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Disbanded Recap

As Oliver puts on a clean shirt, Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis ask him what happened. He tells them to go home, and says that Adrian is right and everyone around him suffers or dies. Oliver repeats his order to go, and Diggle asks Felicity and Curtis to leave him alone with Oliver. Once they go, Diggle says that he doesn't think Oliver should be alone. Oliver says that he does think that and tells him to leave.

The next day at Felicity's apartment, Felicity and Curtis tell Rene and Dinah that the team is done. Diggle comes in and says that Oliver will eventually get it together, and Thea agrees. She'll contact him once they update her. Felicity thinks that things are different, but Diggle insists that they're Star City's last line of defense. All of their gear is at the bunker and Oliver reprogrammed the security protocols, and Diggle says that Lyla will loan them gear from ARGUS. As for Adrian, Diggle says that there are other people in the city that need saving. Felicity says as she leaves that she'll track down Adrian while the others protect the city, and they can use her apartment as their base.

Quentin goes to Oliver's office and tells him that the city council bought his story about a spiritual retreat. He asks Oliver wat they're going to do to Adrian, and Oliver says nothing because it's over. Adrian arrives in and says that he wants to talk to Oliver alone, and Oliver tells Quentin to go. Once they're alone, Adrian sets a knife on Oliver's desk and figures that Oliver will stab him because he can't get to him otherwise. If Oliver doesn't then he'll know that there's nothing he can do. When Oliver does nothing, Adrian says that he's disappointed, tells Oliver that he can keep the knife, and walks out.

Five Years Ago

At the Bratva bar, Oliver tells Anatoly that he's going back to the island to establish his cover. Anatoly says that the Bratva used to work for the people and he needs Oliver to help him rebuild the organization. Oliver says that he's going in 48 hours.


Felicity arrives at the Helix HQ and Alena shows her the information that they've gathered on Adrian. They have footage of Adrian removing his mask but he has tech that prevents a camera from capturing his image. However, Alena figures that they can reverse-engineer and produce video showing that Adrian is Prometheus.

Susan visits Oliver and says that it was Adrian's fault, not Oliver's. Oliver says that he created Prometheus, and Susan explains that she told the police that Adrian abducted her. Adrian had an alibi, and Susan asks Oliver to corroborate her statement. Oliver says that Adrian would have planned for that and his has to do something that Adrian hasn't planned for. He tells Susan that he can't be with her, and apologizes for not knowing better. Susan walks out without a word.

Later, Oliver summons Anatoly to the bunker and says that he's his only option. He wants Anatoly to kill Adrian. Anatoly is surprised that Oliver is giving up his secret identity, and Oliver admits that Anatoly was right about how he couldn't separate the monster within him. The Russian says that he's happy because his old friend has remembered his Bratva oath and will make his brother very rich. He assures Oliver that he has the best men with him, and says that they must discuss their down payment as a gesture of good will. Oliver promises that he will give Anatoly his first payment that night, and the second after he takes out Adrian.

At Helix, Felicity discovers that Adrian is using an optics scanner that Kord Industries is developing. She'll need physical access to Adrian's scrambler to unscramble the algorithm.

Diggle delivers what few weapons that Lyla could authorize without them being missed. Felicity hasn't checked in, and Curtis gets a report of a break-in at a medical laboratory. The team goes in without Felicity's surveillance backup, and Spartan insists that they take out their opposition as clean as possible. Dinah takes out the first two men, and Wild Dog points out that the men are stealing a diabetes drug. He and Spartan move in, and one of the robbers addresses them in Russia. Anatoly steps out and says that he has an invitation to be there from Oliver.

At the mayor's office, Diggle barges in. Oliver has already heard from Anatoly. He reminds Diggle that he told the team to stand down, and explains that Anatoly is there to kill Adrian. Diggle says that they don't hire criminals, but Oliver says that he will pay any price to stop Adrian and take the guilt on him. When Diggle refuses to let Oliver make the mistake, Oliver says that he won't let Diggle get hurt. He points out that people are dead because of him, and says that it's a truth he kept himself from seeing. Olive figures Anatoly killing Adrian is the solution, and tells Diggle for the last time to stand down.

The next day at Felicity's apartment, the team discuss Oliver's plan. Quentin has banned Rene from City Hall until Adrian is gone, and Diggle asks to talk to felicity in private. Once they leave, Curtis checks Felicity's laptop and a message from Helix about Adrian's scrambler. Meanwhile, Diggle tells Felicity that they both need to talk to Oliver. He knows that Felicity is involved with Helix, and Felicity suggests that maybe they should stay out of Oliver's way.

Anatoly meets with Oliver and explains how they're going to use the diabetes drug to create an opiate. He admits that the Bratva earnings have fallen off, and the drug will help secure his position. Diggle comes in after Curtis hacks the locks, and Anatoly leaves them alone. Oliver refuses to discuss the matter, and Diggle says that he dedicated five years of his life for Oliver's crusade. When he says that Oliver wouldn't let criminals into his city, Oliver says that Diggle doesn't know what kind of man he is. He explains that Adrian showed him the truth about himself, and his crusade was an excuse to murder people. The foundation of everything he's done is a lie, and he won't stand by and watch them participate in his murder spree. Oliver tells Diggle that he's beyond redemption, and tells them to stay away from everything and let the Bratva do their job.

