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Zerstörer Shrugged Recap

You shall break them with a rod.

Zerstorer summons his magic, and Eve summons a cloud to conceal them so that they can attack. However, he shrugs off their blows and knocks them away.

In the real world at Monroe's house, Renard tells Adalind to find a way for him to go to the Other Place. Monroe brings them his family's Bible and says that in it, the dead go to a hell ruined by a fallen angel. If they think of Zerstorer as the fallen angel and the fires of Hell burn within the beast, not on the land. The pictures show the devil holding a staff and Monroe says that he thinks it can get them to where Zerstorer is, but warns that they won't like it. He figures that Diana has power in the Other Place and suggests that they give her the stick to open the portal. Once she does, Monroe and Renard can get there.

Nick and Eve take cover and figure that they have to take the staff. They realize that Zerstorer is trying to trap them.

At the spice shop, Hank, Wu, and Rosalind look for references in other cultures about the final apocalypse. Hank finds a picture of Zerstorer in an ancient German book. Rosalee translates it and discovers that it refers to an evil darkness trapped. Another phrase says, "Grimm pull child wife follow and flee", and they figure that Zerstorer needs a Grimm to get him out of the place that he is trapped so that he can get Diana. Rosalee realizes that the prediction that something bad would happen is the day that they're on, which means if they open any portals to Nick and Eve then Zerstorer will come through.

As the adults argue, Diana wakes up and overhears them. As she gets the stick, Rosalee calls Monroe and tells them what they've discovered. Diana uses the stick to open the portal, and Renard and Diana pull her away.

In the Other Place, Nick and Eve see the other open. Zerstorer grabs Eve and throws her into the portal, and then goes through himself.

In the real world, Eve and Nick shoot through the mirror, shattering it. Adalind goes to Nick and they tell her what Diana did. Monroe warns that it's not a good thing and passes on Rosalee's warning. As Eve realizes that her uncontrollable woging has reversed itself, Hank and the others arrive. Nick picks up the stick and it heals his injured hands. Rosalee tells the others what they learned, and they hope that Zerstorer didn't escape.

At a gas station in the countryside, a man pulls up and pays the attendant to fill his car. Bats fall from the sky.

At Monroe's house, Monroe figures that the entire situation was fated to be. Nick says that the Other Place was a lot like the Black Forest but the Wesen were woged all the time and the humans spoke German. Monroe realizes that it sounds like the Hell in his family Bible. Diana says that part of Eve stayed in the Other Place, and Eve discovers that she can't woge. She realizes that her Hexenbiest side is gone, and isn't sure if it's a good thing. Diana starts gasping and screaming, and says that "he" is coming.

At the gas station, the driver goes the restroom and Zerstorer in human form emerges from the mirror. He drives his staff through the driver's chest and walks out. The attendant sees him and Zerstorer touches him with the staff. The man falls down dead.

Diana begs them not to let Zerstorer find them, and Nick asks where he is. They promise to protect her, and Adalind leads her out. Renard tells Nick about the prophecy that Dasha told them, and Nick tells him to hide Adalind. They figure that there's no safe place, but Nick says that he knows exactly the place: the cabin where everything started where Renard gave Nick the key. Rosalee says that she knows a way to make Diana invisible to Zerstorer, and she goes to get the herbs. Eve goes to the spice shop to check the books, and Hank and Wu will go to the precinct to see if anyone saw Zerstorer come through.

Trubel goes to the tunnels and discovers that the symbols and the stick are both gone.

Nick tells Adalind that he's taking her and Diana somewhere that she'll be safe. Renard insists on going with them, and Rosalee brings the herbs that they need.

Zerstorer takes the attendant's clothing and uses his staff to trace Diana. Nick puts the stick in his pocket and heads to the cottage with the others. When they arrive there, Nick and Renard remember what happened there between them, before Adalind was working for the Royals. They enter the cottage and Nick leads them to the cellar where the Blutbad kept his abducted victims. Renard promises Diana that Zerstorer will never find Diana, and Nick tells Kelly that he loves him. The Grimm hugs Adalind and then goes to the precinct to help Hank and Wu. Adalind goes after her and tells him to be careful, and they kiss.

At the station, Wu picks up a 911 call about two dead men.

At the spice shop, Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve go through the books and Eve points out that the staff Zerstorer had was more cracked than the one in the Bible. There are pictures of staffs throughout history. Trubel arrives and they tell her what's going on.

Hank and Wu arrive at the gas station and Franco tells them about the two bodies and the shattered bathroom window. They check the driver's corpse and figure that Zerstorer killed him. They then examine the attendant and figure that Zerstorer took his clothing. They call Nick to have him take a look.

At the cottage, Renard puts Diana to bed. He then tells Adalind that Zerstorer will find them and then he'll kill him.

Zerstorer walks through Portland to the loft.

Nick arrives at the gas station and figures that Zerstorer killed both men. Franco gets the surveillance video up.

Zerstorer comes to three homeless people. They ask him for spare change and he yells at them, impersonating a driver that yelled at him and the homeless people. One of them slams a bottle into Zerstorer's head, and he transforms his staff into a snake. It kills the man who hit him, and the other two run off as the staff reverts back and he picks it up before walking on.

Nick and the others watch the video and Nick figures that the human form Zerstorer has is his woge form. They put out an APB on him and Nick calls Adalind and Renard to tell them that Zerstorer is in Portland. Wu tells Nick that they have a report of a body attacked by a giant snake.

At the spice shop, the group figures that the staff is one of the many described throughout history and that it will help him destroy the world. Eve thinks that the cracks in the staff are important, and wonder how Zerstorer obtained it. Monroe finds a prophecy about a staff with the power of the gods that can't be destroyed. It was broken into a hundred pieces and scattered throughout the world, and they figure that the stick is a missing part of the staff. Monroe suggests that the stick was buried by the Crusader Grimms to keep Zerstorer from obtaining the full staff, and Zerstorer is heading for Nick.

As Nick, Hank, and Wu check out the body, Eve calls Nick and tells him to come to the spice shop.

At the cottage, Diana wakes up when she hears Zerstorer come down into the cellar. He walks over to Kelly, and Renard attacks him. As Zerstorer kills him, Diana wakes up from her dream. She tells her parents that Zerstorer wants her and Kelly, not just her.

Nick arrives at the spice shop and Trubel tells him that all of Black Claw's cells are destroyed. They explain about the stick's connection to Zerstorer's staff, and warn that if the staff is fully assembled then Zerstorer will be unstoppable. Hank calls to say that they got a hit on Zerstorer in the area and they're heading back to the station. Trubel goes to where the homeless man's body was found and Nick goes to the station, and Eve warns him not to let the stick out of his control.

At the station, Hank and Wu show Nick a surveillance phot of Zerstorer. They weapon up and head out.

As she arrives, Trubel hears gunshots and screams. She finds two dead police officers and spots Zerstorer walking off toward the station. Trubel says that she'll follow him, and the trio hears people screaming. They run to the squad room and open fire on Zerstorer in his Wesen form. He slams down the staff, knocking them back, and Wu woges and attacks Zerstorer. Zerstorer stabs him with the staff. Nick goes to his friend but can only watch him die. Zerstorer knocks him down and Hank opens fire again. The bullets have no effect, and Zerstorer kills him as well. Zerstorer than slams Nick across the room.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 25, 2017

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