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Night Train Recap

Eichhorst goes to the factory and smiles in satisfaction at the work done by Mr. Ortega and the other workers. Ortega admits that it wasn't easy getting men to work and the triple wages helped, and Eichhorst explains that the machinery is European. The incinerator will be installed in a week, and Ortega wonders what kind of animals they're going to be processing there. Eichhorst says sheep and walks away.

In Red Hook, Vasiliy reinforces the truck. Inside the loft, Zach takes photos of the loft and admits that he'll miss the place a little. He tells Abraham that they're leaving, and Abraham bids them safe travel and continues eating. Eph takes one picture of Nora, Abraham, and Zach together. Afterward, Eph wishes Abraham good luck getting his book and Abraham wishes him luck as well. Nora kisses Abraham on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself, and Vasiliy comes in to say his goodbyes. Eph tells him that they'll be making a stop at DC to continue work on the bio-weapon, and Nora promises to find him when they get back.

At his penthouse, Eldritch looks out at the city. Coco tells him that he has to make Eichhorst and the Master respect him. She says that he doesn't need to die and they never need to lose what they have, and the couple kisses.

As they drive to Alonso's place to bid on the Lumen, Vasiliy asks how much gold the ancients have or the bidding. Abraham says that he doesn't know and that they will get the Lumen or die trying.

At Penn Station, Eph, Nora, and Zach get through the crowd using their papers. The guard warns that it's the last train out and they're lucky. As they go, gunshots ring out and Eph gets them moving to the train. They get to the tracks and wait for the train to arrive, and Nora assures Eph that sending Zach to his hard parents is the right thing. Eph says that when they get to DC, they might be able to rebuild their relationship. Nora says that they need to focus on the bio-weapon, and Eph jokes with her. He offers his hand and Nora takes it. Down the tracks, Kelly watches from the shadows and sees Zach.

Gus introduces Quinlan to the prisoners that he freed from Rikers. Quinlan removes his hood and insists that he's not one of the strigoi. One prisoner draws a gun on him and Quinlan snaps his neck before the man can react. He then tells the others that what distinguishes the honorable from the dishonorable is whether they fight or die in cages. He tells them that they will spell white blood and change the future, and the prisoners cheer him.

The train arrives at the station and Eph, Nora, and Zach board. They get a seat and Rudyard sits down next to Eph, clutching the case with his money.

At the Church of the Good Shepherd where Alonso is holed up, Abraham and Vasiliy arrive. Alonso has them check their weapons and offer them a drink, and then has them register his gold funds with his assistant James. Eichhorst comes in and he explains that he is there as Eldritch's emissary. Alonso goes to get the Lumen, and Eichhorst tells Abraham that the transaction is too important to leave it to Eldritch. As Abraham goes, he comments that the Master passed him over for Bolivar and wonders if it hurts. Eichhorst asks if it pains Abraham if it pains him to count all the things he's taken from him. He says that he would suck Abraham dry but the Master has a plan for him: to turn and bear witness to what he has been fighting against.

Alonso has them all step back and James verifies their credit lines. They start the bidding at $5 million, and the bidding quickly goes to $300 million. Alonso says that the winner will be the one who bids $1 more than the other, and Abraham and Eichhorst agree. James checks the accounts to determine their limits, and James confirms that Abraham has $323 million. Eichhorst has $351.8 million, and Alonso awards it to Eichhorst. Eichhorst boasts that nothing can stop the Master now, and has them wrap the silver-bound book. However, James tells Alonso that Eichhorst's access to the Swiss bank account has been rescinded. When Alonso tries to hand the book over to Abraham, Eichhorst demands the chance to call his bank and rectify the mistake. His men draw their guns on Eichhorst, and Eichhorst reluctantly backs off. Abraham realizes that Eldritch betrayed Eichhorst, and Eichhorst congratulates him and advises him to savor his victory... because he will see Abraham again. Alonso hands the book over to Abraham and Vasiliy leads him out.

As night falls, Vasiliy and Abraham drive off. Vasiliy wonders why Abraham didn't arrange for backup, and Abraham tells him that he's not giving the Lumen to the Ancients. A truck slams into them and dozens of strigoi advance on them. Vasiliy gets the truck running while Abraham shoots the strigoi swarming the truck. His nail-gun jams and another truck blocks the road, and Vasiliy and Abraham move into the back. Eichhorst calls to Abraham and tells the strigoi to bring him the Lumen and Abraham. Vasiliy fires a silver-loaded semi-automatic out of a port, and Gus and his men pull up. Angel is wearing his luchador mask, and he and the others open fire on the strigoi.

