. Amaya then asks Gideon to show her the historical record on Zambezi after she returns home. The AI counsels her against knowing the future, but Amaya repeats her request and Gideon brings up the data.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2017

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