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Snow Gives Way Recap

In New York City, a barefooted Danny Rand walks down the street and comes to the office building of Rand Enterprises. He stares at it in pleasure and tells a vendor that it's his building and goes inside. Danny tells the receptionist that he's there to see Harold Meachum, and says that he's the son of Wendall Rand. The receptionist tells him that it isn't possible, makes a call, and says that someone will be out to see him in a minute.

Danny looks at a display board of Rand Enterprise achievements, and two security guards grab him and say that he doesn't belong there. They shove him out the door but Danny goes back inside. The security guards grab him and he says that he just wants to talk to Harold. When they attack him, Danny easily knocks them out and fights more security guards as they come out. He then takes an elevator up and it stops halfway. A woman gets on and uses her security badge to continue up, and Danny steals her badge to get to the top floor.

When Danny gets off the elevator, the receptionist tries to stop him but he goes into Harold's office and finds Ward Meachum at the desk. Joy Meachum comes in and Danny recognizes both of them. He says that he's Danny, and explains that he came to see their father. Ward tells Danny that he's in the wrong place and calls security, and Danny admits that it sounds crazy but he asks to speak to Harold. Joy tells him that Harold died of cancer 12 years ago. Danny offers his condolences and says that all of their parents are gone. He sits down and says that he needs to talk to them, and suggests that they go to the Stage Deli and get a cup of tea. Ward says that Danny is insane and points out that Danny Rand is dead. When he gets angry, Joy tells them all to calm down and it would be best if Danny leaves. Danny jerks away and then says that he isn't dangerous, just as more security guards arrive. Joy wants to call the police, but Ward point out that if Danny is arrested then he'll be out in a few hours. He tells Danny that if he returns then his guards will respond with whatever violence is necessary.

The guards escort Danny out and Ward asks Joy if she's okay. She says that it's been 15 years since Danny and his parents died, and admits that the intruder looked like Danny. Ward assures her that it's not Danny.

As the guards take Danny down in the elevator, he rubs his forehead and remembers his parents' plane going down. Shaking, he says that he's okay. The guards take him out and Danny walks to a brownstone. He rings the bell but there's no answer, and Danny gets the key hidden in the transom. Once Danny puts the key back, he casually jumps to a second-story window and goes inside. The room is an expensive studio with photos of Joy and Ward. A guard dog barks at Danny, and he calmly approaches it. After a moment, it lies down and Danny closes the doors separating them.

Back in the study, Danny looks at Joy's college degree and a family photo featuring himself as a young boy. He goes out on the roof patio and remembers him and the young Meachums playing Monopoly.

Ward refuses to pay, saying that his father told him that rules are for pussy. Danny's parents arrive and Ward punches Danny in the shoulder, saying it's disgusting how Danny's parents dote on him. Danny's parents Wendall and Heather come out and Ward claims that Danny has been a problem.

Danny goes back inside and goes down to the front door, just as Joy comes in.

That night, Danny goes to a park and goes through his pack. He thumbs through a journal and a man named Big Al comes over. When Danny notices him, Big Al apologizes for spooking him and says that he hasn't seen Danny there before. Danny tells him that he's been away awhile and is a traveler of sorts. Big Al talks about how he called his sister in Florida, and offers to look anyone up for Danny before his iPhone's original owner cancels the service. Danny asks him to look up "Danny Rand," and Big Al pulls up a newspaper article about how Danny and his parents died in a plane crash. Next, Danny has Big Al look up Harold, who died at the age of 41. Big Al tells Danny where he can get shoes, and Danny figures that people think that they're alike: special creatures.

The next day, Danny goes back to the townhouse and approaches Joy as she comes out. He insist that it's really him but she calls her driver and armed guard, and promises that Danny will go to jail for harassing her. Danny recites the details from their lives as children, but Joy says that anyone could look it up online. He points out that she's living in his house, and Joy realizes that Danny broke in. The driver pulls up and Danny backs into the street. A taxi comes at him, and he casually backflips over it and walks away.

Later, Danny is performing a kata in the park. A woman, Colleen Wing, leaves a dollar for him and then goes to a board to put up a poster. Danny gives her the money back, saying that he wasn't asking for it, and notices that Colleen is putting up flyers for her martial arts studio. He addresses her in Chinese until Colleen tells him to stick to English or Japanese, admitting that she hasn't spoken Mandarin since she was a kid. Danny asks if he could get a job with her, and Colleen assumes that he's looking for work as a janitor.

At Ward Enterprises, Joy tells Ward that Danny is still around and may have broken into her house. Ward figures that Danny is dangerous, and Joy describes how Danny jumped over a taxi like it was nothing. She wonders if he be the Danny they knew and suggests that they talk to him. Ward insists that it's definitely not Danny and figures that he's either a crazy guy or a set-up. He says that they lost a friend when Danny died, and that it's no coincidence that they're going to announce their expansion in China. Joy admits that their competition could gain from a perceived leadership issue and drops the matter.

