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The Mistress of All Agonies Recap

At the park pond, Harold emerges from the water and realizes that he's alive. He stands up and pulls the knife out of his side, and then crawls to shore and smiles.

Back in the States, Danny takes Gao to the dojo. Gao wonders why they should be enemies, and Danny says that he's not turning Gao into the police until he finds out what he wants to know. He asks about Wendell and the Hand, and Gao says that he has more pressing concerns. When she refuses to talk, Danny throws a punch at her face but stops just short of hitting her. Claire and Colleen take Danny off privately and Danny says that he needs to know if Wendell was involved with the Hand. Colleen points out that knowing won't change how Danny feels about him, and doesn't want Danny to do something that can't be undone. Claire suggests that Danny get sodium pentothal from a Rand lab, dose Gao, and get her to tell them everything Danny wants to know. Danny asks Colleen what she thinks of the idea, and she says that it's best than torture. Gao, listening, chuckles.

Harold walks down the street and finds some children playing with a hydrant. He lets the water wash off the mud on him, and one boy's mother comes out. Harold says that he has a son. Laughing, he walks off toward Rand Enterprises.

On the street, Joy calls Ward and gets his voice mail, and says that she's discovered that Harold bought the building a week before he died. Danny walks up and Joy tells him that the board fired them. She points out that everything fell apart when Danny showed up, and that it's mostly his fault. Joy tells Danny that Ward has disappeared, and tells him about the building. Danny claims that he doesn't but Joy figures that he's lying, and Danny tells her to stay away from the building before he goes.

Harold walks through the park and comes to a hot dog vendor. He reaches into the hot water and scalds his hand, and coughs up mud, then walks on.

Claire gives Gao some water, and Gao points out that regret hovers around everything Claire does. She knows that Claire fraternizes with people with gifts, hoping that what makes them special will rub off on her but it hasn't. Gao tells Claire that she has failed all of them in different ways, and she shouldn't drag Danny down with her. When the old woman implies that Claire's mother is in danger, Claire starts to threaten her. Colleen comes in and suggests that Claire take a break. Gao greets Colleen and says that she doesn't look well.

Danny arrives at Rand and breaks into a lab. As he gets the sodium pentothal, Sandi Ann comes in and says that he's not supposed to be there. Danny asks for her help and Sandi Ann reluctantly agrees.

Gao tells Colleen that her grandfather was right to train her the way he did, and Colleen understands the way the world works. She says that if Colleen lets her go then she will leave Colleen alone. Gao warns that "they" are coming and tells Colleen to leave before it's too late, because Danny will never belong to her. Colleen clutches at her side and calls to Claire, and Claire realizes that she's sick.

Harold arrives at Rand and tries to work out who he is and why the company doesn't have his name on it. He finally remembers who he is and Wendell's birthday, which is the code to the security keypad. As Harold goes in, he bumps into a man, Davos.

First Harold goes to Ward's office and finds someone else's items there, and then discovers that Joy's office is empty as well. He wonders what happened and figures that he needs to go home, and calls Kyle to pick him up. Kyle explains that the board voted Joy, Ward, and Danny out. Harold asks Kyle what he would do if he learned he was immortal, and Kyle says that he'd eat ice cream two meals a day.

Davos goes over to a food truck near Rand and gets in. The cook grabs a wrench and tells him to get out, and attacks when Davos doesn't move. Davos knocks the cook out and ties him up, then takes out a copy of Forbes with Danny's picture on the cover. He then folds up a piece of tin foil into a throwing star and throws it into the wall above the cook's head.

Ward arrives at the penthouse and checks his voice mail. .When he enters the apartment, he finds Harold there. Harold says that when Ward was born, he hoped that he would have the best pieces of him. He explains that the Hand treatment let him come back from death, Harold asks if he's a monster, and Ward says that he definitely is. His father comes over with the knife... and then drops it, crying, and tells Ward that he's sorry for destroying everything that ever matter to him. He begs Ward to forgive him.

