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Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch Recap

At the Chikara Dojo, Colleen is sleeping but wakes up when she hears someone moving. On the floor below, three men break into the dojo and Colleen attacks them. The leader, Shannon, says that they're trying to help because they're after Danny, who escaped from a mental hospital. Colleen says that she can take care of herself and notices Danny hiding on the ceiling. Once the men leave, Danny drops down and apologizes, and assures her that he hasn't broken any laws. He says that there won't be any more trouble, and Colleen tells him to not be there in the morning.

Ward goes to his father's penthouse and finds him dozing in a glass cylinder. He finally wakes Harold up and Ward says that they'll find Danny within the hour. Howard takes some medicine and orders Ward to pay off everyone at the hospital so that no one talks, and asks about the pier deal. His son says that the seller isn't going to give in, and Howard tells him to add 10%. He refuses to tell Ward why it's so important that they acquire the property, and tells him to put Joy on Patel. Ward insists that he can handle him, and Howard tells him that he's doing it all for him. He doesn't think that Ward believes him because Ward disobeyed his order to have Danny moved to a safe location. When Ward objects, Harold jabs him in the side and tells him to do things his way. He repeats his order to keep Danny save until he can decide what to do with him, and Ward says that he'll take care of all of it.

The next day, Colleen is meditating in her room above the dojo when she hears hip-hop music. She goes down and finds Danny performing a kata as Darryl cleans up the place. Colleen turns off the music and asks why Danny isn't gone. He says that he's worried for her safety, and points out that one of the break-in men managed to hit her. When Colleen throws a punch at him, Danny easily dodges it and the two of them spar. Colleen is unable to land a blow, and Danny tells her that she has to master internal force. He finally throws her to the mat and tells her that she can focus her inner chi, and Colleen tells him to get out. Danny offers to pay her rent for the next six months and he'll just stay for a week. He promises that he'll have it all solved by Friday and Colleen agrees. However, she tells him not to go near the students and to sleep in a corner, and take a shower soon.

At Rand Enterprises, Ward tells Joy that they have to be united about Danny. He points out that Danny clearly has mental problems, but Joy insists that they have to do the right thing. Ward says that he's working on something that will be beneficial to both sides, and he needs her to handle Raj Patel and the pier deal. Joy agrees to do it and leaves.

Danny is meditating outside of Joy's apartment when she returns home, oranges and petal flowers strewn on the sidewalk. He asks if they could start acting like friends, and Joy sits down next to him. She asks what happened and why he's back, and Danny admits that it's complicated. He says that the life that he had kept him going under difficult circumstances, and Joy talks about how her father died when she was 13. When Joy talks about Harold, Danny says that he imagined seeing him at the hospital and thought he was a hungry ghost at first.

Joy invites Danny inside and says that when their fathers died, it was her job to keep the company going. She gives him an offer for his shares: a hundred million dollars to change his name. Danny wonders if that's how she treats family, and Joy says that she and Ward worked for the money while Danny was off doing whatever he was doing. He walks out and when Joy goes after him, Danny says that it's not about the money. Joy says that's how it works in the real world as Danny walks away.

As Darryl cleans up at the dojo, Colleen asks him where he got the cut on his face. He says that he got it at the fight club to make the money he needs for his family. Colleen reminds him that he's up for a scholarship and she wants to give him the highest recommendation, but Darryl says that he has to live in the present.

Danny goes to the cemetery where his parents are buried. There's a stone for him as well, but Danny is more interested in his mother's grave and the fresh flowers on all three stones. He then approaches the groundskeeper and asks who takes care of the graves if the family is dead. The groundskeeper doesn't know and suggests that he ask at the office.

As lawyer Jeri Hogarth leaves her office, Danny approaches her and she draws a can of mace on him. He introduces himself and reminds her that she was an intern in her father's office when Danny was there. Danny tells her enough personal details to convince her of who he is, and she explains that she's been handling the estate since the crash. Wendell gave Jeri her first job, and she admits that she and the Meachums have a complicated relationship. She says that they need to dig up every shred of physical evidence to prove Danny's identity, and says that his turning down Joy's offer may have been the smartest thing he did. Jeri explains that he's worth billions, and it's important that Danny understand the language if he wants to win. She agrees to work for him for free, as long as Danny puts her law firm on retainer with Rand Enterprises if he wins. Jeri tells Danny to lie low and gives him some money to get new clothes.

Ward goes to pick up Joy to take her to Patel. She insists that she can handle Patel on her own, but Ward insists on going with her. Patel is waiting outside in his limo and pours champagne for the Meachums. Joy promises Patel a night he'll never forget and they drive off.

At his penthouse, Harold is sparring with a trainer. He takes the trainer down and pours himself water, and the lights go out. Startled, Harold drops the pitcher. Madame Gao speaks from the shadows, saying that they're disappointed. She explains that there are discussions about Harold's loyalty and says that he left because of an emergency. Gao demands an explanation, and Harold explains that an impostor is trying to infiltrate the company claiming to be Danny. He says that Danny won't be a problem, and Gao reminds him that they have an agreement. She tells him to kneel despite the broken pitcher, and Harold does so. When he looks up, Gao is gone.

