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Doomworld Recap

Star City: 2017

A woman runs through a building with two other women in pursuit. It's Sara and Amaya, who fire blasters at the woman. The woman runs to the roof and the women finally corner her. They attack her and knock her down a flight of stairs, and then grab her and say that the Mayor wants a word. Felicity says that he should have come himself, and Amaya punches her.

At the mayor's office, Damien thanks Amaya and Sara for doing their job. Felicity says that she'll never stop fighting for Star City, and Damien has Sara break Felicity's neck. He then adds Felicity's mask to his collection of vigilante masks.

Central City: 2017

Malcolm flies into the city and goes to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Eobard is making sure that Black Flash is confined. Eobard says that Malcolm got what he wanted: his wife and his children. He doesn't see why they need to meet, and Malcolm says that he wants the Spear. Eobard tells him that the Spear is safest in his hands and he's the only one who knows how to use it, and Malcolm points out that he destroyed the Kalabros Manuscript.

Eobard's assistant brings in Jax, who reports that there was a minor setback at the lab but the situation is under control. Jax says that he has to motivate his employee a bit more, and promises that another test will be up that evening. Eobard makes it clear that the test had better as go as planned for Jax's sake and his employee's. Once Jax leaves, Malcolm wonders why Eobard and Damien toy with the Legends. He thinks that they should be wiped from existence, but Eobard figures that it's poetic justice. Malcolm wonders what Eobard is working on, and Eobard says that he's just interested in scientific development.

Mick and Len leave a building and kill a guard when he tries to stop them. More policemen surround them but then apologize when they realize that it's Len. Mick wonders what's going on, and Len says that there's no need because it's their world now. He offers to arrange a chase and an escape if his friend wants, but Mick doesn't see the point when they own half the city. Len reminds him that they're partners, and says that Eobard is summoning them.

Rip is aboard Waverider working on his foudant bows. Gideon notes that his team would be impressed if they were still alive, but Rip doesn't see the point in sending a message to them or fighting the Legion now that they have the Spear.

At the Legion headquarters, Martin and a team of scientists are working when Jax confronts Martin. He's furious that Martin is taking a day off, and tells him to take the whole week off. Turning serious, Jax tells him that no one will leave the building until Eobard sees the result. When Martin points out that he has been working non-stop for the last month, Jax tells him to get the reactor working by the next night or Martin will never see his family again. Ray is working as a janitor and Martin goes over to help him clean up.

Eobard calls the President and says that he'll be there to receive his medal. Once he hangs up, he turns to the waiting Mick and Len. He explains that he wants them to keep an eye on Malcolm. When Mick points out that they're not watchdogs, Eobard takes offense. Len points out that their thieves, not watchdogs, just as Nate runs in. The guards tackle him, and Nate says that reality is at stake and the world isn't right. Eobard tells the guards to let Nate go, and Nate says reality has somehow changed. He's spotted inconsistencies in the fabric of reality, and figures that Eobard can help him fix it. Eobard tells him that he's on to something and tells Len to take Nate out and kill him.

Mick and Len take Nate out and Nate insists that he's not a threat... unless he's right. He realizes that he is right and his subconscious picked up on the discrepancies. Len prepares to kill Nate, and Mick tells him to stop. He says that Len promised him that things would be like old times, and Len says that he'll deal with Eobard eventually. Nate runs and Len fires at him, but Mick negates his shot and then punches him unconscious. He then tells Nate that he saved his life because he's an idiot, and says that they have to move. As Mick and Nate drive away, Mick explains what happened and admits that he made a terrible mistake.

Mick drives to Star City and Ray's apartment. Ray is playing a first-person shooter, and Mick says that he's not a janitor. Nate says that Ray is the only one who can fix the reality, and Ray admits that he's noticed discrepancies as well. Mick finds a device that Ray is working on, and Ray admits that he built it on impulse. He calls it a Transreality Multiplexer, and it resets memories. Ray was going to test it on a rat, and Mick realizes that it's the rat Ray gave him for Christmas. Mick then shoots Nate in the head with the device, and Nate remembers everything. He punches Mick, who is satisfied that the device works.

Len tells Damien and Malcolm what happened, and insists that he can control Mick. He just needs their help getting Mick back before Eobard realizes what happened. Damien worries that Mick may gather the other Legends, and Malcolm insists that they should have wiped Mick's brain at the very least. Damien calls in Sara and Amaya and tells them to find Mick. Len gives them a GPS tracking device.

Mick hits Ray with the device and he punches Mick as well. Mick points out that they'd all be dead except for him, Sara and Amaya break in and Mick tells Ray and Nate that they work for Damien. The women draw their weapons and attack. Ray tries to get through to them and Nate asks Amaya if she remembers him. She doesn't, and Ray says that they're heroes like them. Nate tries to steel up but nothing happens. Mick tells him that the Spear took away his powers, but the women are glad to kill heroes. Amaya escapes and Ray finally manages to blast Sara, who punches Mick. Nate figures that the Legion is on their way and they have to hide.

Nate takes the team to his mother's basement where he stays and Sara figures that she can sneak into the Legion HQ and get the Spear. They wonder what the Legion is doing to Rip.

