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4. The Trojan Horse Recap

Harry and Isabella make their way through the nighttime street crowds and he takes a shortcut through an alley. Halfway he pushes her up against a wall and they kiss. A mugger comes over and orders their hands up, and he yanks off Isabella's pearl necklace. The mugger tries to run but Harry steps in his way and says that he's not scared but he knows the mugger is. The pearls falls off the necklace and when he comes at Harry with his knife, he trips on the pearls. His knife flies into Harry's hand, and Isabella asks what they'll do with the mugger. The couple walk out of the alley, smiling. In the alley, the mugger is tied to a railing with the words "Not my lucky day" written on his head.

The next day, Eve visits Isabella at the latter's apartment. Eve asks why Isabella would help her, and Isabella says that she was her friend and is sorry that Eve lost the chance to feel like her for a day. When Eve says that she tried to remind Isabella but she wouldn't listen, Isabella says that it was inevitable once Eve put the bracelet on her, just as it's inevitable for Harry. Eve insists that she won't let the bracelet drag Harry down, but Isabella warns that Eve says anything then he'll never forgive her. She admits that she misses Eve sometime and dreams of how they used to be, but then wakes up and imagines cutting out her eyes.

Harry and Suri are called to a crime scene and Suri explains that a prototype driverless test car was taken out the day before. It went out of control and drove into the Thames. The dead woman inside is Mary Wells, the wife of the car's developer Davey. The barrier the car went through was apparently weakened beforehand. At the station, Suri shows Harry the video of the launch and Davey calls Mary up to participate in the experiment. Harry notices that Davey took a call at the exact moment that the car malfunctioned and drove into the Thames. Suri agrees to trace the call and asks who the woman is that wears the perfume Harry smells of. He claims he has no idea what Suri is talking about and asks where Davey was when they were fishing Mary out.

Suri and Harry go to Davey's office building and Suri explains that Davey likes to invest in cutting-edge tech companies. Lakshi Perera, the head of Legal, greets the DIs and says that Davey is in no state to answer questions. Harry points out that it isn't her call and demands a list of all attendees at the launch. Lakshi says that they're working with the company that developed the car, Spikesy, and Harry tells her that they'll do their own investigation.

Harry and Suri go to the startup company and finds Rachel Spikes and her partner, Woody Gilbert, there. Rachel says that she last saw Davey a week ago and he never brings tech to launches. She tells them that she didn't know Rachel, and insists that there was no error in the programming. Woody tells them that they spent months testing and found nothing wrong. Rachel explains that she's interested in the laws of probability and insists that the chances of her making an error in the programming code is almost 0%.

At the station, Alistair shows the DIs a conversation between Davey and Mary that was downloaded from the car's black box. Mary takes offense that Davey is ordering her about, and he warns that the investors are watching. According to the trace, the phone call Davey took only lasted a second, and Suri suggests that might have been the hack into the car's operating system. Harry figures that the killer was at the launch and they need to search Davey's personal computer. Alistair warns that they may not have enough to justify a warrant, and tells them to wait a day until either Davey contacts them or they get a warrant.

Harry gives Steve the information to run down and says that he's heading out. He meets Isabella beneath a bridge and they kiss, and he says that they're going to do something to take his mind off of work. Isabella says that she likes the new Harry, and he should make people do what he wants. That night, Harry goes back to Davey's building and talks to the security man. The man claims that Davey isn't in. When Harry tells Isabella, she tells him to use the bracelet to get in. A burglar tries to break into a car, setting off the alarm. When the security man runs after him, he bumps into a bicyclists. Harry takes advantage of the distraction to slip into the building, and Isabella gets out of the car.

Harry goes to Davey's apartment and finds him having sex with a woman. The DI goes into the bedroom and finds Davey with Lakshi. Harry says that the door was open, and Lakshi goes to get dressed. Davey claims that he was under pressure and was going to call Harry the next day, and Harry accuses him of wanting Davey dead. When Davey throws a punch at him, Harry easily deflects the blow and says that now he's going to have to arrest him for assaulting a police officer. As Davey goes to get dressed, Harry looks out the window and sees Isabella watching from the street below.