Eichhorst goes around to the other side of the truck and rips off the cage. Quinlan is waiting for him and addresses the Master through Eichhorst. The Born says that the Master was wise not to come there, and opens fire. Eichhorst moves away at speed and Quinlan follows.

Gus gets to the truck and goes inside, only to realize that Vasiliy and Abraham are gone through a hatch in the floor leading to the sewer. There's an explosive charge rigged to the underside, and it goes off a few seconds later. Eichhorst--and the Master through his eyes--watch the explosion and the Master vows that noting will stop his rise to domination.

The train is cleared for departure and pulls out of the station. Eph goes to the club car and Nora smiles at him and then looks down at the sleeping Zach. As Eph waits in line, the train jerks and Eph realizes that something is wrong. The train slams into hundreds of strigoi blocking the track and goes off the rails.

Eichhorst goes to the penthouse and warns Eldritch that he has crossed a line that can't be crossed. Eldritch and Coco calmly respond and Eichhorst warns him that they have betrayed the Master. The billionaire insists that his security team can recover the book from Abraham... if the Master gives him the respect he deserves. Coco says that they will serve as equals, and Eichhorst asks the Master what he thinks. The Master arrives and Eldritch invites him to use his resources as necessary but to never dismiss him again. The elder strigoi says that their terms remain unchanged... and then drains Coco dry. Eichhorst forces Eldritch to watch as the Master lets Coco drop to the floor and leaves. Afterward, Eldritch goes to Coco, crying. Eichhorst tells him that Coco has a new mate now.

On the train, Nora gets Zach moving. Rudyard's case has sprung open and Zach sees the money inside, while Rudyard sees his silver knife.

In the club car, Eph sees and hears the strigoi crawling over the train.

Nora and Zach get out the back as people start screaming. Meanwhile, Eph runs to where they were sitting and discovers that they're gone. A strigoi charges forward and Eph digs his silver-loaded gun out of his luggage and shoots it in the head. He then grabs his silver sword and gets out the back, calling for Zach and Nora. Eph runs down the tracks and two strigoi cut him off. He shoots one and misses, and kills the other. A third one drops down from the ceiling, and Eph stabs it to death.

As they head down the tracks for the station, Nora and Zach see Kelly ahead. Nora tells Zach to run to the station and wait, and he steps back as Nora tells Kelly to come. She charges forward, ducking Nora's shots, and Nora stabs her with her sword. As Zach runs, Kelly calls his name and Zach hesitates. Nora keeps hacking at Kelly, and Zach screams at her to stop. Kelly stings Nora in the wrist, and Zach screams at his mother to let Nora go. After a moment, Kelly releases Nora and Zach draws his silver knife. Kelly walks toward him and says his name, and Zach drops his knife and falls into her arms. His mother strokes him soothingly and says his name, and then leads him away as the Master calls to her.

Vasiliy and Abraham emerge from a tunnel near the docks, and they head for their waiting ship. Gus emerges behind them and tells them to hand over the Lumen. He draws his gun on Abraham, and Vasiliy draws his gun. Gus reminds Abraham of his deal, and Abraham refuses to give the book to him. He tells Gus to shoot if he's going to shoot, just as Quinlan and Angel arrive. Abraham says that he knows what Quinlan is and that he doesn't want the book, and warns that the Ancients will destroy the book. As long as it survives, the Lumen is bait and when the Master comes for it, Quinlan can kill him.

Eph finds Nora and she tells him that Kelly took Zach. He confirms that she's infected with the bloodworms, and says that he can figure something out. Nora tells him that he's always late and she can always hear the Master's voice. She warns that she would come for her Loved Ones--Eph and Zach--when she turns and says that it's time. Nora then throws herself on the third rail, killing herself, and Eph holds her body.

Vasiliy pilots the boat away while Quinlan, Gus, and Angel watch. Abraham opens the Lumen and starts looking for the key to the Master's origin... and his dismay. He warns Vasiliy that it will take time, and Vasiliy warns that they're running out of time. As he studies the book, Abraham worries about the plan that the Master has for mankind.

At the animal plant, the hooks and tanks stand ready.

At the Stoneheart penthouse, Eldritch removes Coco's heart rather than let her turn.

The next day, Eph stumbles out of the subway and looks at the devastation across the city.

The boat continues out to sea as Abraham considers what cost must be paid.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 5, 2015

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