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Fellowship of the Spear Recap

In France, 1916, the Legends are disguised as soldiers and nurses. The assembled Spear detects the blood of Jesus, and Amaya tells Sara that it's not too late to use it.

72 Hours Earlier

Sara calls a meeting so that they can figure out how to keep the Spear fragments out of the Legion's hand. Nate isn't there, and Amaya explains that he said he didn't feel like socializing and will agree with whatever they decide. Rip says that he knows where Legion is at, outside of time. He explains that they're at the Vanishing Point and they must go there.

Waveriderreturns to Vanishing Point and White Canary, Vixen, Firestorm, and Rip go to find the Legion using their pieces of the Spear to locate the one that the Legion has. Firestorm and Rip head off one way and White Canary and Vixen the other. White Canary warns Vixen that they have to be careful so the Legion doesn't get the Spear.

Atom shrinks down and goes on ahead. Meanwhile, Heat Wave remembers how Captain Cold sacrificed himself to save the others. White Canary finds him and says that he misses their teammate, too. Heat Wave says that Captain Cold blew himself up for nothing and dismisses him as an idiot, and White Canary reminds him that they're in the middle of a heist. After a moment, heat Wave goes with them.

The Spear leads Firestorm and Rip to the other pieces of the Spear inside of an obelisk. Atom spots Eobard and secretly spies on him. Meanwhile, Rip fires at the obelisk but the energy bolt is deflected. Firestorm concentrates and transmutes the obelisk into jelly beans, and Rip grabs the pieces.

Eobard detects the intrusion and speeds outside just in time to see the Legends depart in Waverider. Onboard, the team places the pieces out and it assembles itself into the Spear. Rip warns that the Spear will draw on their desires and regrets to get them to use it to remake the world just as they want it. When Rip says that he attempted to destroy it, Mick uses his heat gun on it but nothing happens, Rip explains that the Spear always heals itself which is why he separated it, and Amaya sees Latin writing on it that wasn't there before. They have Nate translate it, and it says "Born by blood, undone by blood." He says that it means that the Spear can be destroyed by the blood of Christ. Sara wants to plot a course for the Crucifixion, but Rip stops the AI and explains that some points in time are crucial and can't be interfered with. Nate tells them that it's not the only way and explains that they can obtain the blood of Christ without Christ.

Nate digs out the books and explains that when he was working on his Master's degree at Oxford, he read an unpublished paper by an early 20th century scholar. The scholar believed that Gawain return from the Holy Crusaders with a vial of the blood of Christ, and was buried with it in the north of France. Nate figures that the scholar can find it: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings. Gideon confirms that John served in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme as a second lieutenant.

At the Vanishing Point, Eobard flies into a rage. Damien tells him to calm down, and Eobard realizes that it's a positive development. Now that the Legends have the Spear, they'll either hide it or destroy it and they'll be there. Damien tells him that it's time to change the game because they're losing.

Waverider arrives at the Somme in 1916 and Nate warns that the battle is one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Gideon reports that John contracted trench fever and was awaiting transportation back to England. Sara has Amaya take the men to intercept John and send him on the way. Meanwhile, Jax and Martin will guard the Spear. Amaya thinks that she should stay on the ship as well and Sara agrees.

Disguised as soldiers and a nurse, the team goes to the first aid tents where John is. Amaya and Mick search triage while Rip, Ray, and Nate go to the battlefield. One soldier asks Amaya for her help and she promises that he won't die alone. A nurse gives Mick some food to pass out, and he starts eating it before Amaya tells him that it's for the patients. As he hands the food out, Mick sees Len at the tent flap. He follows him outside and says that he's in the middle of something. He figures that he's hallucinating again and explains his mission. Len tells him that the Spear is the most valuable score in the universe.

Rip, Nate, and Ray search the trenches for John. An officer yells at John by name, and the trio comes over and tells the officer that John is sick. The officer reluctantly agrees, and Sara tells them to get John to the extraction point. Rip tells Mick to steal an ambulance for them, and Len points out that Mick is the Legends' trained pet. He warns that the others will never trust Mick, but the two of them were partners... and could again. Len tells Mick to use the Spear to bring him back, and slaps Mick to prove that he's no hallucination before walking off.

The team takes John to the Waverider medical bay and Rip explains that they cured his typhoid fever. Nate explains that they need to know where Gawain is buried, and Rip assures John that eventually the darkness of World War I will pass. Nate quotes from The Lord of the Rings, and Rip explains that their "fellowship" is on a journey to destroy an object of unimaginable power. John knows of the Spear and Rip tells him that they need his help to end its threat. When John says that he needs a vast library, they take him to the study.

In the mess room, Amaya looks at the Tantu Totem and remembers what Gideon showed her about her future. Sara comes in and Amaya tells her that Gideon showed her village burned to the ground in her future, and her daughter turned into a refugee. After offering her condolences, Sara tells Amaya that Mari becomes a hero.

On the bridge, Mick looks at the Spear and starts to reach for it. Martin arrives and tells him to stop, and Mick explains that Len hit him. Mick grabs Martin, and Sara arrives and tells him to let Martin go because he's going to church. John has located Gawain's resting place in a cathedral in Ameins. Mick tells Martin that Len is in his head and goes with the others.