The next day at the station, Steven reports that Mary was about to divorce Davey. Suri confirms that she was going to pull out her investment from Davey's company. She asks why Harry was at Davey's place, and Davey says that he just went there and Davey assaulted him. He gives Suri Davey's laptop and goes to interview Davey. As they go to the interrogation room, Jonny comes over and tells Harry that Davey is being released because Harry went in without a warrant. The assault was in self defense, and Jonny demands the laptop. Jonny says that it's nothing personal with Harry and he's just doing his job.

Harry and Suri meet with Alistair and Harry insists that Davey assaulted him. Alistair asks about the laptop and tells them to make sure Davey gets it back. Outside, Suri tells Harry that she couldn't break the encryption. Harry puts it in his pack and goes to the subway. He stares at the traps, and Stan Lee advises him not to kill himself. As the train pulls in, Rachel arrives after getting Harry's message. They get on the train and he explains that he called her because she a computer expert. Rachel says that she's trying to change the world with code so that life can be fairer with everyone. She's working on an App, Leveler, that acts as an advisor to the owner. Harry figures that she's trying to eliminate risk, and Rachel says that she's just trying to even things out. She admits that she can break the encryption if anyone can, and Harry gives her the laptop and says that he needs it back in an hour so they don't miss it. Rachel takes the laptop and gets off.

On the street, Eve approaches Harry and begs him to listen. He tells her that he has nothing to say to her, but he stops long enough for Eve to explain that Isabella was her best friend. She gave Isabella the bracelet because she thought it would make her life perfect, but Isabella wouldn't stop using it. Isabella's girls were standing by the road and killed in a car explosion, and Eve tells Harry that after all of Isabella's luck, there had to be a payback. Now Isabella blames her for what happened. Eve says that she warned her, and Harry asks why she's telling him. She tells him that he can use the bracelet for good things, and he has a chance as long as he stays away from Isabella. Eve warns Harry that Isabella is a monster and the worst luck that can happen to him, and it's balancing out the good luck he's having.

An hour later, Harry meets with Rachel. She says that a Trojan virus was fed into the computer in the car, and the phone call triggered it. Anyone could have made the call with no skill involved, but they had to have eyes on the launch to know when to pull the trigger. Harry thanks her for the help and ask her to send him the files anonymously and make it look like it came from a hacker.

That night, Harry tells Alistair and Suri that they have motive and evidence. Alistair figures that Harry got the evidence from the laptop, and tells him to run the evidence through digital forensics. Once they're at their desks, Harry tells Suri that Rachel is his source and he trusts the odds that she isn't involved. Once he goes, Suri picks up the laptop and copies the files to her phone. Steven comes into the squad room and she puts the laptop back before he notices. He comes over and Suri quickly leaves after putting her phone in her desk drawer.

Later, Alistair visits Harry with takeout. Alistair wonders if Harry is gambling again, and Harry insists that he isn't. The DIS says that he's worried about Harry, and Harry says that life is good and he's met someone. He asks if Alistair has met someone, and Alistair tells him to get back on a 12-step program. Harry thanks him for his concern, just as his phone rings. It's Isabella, asking Harry to be naughty with her.

At Spikesy, Davey meets with Rachel and, demanding that they give him the programming. He insists that everything belongs to him. Woody tells Davey to leave Rachel alone and get out, and Davey fires him. As Woody leaves, Rachel goes after him and tells him that he doesn't need to protect him. Woody goes back upstairs and he yells at Davey. There's a scream and Davey flies out the window. When Rachel goes back to the workshop, Woody stares at her for a moment and then runs out.

The next day, the police secure the workshop. Woody has disappeared, and the area isn't covered by CCTV. Rachel admits that she and Woody had a one-night stand a year ago and then nothing, but Harry figures that it meant something to Woody. The DIs go back to the station and Suri gets her phone and leaves. Steve reports that there's no sign of Woody and he has no family or friends. Harry remembers that Woody was playing a VR game when they first met, and figures that the tech is locked up somewhere. Harry gives Steve the user name that Woody was using when they met, and Steve traces it to a hotel. Suri has disappeared, and Harry takes Steve with him.

Suri is in her car downloading the files to her laptop.

Harry and Steve go to the hotel and break into Woody's room. He's in bed playing his game.

