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5. What Lies Beneath Recap

Rui gets out of his car at night, puts in his earphones, and walks down an alley. Eve comes up behind him, puts a bag over his head, and knocks him out.

A woman in a black coat--Clare-- sits in the back of a taxi, watching the driver Buster Wiley eat a kebab. he assures her that she's safe with him, and Clare says that he should be careful of his arteries. The man pulls up to a canal and Clare runs off without paying him. She runs off and he chases after her, and a few seconds later there's a splash from the canal.

The next morning, Harry wakes up in Rich's place bed and looks at Isabella sleeping. She finally wakes up and tells him that it's creepy his staring at her, and tells Harry to kiss her. He does so and says that he as to go to work, and Isabella says that she'll call Rui. When Isabella asks what he's doing that night, Harry tells her that he'll call her later.

Rui's phone rings and Isabella shows him his phone. He says that it's not his phone, and Eve crushes it and tells him his name. Rui says that he isn't that person, and Eve puts a hood over his head and tells him to let her know when he's ready to talk.

Isabella comes down to the kitchen and surprises Rich. She makes sure that he can't see her bracelet, and introduces herself. She says that she has a taxi waiting and leaves. Harry comes in and asks if Isabella is gone, and Rich wonders what Harry has to complain about. He tells Harry to find out whatever he thinks the problem is with Isabella, because if she's a good one then Harry doesn't want to let her go.

Later, Harry gets called to the canal. Alistair explains that a dog walker found Buster floating in the canal, and Suri and Steve are checking to see if the nearby taxi is his. The DIS tells Harry that Steve has requested a transfer, and that he told him to think on it a couple of days. Alistair suggests that Steve might change his mind if he feels less isolated from the team, and Harry says that he doesn't know what he can do. Suri and Steve come over and confirm that the taxi belongs to Buster, and there's a dashcam. Harry tells Steve to check it out.

Later, Harry meets with Daisy who has skipped Eve. Anna has told her that Harry thinks he has a magic bracelet, and thinks that he's going insane. When Harry says that he isn't, Daisy tells him to come home. He says that he can't and takes her to school.

In the morgue, Ralph tells Suri and Harry that Buster drowned and there were no signs of a struggle. There is a scar on Buster's chest from a heart transplant. They're backed up on the tox report, and Harry tells him to speed it up as much as they can. back in the squad room, Steve shows them the dashcam footage. It shows Clare running away, and the DIs figure that it isn't suicide.

Clare is walking next to the canal and sits down next to a woman, Julie Tracey. When Clare says that Julie seems upset, Julie says that she has a hangover and thinks that Julie looks familiar. Clare asks Julie how long she's been sober, but Julie doesn't want to talk about it. The other woman says that Julie had a liver transplant and claims that Julie said it in a meeting. Clare goes on about how there are thousands of people waiting for liver transplants, and tells Julie that she has to change. Julie realizes that Clare has never been to a meeting and gets up.

Harry goes to Anna's house and finds Jonny there, his shirt open. Jonny takes him in and Harry offers to take Daisy to school. Anna says that she left early for hockey, and argues with Jonny about Daisy spending too much time on the computer. Harry wonders if Daisy is having problems with Jonny, and Jonny goes upstairs to get dressed. Anna tells Harry that Daisy doesn't let her read her laptop screen, and notes that Daisy's browsing history is suspiciously clean. Harry offers to check it out and Anna agrees. Isabella calls Harry and he ignores it.

At the station, Harry looks up Isabella on the Interpol database. There's no record of crimes on any continent.

A man is jogging at the canal and sees Julie floating in the water. The DIs arrive to fish her out.

Isabella is swimming in her pool and comes up as her phone rings. She calls to Rui but gets no answer. A man tells him that Harry checked her Interpol record and asks if he should take care of it. Isabella says that she'll handle it and tells the man to follow Harry.

Rui tells Eve that Isabella will kill him if he talks. Eve threatens him with a rock and says that he helps Isabella keep people, and Rui insists that Isabella doesn't kill anyone. He says that Isabella is magnificent, and Eve tells him that if he tells her everything that he knows then he can go back to Isabella.

At the morgue, Suri notes that Julie also has a transplant scar. Ralph confirms that she was on her second transplant, and says that the tox report shows a muscle relaxant, pentapreven, in Buster's body and Julie's. He found a needle mark and so does Julie. Ralph tells them that Julie was drinking, and explains that they were incapacitated and then thrown in the water.

In the squad room, Steve calls anesthiology departments while Suri runs a cross-check of canal deaths and major surgery. A Daniel Green turned up dead three weeks ago and was receiving regular treatment from a private hospital, the Regent Clinic. Harry and Suri go there and ask the doctor, Jones, if Daniel was depressed. Jones says that Daniel was suffering from terminal cancer, and Harry threatens to bring a warrant and dozens of police officers if Jones doesn't tell them the details despite doctor-patient confidentiality. After a moment, Jones tells them that Daniel had an expensive lung transplant. However, one of the doctors saw Daniel smoking post-operation so he figures that Daniel was suicidal. Jones refuses to give them the names of staff members with access to anesthesia, and Harry figures that Jones is lying about something. He admits that they let a nurse, Scarlet Cartmell, go a month ago who had access to the anesthesia, and they sacked her when she was caught stealing drugs. The clinic didn't file a report because they were concerned about the PR fallout. Harry tells Jones to give them everything he has on Scarlet.

