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The Memory Remains Recap

At an outdoor party in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, one teen Jared Hayes finally gives up for the night and walks home. As he goes, something watches him from the forest. Jared hears someone moves and glances over briefly, but dismisses the noise and continues on. Further down, he sits a backpack off to the side. When he goes over to investigate it, a trap slams him against a tree. Jared figures that it's his friend Daryn Boston playing a prank, but a horned humanoid approaches Jared. As Daryn walks up, he sees the creature kill Jared and runs away.

At the bunker, dean tries to reach Castiel and gets his voice mail again. Once he leaves another message, Sam assures him Castiel will be fine but Dean isn't convinced. He then says that he found mentions in the lore about Dagon but nothing significant. An email comes in from Mick concerning Jared's disappearance. A person went missing in Tomahawk once a year from 1887 to 1997, and then nothing until the present. Sam figures that it's a cycle of some sort, and Dean figures they should check it out.

At the Men's base, Fetch tells his team that it's team.

The Winchesters drive to Tomahawk and talk to the local sheriff, Barrett Bishop. He explains what happens and figures that Jared just bailed because Jared's father was abusive. The father had a stroke a few years ago and breathes through a tube, and Jared has to take care of him. Barrett finally directs them to Daryn, who says that he knows Jared didn't skip town. He admits that he and Barrett have history, and Dean gets him to describe what he saw. He says the monster that killed Jared was Black Bill.

At a diner, Sam checks the lore and discovers that Black Bill is a local urban legend dating back to 1907. Dean is busy watching the waitress, Carmen, but listens as Sam says that he has the head of a goat He figures that they can use the Colt to kill it and goes over to talk to Carmen.

Daryn is moving racks at a local meat plant when his supervisor, Pete, warns him that he checked in late again and can't keep using Jared's death to blow off work. He tells Daryn to lay off the reefer at least for the next day because it's a big day. After Daryn clocks out, he goes to his truck and gets in. Black Bill smashes in the window and drags Daryn out, and then knocks him out with a hammer.

The next morning, Sam meets Dean at the diner. Dean says that he had an awesome night with Carmen and eats Sam's breakfast. Sam spent the night working and figures that they're dealing with a satyr. Satyrs are creatures of uncontrollable lust that lead people into the woods for orgies and then feat upon their flesh. Sam has discovered that Daryn never made it home from work. They go to the plant and talk to Pete, and Pete says that Daryn didn't show for work. He explains that he saw Daryn the night before and talked about the big day: a health inspector came in to shove them down because their equipment is out of date. They had to shut down half the plant and their owner is Barrett, who plans to sweet-talk the inspector. The brothers talk to Barrett and explain that Daryn has gone missing. Sam asks him about Black Bill, and Barrett admits that Black Bill is the bogeyman. He figures the missing people are just workers who got bored and moved on, and that Daryn was drunk or high and imagined things.

Daryn wakes up in a walk-in refrigerator and discovers that the door is locked. The machinery outside covers up his cries for help, and Sam and Dean walk by. They figure that Barrett is acting suspicious and wonder if he's connected to Black Bill. When Daryn gets no response, he finds Jared's frozen corpse on the floor. Black Bill advances on Daryn and kills him.

Back at the diner, Dean is eating a burger when Sam comes in. he tells Sam that all of the missing persons worked at the plant. Sam has discovered that the Bishops owned the town until a few years ago. The sheriff has been selling off all of the family plant except for the plant and the estate. Mick apparently calls and Sam texts back, and Dean figures that they're going to the house.

At the bunker, Fetch gets Sam's text that they're in Tomahawk and has his men come in to check the entire place and find out everything that they can about the Winchesters and their friends. He also tells them to find the Colt.

The Winchesters go to the estate and break in. They look around and Sam finds a locked cellar door. They pick the lock and go downstairs, and the light bulb shatters when they turn it on. The brothers continue on and hear Barrett come in. He realizes that someone has opened the cellar door, draws his gun, and goes downstairs. Dean puts his gun to Barrett's head and takes his gun, and demands to know what's going on. Barrett finally tells them that his family has a secret.

Barrett explains that Black Bill is them. It lived under their house and made their family rich, and in return they had to feed it human blood. Barrett's ancestors abducted people and sacrificed them, wearing a goat mask. They made up the legend of Black Bill, and the god that they sacrifice to is Moloch. His family captured Moloch and starved him so that he'd do anything for blood, and Moloch made them rich. After Barrett's father died in 1997, Barrett put a stop to it to make up for all the bad they did, and kept Moloch locked up in a cell in the floor.

The Winchesters go over to the grille in the floor and peer in. The cell is empty, and Barrett is surprised. They head something bang overhead, and Dean tells Sam to stay and watch Barrett while he investigates. He goes up and sees Black Bill standing in the hallway. The creature doesn't move, and Dean goes to investigate. Pete attacks him, knocking him over the stairs. Sam hears the noise and goes to investigate, but Pete closes the cellar door and locks it. Barrett gives Sam a cleaver and Sam manages to hack his way out. Outside, Sam gets the location of the GPS in Dean's cellphone.

Fetch and his team go over the bunker. When Fetch finds Dean's photos of himself as a child with Mary, he stares at them.

Dean wakes up at the meat plant and finds himself tied to a chair. Pete says that he went to the estate looking for his stepbrother Barrett. Barrett grew up at the estate, and Pete grew up in a trailer park. Pete says that when Barrett gave away the family fortune, he went to the estate to find anything he could sell. He found the keys to the basement cell, and Moloch told him that he'd solve all of Pete's problems if Pete fed him. Once Pete feeds him enough, he figures that Moloch will have his powers back and will save the town. He insists that Jared was a screw-up, and he had to kill Daryn once he talked. Barrett was going to be the next meal but Pete figures that Dean will do. He drags dean into the freezer, thanks him for helping out, and locks him in.

Fetch's team leader reports that they couldn’t find the Colt. Before they go, Fetch attaches a mic underneath the main table and they leave.

Dean sees Daryn's corpse, and Moloch drags it away. Struggling, Dean manages to free himself and calls through the door to Pete. When he gets no response, he grabs a meat hook.

Sam and Barrett enter the plant and look for Pete.

Dean spots Moloch and hides behind a corner. He leaps out to attack it but it's disappeared. He continues hacking between the hanging carcasses.

Black Bill attacks Dean, and Dean tackles the creature. He pulls off the goat head, revealing that it's Pete. Pete says that he's been getting crap his entire life and knocks Barrett away. He prepares to shoot him, but Sam manages to shoot him.

Dean manages to hit Moloch, but it shrugs off the blow and knocks Dean down. As it prepares to kill him, Sam breaks in and shoots Moloch with the Colt, killing him. Barrett tells the Winchesters that they should go and he'll take care of it because it's on him and it's his legacy.

Back at the bunker, Dean asks Sam what he thinks their legacy will be in a hundred years. Sam figures that the people they save are their legacy, and they left the world better than they found it. Dean wonders what will happen to the bunker, and if some Hunter will move on and keep fighting. He carves his initials into the table to leave their mark, and gives the knife to Sam to do the same. Once he does, Sam calls Mick and Fetch answers the phone. Fetch claims that Mick flew back to London and the brothers will report to him. Dean tells him that they fought a god and won, and Fetch hangs up. However, he listens in on the mic that he planted and looks at the photo of Mary.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2017

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