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Matchmaker Recap

Adam goes to a coffee shop to meet his blind date, Becky. She questions him about his personal life , and Adam finally says he hates blind dates, too. Becky asks him rote questions and they both agree that it isn't going very well. She tells Adam that he can go, and he goes back to his apartment and laments his loneliness to his roommate Greg. Adam says that his soulmate doesn't exist, and Greg assures him that she's out there somewhere. He tells Adam to try online dating, and immediately identifies that there 413 eligible women within two miles of the apartment. Greg explains that he made a profile on a new dating app, Make-A-Match, and he made a profile for Adam. He points out that Adam has nothing to lose,

Greg shows Adam an ad for Make-A-Match. CEO Dr. Matthew Maker says that they figure there's someone out there for everyone. Adam enters his information and a 100% match--Amanda--comes up a few seconds later. She links Adam and Greg tells Adam to ask her out. Adam is ready to back out, but Greg insists and Adam agrees because he's desperately lonely.

That night, Adam goes to a bar and spots Amanda there. They greet each other and she explains that she's already ordered his favorite beer, and it's hers as well. Adam notices that Amanda now has a red streak in her hair, just like he likes in his perfect match. Amanda says that it goes with her bird tattoo and shows it to Adam. Soon they're laughing and talking, and Amanda shares all of Adam's interests. They were even at the same concert together when they were younger, and Adam's favorite song comes on. Amanda admits that it's her favorite song and she put it on the jukebox five minutes ago, and they kiss.

Two Months Later

Adam tells Greg that Amanda is the one and he's going to get her a ring. Greg has him sit down and advises Adam to cool his jet. Adam insists that they're 100% compatible, but Greg worries that he'll get hurt.

That night, Adam meets Amanda at her apartment and tells her that he loves her. She asks if Adam is sure that she's his soulmate, and then says that she doesn't have time for anything serious even though they've spent every night together for the last two months. Amanda tells him to go and a surprised Adam tries to put a good face on it. She abruptly tells him goodbye, but Adam says that he can't just walk away. He figures that she's scared and admits that he is, but says that they're made for her. Amanda unfriends him and two goons come in, put a hood over Adam's head, and drag him away.

As the goons take Adam down to the alleyway where a van is waiting, he kicks loose and runs back to his apartment. He tells Greg what happened, including the fact that Amanda dumped him, and Greg hugs him. Adam says that he loves her, and Greg shoots him in the neck with a tranquilizer. He then reports in that the package is secure.

Later, Adam wakes up in a white room and cuffed to a chair, and discovers that Becky is sitting across from him. She asks if he's ready to begin, and asks how he rates his performance in the relationship. Becky tells him that she's conducting an exit interviews and is surprised that he wasn't debriefed, and Adam has no idea what she's talking about. Exasperated, Becky plays a video of Maker thanking biogenetic companions like Adam for making what they do possible. Maker explains that Adam and the other companions were made in a lab with handcrafted memories to meet the exact specifications of their partner. If things don't work out, companions are brought to the Returns Department. The Sentient Lifeform Protection Act forbids them from terminating companions against their well, so they're free to live out their days in servitude with the company. Alternately, they can volunteer for their biomatter recycling program.

Becky takes Adam out and relates all of his memories. She takes him to his "group," which are more companions that look just like him. One geek Adam shows him the other Adams: Drummer Adam, Muscle Boy Adam, Hipster Adam. They all dated Amanda, and they all moan when Adam says that he told Amanda that he loved her. Adam tells the other Adams how Amanda is doing, and realizes that he'll never see her again.

The next day, Adam wakes up to an alarm and puts on his custodial uniform. He gets his ration of food and goes about his duties. In his spare time he sketches the bird tattoo over and over on the wall of his bunk. Adam cleans the synthesis chamber and finally realizes that they're making a Mk. 6 Adam and it's almost complete.

