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Distant Sun Recap

Kara wakes up in the morning and finds Mon-El making her breakfast in bed. The TV news is running a piece on a violent alien attacking innocent citizens using a laser eyepatch. Kara heads out on her own to deal with it, blocking the alien's next blast. He blasts through her heat vision and she speeds over and punches him, and then slaps her hand on his eyepatch to take him out with feedback.

Later at the DEO, Hank teleconferences with President Marsdin. She asks for an update on the Daxamite ship, and Hank admits that they're still in low orbit. Marsdin tells Hank to have Supergirl stop his people from engaging the ship while her office gathers more intel.

After going to yoga, Alex and Maggie walk home and Maggie spots her ex-girlfriend, Emily. Emily says that she's in National City for the week and staying at the Baldwin Hotel, and Alex introduces herself. Maggie says that she and Emily used to date years ago, and Emily suggests that they catch up sometime. She quickly excuses her and Alex suggests that Maggie get together with Emily that night because they don't have any plans. After a moment, Maggie calls after Emily and invites her to have dinner with them. Emily agrees and Alex tells Maggie that it wasn't so bad.

At the DEO, Hank and Winn tell Kara that the alien was from a race of bounty hunters called Amalaks. They found a messaging device on the alien confirming that someone has put a bounty out on Supergirl. Hank figures that every bounty hunter in the universe will be heading to Earth, and tells Kara to hide rather than endanger public safety. Mon-El agrees with them but Supergirl refuses to stand down for anyone. Hank asks her to do it on behalf of the people who care about her, and Kara. When Hank tells Alex to start searching databases, she says that she has plans. Kara tells her not to change her plans, and Winn offers to write a program to search the databases. Hank agrees but tells Mon-El to look after Kara. Mon-El says that he will once he does something.

That night, Mon-El takes Lar Gand and Rhea to the alien bar. His parents realize that Mon-El works there as a "servant," and Mon-El insists that his work is important. He then says that he knows his parents put a bounty on Kara. Rhea and Lar insist that they had nothing to do about it, and they're staying because they've spent years looking for Mon-El. The queen talks about how when Mon-El was a child, he'd hang onto her leg when she tried to leave the room and it broke her heart. Now she'd rather die than leave Earth without Mon-El, and Lar says that they wish no harm on Kara. The two Daxamites walk out.

At the restaurant, Emily is running late. Alex says that she feels bad that she pushed Maggie into inviting Emily there, and Maggie explains that when they broke up after five years Emily said some things that cut her. She suggests that they go and Alex agrees.

Kara, James, and Winn are having game night at her apartment and Kara is complaining that she's stuck inside when emergencies are happening. Mon-El arrives and James asks him to help them keep Kara there. The Daxamite finally admits that he questioned his parents about whether they put the bounty on Kara.

On the street below the apartment, an alien concentrates and sends a telepathic command.

Mon-El admits that he's not sure he believes his parents. Mon-El suddenly freezes as the alien takes control of him. He then slams Kara out the window and across the city onto a rooftop. Mon-El swings at her and explains that he's not in control of his own body. Kara punches him back and Winn, watching, realizes that another messaging device is nearby.

As they fight, Mon-El tells Kara to run. He slams her into a van, and Guardian arrives and tries to entangle his arm. Mon-El throws him away and then tries to hit Kara. Meanwhile, Winn, finds the bounty hunter, pretends that he's using a gun when he only has a stapler, and tells him to drop the mental control. He does so and Kara hits Mon-El in the face before she realizes that he's free.

The team takes the bounty hunter to the DEO cell, and bounty hunter says that they'll never get him to talk because they're too moral to do what is necessary. Hank telepathically scans the bounty hunter and finally forces him to admit that Rhea hired him. Back in the main room, Mon-El warns that his parents honestly believe that they're doing the right thing and their plan will get Mon-El to return with them. Hank refuses to take any action from the Daxamite ship because of Marsdin's orders.

Alex finds Emily and asks why she skipped the dinner. Emily says that Maggie cheated on her and that she just wants to forget about it. Alex apologizes and leaves.

Kara and Mon-El clean up Kara's apartment. He wants to run and Kara wants to talk to Rhea. Mon-El figures that they could run away together and live happily ever after, but Kara refuses to run. He figures that his parents will get what they want, and Kara points out that Hank only said that they can't attack them. Once they do, Mon-El will convince Rhea that Earth is the best place for him and he'll be happy there. Mon-El doesn't think that she can change, but Kara believes that everyone can change just like Mon-El did. After a moment, Mon-El agrees.

Later, Supergirl and Mon-El meet Rhea at the Fortress of Solitude. Mon-El tells her that the bounty hunter gave her up and insists that being on Earth with Kara is what makes him happy. Rhea refuses to let him dictate the terms of their relationship, and Supergirl says that they should fight to make peace. She insists that Rhea has kindness in her heart and asks her to understand that letting Mon-El stay is the best thing for him. Rhea tells him that any connection she's found with Mon-El is a lie, and Supergirl suddenly wavers. The queen draws a Kryptonite dagger and slashes Supergirl, and Mon-El blocks her next blow. Rhea shoves him away and then stabs Supergirl in the leg. Mon-El stops her and says that he'll go with her if she spares Supergirl. Rhea makes him swear and Mon-El tells Supergirl that it's the only way. They hug and then Rhea teleports away with her son.