Suri checks the files with the car's programming code and finds something. She calls Harry, who is in interrogation with Woody. Harry lets the call go to voice mail and Woody says that he's okay with the fact that he loves Rachel but she doesn't love him. Woody insists that he didn't kill Mary or Davey. Alistair calls Harry and Steve out for a word.

At Spikesy, Suri tells Rachel that she's seen Davey's laptop and knows that Rachel decrypted it. Someone was running another operating system through an anonymous IP, and Davey didn't have the skills to do it. Rachel claims that Woody did it, but Suri points out that the syslock was reprogrammed after Harry gave it to Rachel. Rachel grabs Suri's head and slams her into the table, knocking her out.

Alistair shows Harry and Steve CCTV footage of Davey's death from an adjacent office. A light blew and a startled Davey fell back out the window. Harry confirms when the fall took place, and Harry checks his voice mail. Suri left a message that Rachel tampered with the data and she's going to Spikesy.

Harry goes to Spikesy and hears Suri yelling. Suri is locked up and Harry frees her. She admits that she stole evidence and confirmed that Rachel tampered with the evidence. Harry says that she shouldn't turn into me, and apologizes. Suri confirms that Rachel has every computer, but Harry points out that he still has Davey's laptop.

Later, Harry is at his apartment studying the laptop. He goes to take a shower, and Rachel sends him an email telling him to get out. She the3n shorts out the laptop, setting it on fire. The fire spreads and when Harry gets done, he smells smoke. He puts a wet towel around him and goes out.

Later, Anna and Daisy go to the hospital. Harry comes out and tells Daisy that he's fine, and then sends her to get him some coffee. Anna asks what he's going to do, and Harry says that he has to get back to the case. She finally tells Harry that Rachel is locked into a contract with Davey, and he owns all of her output for the next 30 years. Anna figures that Rachel thought that Davey's death would get her out of the contract, but her contract is with his company and she's trapped.

Harry goes to the station and Alistair warns that there's no sign of Rachel. Steve has a list of Lakshi of all the launch attendees. The barrier was broken prior to the crash, which means that it was bad luck. Harry figures that Rachel will want to hide Leveler so no one can get it. Harry calls Suri out and Steve says that he can do more than paperwork, but they tell him that they're good. Steve then submits a transfer to Alistair, saying that he's not trusted and a clean start would be best for everyone.

Harry and Suri talk to Woody and point out that Rachel tried to frame him. He says that Leveler is on a hard drive, locked away so that Davey could never get it. He checks the Trojan virus and tells the DIs that some of the code was also used in Leveler. Suri realizes that if they get Leveler then they'll have the evidence to connect Rachel to the virus. Woody says that Rachel popped out during lunch to check on Leveler, and never told him where she was going. As they go to the car, Harry works out how far away Rachel went.

Harry finds Rachel at the first bank they check. He goes into the vault and finds Rachel there. Harry checked the schedule and discovered that the car was supposed to be empty, but the launch was running later. He figures that Rachel didn't intend to kill anyone, and Rachel tells him that she just wanted to ruin Davey's business. Davey was going to sell Leveler and she had to do something. Rachel takes out a pack of Sentex and says that she's blowing herself up and taking Leveler with her. Harry refuses to go, and asks her to show him Leveler. When she refuses, he offers to open the safe box nearby safe. Rachel says that he can't possibly open it, pointing out that it's a six-figure number, and Harry says that he'll guess. Harry says that if he gets it right then she'll let him see Leveler. If not then they'll die together. He tells her that he's a gambler and Rachel agrees.

Taking the safe, Harry dials a random combination without looking. He opens the safe and Rachel insists that it's impossible. He hands over Leveler and grabs Rachel, and gets them both out of the vault. Harry closes the vault door just as the bomb goes off, and Rachel breaks into tears as he puts her under arrest.

Rich is at home working when Harry comes by and says that he's going out and has no other clothes. He points out that Rich is his size, and Rich lets him in, smiling.

Later, Harry and Isabella go to a jazz club. Harry points out that Davey died in an accident, and it happened the same time that Isabella texted him asking he wanted to be wicked with her. He asks what she did when Harry said he had to work, and Isabella merely says, "Wicked things." Harry tells her that Davey was innocent, but Isabella figures that he wasn't innocent of everything and doesn't care. She kisses Harry and goes back to listening to jazz.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2017

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