Outside, Harry suggests that Scarlet is going after people who wasted their second chances. He figures that she's killing addicts, and Suri half-jokingly asks if Harry thinks she'll go after him. Harry insists that he's not an addict, and they go to the Cartmell house. No one answers the door, and the door is unlocked. The DIs go inside and Harry finds Scarlet dead and rotting in the bathtub. When Ralph is called in, he says that it looks like an OD and Scarlet was there for 3-4 weeks. Harry realizes that Scarlet isn't there killer, and Suri confirms that everything Scarlet stole is there except for the pentapreven.

Isabella calls Harry and asks if he's avoiding her. He insists that he isn't and Isabella suggests that they meet up immediately. She's outside and Harry walks over to her. Isabella says that Rui has apparently taken the door off, and Harry escorts her into the police van. He wonders why she's at a crime scene, and Isabella says that the bracelet brought her there and has friends who will do anything for her. Isabella admits that she knows Harry checked her out, and he asked her if she killed Davey. As they talk, she grabs his leg. Harry tells her that her police record is almost artificially clean, and Isabella asks what he's done with Rui. He says that he knows nothing about it, and Isabella asks what Harry is afraid of. As they start to kiss, officers knock on the door and says that they have to move the van. Isabella asks Harry to come home with her, and he says that he can't. The officers continue knocking and Harry comes out and tells them that he's trying to question a witness. Isabella gets out and walks away.

When Harry returns to the station, Steve says that he's tracked down Emily Sorkin, who worked at the clinic and knew Scarlet. Suri suggests that she and Steve check it out, and Harry agrees. As she goes, Suri suggests that Harry break the news to Scarlet's next of kin.

Isabella goes to a bar and runs into Anna. Anna says that she's waiting for Jonny, and Isabella sits down with her. As they wait, Isabella tells Anna that she admires how she makes time for Harry after all he did to her. She asks if Harry is worth sticking with. Anna asks her about the bracelet, and Isabella claims that it's a gift from Harry. Jonny comes in and explains that an unusual set of circumstances delayed him.

Clare is in her apartment going through a Facebook page on a boy, Ethan Oswald.

As Suri and Steve arrive at Emily's place , Steve points out that Suri has turned a new leaf. he says that it's good but tells her that he likes it. They ring the bell and Emily answers the door.

Clare hears the doorbell and answers the door. It's Harry, who introduces himself and says that he has some bad news. He tells her that Clare's sister Scarlet is dead, and Clare says that it's no surprise. Harry explains that he understands how destructive addiction is, but Clare says that she figures that addiction is a continuing series of choices. As she insists that addiction is an abdication of responsibility, Harry stares at her. Clare says that she has to get her work and puts on a black coat. She says that she's an anesthesiologist and Harry asks if she worked at the Regent Clinic. Clare says that she didn't and Harry asks for an old photo. She goes to get it and Harry texts Suri to send backup. Clare injects Harry with pentapreven before he can send it.

At the station, Suri and Steve tell Alistair that Emily had a solid alibi. They explain that Harry is paying his condolences to Clare, and Alistair tells them to check the staff on other hospitals. Once they go, Alistair calls Harry and gets his voice mail.

Clare takes the paralyzed Harry out in a wheelchair.

Steve tells Suri that there's an anesthesiologist at the Regent Clinic who also did shifts where Buster and Julie were treated: Clare. They drive to Clare's flat and find Harry's car, and Harry's phone on the floor.

As she drives, Clare tells Harry that he didn't call Scarlet. She called Clare for money, but Clare refused to give her money to buy drugs. Clare went to see her and found her dead in the bath. She took the pentapreven and saw Daniel smoking after his surgery. As she talks, Harry stares at the bracelet. A truck cuts her off and another car slams into hers. Clare meets with the other driver, who asks for her insurance information. She ignores him and drives off, and the driver takes a photo of her car and calls the police to report an accident.

Alistair tells the officers to search the eight miles of the canal. the station calls to tell him that they have a report of an accident involving Clare's car, and they get an address.

Clare pulls up to the canal and wheels Harry to the water's edge. She tells Harry that she's right and he's trying to stop her. From a bridge nearby, Isabella watches and Harry sees her.

As Steve and Suri drive to the canal, Suri blames herself for going with Steve. Steve tells her that Harry will be all right because he's always all right.

Isabella smiles and waves to Harry, and then backs into the road behind her... right in front of Steve's car. Steve skids, narrowly missing her, and when Steve gets out he sees Clare shove Harry into the water. He and Suri run down to the canal and Clare runs. Steve jumps into the water and pulls Harry to the surface, while Suri tackles Clare. Clare asks if Harry is dead, and Suri punches her unconscious. Steve administers CPR and Harry revives.

Later, the EMTs check Harry and Steve out. Harry thanks Steve for saving his life, but Steve says that he doesn't care. His leave has nothing to do with Harry, and warns Harry that he's a bad influence on Suri. Suri and Alistair come over, and Harry gets a call from Isabella. She asks if he trusts her now, and Harry admits that he might be getting there. She says that Rui is back after getting mugged and ending up in the hospital, and Harry says that he'll see her soon.

Harry returns to Rich's place and finds Daisy there with his brother. Rich explains that someone posted the video of Harry dodging through traffic online, and Daisy asks Harry if the bracelet is really magic. Harry says that it is, and Daisy asks for a demonstration. He flips a coin and wins every time, but Daisy wants him to do something impressive. Rich gives Harry a package that another woman dropped off for him. It's a video file that Eve made of Rui saying that Isabella wants people to die and they die, and she's been unstoppable ever since the first. He admits that the first person Isabella killed--the man who killed her daughters--was nailed to a tree and then Isabella slit his throat.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 25, 2017

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