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Shadow Hawk Takes Flight Recap

Danny wakes up at the Birch Psychiatric Hospital, strapped to a bed. Simon is sitting nearby and tells Danny where he is. Danny insists that he's not dangerous and tries to get up, and Simon tells him that they're there to help. He tells Danny that the only solution is for him to kill himself, and shows him the scars on his wrist and throat from where he tried to cut himself. As Simon puts a fork to Danny's throat, Nurse Smith and the orderlies come in and pull Simon away. An orderly, Joe, gives Danny some pills and Danny passes out.

At Ward Enterprises, Ward tells Joy that he'll need her support buying the warehouses in Brooklyn. She readily agrees and she asks what's going on with the Danny Rand wannabe. Joy figures that maybe he might be the real Danny, but Ward assures her that he isn't. Her brother points out how unlikely it is that Danny supposedly died, and then came back 15 years later with no shoes and martial arts skills. Ward insists that they're getting Danny help, but Joy isn't convinced.

Danny dreams of meditating on a mountain, a falcon flying overhead, and the Ward private jet crashing. He wakes up and finds Dr. Paul Edmonds sitting with him. Danny explains that he was focusing his chi so he could leave, and admits that it didn't work because of the drugs. He tells Paul to let him go, and Paul says that it's either the psychiatric hospital or jail. The doctor agrees to partially unstrap Danny as long as he behaves, and recognizes Danny's name as the rich kid who died in a plane crash. Danny insists that he is that kid, and explains that after the crash, he woke up in a snow drift in the middle of a storm. He went to the plane wreckage to check for his parents, Danny explains how he found his father's body, but his mother was sucked out before the crash. He then went to find food and water, and saw two monks of the Order of the Crane Mother, Chodak and Tashi.

Paul asks Danny what happened with John Anderson, and Danny has no idea who he's talking about. The doctor says that Danny is John Anderson, and shows him a passport. Danny nervously says that he's never seen it before, and Paul tells him that he needs to be honest.

Colleen is walking down the street and notices someone following her. As she walks past an alley, she spots a teenagers boy at the other end, also following her. She continues on and two more teenagers are waiting. They attack her and the two following her join in. Colleen takes them down and then tells them that she could hear and smell them coming at her. Disappointed, she says that they failed their exercise about performing in the real world, tells them to do better, and walks away from her students.

Joe brings Simon into Danny's room and tells him that Simon is his tour guide. Once Joe leaves, Simon apologies for trying to stab Danny earlier and leads him down the hallway. The patient explains that many of the patients there are criminals and points out three of them. They walk by Danny and the biggest one, Dink, deliberately bumps into Danny as he goes past. Simon takes Danny to his new room, and laughs when Danny says that he'll be out in 72 hours. He explains that they kept him there for 72 hours two years ago, and most of the patients are the same. Danny says that he needs to get out, and Simon says that they dope them every eight hours.

Dink comes over and tells Danny to apologize to him for being alive or he'll hurt him. When Dink swings at him, Danny easily drops him. The orderlies drag Danny away and strap him to his bed. They give him more drugs and leave, and Simon comes in and asks if he's okay. Danny insists that he needs to get out, but admits that he doesn't have any family or friends. After a moment, Simon unstraps Danny.

Colleen opens her dojo and gets a call. It's Danny, who reminds her of who he is. He explains what happened to and asks for her help, and admits that he's the only person he knows in NYC that has been at all friendly to him. Danny says that they brought him there against his will and that Colleen saw men attack him the other night. When she wonders why anyone is after him, Danny tells her to ask the Meachums. Colleen says that she's not the person to help and hangs up.

Ward visits Harold at his father's penthouse and shows him surveillance footage of Danny at the psychiatric hospital. It's when Danny described the monks rescuing him, and points out that there are no monasteries near where the plane was lost. The Order of the Crane Mother doesn't exist, and Harold thinks that Danny might be who he claims. Ward figures that they can send Danny to a country with psychosurgery or use heavy doses of thorazine. Harold insists that they need to know more before they proceed, and for now they'll wait and watch. However, he tells Ward to go talk to Colleen since they traced Danny's call. When Ward tells his father to send one of his guys, Harold says that Ward is one of his most trusted guys.

Danny is on his bed meditating and remembers meditating in the Himalayas. Paul comes in and asks how he's feeling, and Danny complains about the drugs. The doctor points out that Danny hasn't been as cooperative as they like, and Danny admits that he lied about the passport. He explains that he bought the passport in Morocco and it's stolen, but it was the only way he could get into the States. Paul leaves and Joe comes in with more pills, and Danny takes them rather than fight.

At the dojo, Colleen finishes a class and Ward comes in. He introduces himself and asks her if Danny has contacted her. He claims that Danny has threatened him and his sister, and says that he has some serious mental problems. Colleen explains that Danny came around there once and assures Ward that Danny didn't hurt her. Ward asks her to sign some papers that she felt threatened by Danny, but she refuses. He says that if she cooperated then he'd be glad to set up a neighborhood improvement program. Ward says that he'll give her some time to think about it and leaves.

Joe takes Danny to Paul's office and the doctor shows Danny a commercial from 15 years ago that has Danny and his parents as well as the Meachums. Paul suggests that it's easier to imagine that they belong to a happier world, and Danny explains how his father took him to the circus after he shot the commercial. When Paul insists that Danny is John Anderson, Danny slaps the screen aside and insists that he's Danny Rand. The orderlies come in, drug Danny, and take him away.

Harold is watching on a surveillance camera and complains to Kyle. He figures that it might actually be Danny but Paul isn't asking the right questions. Kyle keeps saying "sorry," and Harold slams his belt on Kyle's desk and says that his father would whip him when he screwed up. Harold wraps up the belt and says that he misses his father, and explains that now he doesn't apologize for anything. He then tells Kyle to bring the car around because he's going out for the first time in years.

