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Episode XCVI Recap

Soldiers from different countries attack Aku's tower. The Scottish contingent is led by an elderly wheelchair-bound Scotsman and his daughter Flora. He tells his female soldiers--all daughters--to cover themselves and they charge into battle. Inside of the tower, Aku tells his minions to stifle the noise. They tell him that he's under attack, and Aku considers annihilating the scum to break himself out of his malaise. He soars into the air and slams through the attacking forces, crushing everything in his path. The Scotsman realizes that it was a bad idea and orders a retreat while he stalls Aku.

Aku, still bored, sees the warriors fleeing and prepares to go after him. The Scotsman confronts him and says that Jack is still out there inspiring the people, and Aku is powerless against him. He accuses Aku of cowardice, and Aku obliterates him with his eye beams. His daughters stare at their father's skeleton in dismay, while Aku quickly grows bored again at the mention of Jack. He returns to his tower, and Flora picks up her father's shattered sword. Flora and the others vow to avenge their father, and his ghost emerges from his ashes, back in his prime. He explains that it's Celtic magic as his sword's runes glows, and he tells his daughters that they'll find Jack and finally defeat Aku.

That night on the island, Ashi looks up at the moon and remembers what both Jack and the High Priestess told her about Aku. She imagines the High Priestess appearing to tell her to kill Jack in his sleep. Ashi questions her, but the High Priestess says that Jack is deceitful and declares Ashi the weakest of the Daughters. The girl demands the truth, but the High Priestess says that Ashi has failed them and fades away as the sun rises.

In the waters, Jack emerges astride a giant sea serpent. He takes it to the shore and tells Ashi to get on, and the creature swims off. The serpent submerges and then leaps back up into the air, crashing back into the water. They finally reach land and Jack thanks the serpent for its kindness. It swims off and Jack says goodbye to Ashi.

That night, Jack makes camp and imagines the voices of the dead calling to him. He looks up and sees Ashi, and she demands that he show her the truth. Jack refuses, saying that she's too blinded by Aku's hate to change. Ashi insists that he knows nothing of her, and Jack agrees to show her the truth. He invites her to sit and says that they will start in the morning. Frustrated, Ashi leaps up to a nearby ledge and tries to sleep. She asks how created the stars if Aku didn't, and Jack tells her his mother's story of how Sun and Moon rode a phoenix up into the sky and shot enchanted arrows. Ashi smiles at the story.

The next morning, Jack takes Ashi to a single tree in a barren wasteland. he explains that once the trees extended as far as the eye could see, but Aku destroyed them and left but one as a reminder of his power and oppression. Ashi wonders why, and Jack says that Aku is evil personified and he decimates all that is good and innocent. Next, Jack takes Ashi to the city of Aku and says that it's the gateway to evil.

Jack and Ashi enter the city and he steals clothing for himself. They then go up to a building where the shuttles come and go. An armored warrior comes in and says that Aku is welcoming criminals, and the clerk sends him to a peaceful village to live. When the Scotsman points out that it's occupied, the clerk asks if it's a problem and the arrival says that it's no problem.

Next, Jack takes Ashi through the land and shows her all of the carnage. Ashi says that she's seen enough and admits that she believes Jack, and asks what they can do. He says that they can do nothing because there is no way to defeat Aku and no way out. A survivor calls for help, and Jack and Ashi dig him up from the wreckage. The survivor recognizes Jack and says that he's come back at last, and explains that they took all of the children to the nearby factory.

The warriors enter the factory and Jack tells Ashi to run. The children emerge, snarling and biting, and charge at Jack and Ashi. Ashi hears a high-pitched sound and figures that it's controlling the children. Jack tells her to destroy the source, tosses her up onto a tower, and leads the children away. Ashi heads for the source, while Jack jumps up onto the pages with the children in pursuit. They pull him down and tear at him.

Ashi runs along the pipes and reaches the transmitter. The Dominator actives robot arms and controls them, attacking Ashi. She initially evades their attacks but they finally grab and pin her. The Dominator emerges and figures her for a samurai sympathizer, and charges her with electricity.

Jack hears Ashi screams and manages to tear himself free. He hides until the children go past, but they double back and grab him. jack throws them away but is unable to hurt the innocent.

The Dominator runs out of electricity and goes to an outlet to plug himself in. When he turns back, he sees Jack on the monitor, being torn apart. Ashi sees him as well, and the Dominator says that his best idea was to implant them with chips and use the right audio frequency to turn them into animals. He then tortures Ashi. Furious, she tears her limbs free and the Dominator blasts her back. Ignoring the pain, Ashi attacks the Dominator, knocks off his helmet, and throws him into the transmitter, destroying it.

The children suddenly scream in pain and collapse., dead. Jack screams in anguish and sees the Dark Warrior outside. It tells Jack that it is time, and Jack agrees. He goes outside and follows the Warrior into the mist. Ashi arrives and discovers that Jack is gone. The children wake up, restored to normal, and Ashi calls to Jack but gets no response.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2017

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