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Zombie Knows Best Recap

Cavanaugh hears the chief yelling at Clive and calls him over to his desk as he comes out. The detective says that Wally listed Clive as his emergency contact, and Clive says that he was working undercover in the building and encountered Wally a few times.

Clive is trying to sleep when he hears Wally bouncing a ball off of the apartment wall. He goes out into the hallway and talks to the boy.

Cavanaugh isn't convinced and shows Clive a photo that he found of Clive with Wally and his mother.

Later at the morgue, Ravi tells Clive and Cavanaugh that all three victims died of a single bullet each to the head. Cavanaugh points out that there wasn't much blood at the crime scene, and Clive suggests the bodies were moved after death. He points out the missing fingernails, and Rose says that they were extracted post mortem. Cavanaugh notes that the dead uncle, Caleb Tuttle, worked for Fillmore Graves, the company that bought out Max Rager and wonders why a military contractor bought out an energy drink company. Ravi shows him Wally's body, and Clive remembers earlier talking to Cavanaugh.

Clive tells Cavanaugh that Wally and his mother Anna lived right next door to him and sometimes they had him over. He explains that Wally's father was a bit of a nightmare.


As Clive eats, he hears Anna and her husband Rick arguing. He finally knocks on their door and barges in. He pins Rick and arrests him.


Clive says that the father got eight months in County.

Once Cavanaugh leaves, Liv asks Clive if he's all right. He says that he is and suggests that they give it a day before they head over to Fillmore Graves so that they don't cross paths with Cavanaugh.

That night, Stan Chen and his daughter Cindy are driving to Cindy's skating practice. Cindy complains that he's ruining her life, and a vehicle slams into them.

The next day, Ravi, Clive, and Liv are called to the crime scene. Clive explains who the victims are and that the killer was accelerating at the point of impact. Clive points out that a truck could have hit the Chens' car without taking much damage, and Liv points out that she and Major haven't eaten brains since Jenko. Back at the morgue, Liv cooks up the brains. Major arrives and Liv points out the two brains. Clive says that he should eat Cindy's brain since he was the likely target, and Liv has already eaten Stan's brain. Major warns that he shouldn't be on teenage girl brain, but Liv tells him to suck it up. He says that one of the Chaos Killer victims saw Natalie beg Jenko to call a number on her behalf: Major's number. Clive offers to run the number, and Major eats Cindy's brain while Liv and Clive go to the bank where Stan worked as a manager.

Later, Major considers what to do next. Ravi says that Peyton left him a message saying that she wants to talk, and Major says that Peyton deserve time with Ravi. The coroner realizes that Major is overreacting because of Cindy's influence, and he breaks into tears as he talks about Ravi being his best friend. Ravi finally admits that they are, and Buckley starts singing to rock music. Liv and Clive return and tell Liv tells Major to turn it down. They start arguing, father and daughter, and Clive says that all of Stan's co-workers loved him. Major says that he has mercenary training and tells Liv to stop trying to control him.

At Fillmore Graves, Major admires the abs on two of the mercenaries and they figure that he's not on the tubes. They explain that they get mashed brains in tubes so that they don't have mood swings, and Major gets a flash of Cindy showing Stan a photo that she took and him saying that they have to take it to the authorities. Cindy says that they can't because Winslow will never forgive her.

Back at the morgue, Major tells the others what he saw. Clive has found one girl, Winslow Sutcliffe, who Cindy had classes with. Major says that he couldn’t see the photo in the vision, and explains about the brain tubes. Liv insists that they eat whole brains and solve murders, and Ravi tries to inspire a vision in Liv of what Stan saw. Nothing happens, and the new IT guy comes in. Clive asks him to see what he can get off of the remains of the camera.

Liv and Clive meet with Vivian, who explains that she's supporting Baracus as the first zombie mayor of Seattle. She figures that humans killed Wally's family. Liv and Clive meet with the Fillmore Graves staff members, and Wally's teacher says that Wally was beloved and Anna was a teacher's aide.

Anna asks Clive to let Wally hang at his place while she works her shift at a diner. Clive reluctantly agrees in return for pie, and Anna leaves Wally off. They're soon watching Game of Thrones and eating takeout. Anna comes by later with pie and Clive tells him that everything went fine. She's less than thrilled that Clive let a 9-year-old watch Game of Thrones, and Clive explains that he covered Clive's eyes when there was nudity and beheading. He realizes that Anna is screwing with him, and they share a laugh.

Liv tells Clive that everyone there seems to be worried about what they're saying on the radio, and Clive says that he had an idea about interviewing Winslow. They bring her in and Clive and Liv interview her while Major stands in the background. Winslow insists that she loved Cindy to death, and Clive asks why Winslow unfriended her on Facebook the night before Cindy was murdered. He knows that they sent texts back and forth, and asks what they were about. Winslow says that Cindy was judgmental and explains that she was sleeping when Cindy was killed. However, she knew the route that they would take. Major complains that Clive is badgering Winslow, and Liv starts to tell him to be quiet. She gets a vision of Cindy showing Stan a selfie of Winslow in bed with a guy. Liv then asks Winslow if she and Cindy fell out over a guy. Winslow sees her stepfather through the window and says that she has to go. Liv sees him and realizes that he's the guy in the photo.

