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8. The Fallen Angel Recap

Harry is at a table playing cards and tells the main player, The Mouth, that he's back. He offers to beat him with three cards, no changes, blind, and The Mouth takes his bet of twenty grand. One other player takes the bet as well and The Mouth shows his hand. Harry reveals his three cards and wins, and takes the pot. The other player who took the bet, Bill Martin, wonders what he's going to do and Harry leaves.

Nigel Brown meets with Andrew Harvey to hand off drugs. Isabella steps out and says that she knows Andrew, and tells him that his life is forfeit for killing dozens with his heroin. The two men shoot at her but miss, and Isabella figures that Nigel deserves a bullet as well. They shoot at her reflection in the mirror, and when they shoot at her the ricochets kill them.

As Harry walks through an alley, he looks at the money and then tosses it away.

The next day, Isabella is looking at a photo from a casefile on Alistair's laptop. When she hears Alistair coming in, she quickly puts the laptop away. They kiss and Alistair says that he had a good time. He invites her to breakfast and Isabella agrees. Once she goes to get dressed, Alistair picks up his laptop.

The police are called in when Andrew and Nigel's bodies are found. Steve figures that they shot each other over a drug deal gone bad, and Harry points out that the drugs and the money are still there. At the morgue, Ralph recovers the bullets from one of the men and confirms that they shot themselves. Alistair, Harry, and Suri are watching and they know Andrew is one of the biggest heroin dealers in London and they were onto him.

Isabella is at a bar when Harry calls and says that he got her calling card. She says that it isn't about him, and tells him to use his bracelet to find her. Harry refuses and demands to know where she is. Isabella gives her location and Harry meets her. He says that she's not above the law, but Isabella says that she is and she's finishing the work Harry's team is unable to complete. Harry figures that Isabella is sleeping with Alistair to get access to their case files, and Isabella insists that the bracelets are for killing the guilty. She shows him a photo of a 16-year-old, Michelle Stevens, who died of an overdose and Harry failed to catch the dealer, Matthew Hamilton. Matthew is sitting nearby, and Isabella discusses the statistics of choking as Matthew tosses a peanut into his hand. Harry says that her punishing the guilty won't bring her daughters back, and Matthew chokes on the peanut. Harry goes over and administers the Heimlich maneuver, clearing Matthew's windpipe, flashes his badge, and tells Matthew to go home. As Matthew walks off, he trips on his martini olive, hits his head on the base of the overturned chair, and dies.

Bill meets with his gambling support group and says that he owes 77,500, and he lost money on a perfect bait. Harry is there and Bill recognizes him. After the meeting, Harry offers to help Bill but says that giving him the money isn't the answer. Harry exchanges money and says that the support group members are Bill's first line of defense.

When Harry returns to Rich's place, he finds Eve there. She says that she sent Rich away to give them some space, and holds out three lottery tickets and tells Harry to pick one. He does and Anna has him scratch off the numbers while she does the same with another card. She doesn't win and Harry wins 20,000 pounds, and Anna tells him to do it again. Harry reluctantly does and wins 30,000, and Anna realizes that what he's been telling her about the bracelet is true. He explains that the bracelet is 2,000 years old and doesn't have an instruction manual. Harry warns that it's a curse, not a charm, because for every bit of good luck he gets, someone close to him gets hurt.

As Harry sees Anna out, she apologizes for doubting him. She wonders what happens now, but Harry doesn't have an answer for her.

The next day, Harry is called to a crime scene. A man was burned to death in his car, and Steve shows Harry guns in the trunk. Harry calls Isabella and says that she burned a man, and Isabella says that she wasn't responsible. She suggests that they see who can bring the killer to justice first, and Harry hangs up in disgust. Ralph says that he's been unable to identify the body, and it will take him several weeks to identify it. Harry concentrates on the bracelet and notices a nearby car door thrown free by the explosion. The car's license plate is under it, and Harry calls to have it run through the system. Meanwhile, Steve asks Suri out but she says that Harry is taking her to dinner. Meanwhile, Harry gets the owner's ID and tells the others that the dead man was Damien Richards, a loan shark.

Isabella arrives at the station to meet Alistair. He asks her to wait for a few minutes until he's done, and Steve comes out. Alistair introduces him to Isabella, and Steve says that Ralph pulled some prints off of the car door. The man they belong to is their number one suspects, and Alistair tells Steve to put it on the board and let Harry know. Once Alistair goes up to see the commander, Isabella watches Steve as he calls Harry. He tells him that the prints belong to Bill and sends him his photo, and Harry recognizes him from earlier.

Once Steve leaves, Isabella goes over to the board and looks at the photo of Bill. Steve realizes that he's forgotten something and starts to go back, but the key card scanner jams. Isabella takes a photo of Bill's photo and sits back down, and Steve's key card works in the scanner.

Harry calls Eve and tells her to get Bill's address. He warns that Isabella has access to MIS files, and gives her five minutes.

Alistair returns and Isabella says that she got a call from a friend and needs to give her some moral support.

Eve tracks Bill's phone GPS and locates him at a warehouse in White City. When he gets the address, Harry drives there and Rich calls. He says that Suri is there and is saying that Harry promised to take her to dinner. Harry tells his brother to say that he's been held up at work, and asks Rich to take her to dinner. Once he hangs up, he finds Bill in his office and asks if he owed Damien the money. Bill runs and Harry goes after him.

