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Welcome Back, Blotter Recap

Angie arrives at work and everyone yells surprise. She shoots at them until she realizes that it's a surprise party, and Danny explains that it's her surprise retirement party. Edelweiss wishes her luck and says that he might be leaving the force soon because the ethics lawsuit is being pushed forward. Jay says that she doesn't have to retire, but Angie figures that she has to spend time with their son. She gets into the elevator and waves goodbye.

Later, Angie comes back with dirty diapers and insists that motherhood doesn't make her less of a woman.

A helicopter lands at city hall and the owner, Duncan Farnsworth, strides into a nearby taxidermy tuff and demands his stuffed white rhino. When a woman comes in to get her stuffed owl spruced up, Farnsworth kicks it out the window, gets back into his helicopter, and realizes that someone has taken his pilot's place.

Two days later, Pritkin calls Angie and Jay in and explains that Farnsworth disappeared without a trace. He got rich inventing an oil that doesn't rinse off penguins. Angie says that they've sent little Angie to a private boarding school in Maine. Pritkin says that he's dating again since he's facing retirement, and Jay and Angie head out to check the files. Danny and Hoffman have discovered that Farnsworth was a trophy hunter, and Angie figures that someone from among the 60,000 people who disLiked Farnsworth abducted him. Ricardo Vazquez, the pilot, has gone to Miami.

Soon, Angie and Jay arrive in Miami and Ricardo's maid tells him that he's moved back to LA/

Dany and Hoffman talk to Farnsworth's wife, who had no idea that he was a trophy hunter. She figures that her husband's kidnapping is a matter for the police ad goes on with her day.

Jay and Angie go to Ricardo's house and he invites them inside. Ricardo says that he dropped off Farnsworth at the taxidermy shop and went to get a coffee, and when he came back Farnsworth and the helicopter were both gone. When Angie confronts him on his story, Ricardo admits that some dudes gave him $1,000 to disappear for ten minutes. He says that Farnsworth wasn't a very nice person and goes down to the station to meet with a sketch artist.

Later at the morgue, the detectives meet with Monica and Jay tells her that she has to accept that he and Angie are together. Monica shows them a mounted head of a rich white man who was kidnapped, stripped naked, and mounted. He was a trophy hunter, and they figure that they're dealing with a serial killer. Edelweiss delivers a package for Angie, and admits that he's had to take any job he could since he left the force.

Farnsworth wakes up stripped naked and a man questions him over an intercom. Farnsworth tries to leave the house ad discovers that the door is sealed.

Pritkin goes on a blind date with Beth Wiedner, and he orders her to get some drinks. He gets a call about the case and tells Beth that he has to go. Once he leaves, Beth calls her mom to say that she's met the one.

At the station, Angie and Jay tell Pritkin that they think an animal rights fanatic is targeting trophy hunters. Angie says that she knows someone that might know something,: the Zookeeper. Pritkin explains that the Zookeeper is Dr. Thomas Hornbein, a psychopath that Angie put away 10 years ago. He kidnapped zoogoers and imprisoned them while making animals watch them. Angie says that she has to go alone because they have a special relationship.

At the prison, Angie meets with Thomas in his glass-fronted cell. She says that they need help, and Thomas agrees to help her if she has him transferred to a hotel with an indoor pool, and $600,000 in cash prizes. He also wants to know something personal about Angie, and knows about Farnsworth's abduction. Thomas asks if she loves Giles, and Angie admits that she doesn't know. In return, Thomas says that someone came to him a few years ago and is very devoted to the cause. Angie says that it's hard for her to let people in because she doesn't know who she is, and Thomas says that the man's name is Robin Dorsay and walks her out.

Back at the station, the squad tries to figure out Robin's address. Edelweiss delivers sandwich and Angie works out the address. A SWAT team bursts into the house and searches the place, Angie goes to the basement and the lights go out. Robin is wearing night-vision goggles and strokes her hair. Jay arrives and turns on the lights. Robin has disappeared, but Farnsworth's corpse is on the floor. Angie sees dummies with human clothes on them, and realizes that Robin is killing trophy hunters and giving their clothes to animals. She figures that Robin won't stop, and Robin calls her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 11, 2017

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