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A Proof of Love Recap

At the Carlton, Hey Boy brings a letter to Paladin's room and says that the sender is desperate. The sender, Henry Grey, asks Paladin come and "learn" him how to shoot so he can go up against Rud Saxon. Paladin rides to Henry's farm and meets his mother. Mrs. Grey insists knowing what Paladin's business is with Henry, and insists that Henry has chores to do and tells Paladin to come back at 6. Paladin hears someone chopping wood and goes around the back, and finds Henry cutting firewood. Henry explains that he paid good money for a mail order bride, Callie. Three days after she got there, Callie went to Rud on the next farm. Mrs. Grey hears them talking and says that God means for Henry to lose his money as punishment. Henry warns that his mother doesn't like Callie, and Mrs. Grey insists that Callie and Rud are two of a kind. Once she goes in, Henry says that it doesn't make sense for him to spend money to get Rud a woman. Paladin tells Henry that he should ask Rud to give him his money back, and forget it if Rud turns him down. Henry says that he's already done that and Rud has turned him down, and figures that he's better off dead if he can't outshoot Rud, and Paladin agrees to talk to Rud.

Paladin rides to Rud's farm and finds the Greek woman Callie dancing and playing the banjo for the farmhands. She goes into the main hall and Paladin goes after her as Callie starts singing. Paladin introduces himself and speaks Greek, and Callie tells Rud who is standing on the balcony. She sings in Greek and asks Paladin to translate, but Rud would rather know who Paladin is. Paladin introduces himself and ask for Henry's $237. Rud bursts into laughter and Callie joins in until she realizes that Paladin is serious. She says that she would have been good for Henry, but he and his mother are too serious for her and she wants to sing, dance, and laugh as well as be a wife. Rud comes down, and Paladin says it's only fair that Rud pay the expenses for bringing Callie there. Callie agrees with Paladin and tells Rud to pay the $237. When he refuses, Paladin suggests that Rud isn't considering marriage. Rud tosses the money on the floor, and Callie picks it up and gives it to Paladin rather than see a fight break out. She gives it to Paladin and tells him to go, and he leaves.

That night, Paladin goes back to the Grey farm and gives Henry his money. They sit on the porch with Mrs. Grey and listen to the music from Rud's farm. When Mrs. Grey insists that their way is the right way, Paladin tells Henry that he should find a quiet docile girl with no nonsense about her. Realizing that Paladin is trying to goad into getting Callie back, Mrs. Grey tells her son to go to bed. Paladin suggests that they go for a walk and Henry puts on his best clothes and goes with Paladin to Rud's farm.

At the main hall, Paladin gestures a hesitant Henry in. He refuses until Paladin gives him a drink and shoves him inside where everyone is square-dancing. Callie sings and dances for the farmhands and their wives, and Paladin translates her words for Henry. He says that Callie is singing of how she can love whoever she desires, and asks Henry if he wants her back. Henry hesitates even after Paladin offers him a drink to bolster his courage, and admits that he needs his woman back.

Henry finally takes a drink from Paladin's flask, and Rud notices him. He points him out and his farmhands laugh at Henry, and Henry tells Paladin that he doesn't like people laughing at him. When Callie starts to go to Henry, Rud grabs her and insists on dancing. Paladin tells Henry to make the effort and let Callie see how he feels about her, and Henry says that the dancing isn't manly. The gunfighter joins in, cutting in on Rud and dancing Greek style. He motions to Henry, who takes a swig and steps in. Drunk, Henry yells and lifts Callie into the air, and everyone applauds except Rud.

Mrs. Grey comes in and sees Henry dancing, and everyone stops cheering. Henry dances around for a few more seconds and then sees his mother and stops. Mrs. Grey says that he's made a fool of himself and it's time to come home, and Henry finally tells her that if he's going to make a fool of himself, he'll do it and tells her to go home before he gets mad. Shocked, Mrs. Grey turns to go and Paladin tells her that her life isn't over. He advises her to go home and wait for her son, and to pray that when he does his woman is with him

Once Mrs. Grey leaves, Henry continues dancing with Callie and says that he wants her back and they'll live wherever she wants. Rud tells Henry that if he wants Callie then he'll have to take her from him. As everyone else takes cover, Henry draws his gun but then passes out. Paladin runs over and knocks Rud away, and he bumps into two farmhands. A fight breaks out and Paladin knocks Rud out. Callie applauds him and he asks who she chooses. She chooses Henry and offers to bring her sisters from Greece to the States, and Paladin gives her his card and carries Henry home.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 17, 2017

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