They head up to the upper level and Harry calls to Bill, saying that it's time to stop running. He finds Bill at a railing, considering jumping. As the railing shakes, Bill says that Harry wouldn't have understood. Harry says that he lost his family and his home, and offers his hand. Bill starts to turn back but the railing breaks and he falls to his death. Isabella is nearby and looks at Harry. Harry comes down and looks at Bill's body, and starts to call it in. He puts away his phone, puts on a pair of gloves, and calls Isabella using Bill's phone. She's with Alistair, and he tells her to take the call. Harry promises that she'll go to prison, but Isabella ignores him and hangs up.

Harry calls Eve and when she arrives, he gives her the file with the CCTV footage of the area and tells her to destroy it. Eve warns that Harry can't do it, and it's her responsibility to deal with Isabella but she created him. Harry insists on dealing with it, figuring that he's the only one who can deal it, and then beats Bill's body with a baton.

Rich takes Suri to dinner on Harry's reservation, and he says that Suri shouldn't be dating Harry. Suri insists that she's not dating at work and if it was, it wouldn't be Harry. Rich asks what's wrong with his brother, and points out that he'd still be in jail if it was up to Suri.

Eve takes some blood from Bill's body. She then goes to Isabella's apartment and breaks in, and puts the blood on one of Isabella's blouses and puts it in the garbage. As she leaves, Isabella and Alistair come in and Eve turns away, pretending to open another apartment door. Once the couple goes by, Eve gets into the elevator... and Isabella comes in just before the elevator goes down, grabs her, and demands to know if Harry sent her. Eve shoves her away and tells her that Harry will never love her no matter what she does to get his attention.

The next day, Harry gets up and checks on Rich, and finds him in bed with Suri. She quickly covers herself over and Harry closes the bedroom door. Later, Harry and Suri drive to work and Harry jokingly asks what her intentions are towards Rich. She insists that she isn't going to date Rich because it'd be weird, but asks if he's single.

The police are called to the warehouse when Bill's body is found. Steve reports that Bill's prints were on Damien's car. At the station, Alistair asks the officers who they figure for the murder. Suri suggests that she talk to Alistair privately about the fact that she ran Bill's pone records. He doesn't see the point, and Suri says that Bill's last call was to Isabella. Steve and Suri go to see her and she says that she didn't speak to anyone called Bill. They explain that Bill was murdered and ask to take a look around, and Isabella agrees. Steve soon finds the bloody blouse.

Steve and Suri take Isabella in and Suri tells Alistair that the blood on the blouse is a DNA match for Bill's. Alistair recuses himself and asks Harry to leave, and Harry says that he knows Isabella at well. He claims that they both go to the same organization that deals with gambling issues, and says that Bill was a member as well. Harry claims that he saw them both at the same meetings, and Steve and Suri quickly excuse themselves. Harry apologizes to Alistair for the situation, and Alistair wonders if Isabella is the killer.

Harry goes to see Isabella in her cell and says that it's the kindest way he could deal with her. He notes that she didn't show mercy to her victims, and Isabella says that she doesn't want his mercy.

Jonny complains to Anna that she shuts him out of her family, and there's a knock at the door. It's Harry, there to see Daisy. He looks at her grades and they hear Anna and Jonny argue. Daisy says that it happens a lot, and Later Harry tells Anna that he planted evidence on someone. Anna admits that she went to see Isabella, who convinced her that the bracelets' powers are real. She's worried about Harry, and Harry says that he feels like he's cross a line.

Isabella tells Suri and Steve that she's the victim of planted evidence and shows them proof of all of her movements for the last 24 hours. Alistair watches on the monitor, and Isabella's lawyer drops a file on the floor as Isabella concentrates on her bracelet. Suri picks up the file and sees a photo of Bill's broken watch. Afterward, she and Steve go to see Ralph and Suri asks him if he's sure that Bill's watch was broken in the attack. She wonders how if Bill's watch got broken when he attacked then how did he call Isabella thirty minutes later.

Suri goes to see Alistair and shows him the timeline of Bill's death compared to the timeline of Isabella's movements. He warns her that the watch isn't enough to determine time of death, and Suri shows him CCTV footage of the helmeted Eve disposing of the murder weapon. They also have CCTV footage of Eve at Isabella's apartment. They question Isabella, who says who Eve is and claims that she was a fellow gambling addict who didn't forgive Isabella for getting clean. Isabella claims that Eve thought she could control where the roulette ball would land, and threatened to destroy her life if she didn't share her powers. Alistair, watching, calls the custody sergeant to have Isabella released.

That night, Harry and Anna end up in bed. He figures that he should go before Daisy realizes that he's there, and doesn't want to get her hopes up until they work out what they want. Harry admits that he's never made a secret of what he wants, and offers to take Anna out for dinner.

Alistair goes out with Isabella and apologizes for what happened. She assures him that they were just doing their job, and Alistair promises to let her know when they capture Eve. Isabella tells him that she has a few errand to run but promises to meet him for lunch the next day. They kiss and Isabella leaves.

As Harry drives Anna to a restaurant, Suri calls him and says that she needs to talk to him about Eve. She says that she thinks Eve framed Isabella for Bill's murder, and Alistair had Isabella released. Suri asks Harry if he thinks Eve killed Bill, and Harry realizes that the brakes on the car have given out. The car crashes and slams into an electrical pole, and Harry tells Anna to stay in the car.

Harry yells at Isabella to show herself. An electrical wire hits the car and Harry is knocked back by the shock. Isabella watches from the shadows as Anna runs to Harry.

Eve is out on the streets and realizes that something is wrong. She drives to the crashed car where Anna is performing CPR.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 15, 2017

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