Five Years Ago

Anatoly visits with sick children at the local hospital. He tells Oliver that the Bratva can't buy for the medicine necessary, so he needs Oliver to help him steal the money they need.


At the apartment, Rene wonders if they should be cool with the Bratva kill Adrian. Diggle comes in and says that once Oliver is thinking clearly, he'll regret what he's doing. He plans to bring Adrian to justice the right way and save Oliver's soul. The hack Curtis has on Adrian's computer shows that he's going to the safehouse, and they figure the Bratva will go after him en route. Curtis says that he saw something on Felicity's laptop that will help them get Adrian, and they head out.

Officer Lopez is in the car with Adrian when a truck cuts them off. The Bratva jump out and open fire, and Lopez shoots back from cover. Dinah unleashes her sonic cry, and Rene and Diggle take on the others. Lopez tells Adrian to run, while Anatoly approaches Diggle and asks why he's interfering.

Curtis tackles Adrian, who knocks him away. When Lopez and the others come over, Curtis runs to a waiting van that Dinah is driving. Curtis checks the optic scanner he took from Adrian and says that he got it as they drive off with Rene and Diggle.

The next day at the mayor's office, a WITSEC official tells Oliver and Adrian that there's a leak in the DA's office and they're transferring Adrian to Federal custody. Oliver insists that Adrian's office is of paramount security to the mayor's office. As Oliver goes, Adrian secretly congratulates him on trying something. Oliver tells him that it isn't over.

Later, Oliver visits Diggle and says that the Bratva can't get at Adrian. He punches Diggle, who says that there never going to be done and doesn't believe what Adrian shoved into Oliver's head. Diggle tells Oliver that he needs to stop pushing Diggle away because he's not going anywhere. Oliver says that he believes what he is even if Diggle doesn't, and Diggle reminds him that he was going to let himself rot in prison for killing his brother. When he did, Oliver told him to atone for what he did, and Diggle says that Oliver should do the same. He tells Oliver to become the man who deserves it, and Oliver says that he doesn't know how. Diggle assures him that he doesn't have to do it alone.

At Helix, Felicity and Alena are discussing plans when Curtis comes in. She realizes that he tracked her using nanites, and shows her the optic scanner he took from Chase. She takes it and discovers that the encryption algorithm is encrypted. Alena suggests that Kord can decrypt it, and that Felicity and Curtis break in to the company.

Oliver meets with Anatoly and says that his former team doesn't give up and they convinced him not to. He tells Anatoly that they're deal is off, and Anatoly says that he's not leaving Star City until he gets what he came for. Oliver asks him as a friend, and Anatoly tells him that if Oliver interferes then there is no favor that will repair the break.

Five Years Ago

Anatoly, Oliver, and the Bratva soldiers break in to the medicine storage facility and Oliver takes out the guards, breaking one man's neck.


Oliver tells Rene, Dinah, and Diggle that the Bratva isn't backing down, and he was afraid that asking them to kill Adrian would corrupt them more then he already has. He asks them to help prove that Diggle is right and Adrian is wrong, and his teammates say that they're there for him.

Once the team suits up, Oliver wearing a simple baklava, and they break into a drug manufacturing warehouse.

Felicity and Curtis break into Kord Industries. They come to a guard and Felicity tranqs him.

Oliver takes out a sentry and warns the others. Diggle finds the manufacturing lab. They find the manufacturing lab and take out the workers. Anatoly and more soldiers arrive and Anatoly recognizes Oliver. He says that he's prepared an insurance plan. He shows Oliver a video a room full of hostages, and Oliver tells Wild Dog and Spartan to get the hostages while he deals with the Bratva. Anatoly gives the orders to kill the hostages and Oliver jumps him.

Dinah finds the hostages and attacks the guards. Wild dog and Spartan arrive and together they take out the Bratva.

Oliver attacks Anatoly's men but avoids killing them. Anatoly draws a gun on Oliver and says that Oliver would have killed them before.

The team takes out the remaining guards and frees the hostages. One of the T-Spheres rolls in.

Curtis sends his T-Sphere ahead and they find the decrypter. Felicity has brought the scrambler with her and goes to work.

Anatoly lowers his gun and tells Oliver to start by killing him. Oliver shoots the alarm and Anatoly has no choice but to run. After a moment, Oliver runs out the other way.

Later at the bunker, Felicity and Curtis show the others the descrambled video proving Adrian is Prometheus. They plan to put it up on YouTube and Oliver says that they're back in business with a few minor changes. He shows them his new costume.

Five Years Ago

The Bratva give the medicine to the children and Oliver figures that Anatoly thought saving the children would convince him not to leave. He says that he needs to save his own home and Anatoly can do without him. Anatoly worries about what he'll become without Oliver, and then suggests that they get drunk before they drop Oliver off at the island.


Anatoly arranges a meeting with Oliver and says that he's leaving his best men in Star City. They want revenge on the people who put him away, and Anatoly says that Oliver betrayed the Bratva. Oliver says that the man he knew would never betray a friend and threaten innocent people for a payday. He thought Anatoly could set the Bratva on a better path, but he's no better than Gregor. Anatoly insists that he did what he had to do to keep the Bratva together and stay alive after Oliver left.

Quentin and Dinah tell the SCPD officers that the video has been independently verified.

At the Federal safehouse, the two agents receive a text message and Adrian notices his reaction. He kills them, beating one man to death. He then drives away, casually whistling, as the police pass him on the way to the safehouse.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2017

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