One day Adam "accidentally" bumps into Becky in the hallway and assures her it won't happen again. He says "Absitively" and secretly steals her security badge and takes Geek Adam with him to stand lookout while he breaks into the computer room. Adam brings up the information on the Mk. 6 Adam and discovers that Make-A-Match is making him a lawyer. The file also says that Amanda wants someone less clingy and more confident, and Adam realizes that she doesn't want anything that they programmed him with.

Later, Geek Adam and Muscle Adam are in their dorm room and hear Adam moaning in pain. Geek Adam explains that they're rolling out the new Adam that day.

Becky interviews the new Adam, who confidently says that he's a lawyer.

The Adams call to Adam, but he just lies beneath his blanket and moans.

The "new" Adam perfectly matches what Amanda requested, and Becky tells him that it's over and he can go.

Muscle Adam checks on Adam and discovers that it's the almost-completed Mk 6. They both scream in horror.

As Adam gets up to go, he says "Absitively" and Becky asks him what his model is. Adam instinctively says it when he shouldn't have any memory of it, and Becky calls a Code Sapphire. Greg grabs Adam and tranqs him.

Later. Dr. Maker wakes Adam up and says that he's proud of him for trying to escape and be with Amanda. Adam points out that Maker gets to go home to someone he loves, and Maker says that his love died and that's when he realized how horrible life is without true love. He figures that there should be someone out there for everyone, but there isn't. Maker asks if Adam wants to live in a cage or fulfill his purpose by being part of the new Adam and see Amanda smile through his eyes. Adam realizes that Maker is asking him to undergo biomass recycling, Maker leaves Adam to his choice.

Adam goes to the biomass recycling chamber and Greg comes in behind him. He asks if Adam is going to kill himself, and suggests that they have one final toast. They drink beer and Greg offers a toast to the best fake roommate he ever had. He explains that the new Adam only drinks Scotch, and Adam admits that he can't forget Amanda because he was made for her. He wonders what he is without her, and realizes that he has to kill himself. Greg tranqs Adam, takes a drink and wonders what he's doing.

Later, Greg takes Adam to the computer room and slaps him awake. He then shows him a video of Amanda saying that she was together with her last boyfriend for four years, and then he cheated on her and left. She admits that she was a mess and she can't let it happen again, and she's really lonely. Becky says that they'll make her perfect companion for her, and has her describe the qualities that she wants. When Amanda tells Becky that she wants someone honest, loyal, and kind, Greg shuts off the video and tells Adam that he's honest, loyal, and kind without Amanda and it's got to be worth something.

Later in the mess room, Adam sits with the other Adams. The loudspeaker plays their favorite song, and Adam says that Amanda didn't take it from him. He tells them that the song still means something to him, and he doesn't care if it's a lie or not. Adam says that they're beautiful on their own, and wonder what they're doing there. He tells them that they can't let one relationship define their lives, and the guard orders him to resume his gruel eating. Undeterred, Adam says that they are who they are ... and the guard tasers him unconscious. Geek Adam knocks the guard out and leads the other clones in building the place down.

Maker is watching on the CCTVs and calls a containment unit in. Adam wakes up and joins his fellow clones, and they square off against the guards. Maker tells them over the loudspeaker to lower their spoons and surrender, but Adam and the other clones charge forward. Their creator gives the order to exterminate on sight, screaming hysterically. The clones finally triumph and run out, rampaging through the complex. They finally find Maker and drag him out. Meanwhile, Becky hides and calls to get a new job.

The clones put Maker in the biomass recycling chamber and he angrily tells a watching Adam that Amanda never loved him and never will. Adam waves goodbye and Maker disintegrates as the clones cheer.

Two Months Later

Adam wakes up in his apartment and goes to the record shop. Amanda is there and reaches for the same album, and he says that he's in a band now. Adam asks how she is, and Amanda says that she's taking it slow. She suggests that they get together sometime, and Adam agrees. He gives her the album and they hug, and then Adam walks off smiling.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2017

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