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Eight Diagram Dragon Palm Recap

Falling from Harold's penthouse, Danny manages to catch a lamp dozens of stories about the street. He loses his grip and falls onto a ledge below, and is knocked unconscious.

The next morning, Danny wakes up and finds himself in an expensive apartment. Ward comes in and asks why Danny followed him. He admits that he kicked Danny off the building Harold walks in and Danny stares at the man that he thought was dead. Danny points out that he hasn't aged since the last time he saw him, and Harold admits that he visited Danny in the hospital. Staring at the older man, Danny says that Harold is all he has and they hug. Harold explains that he was diagnosed with cancer and some people approached him with a cure. He had to die first, and the people who saved him are called the Hand.

Harold admits that the Hand has infested Rand, and Danny explains that he was trained to fight the Hand if they appeared in K-un-Lun. He mentions the Iron Fist, and Harold asks if that's how Danny escaped the mental hospital. The man asks Danny to help him defeat the Hand, and explains that only Kyle and Ward know that he's alive. Danny agrees to help Harold to make sure nothing happens to Joy, and Harold tells him to embrace his destiny. When Danny says that he's busy litigating to get back into Rand Enterprises, Harold orders Ward to drop all litigation against Danny and give him everything that he's owed as the rightful heir. He tells Danny that he has big plans for him, and doesn't know what the Hand is planning. They demanded that they purchase a pier and Harold tells Danny to talk to Joy since she engineered the purchase. Danny and Harold hug and Danny says that they've needed a fighter like Danny back in the family.

Danny and Ward take the elevator down and Ward tells Danny to watch out for Harold because he's not a replacement for Wendell. The only person Harold cares about is Harold.

At the dojo, Darryl shows the other students of Colleen fighting in the ring. Colleen takes the phone from Darryl, looks at the video, and reminds them about the rule concerning cell phones in the dojo. As they line up for their exercises, Darryl apologizes to Colleen but points out that they never get to see her go all out. She admits that she's a hypocrite, but Darryl says that what she did is awesome and he posted it online so that she'll get more students. Colleen insists that it was a one-time mistake, and assures Darryl that he'll get his scholarship.

Ward tells Joy that theyre dropping litigation against Danny, but admits that he doesn't know what Danny will do there. He points out that Joy is the one who gave Jeri the bowl proving Danny's identity, just as Danny comes in wearing a suit. Joy and Ward then hold a press conference welcoming Danny to the company. Danny describes how he got back to home, and one reporter--Jennifer Many--asks him if he was recently committed. After Danny says that he needed help adapting, the reporters pepper him with more questions. Ward quickly escorts Danny out and Danny asks to go through the pier deal that Joy put through. She tells him to check with Megan, and Megan says that she can squeeze him in after three days.

Jeri comes in and has Danny sign the papers confirming his position. They go to his father's old office and Danny looks at the monster stickers that he put under the desk. She wonders how Danny put the deal together, and Danny says that he had to raise the dead. Jeri admits that Danny doesn't actually hold a position at Rand Enterprises but his voice will still be heard because he's a 51% shareholder. She assures Danny that her can gain access to the company's financial records, and advises him to ease into things. Before she goes, Jeri tells Danny not to foul up the opportunity that he has.

Ward is holding a pricing strategy meeting when Danny barges in. He excuses himself for making noise and sits down next to Joy. As Ward continues, Joy tells Danny what the meeting is about. They figure that they can sell for a huge markup to finance the company's research, and Danny asks how many people die from the disease. He points out that they can save lives at $5 a pill but they're raising the price. Danny suggests that they should sell at cost, and Joy tells him that it's normal business. One man explains that the WHO will purchase the drug and subsidize the cost, but Danny insists that no one should make a profit off of the misery of others. Ward asks him if he's drawing a line in the sand on his first day, and Danny says yes. The other board members object, but Ward says that they'll do it and go to market at cost. Joy tells Danny that her schedule has cleared up and she can talk about the pier deal.

At the dojo, Colleen turns on hip-hop music and exercises with a sparring post. She finally smashes off a post and realizes that she's losing her control. Colleen then looks at the video.

Harold is looking at the photos of Danny at the press conference and calls Ward. Ward takes a pill and answers the call, and his father congratulates him on handling Danny's reintroduction to the world. He tells him to control Jennifer, and Ward says that he'll handle it. Harold points out the drug-pricing screw-up, and Ward says that Joy is keeping Danny busy and it won't happen again. Once Harold hangs up, Ward has Megan call Jennifer in and tells him that he'll answer all of her questions tonight in his office.

