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Where the Wild Things Were Recap

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Nick returns to the loft and Adalind turns on the light when he enters the bedroom. He tells her that Renard talked to him about the tunnels, and his contact is someone who understands the symbols. Adalind doesn't know who it is, and tells Nick that the night Renard killed Conrad, Renard didn't know what he did until after he did it. She says that Diana made Renard did it, and also caused Rachel's death. Adalind figures that they need to tell Renard about the tunnel in case he knows someone who can help them, and figures they need all the help that they can get.

Monroe and Rosalee return home and Monroe finds the uncovered mirror standing in the next room with blood on the frame. The Hexenbiest book is on the table nearby and Rosalee finds the dagger on the floor in front of the mirror. Monroe calls Nick and tells him what they've found, and confirms that Eve isn't there. When Rosalee closes the book, it locks itself an Adalind says that only a Hexenbiest can open it. She and Nick head over and take the Stick with them.

Eve wakes up in a circle of stones in a snow-covered forest. One of the stones has a mirrored surface and symbols carved on it, and Eve can see Monroe and Rosalee through it. They can't see or hear her, and Eve can't contact them. Nick, Adalind, and Diana arrive and the mirrored surface disappears. Eve hears a man yelling and a snarling noise. She follows the sound and sees two Blutbaden and a Coyotl chasing a man wearing skins and carrying an axe. He injures the Coyotl but the Blutbaden bring the human down. The two Blutbad kill the Coyotl and drag the man off, and two Schakal arrive to eat the dead Coyotl.

Diana says that Eve is in the mirror and it's her blood on the frame. Adalind tells Diana not to be afraid of her, and then woges to her Hexenbiest form to open the book. Once she woges back, Adalind finds the blood magic spell and says that only the Hexenbiest whose blood it is can pass through. The others refuse to let her go, and Nick takes out the Stick. Diana tells them that it's special, and Nick starts to touch it to the mirror. Adalind warns that they don't know what the Stick can do, and Nick hugs her and says that he hopes the Stick helps him like it did before. He touches the glass and the gateway opens. Nick steps through it but the stick doesn't go through. Diana says that it didn't go through because it didn't belong there.

Nick wakes up in the stone circle and sees the others through the mirror surface. They can't hear him either, and Nick realizes that he lost the Stick. The view of the real world fades, and Nick hears the Blutbad snarling. He follows the sound into the forest and sees two creatures attacking a man and ripping out his throat. One Blutbad runs off and the other smells Nick. He says in German that he figures Nick tastes better than the dead man, and attacks. Nick. Soon the Blutbad is down, and when it gets up, he shoots it and Eve hears the gunshots. She runs over and Nick explains how he got there. He says that she shouldn't have come there alone, and Eve says that she was going to kill the skull creature before it kills them.

After Eve leads Nick to the path she found, the first Blutbad returns and howls over its dead comrade. Other v arrive and join in the howling, and then follow Nick's scent.

Adalind gets Diana to sleep on the couch, and then goes to the dining room. She tells Monroe and Rosalee that she should go through the mirror, but the couple refuses to let her. Adalind tells them Renard has a contact that can help them, Monroe wonders if Renard is lying, but Adalind figures that they have to show Renard the tunnel to make contact with the friend.

Eve says that she's seen Blutbad and others, as well as a man. She explains what happened, and they spot one Wesen. It runs off and Nick figures from the symbols that they're in the right place. Eve points out that she's starting to woge but insists on staying until they kill the skull creature. Nick hears Blutbaden coming and they head out.

Hank and Wu meet the others at the loft and Monroe and Rosalee tell them about their plan to contact Renard. They're skeptical but Adalind points out that they're out of options. Hank and Monroe insist on going with Adalind and Diana, and Renard arrives. Diana comes in from the bedroom and goes to her father, and says that Nick and eve are in a bad place through the mirror. Monroe hands Renard a flashlight and tells him to watch his step, and Renard invites him to go first.