Danny returns to the dojo and Colleen is in her bed. She says that she has the flu, and tells Danny to get Gao before he runs out of time. Claire prepares to inject Gao with the drug, and Gao tells Danny that he's going to face something he's completely unprepared for. Claire injects the drug and Danny questions Gao. Gao says that she manipulated Danny's other into getting to Wendell, who wouldn't have anything to do with the Hand but Harold was glad to join forces with them. She starts to say what happened what Wendell did when he found out, and seemingly passes out.

Colleen comes in and collapses, and they realize that when she was cut in China, she was poisoned. Gao is fine, and says that she's withstood interrogation for centuries. She tells them that Colleen's time has come, and Colleen tells her to call someone who is listed on her phone under "sensei." Danny calls the number and gets voice mail, and explains what is happening.

Davos makes more throwing stars and tosses them into the wall above the now-conscious cook. A guard leaves Rand talking on the radio about how Danny is at the dojo.

Harold tells Ward that he'll do anything he asks, and Ward tells him to leave him alone. His father agrees but hopes that Joy will be more forgiving. He tells Ward that he doesn't have any option but to bring Joy into it, and that he has something that will put an end to the Hand. Ward hesitates and Harold tells him to leave if he wants to leave. After a moment, Ward walks out.

Danny tells Colleen that that they're going to be okay, and Gao just chuckles. The lights go out and Gao tells Danny that his time is up and his friends are going to die because of him. Someone tries to insert an optic camera in under the door, and Colleen smashes it. The attackers toss a gas grenade in through the window and then drop in through the ceiling. Danny, Claire, and Colleen take the men out, and realize that they're military. Gao tells Danny that Colleen doesn't have much longer to leave, and if he escorts Gao to her people then she'll grant Claire safe passage to help Colleen.

Ward meets with Yang and tells him to name his price for providing a way to kill Ward. Yang tells him about a legend of a shepherd who the Hand gave the same ability. Eventually the shepherd killed two of his own children, and the resurrected destroy those closest to them first. Yang tells Ward that the only solution is to run. Ward walks out and puts on a heroin patch.

Kyle is preparing to leave for the day, and Harold calls him to the table where he's laid out ice cream. He says that they should celebrate, and Kyle asks for vanilla. Offended, Harold says that he went to a lot of trouble to get all of the other flavors, grabs an ice cream scoop, and beats in Kyle's head. He says that he's been where Kyle is going and it's not so bad. Harold then realizes what he's done and lies on the floor next to Kyle's corpse.

Ward goes to his car and finds two policemen searching his car. They show him the heroin packets and Ward says that he's been set up. The officers tell him that the packets were on the seat and arrest him. They take him to the mental hospital and Ward tells Edmonds that Harold had drugs planted on his car. He figures that if he starts talking about Harold then Edmonds will say that Harold has been dead for thirteen years. Ward offers to take Edmonds to Harold, but Edmonds says that Ward is a drug addict with psychological problem and they have to proceed carefully.

Harold is in his office watching Edmonds and Ward talk. Joy enters the building and Harold sees her on the CCTVs. He sends the elevator to bring her up, and she enters the apartment. Harold greets Joy and apologizes for her seeing him in a casket. He hugs her and she breaks into tears.

Gao tells Danny and Claire that once the poison reaches Colleen's brain, she's dead. Basuto arrives and says that he's taken care of Gao's mercenaries, and tells them to look out the window. One mercenary falls down on his line, and Gao tells Basuto that he should leave. Danny lets Basuto in and he tells Danny to heal Colleen using the Iron Fist. Gao tells Danny that he's about to fall into a trap he cannot escape, and Basuto says that Danny wasn't taught what to do. He instructs him in how to use the Iron Fist to burn the poison out of Colleen, and Danny does so.

Claire confirms that Colleen is okay, and Danny collapses from the effort. Basuto carries Danny out to his SUV, and his men take Gao and put her in. Colleen tells Claire that they're helping Danny, and Basuto says that where they're going, Claire isn't allowed. With that, they drive off... as Davos watches from across the street.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 11, 2017

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