Rip is drinking rum and working on cakes. Gideon tells him to start acting like a captain, and Rip points out that he has no way to get the reserve power back online and send a message. He figures that he's trapped on Waverider, and Gideon says that it's worked out a way to redirect power from the idle sections of the timeship. Rip wonders if he can do it, and the AI says that it believes in him.

Len tells Damien that he wants to dispose of Eobard once they get Mick back. Malcolm and Damien agree that Eobard has to go, just as Amaya comes in and says that Mick has some friends. She lost Sara in the fight and figures that she's dead, Sara comes in and apologies for underestimating the opposition. As she tries to leave, Damien asks her which of the vigilante masks is her favorite trophy. He describes how he killed Laurel and Sara punches him. Damien immobilizes her with his magic and levitates her into the air, and invites Amaya to kill her. Amaya aims her gun at Sara, and Sara shoots her with the device. Sara tells her to shoot, and Amaya opens fire at the Legion to cover their escape.

Jax is on the phone talking to Eobard when Sara finds him and restores his memory. They go to Nate's basement and Sara figures that their next job is to rescue Martin. Jax says that Eobard was working on a reactor that would burn a thousand times hotter than the sun, and Sara wonders if Eobard is trying to destroy the Spear by incinerating it. Nate realizes that if Eobard destroys the Spear then the current reality can't be rewritten. Sara points out that Mick was there when the Legion used the Spear, and he says that the villains used the Kalabros Manuscript. Mick says that he can recognize the incantation, and Nick goes to work. Meanwhile, Sara tells Amaya that if they get the Spear then she wants her to use it. Amaya admits that they've got nothing to lose.

Eobard goes to the reactor and thanks Martin for his work, and says that he'll kill him if he doesn't get it online. Martin activates the reactor and Eobard tells him to stay until the core reaches peak temperature.

Nate pieces together a passage from the Kalabros and Sara tells Jax to use the device to restore Martin's mind. Then they destroy the reactor before Eobard destroys the Spear. She says that Mick will stay there because they can't trust him, and Amaya agrees. Mick points out that he restored them all, but Sara says that they trusted him once and can't afford to make the same mistake. Amaya looks at Mick for a moment and then goes with the others.

Mick goes to find Len and says that he's done with the Legends, and suggests that they burn the town to the ground. They go to Malcolm and Damien, and Mick tells them what Eobard is planning. They figure that while the Legends fight Eobard, they'll grab the Spear for themselves.

Jax goes to the reactor and confirms that Martin already turned it on. When Jax takes out the device, Martin slaps it out of his hand and it breaks on the floor. Jax calls the others and says that they have a problem, and Sara tells him to keep Martin there. As Martin backs away, he insists that he's dedicated to Eobard... and presses the silent alarm. The Legends come in and Eobard speeds in. He grabs the Spear and prepares to throw it into the reactor. The guards come in and aim their guns at the Legends, and Martin reports that the reactor is fully functional.

Mick blasts the Spear out of Eobard's hands, and the Legion says that it's their turn to use the Spear. Eobard insists that he's trying to protect them, but Len blasts him unconscious. The two teams go for the Spear, and Nate grabs it. Damien grabs the other end of the Spear and swings Nate into a console. Eobard wakes up and Nate hits him with the Spear, knocking him back. Damien and Nate high-five each other and then Damien knocks Nate out and takes the Spear.

Ray knocks Damien out and grabs the Spear, and throws it to Sara. Malcolm attacks her and kicks the Spear away. Mick grabs it and Len congratulates him. He tells his partner to hand it over, and the Legends beg him not to do it. Amaya tells Mick that she still believes in him, and Len demands the Spear. Mick realizes that he's just an attack dog to Len, and Len admits that he's right but that's why they're partners. Mick tosses the Spear to Amaya and tells her to undo the mess. Amaya recites the incantation... and Len freezes her solid. He tells Mick that he's sorry about killing his friend and shatters her with a touch.

Mick aims his heat gun at Len but then lowers it and walks away. Eobard grabs the Spear and throws it into the reactor, and it's destroyed by the intense heat. The guards recover and aim their guns at the Legends, and Damien says that now Eobard can't stop them from killing him. Sara warns that they'll fight and avenge their partner, but Eobard points out that they'll never survive him without powers or weapons. He tells them that he doesn't want to see any of them dead because he'd rather see them live their lives in a reality that the Legion created.

Martin says that he doesn't care what Eobard does to them as long as he doesn't have to see Jax again. Eobard tells them to go and dismisses his teammates as well, pointing out that he could kill any of them in a blink of the eye.

Back at Nate's basement, Mick smashes a table in fury. Jax refuses to accept that they've lost, and Sara says that they can fix things via time travel. If they go back to 1916 then they stop the Legion from getting the Spear. Jax points out that they can't change events that they participated in, and Nate notes that they don't have Waverider. Sara figures that Rip knows where it is and they just have to find him.

Gideon directs all power to the navigational controls. Rip sends the distress signal and hopes the team is out there somewhere listening... unaware that the miniaturized Waverider is sitting in Eobard's office.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2017

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