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Chapter 8 Recap

The Past

The Interrogator--Clark--is bandaged and lying in a hospital bed. He reviews talking with David, and David unleashing his powers and burning him. He wakes up and his husband and son come over. Clark's husband, Daniel, tells Clark that he's had a good burn but they'll sort it out. The doctor eventually remove Clark's bandages while Daniel looks on. Clark's face is covered in burn tissue, and Clark demands a mirror. Daniel smiles sympathetically at him.

Later, Daniel takes Clark home in a wheelchair. Life goes on and C lark sits on his bed. He remembers questioning David and looks at himself in the mirror. Later, he goes to work and the clerk tells him that he's been referred to desk duty. Clark tells her that he'll be working in the field and that he's going to war after the people who ambushed him at the pool. Later, Clark puts on his suit, gets his cane, and heads into the field.


The D3 soldiers surround David and the others, and Clark tells the soldiers to kill everyone but David. David telekinetically sweeps all of the soldiers into a pile and tells Ptonomy to put away his gun. He then tells Clark that they have to talk and goes back to Summerland with the others.

At the D3 base, the commander prepares to send out Team B. One man says that they should wait and see what happens next.

David and Syd walk through the woods and David worries that everything is a delusion caused by his schizophrenia. Syd assures him that they're all real and David has to accept it or they can't move on. David warns her that he was in Clockworks for six years, drugged and useless, and it only works if it's not about him. As David walks off, Syd basically sees herself in the White Rom with something lurking beneath the sheets.

While Clark waits in a room at Summerland, David asks Melanie to let him meet the man face to mace. Melanie refuses and Ptonomy wants to kill them all. Syd insists that they can't, and Cary prepares to remove the Shadow King from David's mind. Melanie tells David to read his mind so that they can learn what D3 knows. Cary warns that the halo is losing power, and the Shadow King will erase David's mind permanently if they don't get him out.

Cary brings Clark some water and Kerry, standing guard, tells Cary to put the glass on the table. He does so and Clark takes it, and Kerry refuses to talk to Cary. Clark wonders if they had a fight, and Cary starts to explain, and Kerry tells him to leave.

Melanie stands out on the balcony and remembers her conversation with her husband. She asked him to have dinner with her, and Oliver says that she reminds him of someone but not his wife. Melanie then goes to Clark and suggests that he stop with the threats. She introduces herself and Clark says that he knows all about her. He warns that D3 will come looking for him when they don't check in, and bring an army. Melanie tells Clark that David has come into his power and D3 is useless against him.

David is outside, levitating and meditating as he tries to work out what is real. Melanie and Kerry bring Clark over and David tells him that the war is over if Clark wants it.

Later, Clark watches as Cary prepares to remove the Shadow King from David's mind. David keeps telling Clark that he doesn't have to be afraid. Clark says that he's afraid of all of them because they're gods and one day they won't have to listen to human anymore. Syd finds herself back in the White Room and a decaying Lenny reveals herself on the bed. The doors are locked, and Lenny says that Syd is going to help her. She turns into the Devil and back to Lenny, and Lenny/Devil says that they're all connected.

Syd tells Lenny to stop and explains that her mother died of cancer a few years back and they put the tumor in a bag, just like they'll dispose of the Shadow king. Lenny says that Syd will have to help her get away because she'll kill David otherwise. Otherwise the only way they'll get her out of David's mind will be to kill him. When Syd wonders how she'll do it, Lenny tells her that she'll figure it out.

Back in the real world, David says that he needs a meeting with Clark's superiors so that he can change their minds. He passes out and Syd says that David has a very old mutant in his head. Syd figures that Clark likes David and asks if he wants to help. Clark hesitates and Ptonomy and Kerry take him back to his cell.

Later, Cary and Oliver hook up the unconscious David to the equipment. Meanwhile, the man in charge of D3, General Stanley, watches Clark on the monitor and decides to give him another hour before they nuke Summerland.

David wakes up and says that he can feel the King trying to force him out. Oliver tells David to hold on a little longer and surrounds him with a laser cage. He walks out, and Syd asks how it works. Cary explains that he's created a magnetic field that will suck out anything that isn't David's mind. He activates the device and David goes into convulsions as his memories flash through his mind.

The King pounds at the coffin surrounding him.

Oliver checks the generator.

Syd remembers what Lenny said about David dying, Meanwhile, Cary warns that the King is fighting back.

David sees himself as a baby and the Devil appears in David's memories. He forces it to take on Lenny's appearance, and wonders what he would be without the King. Lenny says that she's not leaving and chokes David.

Syd tells the others to stop the procedure as David's nose starts bleeding. An alarm goes off and Cary calls to Oliver for more power. Syd goes to David over Melanie's objections.

Kerry and Clark are watching the procedure on a monitor. Kerry catches a glimpse of the David and goes to the lab.

Syd goes to David as Kerry runs in. Melanie yells at Syd to stop, but Syd kisses David and a burst of energy knocks her away. She stands up, her eyes yellow, and smiles. "Syd" pulls off her gloves as Cary runs in with a syringe. The King in Syd touches Kerry, enters Kerry's body, and Syd collapses. "Kerry" kicks Cary as Ptonomy runs in and opens fire. The King knocks the gun aside, tosses him aside, and walks out and then "shoots" Melanie with her pointed fingers.

As Kerry walks down the hallway, Clark hits in the head with his cane. The Devil telekinetically knocks Clark away as David levitates down from the ceiling and smiles. He and Kerry charge at each other.

As Oliver works on the power, he stops for a moment as he remembers who Melanie is.

David and Kerry slam together, and Summerland shakes with the impact. Repelled, the King shoots back and hits Oliver as he steps out of the power room. After a moment, Oliver walks out amidst the chaos, gets in his car, and drives away

David wakes up and checks on Kerry, and tells her that the King is gone. He then helps Clark up, and tells him that they're going to have to work together. Clark agrees and says that he'll talk to his superiors. David goes to the lab and wakes up Melanie, and tells her that the King is gone. Kerry runs to Carry and confirms that he's okay, and hugs him. David goes to Syd and tells her that she shouldn't have killed him, He says that he feels better, and Melanie wonders where Oliver is.

Oliver drives down the road, with Lenny in the passenger seat. She says that they should first go somewhere warm.

That night, David and Syd go out on the balcony. David says that Oliver and Lenny are heading south, just as a metal drone flies up. It scans David and beams him inside of it, and then flies away.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 31, 2017

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