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Duet Recap

The Past

Nora watches Singing in the Rain with a young Barry and says that when people sing, they open up their souls.


Barry is at Carlos' apartment watching Singing in the Rain. Cisco tells him that he should go out and do something, but Barry refuses. His friend says that he needs to get out of the dumps since he and Barry broke up. H.R. calls and they head to STAR Labs. The others are there and a breach has opened. It's Hank and Mon-El, caring an unconscious Supergirl. Hank warns that whoever did it has come to Barry's Earth.

They take Supergirl to the medbay and confirm that she's stable. Mon-El introduces himself, saying that he's Supergirl's "friend," and says that they've been kissing a lot. Hank thought that they had broken up, and Mon-El shhs him before insisting that he has to get her back. Hank explains that an alien prisoner put Supergirl in a coma and then came to Earth-1, and that they believe he came there for Flash. Cisco goes to vibe to find Music Meister, and picks up the villain in the speed lab. Barry speeds off and HR. tells Wally that he understands what he went through in the Speed Force but should get back into action. Wally agrees and speeds off after Barry.

Flash arrive sin the speed lab and finds Music Meister waiting for him. He knows Barry's name and when Kid Flash speeds in, Music Meister says that he wants to teach them all a lesson. Music Meister speeds forward and knocks Kid Flash back. Kid Flash cowers back in fear, and Music Meister grabs Flash when he speeds over. He slams him down and puts him in a coma.


Barry finds himself in a 30s club, wearing a suit. Kara is on the stage, singing "Moon River", and sees Barry as she finishes. Barry goes backstage and Kara and they compare notes. Kara insists that Mon-El isn't her boyfriend, and they find Malcolm waiting for them in front. He says that his name is Cutter Moran and he owns the club, and they both work for him. Malcolm draws a knife on Barry when he objects, and tells them to sing. The pianist Grady--Winn--comes over as Kara and Barry realize that they don’t' have their powers. Cisco is the bartender, Pabo. Once Winn leaves, Pablo says that one day he's going to be someone when he gets his shot on screen. Barry and Kara realize that they're in a musical.

Music Meister appears on the stage and explains that he put a little song in their hearts. He tells them that they're inside their heads and they created the world. Due to their love of musicals, they ended up in a miracle. Kara swings at him and her fist goes through Music Meister. He tells them that he's not really there and invites them to stop him... if they can escape. Music Meister says that all they have to do is follow the script. If they reach the end of the plot then they get home. However, if they die in the illusion then they die in the real world as well. Music Meister asks them to perform one number and starts singing, and Winn starts playing the piano. Malcolm, Cisco, and the waitresses start performing, "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." Once the number is over, Music Meister disappears and Barry and Kara go to find him.

Once they confirm that Music Meister is gone, Barry and Kara realize that they have to play out the script. Two gangsters come in and order them to come with them. Martin comes up behind Barry and pistol-whips him unconscious.

When Barry wakes up, he and Kara are in another club. He points out that Mon-El seems to care about her, and Kara explains that Mon-El lied about who he was for nine months. She thought that she'd have something special with him like Barry has with Iris, and Barry explains that they've separated. Martin finally tells them both to shut up, and Joe comes in He tells the prisoners that he's Digsy Foss and he runs the town. Joe runs the town and he has a situation that they're going to help him with. His daughter Millie is missing and she was heading into Malcolm's bar. Joe shows them a photo of Iris, and they say that they haven't seen her. Their captor says that Iris is the only thing good about his life, and if anything happens to her then the town will run with blood. Joe wants them to poke around the club and find Iris, and they quickly agree.

Cisco takes Barry and Kara to Iris' apartment and warns that they might not like what they find. Once Cisco leaves, Kara reminds Barry that "Millie" isn't his Iris. They hear Iris screaming inside and together they kick in the door. Iris is with Mon-El, who says that they're in love.


In the real world, Caitlin tells the team that the energy in Flash and Supergirl's bodies is being drained. She figures that Music Meister is stealing their powers.

Music Meister spreads through the city to a bank. He then uses Supergirl's head vision to break in. The team soon picks him up on CCTV and Wally says that he'll bring him in. Cisco says that he's going with him, him, and Hank transforms into his Martian form to go with them. Caitlin says that Barry and Kara's vital are all over the place.