On the Daxamite ship, Lar greets his son. Mon-El tells Rhea to call off the bounty and she does so. Once Mon-El goes to his quarters, Lar realizes that Rhea issues the bounty behind his back. She says that she did what she had to so she could get back her and walks off.

Alex calls Maggie to her apartment and explains that she talked to Emily. When Alex asks if she was going to ever tell her that she cheated on Emily, Maggie admits that she did a horrible thing. Alex tells her that Maggie didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth, and points out that Maggie has a pattern of keeping things to herself. She suggests that Maggie stopped trusting people when her parents didn't accept her sexuality. Alex tells her that she doesn't have to be guarded with her, and is there to help her heal. They hug and Maggie thanks Alex. Kara calls Alex and tells her what happened, and Alex tells Maggie that she has to go to the DEO.

At the DEO, Supergirl tells Hank and Alex what happened. She says that she has to save Mon-El, and Hank tells her that they're under orders not to engage. Alex agrees, warning that it's too dangerous, but Supergirl says that Mon-El didn't choose what happened.

Mon-El is at the port looking down on Earth. Lar approaches him and says that Kara will be safe, and in time Mon-El will see that coming home is the right thing to do. Mon-El says that he knows Rhea would have killed Kara if he didn't come, and that if it's about the people then some things will have to change. He tells his father that they should rebuild their kingdom better than it was since they can start over. Lar says that it's what the people need. Mon-El tells him that their royal house would have fallen and begs Lar to help him. Rhea comes in and slaps Mon-El and says that if Mon-El spends the next four years in a cell then he might reconsider his misconceptions on the trip back. As the guards lead Mon-El away, the Engineer reports that they will be ready to leave in five minutes and Rhea is happy that they can leave the poison of Earth.

Winn shows the team the teleporter and explains that he repaired it. They only need one gate as long as they have coordinates to teleport to, just as the sensors detect the Daxamite ship leaving. As far as the Kryptonite, Supergirl has an idea to deal with it.

As the Engineer sets course for Daxam, Supergirl teleports to the throne room and confronts Rhea. Her guards attack Supergirl and she defeats them. Rhea draws the Kryptonite knife and moves in.

Winn teleports outside of Mon-El's cell and explains that he's there to rescue him.

Rhea attacks Supergirl, who stabs her in the shoulder. The Kryptonite has no effect, and J'onn shapeshifts from "Supergirl" to his normal form.

Winn hacks the cell door and opens it, and explains that he's already cracked the security system. He calls Supergirl and Alex on Earth, and shows them J'onn fighting the guards in the throne room. when she realizes that her friend is in danger, Supergirl teleports to the throne room to help J'onn. Rhea attacks her and J'onn holds her off. Lar arrives and attacks J'onn while Rhea attacks Supergirl. Mon-El, watching, realizes that rhea will kill Supergirl and heads for the throne room.

Rhea fights the weakening Supergirl, saying that she's taking what she wants without a care for her word. Mon-El arrives and blasts open the portal. The room depressurizes and a guard is swept into space. The others hold on and Lar manages to close the emergency shutters. He then tells everyone that it's enough and tells Rhea that Mon-El has made his decision. Lar says that he can see that Mon-El is with his family, and Mon-El and Supergirl hug. Rhea says that Krypton has taken everything from her and now Supergirl is taking her son. Mon-El says that it's the last time that they'll ever see each other and hopes that one day Rhea will understand. Alex opens the teleport portal and the team leaves.

Later, Alex watches as Maggie and Emily say their goodbyes. Maggie comes over and thanks Alex for making her apologize to Emily. Alex and Maggie kiss and they go home.

Marsdin asks Hank if he engaged the Daxamite ship. He admits that he did and says that an alien that they gave amnesty was taken against their will. Hank says that he made a decision and will accept the consequences, and Marsdin tells him that she will decide what consequences he'll face. Once she signs off, Marsdin revert to her White Martian form.

At Kara's apartment, Mon-El admits that he didn't think he'd see Kara again. She apologizes for forcing him to talk to Rhea, but Mon-El points out that his father changed so Kara was right to believe people could change. He explains that he just did what he knew Kara would do, and says that she sacrifices a lot. Mon-El says that he admires her, and Kara promises that she'll never forget the way Mon-El sacrificed himself for her.

On the Daxamite ship, Lar tells Rhea that Mon-El made their decision. He says that Mon-El would never have been happy with them, and Rhea reminds him that they used to be in sync with each other. She talks about how they made a commitment to their family, and then says that Lar ruined that. Lar assures her that he's still at her side and hugs her, and promises that they'll move on. Rhea says that they won't and stabs him to death. She then promises that she's not done with Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 28, 2017

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