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Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother Recap

Outside of Max Rager, Vivian reviews their story and says that they should claim that the employees went berserk and the guards were forced to shoot them. Liv suggests they Major found Chaos Killer victims in the secret basement lab, and they used it as cover and found the Chaos Killer. Vivian takes the survivors to their campus to debrief them, and Clive points out that there's forensic evidence everywhere. Two of Vivian's men run out and warn everyone to take cover. As they do, an explosion brings down the building.

On the other side of town, Peyton, Blaine, and Ravi give their statement to Cavanaugh as the police take out the four dead bodies. Cavanaugh wonders why Boss kidnapped her, and Blaine claims that Boss learned that Blaine had feelings for Peyton. Peyton insists that Blaine's feelings were unreciprocated, and Cavanaugh points out that Ravi sat outside in the car during the gun battle. Peyton tells the detective that there can't be any publicity because Blaine gave testimony against Boss and they need to keep his name out of it.

At home, Liv considers the fact that she shot Drake dead four hours ago. She gets drinks for the others, and Major wonders why Boss thinks that Blaine would show up to save Peyton. Clive suggests that Peyton was involved with Blaine, and Liv suggests that they not keep any secrets between them. She explains that she and Major are zombies, and Blaine slept with Peyton. Clive prefers being out of the loop of some of it, and Liv tells them that Vivian and her mercenaries are also zombies and Vivian knows that Liv is a zombie. Vivian told her that Seattle is going to be a zombie homeland and asked if Liv was with her or not. Clive isn't big on the idea, and Liv suggests that they meet with Vivian the next day and find out what she intends.

Blaine goes back to the mortuary and finds Don E searching for the money. Don E figures that Blaine is faking amnesia, and says that he realized that Blaine made it all happen. The amnesiac Blaine has no idea what he's talking about, but Don E figures that he's faking amnesia to link up with Peyton. Blaine is more interested in the fact that it's his business, and Don E and Chief had him working for them. Don E demands the money, insisting that it's his money, and Blaine tells him to start where Chief hid it. When Don E says that he's quitting, Blaine plays along and tells him that he can leave.

As Don E goes to the basement to get his bag, he has a thought and pulls chief out of the freezer. He notices another body on the bottom half of the gurney and checks it, and discovers that it's Blaine's father Angus McDonough.

The next day, Major and Ravi drive home. People have torn up the house and written "Chaos Killer" on the outside, and Ravi warns that it will get bad now that Major has been cleared.

Later, Liv, Clive, and Major go to see Vivian at the Fillmore Graves campus. Major tries to get hold of Natalie without success, and they go inside as Vivian watches the fake news story that she gave to the press. She greets them and Vivian assures them that they have several dozen humans that are fully briefed and she trusts. Liv asks what Vivian intends for Seattle, Vivian explains that they're preparing for "Discovery Day," the day when humans en masse learn about the existence of zombies. She figures that the humans won't take it well, and explains that several crematorium owners are providing them with brains. Fillmore Graves is well-armed and well-trained, and own the formula for SuperMax. They are faster and stronger thanks to the substance, and Clive asks if she's declaring war.

Vivian takes them to a conference room and shows them an island that they own. They're moving all zombies to the island and are a year and a half away from completing the infrastructure. As they walk through the campus, Vivian explains that her husband Harrison Graves was infected first. She scratched herself with his hand so that she wouldn't have to live without him. Harrison found a way to get brains on his own and disappeared, and Vivian hopes to find the zombie that killed him and make him pay. A dozen of their soldiers went on a mission in a rebel neighborhood, and the general detonated a biological weapon. When they came back they were all sick so Vivian scratched them and turned them into zombies to save their lives. They watch zombie children go into a classroom, and one boy, Wally, recognizes Clive and runs over to him. They hug and Wally asks if Clive is one of them. Wally gets called back to class, and Clive says that Wally's family lived in his building for a while. Vivian explains that the uninfected shot everyone else on site, and figures that other humans will react the same.

Once Vivian ends the tour, Clive warns Liv and Major that he's wondering if he's supposed to keep Vivian's secret. Major agrees with Vivian's plan, figuring the humans will wipe them out. At the morgue, Liv tells Vivian about Vivian's plan. She'd rather stay on Jango's brain so she can deal with Drake's death. Ravi admits that he's spiraling about Peyton and Blaine together. Liv tells him to get over it, but that doesn't help much.