Once Winslow leaves, Liv tells Clive and Major what she saw. Clive points out that they have no evidence but someone might kill to cover up statutory rape. He goes to find a judge who will give them a warrant to check Winslow's phone, and a bummed Major leaves.

The next day, Clive and Liv go to the nursery that Winslow's mother Tori owns and the stepfather Ken runs. Many of the parks in town are named for the Sutcliffe family, and Tori left her stockbroker husband and ran off with Ken, buying him the business. They find a large truck but no signs of damage on the fender. Ken is working nearby, and Clive introduces them and asks if Winslow has access to the truck. Clive asks where he was at the time of the murder, and Tori arrives to say he was in bed with her sleeping at the time. She says that Winslow came home in tears after Clive questioned her, and Clive shows them the warrant for Winslow's phone. Tori tells Winslow to hand the phone over, and Winslow reluctantly agrees.

At the morgue, Ravi notices that Liv has been fine-tuning everything in the morgue. He says that he can't stop thinking about Peyton and Blaine, and he's been avoiding Peyton because he's afraid he'll blow everything up. Liv tells him to give himself a little more credit, figuring that he's better than that. She tells Ravi to be honest and direct, and Ravi thanks her for the advice. Clive comes in and says that Winslow received a citation for driving without a license, and could drive a stick shift... like the truck at the nursery.

Later at his desk, Clive calls the judge and explains that they're trying to get Winslow away from her abuser. However, the judge can't help him.

Wally watches Clive cut up carrots and then asks to try it. Clive checks with Anna, who sends Wally to get washed up. They share a glass of wine and Anna says that her brother Caleb is coming back from overseas. She wants to stay with him, worried that Rick will come there despite the restraining orders. Clive points out that he's just next door, but Anna doesn't want to take him for granted. Wally comes in and tells them to get it over with and kiss.

Tori and Winslow come into the station and Tori says that Ken killed Stan and Cindy. In the interrogation room, tori explains that Winslow confessed to her that she's been having consensual but illegal relations with Ken. After Clive and Liv came to see them, Ken stole some of Tori's money and left. Winslow admits that a week ago Ken broke things off and she was so upset that she told Cindy. Tori says that after the Chens were killed, she noticed that Ken had taken the bush bumpers off of the truck and figures that he was hiding evidence. Clive wonders how Ken knew that the Chens were going to the police, and Winslow says that she didn't tell them.

The IT guy calls Clive and Liv to the next room, and says that he recovered the destroyed texts. The final text between Winslow and Cindy has Winslow saying that if Stan goes to the police then he's dead. They realize that Winslow must have told Ken that Stan was going to the police, but the IT guy says that it isn't necessarily true.

Back in the interrogation room, Clive says that the killer had to know that Stan was going to the authorities. He says that their IT guy found an app on her phone called Tinker Spy. It sends all calls to a parent, and there's a phone number associated with the subscription. The IT guy calls it and Tori's phone rings. Tori tells Winslow that what she did was disgusting and they both would have been disinherited. Clive puts Tori under arrest for the Chens' murders.

Later, Clive tells Liv that Winslow is going to be staying with an aunt, and he's put out an APB on Ken. Ravi comes over and says that he heard something on Chuck Bird's show. It has a caller saying that he found brains in a tube in Anna's garbage. Clive calls the radio station to get the caller's number, and Ravi tells Liv that he's going to call Peyton. As they go to get coffee, Clive joins them and says that the caller lived next to Wally and his family.

Clive and Liv go to the caller, Huntsman, and say that they have some follow-up questions. Liv points out that if he thought his neighbors were zombies, he would have shot them in the head. Huntsman says that he was in Portland for his sister's wedding on the night of the murders, and shows them a message board of people with similar beliefs. He put up the same information that he called Chuck Bird with, but never gave his address. Huntsman figured that someone hacked his profile and found it, and everyone on the board knew that he had zombies living next door.

Later, Liv and Clive tell Vivian what they've found. She explains that they figured they had thirty-six months until the civilian populace learned their secret, but it's only been twenty-one months. Clive gets a call from the station that they've located Ken's credit card, and he heads out.

Once they bring Ken into the station, and Ken tries to run. Clive easily grabs him and has the unis take him away. Cavanaugh comes in and asks when he last saw Wally and Anna. Clive explains that he was undercover for two weeks after Rick's release and couldn't get to them, and when he did get back they were gone. Anna sent him a letter saying that she was living with Caleb and didn't want to stay in touch. Cavanaugh says that Rick was out for five days and then got arrested for assaulting his parole officer, and has been locked up ever since. As Clive goes, Cavanaugh asks him when he got the letter and Clive says twenty-two months ago. He admits that he's considered what might have happened if he'd been there when Rick got out.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2017

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