That night, a valet brings Ward's car around. Danny slips in and tells Ward that he just wants to talk, and drives off with Ward. Ward takes out a gun and tells Danny to pull over, and Danny brakes to a stop. He says that the hostility and anger he's met with has been aggravating. He asks Ward to put the gun away, and when Ward doesn't Danny casually disarms him, aims the gun at him, and asks how it feels. He then tosses the gun in the back and says that he wants to know what happened to him, his parents, and the company. Ward offers to tell him everything he knows, and explains that the family disappeared in a plane crash in the Himalayas and their bodies were never found. He claims that there's nothing more to tell, and asks for a DNA test proving that Danny is who he claims. Danny admits that he has nothing, and says that Ward was a dick as a kid and still is. He describes in detail what Ward did to him as a child.

Ward wonders what it feels like for Danny to be crazy, and Danny starts the car up and drives faster through the parking garage. He speeds up and heads for the edge, remembering the last seconds before the crash. Danny snaps out of it and swings the car around just in time. He apologizes and starts to go, and Ward tells him that it isn't over before Danny runs off.

When Danny returns to the park, Big Al comes over and gives him some food that he scavenged. He talks about how Mankind used to be hunters and gatherers, and then they built cities. Danny congratulates Big Al on finding his purpose, and says that his purpose is to protect K'un-Lun from oppression and honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the undying. His new friend wishes him well and leaves.

At her Chikara Dojo, Colleen is working with her students. As they leave for the night, Danny slips in and Colleen spots him. He bows to her and offers her $2. Colleen says that he can find a pair of flip-flops... down the street. Danny asks to challenge her master, saying that it's protocol to visit her dojo and challenge her master. Colleen says that she's the master and doesn't accept his challenge, and Danny suggests that she teach kung fu because she'd get more students. He offers to teach classes, assuring Colleen that he'd be cheap, and says that he trained in K'un-Lun. Colleen has never heard of it and tells Danny to go, threatening him with a practice sword. Danny apologizes for any inconvenience, bows to her, and starts to walk out. Intrigued, Colleen tosses him a pair of shoes.

Outside, Danny puts on the shoes. A man walks by but then turns and comes at Danny with a knife. Colleen is closing up and sees the fight from the window as Danny easily takes out the man. He realizes that his attacker is Shannon, a security guard from Rand Enterprises. Shannon guard goes for his gun and Danny disarms him. Two men across the street opens fire and Danny runs off into a dead-end alley. Danny easily scales the wall and drops out of sight, and the guards go after him. Meanwhile, Colleen comes down the fire escape just in time to watch Shannon climb over the wall. Danny is waiting, knocks him out, and tosses away the gun before running off into the night. Colleen watches from atop the wall.

Danny makes his way to Chinatown where a parade is going on. He makes his way through the crowd and the two remaining guards follow him. Danny stops to buy a porcelain mask from a vendor, then puts it on and continues on. The guards lose him in the crowd and Danny takes out one of them. Shannon draws his gun and sticks it in Danny's back, and Danny spins around and shoves him down a nearby flight of stairs. He demands to know who sent the man, and Shannon says that Ward sent him. Danny nocks him out and goes back to the street, and walks away. Colleen spots him and watches as he goes.

Ward is in his office eating when his receptionist Shannon calls him. Once he gets the news, Ward calls someone and says that they have a situation that they need to discuss in person. He goes to an exclusive apartment building and opens a vault door using a hand scanner. Continuing on, Ward enters the apartment of his father Harold. Harold isn't happy with how Ward is taking care of the Danny Rand situation, and Ward wonders if it's another of Harold's step. The father tells Ward to take it seriously and that it's always been his company. Ward suggests that just ignores Harold, and Harold tells his on that he expects more of him. He explains how he buys loyalty and how he learned it from Wendall. Harold calls over his assistant, Kyle, and asks if he'd ever betray him. Kyle assures him that he wouldn't, and Harold tells him to take the rest of the day off. Kyle points out that it's almost midnight, and Harold tells Ward that he's never felt better.

Harold points out that Ward had Shannon handle Danny but it didn't work, and is unhappy that Ward hasn't talked to Danny so they know how to deal with him. He tells Ward that they need to know their enemy, and warns that it's trickier if Danny is who he claims. Ward doesn't believe it but his father says that stranger things have happened, and tells Ward to think it through. His son says that they can't let Danny go public, and Harold wonders if Danny's parents are still alive, who else knows, and how does Danny know martial arts. He figures that they need to approach it with finesse, and he'll handle it.

Danny returns to the park and finds Big Al... dead of an OD. He says a prayer over him and notices a tattoo of an eagle on Big Al's arm.

The next day, Danny slips into Ward Enterprises. When Joy goes into her office, she finds Danny seated on the couch. He says that he knows all of the ins and outs because it was his second home, and tells Joy that Ward tried to have him killed. Joy doesn't believe it, and Danny asks if they can talk. She agrees and pours him a glass of water, and Danny explains that Shannon and two other men came after him. Joy suggests that Shannon instigated it on his own, and Danny points out that it doesn't make a difference. She finally concedes that Danny looks like the boy she knew, but Danny is dead. Danny asks her to call him "Danny," and explains how his family plane started to come apart over the Himalayas. Suddenly dizzy, Danny realizes that Joy drugged his water. He tries to walk out but passes out. Ward comes in and looks down on Danny.

Danny remembers his plane crashing in the Himalayas.

Danny wakes up and finds himself in a mental hospital, strapped to a bed. A nurse gives him a sedative, and Danny dreams of Heather going to him as the ceiling broke apart and Heather was sucked out as the plane went down.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 19, 2017

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