In his office, Paul calls Joy and explains that he's treating Danny. He asks if when she did a commercial for Rand Enterprises, anything stuck out. Joy says that they all went to the circus afterward, and it was Danny's idea. Her story matches what Danny said, and Paul tells her that he can't explain why he asked because of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Joe straps Danny into his bed and gives him another injection. Once he leaves, Danny realizes that Harold is in the room with him. Harold prompts him into remembering him singing "Danny Boy," and they both say that they thought the other was dead. The older man asks about the Order of the Crane Mother, and asks where the monastery is. Danny says that it's in K'un-Lun, one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, and he was a warrior there. He was the Immortal Iron Fist, the most recent in a long line of Iron Fists and a sworn enemy of the Hand. It's Danny's duty to destroy the Hand, and he's the only one who can do it. Danny asks Harold to get him out, and Harold says that he'll take care of everything.

Back at his penthouse, Harold tells Kyle to find out everything he can on the Iron Fist. When he goes into his rooms, he sees a handprint on the window and the words "Where did you go?" written above it. on the outside, dozens of stories above the ground.

The next day, Joy is going through a box of childhood photos and asks her receptionist Megan of a photo of the 10-year-old Danny looks like the man who was there the other day. Megan doesn't know, and Joy worries that what they're doing to Danny if he is who he claims is pretty shitty. Joy finds a photo with her and Danny eating M&Ms, and she takes a bag of them out of her cupboard. She gives the bag to Megan and tells her to messenger them.

Colleen is at her dojo performing a kata when Ward comes in with the papers. He repeats her offer to leave her a check for $50,000 in return for her signing the papers. Ward merely says that if Colleen signs the papers then everyone will be safe, including Danny.

In his room, Danny is performing a kata but falters as he remembers the plane crash. As he lies down, Joe brings in the package from Joy. It contains the bag of M&Ms, and Danny puts them on the table and sorts them. Joe comes back and says that Danny has a visitor. It's Colleen, and Danny explains that they have him on drugs to keep him "safe." She asks why Ward would want her to sign papers that say that Danny is dangerous, and Danny explains that the family thinks that he's a threat to them. When he explains that he owns more than half of their company, Colleen says that the Meachums are trying to bribe her. Danny asks if she's going to sign the papers, and admits that he's very dangerous to the Meachums but is harmless to Colleen. He insists that everything that he's said to her is the truth, and Colleen accepts that but says that she can't be involved in whatever's going on. Danny understands and asks her to deliver the M&Ms to Joy.

Soon, Colleen goes to Joy's office and gives her the M&Ms, and explains where they came from. Joy pours them out and breaks into tears, and says that it is Danny. Colleen tells her to tell Ward that she's not signing the papers. As she takes the elevator, Ward sees her go. He goes into Joy's office and finds the unsigned papers, and Joy explains that Danny sent all but the brown M&Ms. When they were kids, the two of them ate all of the M&Ms except the brown ones. Joy insists that Danny is who he claims and they have to get him out, but Ward insists that Danny is in a safe place and they can consider their next step when they get a full report from the doctors. Shocked, Joy wonders what her brother is so afraid of and tells him that he should be more like their father was.

At the hospital, Danny reminds Paul that his 72 hours are about up. Paul says that he's done some research and asks him some questions about his childhood. Danny remembers the teachers that came in when he was home-schooled, and Paul addresses Danny by name for the first time. He admits that he thinks Danny is the real thing, and asks where he's been for the last 15 years. Danny says that he's been away at the monastery in K'un-Lun, and talks about how it exists in another dimension and only appears on Earth once every 15 years. If he can focus his chi then he can summon the Iron Fist.

Paul wonders if Danny is Danny or the Iron Fist, and Danny says that he's both. The doctor says that Danny has been through some great trauma, but dismisses his story of K'un-Lun as a delusion Danny uses to deal with the loss. Now that he knows what's wrong with Danny, he can come up with a treatment plan. Paul refuses to release Danny, and explains that since the Incident he's seen people who think that they have superpowers. He asks Danny to show him the Iron Fist, and Danny admits that he can't while he's on the drugs. Paul asks him to open himself to the possibility that there is no Iron Fist: just Danny Rand.

At his penthouse, Harold watches the conversation and realizes that more people have realized Danny is the real thing. Kyle reports that he found nothing on the Iron Fist, and Harold glances at the handprint on the window.

Ward meets with the board to discuss the purchase of the warehouses. Harold calls him and Ward steps outside to take it. He points out to his father that Harold was the one who wanted him to buy the warehouses. Harold tells him that Danny is who he says he is, and they need to have him moved that night. Ward says that he doesn't want to be involved in any permanent "solution" and tells Harold to have his men do it, Harold insists that he plans to keep Danny alive but safe, and they can't risk him falling into anyone else's hands. If Danny is the sworn enemy of the Hand then they use him. Ward warns that nothing good will come of protecting Danny, but Harold orders him to do what he says. Once he hangs up, Ward takes a pill and then calls the hospital to say that there's been a change of plans.

Joe comes into Danny's office, tells him that he's being moved, and gives him a straitjacket to put on. Once the straitjacket is on, Joe takes Danny to a room where Dink and his friends are waiting with clubs. They beat Danny and Dink says that Ward sends his regards. Danny's hand glows within the straitjacket, and he breaks free and takes out the three patients. He looks out the window and sees a falcon flying across the moon.

As Joe comes back, Danny summons the Iron Fist and shoves his way out past Joe. He runs past Simon to the outside door and blasts it off of its hinges with one punch. Harold, watching on the cameras, sees what Danny does. The Iron Fist fades and Danny walks out into the night.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 21, 2017

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