The Legends enter the ruined cathedral and they search for the vial of blood. Ray warns that the Crusaders set traps for the unwary. Mick finds a gold relic and Nate hastily yanks it away from him. It says to follow the outlier, and they find three rubies and one emerald on the wall. They find the emerald in a pillar, and Nate kicks it open. Inside are Gawain's bones and a shield with an engraving. Len steps out and Mick realizes that his teammates can all see him. Meanwhile, Len says that they told him that he became soft. When Mick wonders who he's talking about, Damien steps out of the shadows.

Rip realizes that the Legion traveled back in time and took Len before he joined the Legends. Len thanks Mick for telling him about the plan to destroy the Spear, and Damien calls out German soldiers. They open fire and Nate transforms into steel to protect the others. Mick takes out one soldier, and John makes a rubbing of the engraving. As the Legends head for the exit, Len prepares to shoot them and Mick draws on him. Len is surprised to learn that Mick cares about his teammates, and warns that they don't care about him as he leaves with the others.

Back on Waverider, the team tells the others what's going on. Martin figures that the fact that Mick told Len about their plan means that he'd choose Len over them. Mick admits that he would because Len is a friend and they're not. Martin calls Mick a thug, and Mick asks Sara if that's what she thinks. She tells him that he has to be careful, and Mick realizes that they still consider him a criminal.

John and Nate decipher the rubbing and realize that the Spear will grow in the presence of divine blood. As they go over a map, John jumps and explains that he suffers from shell shock. He realizes where they have to go to destroy the Spear: the middle of Hell on Earth.

Amaya hears the Spear calling to her. Mick comes in and realizes that she hears the voices as well. Amaya says that she hears her mother begging her to keep their family safe. Mick says that maybe the Spear can do it, and Amaya admits that it's tempting. He says that he hears his parents telling him not to play with fire. Sara calls them to the bridge and tells them that John has determined that the vial is hidden in the middle of no man's land. Nate explains that they can use the Spear to find the vial, and Sara suggests that they convince both sides to stop fighting. Amaya says that it will never work, and they realize that she's holding the spear. She suggests that they rewrite reality and eliminate the Legion once and for all. Sara warns that they can't, but Amaya insists that she knows how to wield mystic artifacts. Rip says that the Spear is more powerful than anything they've ever seen. Mick tells them that Amaya can handle it, but Sara tells him to save it and warns Amaya that the Spear's power is too much temptation for anyone. The others agree to do things the hard way, and Amaya agrees... but insists that they're making a huge mistake.

The team takes to the battlefield and the assembled Spear detects the blood of Jesus, and Amaya tells Sara that it's not too late to use the Spear's power. A laser hits a nearby soldier, and the Legends realize the Legion ae on the other side.

Rip and John go to the British general, who wonder if John is a deserter. Rip, posing as a medical officer, assures him that John is no deserter. They ask the officer to contact German High Command and request a ceasefire before all is lost. A soldier comes in with a casualty report of 2,3000 dead and 8000 wounded, and he tells Rip and John that all has already been lost.

Martin and Ray, posing as German officers, meet with the German general and request a ceasefire long enough to rescue the wounded from the battlefield. The general says that he'll do it when the other side does. Ray contacts Sara with an update, just as the soldiers charge into the battlefield. Sara tells the team to watch each other's back and they join the soldiers to get to the vial. The four Legends fight their way through the German lines, with Atom flying ahead to enter a cannon and turn it on the Germans firing it.

Sara realizes that they're close to the vial.

Rip finally punches the British general unconscious and has Jax set Waverider to hijack all communication on the battlefield. He then implores both sides to cease fire so that the casualties can be treated. The soldiers stop fighting and get their wounded to safety.

The four Legends find the vial in the middle of the battlefield. Sara gives Mick the Spear to hold and digs up the coffer holding the vial, and Damien and Len arrive. They order the Legends to hand over the Spear or they kill them. Sara tells Mick to give her the Spear, but he holds it to his chest and says that he doesn't have any friends. When Sara tells Mick that he's better than this, Len tells him that they only believe in him as long as he's useful to them. Mick tells the Legends that they've been trying to change him ever since he joined, and there are things about himself that he wants to change. He walks over to Len and Damien, and asks Amaya to come with him so they can use the Spear to fix her future. She refuses and Len tosses a grenade. Each side thinks the other threw it and opens fire, and Len takes the Spear. Eobard arrives and speeds off Len and Damien. Mick tells Sara that he wishes things could have been different, and Eobard takes him away as well.

Jax brings the cloaked Waverider in. An explosion hits Nate and he drops the vial, and a stray shot destroys it. Amaya stares at the devastation and after a moment, joints the others in Waverider. It lifts off and Amaya tells Sara that she made a mistake and now the Spear is in the hands of the Legion. Jax says that they trusted Mick and he screwed them over, but Ray wonders if they really did trust him. Nate tells them that they lied to John about their being hope for humanity, and then dumped him back in the trenches. Rip figures that it doesn't matter now that reality itself is threatened, but Nate figures that the Legion doesn't know how to use the Spear.

At the Vanishing Point, Eobard congratulates Len on getting one of the Legends to steal the Spear for them. Len says that Mick was never one of them, and assures Mick that there's plenty of power to get around. Malcolm arrives with the Kalabros: the Word of God. It says how to use the Spear, and Eobard tells them all to grab the Spear. Once they do, Malcolm recites from the Kalabros and the others join in. the Spear flares with power as it begins altering reality.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2017

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