The Blutbaden continue follow Nick and Eve as night falls. Nick and Eve see a crude fort ahead and run to the gate. The villagers refuse to open it, and Nick shoots two of the Blutbaden dead. The third one runs off, and the couple see the humans inside. Nick holsters his gun and says in crude German that he doesn't want to hurt them. After a moment, the humans open the gate and the leader comes out. He makes sure that the Blutbaden are dead and then tells his people that their enemies are dead and Nick saved them. The humans take the Blutbaden inside and the leader invites Nick and Eve in.

Renard examines the symbols and Adalind explains that Eve carved some of the symbols. Diana mentions the cloth and Monroe explains how he and Nick found the Stick in the Black Forest, wrapped in the cloth. He admits that they found what the Crusaders buried in the 12th century. Diana makes the symbols glow so that they can all see them.

The surviving Blutbad runs through the forest.

Nick tries to explain his gun to the leader, and the humans recognize the Wesen names. Eve says that Nick isn't a Wesen, and he draws the skull creature's face on a rock using charcoal. When Nick finishes, the humans say that it is "Zerstorer." Nick taps the drawing with his gun and asks where it is, and the leader points out to the Black Forest. A human gives them some of the met that she's cooked from the dead Blutbaden, and Nick reluctantly eats it.

Back at the loft, the group shows Renard the Stick and the cloth. They explain that it healed Nick when Black Claw shot him, and saved Monroe and eve as well. Renard says that they're going to find out what his contact knows and asks for a computer.

The humans all chant for Nick to kill Zerstorer, and the leader leads the couple to the gate.

The Blutbad arrives at the circle and kneels as Zerstorer approaches.

The leader leads Nick and Eve out into the forest and takes them to the stone circle. He says that only Wesen go on from there, and sees Eve's partially Hexenbiest hands. The leader runs off in terror and Eve says that they need to get it done since the Wesen there don't woge back and forth.

Renard contacts Dasha, and Diana tells her that no one should go to the other place. She says that it's full of wild things, and Dasha tells them it's only when they connect the two dimensions they eliminate one or the other. Renard wonders if Nick and Eve are dead, and Dasha says that what they consider death might be different in the other place. Diana warns that someone very bad lives there, and the group tells Renard about Zerstorer. They describe what it looks like and Dasha recognizes Zerstorer. She says that Diana could be the Shaphat, and many prophecies predict the coming of Satan and make the Shaphat his bride. Satan will then have a hundred children with his bride, and Dasha says that they should all prepare for the worst.

Nick and Eve approach the stone they came through and realize the constellations on the cloth are the same as the ones in the sky. They find an altar in the center, and they hear something moving in the darkness. As Nick goes to investigate, the Blutbad grabs Eve. She fights it off and Nick shoots it dead, and they realize that it's the Blutbad that Nick didn't kill earlier. The couple realizes that Zerstorer knows that they're there.

Renard and Adalind take a sleeping Diana to her bed and tuck her in. They join the others ad Renard tells the others what Dasha said. Adalind vows that Zerstorer won't get their daughter, and they agree to split up: Monroe takes the kids to the house while the others go to the shop and check the books there.

Nick warns Eve that he only has three bullets left. He insists that they stick together, and Eve says that she's there to kill Zerstorer. Nick figures that she's in trouble because of him, and Eve tells him that she did terrible things when she first changed from Juliette to Eve. However, Eve insists that Juliette is gone. Nick admits that none of them are what they used to be, and Eve tells him that she now has a strength and purpose that she didn't have as Juliette. She assures Nick that neither of them can change what happened, and asks if he would go back to the way things were just to be happy. Eve tells him that happiness just gets in the way, and says that what occurred has occurred for a reason. She says that Nick is right and it will take both of them to kill Zerstorer.

The ground shakes and the rocks start to crumble. Zerstorer walks out of the shadows and smashes down his staff sending out a wave of energy that smashes Nick and Eve down. Nick shoots Zerstorer but the bullets have no effect. He knows that Nick is a Grimm then raises his staff. It glows with mystical energy as waves of magical energy sweep out.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2017

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