Joy takes Danny walking on the streets and asks him about the monks that he studied with. Danny wonders why she sent Jeri the bowl, and Joy says that his showing up brought a lot of old feelings. She explains that it made her think about all of the people that she lost, and Danny tells her that Harold cared for her and would have been proud of her.

Colleen goes to the fight ring and offers to fight two fights for double pay. The ringmaster agrees and sets up two fighters for her, Duke and Jimmy Pierce. The fight begins and she takes down Duke, who falls on her. Jimmy pulls her clear and attacks her, dislocating her hand, and Colleen breaks his arm. She soon takes him down, screaming in fury.

Back at Danny's hotel suite, Joy tells Danny that Rand told her to buy the pier and she doesn't know why. Danny talks about how when he arrived at the position, he set his mind on a certain important position even though he was an outsider. He explains that he fought for it but never realized what it would mean to his life, and doesn't know yet if it was worth it. Danny talks about his life and training at K'un-Lun, and when he failed he was beaten.

As Danny makes drinks, there's a knock at the door. Joy answers it and screams, and Danny runs over. Eight Asian men are dragging Joy away, and two of them attack Danny. He easily takes them down while four more draw hatchets. They come at Danny and he takes them down, while the last two Triad men get Joy into the elevator and one of them hits her in the face. One man swings a hatchet at Danny when he blocks the door, and Danny summons the Iron Fist to shatter the blade as it hits his hand. He enters the elevator and the doors close. When the elevator reaches the lobby, the two Triad members say that they're going back to the Golden Sands and run. Danny tells Joy that he knows where they're going and refuses to call the police.

Ward tells Jennifer about how Danny messed up a drug pricing deal using his shareholder control to have them sell the drug at cost. Jennifer prepares to go and Ward offers her a drink. She turns him down and leaves.

Colleen is lying on the floor of the dojo, looking at her blood-covered hands, when she hears someone outside. Danny and Joy run up to the door and Colleen lets them in. He asks Colleen to keep an eye on Joy and asks her about the Golden Sands. Colleen figures that the Triad runs the place and gives Danny their address, and he walks out.

Danny goes to the Golden Sands and asks to speak to the head of the Triads. An older man, Yang Hai-Qing, comes in with the injured men from the hotel. Danny introduces himself and Yang says that Rand Enterprises stole the pier from them. They had a deal with the previous tenant, and Joy broke the deal so they tried to bring her in. Danny figures that they were kidnapping Joy to broker a new deal, and tells them that it's not in their best interests to come near Joy again. Yang wonders why Rand wants the pier to itself, and Danny says that the Hand forced Rand to purchase it. The Triad head quickly apologizes and leaves, refusing to answer Danny's questions about the Hand.

Harold is hitting a bag in his penthouse when Madame Gao and her men come in. They drop a hood on the floor and Gao tells Harold to put it on. He does so and Gao says that they're going for a ride.

At the dojo, Colleen is giving Joy some basic fighting tips. Joy tells her that Danny was a good kid, just as Danny comes in and says that the Triads won't be a problem anymore. He offers to fix Colleen's hand, and she agrees. Danny snaps it back into place and figures that she's fighting for cash, and tells Colleen that he's still willing to pay her rent for her help. Colleen refuses but thanks him, and Joy says that she wants to know what went on. Danny admits that he does as well.

The Hand removes Harold's hood and Gao says that he has been their good and faithful servant. They open the curtains, revealing Joy across the street in her townhouse, alive and well. It's the first time Harold has seen her since she was a child. He notices the bruise on her cheek, and Gao says that her new "bodyguard" protected her. Harold asks for one more favor.

Later, the Hand operatives enter the Golden Sands. They ask which one hit Joy. When one Triad member takes responsibility, a hooded Hand operative cuts through his sword and kills him. The Hand operatives go back to their SUV, and the killer removes his hood... to reveal that it's Harold. He tells the others that he's ready to go home.

The next day, Ward reads Jennifer's article about how Danny is putting purpose over profit... and smiles.

Danny performs a kata in his suite. There's a knock at the door but when he looks through the peephole, there's no one there. Danny opens the door and finds a ceramic bowl on the floor. Inside is a note from Yang says that the bowl contains the answer Danny seeks. There's a piece of paper with a dragon-like design on it: the same as the one on Danny's chest.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 28, 2017

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