Danny returns to the dojo and finds Darryl training the other students. When one of them, Caleb, starts goofing off, Danny grabs a practice sword and tells them that the dojo is a place of respect. He invites Caleb to test him and find out who he is. Colleen listens from the doorway as Danny tells them how to draw strength from their centers. Danny performs a kata and when Caleb blows him a raspberry, Danny knocks him down. Colleen shoves Danny away and tends to Caleb's leg, and Colleen goes after Danny and demands to know who put him in charge. She says that she's trying to provide a safe place for people, and Danny apologizes. Colleen tells him that he can't be there and Danny bows to her and calls her "Sensei" before leaving.

Joy takes Patel and Ward to a hospital via the back entrance and to the room of Kevin Kennedy. He's on life support after an auto accident, and is an organ donor. Joy has made sure that Kevin's liver will go directly to Patel's nephew Terence thanks to her company connections. Patel realizes that the pier is his buy-in,.

Danny goes to the law firm's hotel suite and paces around, uncomfortable in the expensive surroundings. He finally lays a blanket out in front of the window so that he can sleep. Danny dreams of the Himalayas and how the K'un-Lun monks beat him.

The next day, Joy sits in her office and looks at the bowl of M&Ms. Ward comes in and Joy asks him what is so important about the pier. Ward claims that it's strategic, and asks her if she's ever considered walking away from the company. Joy points out that they lose everything if they leave, but Ward figures that they can start over with nothing. His sister realizes that he's serious, and Ward says that he's tired of a lot of things. Joy admits that she loves the company and can't leave it, but will back Ward no matter what as long as he's happy.

Danny and Jeri get some food from a vendor, and Jeri says that all the records of Danny have been erased. She figures that the Meachums are behind it, and if they don't have proof then they'll lose. Danny says that there might be something. He goes to the local ER and enters the records room. Danny finds Shannon going through the files, and assumes that he's a worker. He explains that he's looking for an x-ray that was taken when he was there as a kid after he broke his arm skateboarding. Shannon punches him, finds a bottle of ethyl alcohol, and pours it on the files. Danny recovers and summons the Iron Fist, and then attacks Shannon, shattering the bottle in his hand.

The glow fades and Shannon goes for his knife. The two men fight and Shannon manages to ignite the alcohol. Danny goes to help the real attendant, unconscious on the floor, while Shannon runs out. As Danny carries the attendant out, the oxygen tanks explode.

Ward and Joy are eating at an expensive restaurant when Danny sits down with them. He says that Ward was like a brother to him, and was with him the day that he broke his arm. Danny accuses him of sending Shannon, and asks if Ward hates him so much. Ward says that the Danny he knew is dead, and Joys says that they don’t want Danny there. As Danny turns to go, Joy says that they can work it out. He says that he has Jeri and they're coming for him, and they can't deny what his father meant for him to have.

Back at Rand Enterprises, Joy tells Ward to give him everything he has on Danny because she has to face Jeri the next day. Ward gives her a file from a safe and asks if she feels bad about what she said. Joy wishes that she could find something in Danny to hate because it would make things easier for her. She tells her brother that Danny said that Harold visited him in the hospital, and wonders if Danny is as crazy as Ward says he is. Joy goes home and tosses her keys in a crude ceramic pot, and then looks at it and remembers.

At an underground fight club, Colleen comes in and looks at the crowd. The ringmaster announces the open round. Colleen steps into the ring and says her name is the Daughter of the Dragon. A fighter, Rusty, steps up to take her on and everyone places their bets. The ringmaster tells Colleen to tap out if she gets in over her head, and then starts the fight. Colleen avoids Rusty's first few blows and kicks him across the face, and hits him until he shrugs off the blows and tosses her across the ring. She takes him down but Rusty bites her leg and beats her until she slams her fingers into a nerve juncture repeatedly. Colleen then beats him bloody and the ringmaster declares her the winner. He gives her her winnings and tells her that she's welcome anytime.

The next day, Jeri and Danny arrive at Rand Enterprises and Joy informs them that they've filed a restraining order against Danny and reduced the offer to 20 million. Jeri says that they're demanding a corner office on top of full rights for Danny. She shows them the ceramic pot from Joy's townhouse and points out the inscription... and Danny's fingerprint next to it. Jeri assures them that it's an exact match for Danny's fingerprint. Joy says that she has no idea how they got the pot, and Ward threatens to bury them in motions and depositions. As Danny leaves, Ward says that he could have just taken the money. Danny tells him that it's his name and it means something. Once Danny leaves, Ward stares at Joy.

At the elevator, Danny looks at the framed photos of Wendell and Harold. Ward goes to his office and Danny tells Jeri that he needs a second. He then goes to the door of Ward's office and listens as Ward says that they'll talk about it when he gets there. Danny follows him to Harold's penthouse and secretly takes another elevator up. Ward meets with his father and asks why he went to see Danny at the hospital, Harold says that he does what he wants, and Ward points out that he's trapped in the penthouse since everyone thinks that he's dead.

When Danny is unable to get past the handprint scanner, he goes out a window on the floor below and starts climbing.

Ward suggests that he go to the New York Times and tell them that Harold is alive. Harold warns him that Ward and Joy would both be killed and shows him his bandaged hands. He admits that he's trapped, and he needs Ward to help him because he doesn't have anyone else.

Danny climbs up the brownstone to the penthouse window and sees Harold's cylinder. He jimmies the lock and opens the window, but someone shoves him out into space.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 28, 2017

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