Vibe creates a breach to take J'onn and Kid Flash to the bank. Music Meister says that Kid Flash is scared from what happened in the Speed Force. Kid Flash says that he isn't and Music Meister dares him to prove it. The two of them speed across the city and the team tracks them. Vibe creates a breach there and then opens another breach. J'onn flies through and this Music Meister, and Kid Flash slams into him, knocking him out.


Barry and Kara introduce themselves and Barry tells Iris thinks that she's been kidnapped. She says that she's never going back because Mon-El is her love... and Mon-El is Malcolm's son, Tommy Moran. Iris insists that they're not telling anyone anything and neither are they. Barry and Kara talk privately and Barry suggests that they convince them to tell their fathers how they feel. They then tell Mon-El and Iris that they have to take the good with the bad. The couple immediately agrees and they go to the club.

Barry and Iris go to Joe's club, Iris tells Martin and Joe that she cares for her dads, and finally explains that she's in love with Mon-El. They insist that Mon-El is a hooligan and so is Malcolm.

At Malcolm's club, Kara arrives with Mon-El and Mon-El breaks the news. Malcolm insists that Joe is a scoundrel.

Barry tells Joe that Iris is a brave strong woman and wants to be with Mon-El even though she was scared of what Joe would say. He says that someone has to hold on to a love like that no matter who tries to stop it, and tells them that he understands that now.

Kara tells Malcolm that maybe if he just listened and heard Mon-El's reasons then he'd understand why Mon-El didn't tell him the truth.

Joe and Martin tell Iris that she'll never understand what it means to be a father. They sing "More I Cannot Sing You." at the other club, Malcolm sings the same song Barry applauds as Joe thanks Iris for telling them the truth.The two dads then thanks Barry, who leaves. However, Joe then says that they're going to war.

Malcolm thanks Mon-El for his honesty and hugs him. He then walks off and tells his men that they're going to war.


The team puts Music Meister in a pipeline cell, and Iris and Mon-el come to visit him. They tell him to fix Barry and Kara, but Music Meister says that his powers don't work that way. Barry and Kara control what happens to them, as do Iris and Mon-El. Music Meister asks how much they love them, and if that's strong enough to save them. He says that they have the power to free Barry and Kara, but they hve to figure it out on their own.


When Barry returns to Malcolm's club, he and Kara wonder what they have to do now. Kara admits that it was hard to see Mon-El with someone else. Winn comes in and says that they need to rehearse, and Kara asks him if he knows anything original. He sits down and plays a song, and Barry starts singing and dancing. Kara joins in and they finish the song together.

Outside, the two sides meet and Joe says that it will be a cold day in hell before his daughter marries Mon-El. Malcolm agree and his men open fire. The two sides take cover, and Barry and Kara hear the shots. They run out and Barry is shot in the chest. More bullets hit Joe, and sKara is shot when she runs out.


Flash and Supergirl go into convulsions, and Iris realizes that she and Mon-El have to go wherever they are and save them. She tells Cisco to vibe them there, and he has them grab his shoulders and then touches their friends.


Kara and Barry lie dying as Iris and Mon-El arrive. They run to their respective lovers and Mon-El apologizes for lying to Kara. She says that she forgives him. Meanwhile, Barry tells Iris that he loves her and she responds. She kisses him and they find themselves back in the real world. Mon-El and Kara do the same thing and return to the real world as well, Music Meister strolls in and applauds, and says that their love was strong enough. He explains that he believes in the good guys and he wanted to teach them all a lesson. Music Meister sees everything, and he saw two people with broken hearts. His lesson was that love is about letting themselves be saved as well as saving other people. Music Meister says that they wouldn't understand where he comes from, and disappears.

Barry and Kara tell the others what happened, and Kara assures them that Barry has an amazing voice. He compliments Kara in turn. Kara warns Mon-El that if he lies to her again. Barry tells her that he'll see how he and Iris are doing.

Back at their apartment, Barry realizes that Iris didn't change anything while he was gone. He explains that he was watching musicals because of what happened, and plays music on his phone to sing along with. Barry proposes to Iris in song and gives her the engagement ring, and she accepts.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2017

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