At the mortuary, Blaine is removing brains from bodies when Peyton comes in. He quickly covers over the bodies and Peyton tells him that Boss made it to Montenegro on a fake passport and Montenegro doesn’t extradite. She admits that she would be happier of Boss was captured or killed, and admits that she's jumpy since Boss is on the loose. Peyton then thanks Blaine for saving her life, and Blaine says that it was his fault she was in that situation. He says that he'll come over if she calls, and admits that he's learned he wasn't the nicest guy. Blaine has worked out that they were intimate, and Peyton doesn't know what to say.

Major goes to get coffee and the barista recognizes him. When he goes over to get his drink, he discovers that she's written "Chaos Killer" on the cup.

Clive meets with Ravi at the morgue, and Ravi says that they only have 17 doses of the cure and they lack the chemical to make more. He explains about how Cure 2 causes retrograde amnesia, and that the side effects for Major are death because he took Cure 1. Ravi tells Clive that he's working on a cure for memory loss and demonstrates by sticking electrodes into a brain in a jar. He insists that he's close to full memory restoration, but it will only help the 17 zombies who get the cure.

Liv comes in and says that she's heard that conspiracy theorist Chuck Bird has a new show. He's going to speak live to a live witness to the Max Rager massacre, and Clive figures that they need to stop the interview. Clive and Liv drive there and listen to Chuck's show as he says that he has witness Billy Cook with him. They run in as Chuck talks about how the government is plotting against all of them. Billy explains that he's a security guard who was working the door at the night of the massacre. He describes how half the people were running for their lives and the other half were chasing them and tore them apart when they caught them. Liv and Clive pound on the window as Billy says that the killers ate their victims' brains. Billy recognizes Clive and Chuck points out that the police are trying to top Billy from speaking.

As Liv and Clive drive away, they listen to Chuck talking about how the government created crazed soldiers that ended up eating brains. A caller suggests that it's a zombie apocalypse, and Clive suggests that they go to someone high up and tell them the truth. Liv warns that people like Chuck's listeners couldn't handle the truth. She breaks into tears and says that Jango's brain is wearing off and she's feeling the grief over killing Drake. Clive tells her that Drake was already dead and what she did was merciful. He then offers to show her how cops deal with the grief.

Peyton returns home and talks on the phone to her friend Lindsey. Lindsey tells her to check out something online.

The next morning, Ravi extracts some of the solution from the brain and prepares to give it to his rats. Clive brings a drunken Liv in, and she says that she'll sleep it off there. She thanks Clive for listening to her, and Clive tells her that he's alive because she did what she did. Liv passes out and Clive leaves, and Ravi gets a call from Peyton.

Peyton leaves a voice mail that someone is tweeting her ugly stuff and she needs Ravi's company.

As Ravi continues ignoring Peyton's calls, Major comes in and says that he has a job despite his reputation as a suspected serial killer.

At the mortuary, Blaire is playing the organ when Peyton calls him. she asks him to come over and play cards.

Don E thaws out Angus. The zombiefied Angus finally opens his eye and Don E explains that Blaine is faking memory loss. He figure that the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and suggests that they start up their own brains business. Don E needs startup cash, and Angus agrees. However, he says that Don E is thinking too small.

At the morgue, Liv says that she needs a new brain. An EMT brings in a body and says that they found it at the Max Rager parking structure, and the CDC lady told him to bring it there. Ravi's former boss Kathy Kupps comes in and says that she's thrilled to be working there. He points out that she had him fired, and Kathy tries to put the best face on it. They go to work autopsying the body, and Kathy finds brain in the body's digestive track. Liv and Ravi both get calls that there's been a murder, and they quickly excuse themselves. Before they go, Kathy points out that it looks like the body has been dead much longer than the three days since the massacre.

Ravi and Liv arrive at the crime scene and Ravi tells Liv that she's the last person who would think there were zombies loose. Cavanaugh tells them that Clive handed the case off and there are several victims inside. The victims were shot in the dead but there's not much blood, and one victim is missing three fingernails. There's a can of Max Rager stuffed in one victim's pockets. They hear Clive from the next room and go there to discover that it's Wally's room. Clive comes out and they figure that the three people were killed because they were zombies, and the one victim had his fingernails removed to prevent scratching. Liv insists that zombies need protection, and Clive figures that they won't let him stay on the case because of his connection to Wally. She says that they can't let Cavanaugh get close to the truth, and Clive tells them that they'll solve the murders on their own time.

In her office, Vivian gets a call about the murder. She goes to the classroom and tells the teacher that Wally is dead. They tell the students and one of them hugs a grieving Vivian. Liv comes to the door and motions Vivian out. They meet and Liv tells Vivian what they're doing. As she leaves, she sees Major running with the other mercenaries.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2017

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