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Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice Recap

As Danny and Teddy have lunch and discuss Teddy's new girlfriend Hannah, Jack-O-Lantern flies by and unleashes a blast. Danny is knocked over the balcony, and a new heroine, Green Fury, flies over and catches him. He stares at her in shock, and Green Fury briefly flirts with Teddy before flying off.

A man comes in and finds Emily at the reception desk. He asks if they validate, and she explains that it's the senior vice-president's desk... but finally gives up and gets him the sticker.

Van is on the hone to his mother when Emily comes in and complains that she's the only senior VP who doesn't have an office. He tries to put the best face on it but it doesn't go well, and says that he'd like to give her her own office but there's no space.

Teddy tells Ron and Wendy that he likes Hannah but Green Fury is special. They warn him that superheroes don't date regular people and Teddy will never see her again unless he falls off another building. They figure that's still a better chance than Green Fury being interested in Teddy.

After Van's mother remakes his childhood room as a second butler's pantry, she sends the toys to Van. Jackie comes in and Van tells her about how he likes revisting his childhood memoires. She reminds Van that his meeting with Emily is about to start in her new office. Jackie reminds him that he had a room sealed off because he found a spider, and Emily took it for her own. Van figures that Jackie is trying to cut out the middleman and goes to put an end to it.

Jackie is decorating her new office and telling Wendy how thrilling it is. Van comes in and says that Emily is a criminal, and claims that he's going to turn the room into a storage room. Once he leaves, Wendy takes a photo of Emily with her dreams being crushed.

Later, Emily talks with her team and says that she's not going to watch it go down... as it goes down. Teddy points out that Van won't let people see him sneeze because it's a sign of weakness. Jackie warns Emily not to march in and confront Van, just as Emily marches in to confront Van. She demands her office back, and Van says that he'll do it as soon as space opens up. Van is playing with his Green Arrow darts, and Emily challenges him to a match during lunch. If she wins then she gets her office.

Ron finds a crash dummy on the balcony. Teddy comes out and explains that he's setting a trap. He then jumps off the balcony with the dummy, and Olympian rescues him. Teddy is disappointed that Olympian rescued him.

Emily is practicing with the toy bow when the others come in and tell her that she can't beat Van. They show her photos of the employees of the month--Van-- and explain that they make sure Van always won. One woman beat him, and Van fired her on the spot when she took a croissant. He demanded a recount and "won," and has won ever since. They let him win to survive. If Emily beats Van then it will be bad for all of them. The match begins and Van's assistant Steve performs a laser show to introduce Van. They take turns shooting and Emily initially throws the game, but Van keeps taunting her until she plays for real.

Soon they're tied and Jackie calls a time-out. She demands to know what Emily is doing, and Emily says that she's giving Van a dose of reality. Jackie points out that Van doesn't want to face reality, But Emily fires and just misses the bullseye. Van hits it in and wins, and everyone applauds.

Later, the team realizes that Van has gotten them new chairs. He comes in with scones and says that he's learned everybody's name, and then suggests that he give Emily the office anyway. The team figures that the trick is to put up a fight and then humiliate. Emily is less than thrilled, but Jackie points out that they all got what they wanted.

That night, Teddy rigs up a Green fury light and shines it onto the clouds. Ron is there and wonders if it's a good idea, just as the signal bursts into flame. After Ron puts it out with a fire extinguisher, Teddy figures that he should call Hannah.

The next day, Van has a portrait of his victory put up. Emily demands a rematch and Van goes on about how he's never failed, and Emily points out all of the trophies that he's got because people sheltered him from failure. She tells Van to ask Jackie if he's been Employee of the Month for the last four years, and Van orders them both out and stares off into space, shattered. He doesn't move all morning, and the team tells Emily to fix it. Jackie points out that Emily couldn't handle losing, and she eviscerated Van's ego after he gave her her office.

Teddy meets with Hannah, who doesn't believe that he's been ignoring her. A purse-snatcher grabs Hannah's purse, and Green Fury knocks the crook out and returns Hannah's purse. The heroine visits Teddy and he insists that he's not out on a date as Hannah looks on, disgusted.

Emily visits Van and he wonders if his life is a lie and anyone ever loved him. She points out that his parents must care about him because they sent so much effort making sure he never thought he failed. Emily noted that Van beat her and they're on the same team, and suggests that they can accomplish great things. Van figures that Emily's wins are his wins and he can blame her losses on her. he immediately cheers up and tells her to get out before he sneezes.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2017

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