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Murder Gras Recap

In a swamp, a hunter Charles Ravenel is preparing to shoot a crocodile. However, he discovers that it's a man in a crocodile suit, and the man grabs the hunter.

Giles brings Angie breakfast in bed, and she notices in the newspaper that a rich white trophy hunter has disappeared from a swamp in New Orleans. She insists that she's not obsessed and thinks that they should share interests, and says that she'll check into it whether Giles wants to or not. They go to the station and Angie tells Pritkin that the serial killer struck again and the pattern matches the killer's. Pritkin warns that it's in New Orleans and they don't call dibs, but Giles sides with her. The captain says that the captain of the NOPD is a relative of his and sends them off.

Danny goes with the agents to New Orleans, while Hoffman takes the train. The captain, Beau Atkins, calls them in and says that his cousin Pritkin told them that they were coming. Beau puts all of their resources at their disposal and has his lieutenant Kyle take Giles to the "restroom."

Angie, Giles, and Danny go into the swamp and find Detective Zachary Fontaine waiting for them. Angie explains that there were two similar cases in LA, and Zachary gives them Ravenel's background. Angie asks if he found anything in the bot, and Zachary has found Ravenel's satchel with a few chips from a riverboat casino and a chicken-bone necklace. Giles argues with Zachary until Angie breaks them up, and she notes that there were no supernatural occurrences in the other two murders.

Back at the station, Angie has Hoffman fax the satchel back to Monica to see if she can get any prints. Angie insists that it must be the killer, the Hunter, and figures that he wanted her to come there.

In LA, Monica receives the satchel from Hoffman.

Zachary gets Giles and Angie tickets to go back, but Giles tears them up and insists that they're handling the case. Angie asks if Ravenel had any gambling debts and Zachary confirms that the chips came from the Rusty Trombone Riverboat Casino. Danny and Hoffman go there to see if Ravenel is a regular, and Angie asks about the guy who called in the missing person, Swampy Latrine. Swampy plays sax at the Blue Mongoose, a club owned by Ravenel. Angie suggests that she and Giles hear some jazz and talk to Swampy.

The detectives arrive at the club and ask for Swampy. Swampy takes a break and joins them, and he says that he hasn't been questioned about Ravenel's disappearance. Ravenel owes him money and One-Eyed Willie calls Swampy back to the stage. Angie and Giles leave, and Angie figures that it must be the Hunter. Giles figures that they should talk to the NOPD voodoo expert.

Back at the NOPD, Angie and Giles talk with Eric, who explains that he's a mentality. There voodoo expert is out for the day, and Eric tells them that the necklace is a fake. He knows that they're trying to make their relationship work, and backs away in terror when Angie reaches to shake his hand.

On the casino, Danny talks to a dealer. Monica is there and tells Danny that she found forensic evidence on the satchel and flew in to deliver it in person. She has a gambling problem and tells Danny that it's her last time gambling, and explains that Ravenel's prints were not on the casino chips. The prints on the chips belonged to Calvin Sniglet, a small-time crook who had run-ins with the LAPD. Danny wins big and Monica keeps losing.

At the station, Angie and Giles check Calvin's record. Angie points out that every lead Zachary has given them was a bad lead, and she asks Beau about Zachary. Beau confirms that he doesn't have an officer named Zachary, and the detectives wonder if Zachary is Calvin is Robin. It turns out that Robin's name is Calvin spelled sideways, and Calvin's record is all animal-rights related. Zachary just swiped his credited card at a motel, and Angie figures that's where he's holding Ravenel.

The officers take a taxi to the motel just as a van pulls away. It crashes into two trees and the officers find Ravenel dead in the cab. There's a note wishing them luck, and Angie realizes that the killer is going to strike again.

Back in LA, Giles brings Angie supper in bed. She goes to brush her teeth and Giles realizes that he's losing her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 18, 2017

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