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Eat, Pray, Liv Recap

Major goes through a training mission for his new job as a mercenary for Fillmore Graves. He gets shot and the commander reminds Major that they can't survive a shot to the head. The losers do a 5 mile run before showers. In the locker room, the mercenaries eat the tube brains and Major hesitates, admitting that he's new to them.

That night at home, Major and Ravi play video games and Major describes his new food. He figures that it's better than being overwhelmed by a brain personality, and Ravi suggests that he talk to Blaine about Natalie. Liv brings in Chinese food and reminds them that the deal is she brings the food and they ply her dance game.

Blaine is playing piano at a bar and Peyton watches him. He goes over to join her and explains that the last guy died on stage of a stroke, and the owner heard Blaine singing at the funeral. Blaine tells Peyton that someone called claiming to be Angus' lawyer and said that Angus left a sizable fortune. But needs to meet with Blaine about some problem. He asks Peyton to come with him.

At a guru's studio, the guru Topher passes on his preachings to his class. Once Topher dismisses the class, he meditates on his own. Someone comes in behind him and beats him to death with a Buddha statue.

The next day, Clive arrives at the crime scene and talks to Topher's assistant Ladybird. She explains that she found the body and Topher on the cushion, meditating before he died. Clive tells Ladybird not to leave town and goes over to Liv and Ravi, who are checking the body. A uni reports that a wino slept out back and saw someone leave. The wino gives a vague descriptionand says he was carrying a trash bag. Clive sends him to the precinct to talk to a sketch artist, and he and Liv check out the dumpster in the alley. There's a trash bag inside and Clive reluctantly goes in to get it. There are bloody shoes in the bag and the soles match the pattern at the crime scene.

At the morgue, Liv drinks Topher's brain and afterward, Ravi asks Liv if Peyton mentioned him. Liv tells him to talk to Peyton, not her, just as Katty comes in with her luggage. She explains that her hotel wouldn't let her check in yet, and Liv starts talking philosophy about Topher's death. Katty says that two years ago a private plane crashed two years ago in North Dakota. The local examiner contacted the CDC and told them that one of the bodies belonged to a young woman who had human brains in her digestive track… and her flesh appeared dead months before the crash. The plane originated in Seattle, so Katty figures that Seattle is ground zero for the investigation.

Ravi goes to Peyton's office and she says that she has something to do. He tells her that it won't take a minute and apologizes for not being a good friend. Ravi awkwardly says that it's his problem that she and Blaine got together, and he can't get the image of them having sex out of his head. Peyton tells Ravi that when she met Blaine, he was brave enough to stand up to Boss. Once Peyton found out who Blaine was, she's been beating herself up over it. She doesn't care what Ravi's opinion is, and wonders if Ravi hoped that she would apologize to him.

At the funeral home, Blaine calls Peyton and confirms that she's coming. He then turns back to Angus and his lawyer. Blaine explains that he lost his memory, and Peyton arrives. She points out that Angus is supposed to be dead, and Blaine admits that he's starting to see the problem with the will. Angus claims that he escaped the Chaos Killer and tells Blaine to sign confirming that the will is invalid. Blaine immediately does so and asks what they used to do together. Angus tells a story about how when Blaine was 11, his mother lost his earrings. They got a call from a woman saying that her son had sold the earrings at a pawnshop and Blaine gave them to him. Angus says that was the day he admitted to himself that the sight of Blaine made him sick. Peyton orders them out and Angus goes.

At the station, Liv meets with Clive and says that Topher was a legitimate guru. Clive explains that Topher used to be a venture capitalist. Before a big score, one of his two VC partners, Mitch Davis, got busted selling cocaine. Mitch got five years and got out of prison two days ago. Clive has called Mitch in, and tells Liv that the wino slipped away. Liv starts talking about planes of existence and then goes to her sound bath.

Major fails the training exercise again and the commander sends his team on another five-mile jog. Afterward, Major's teammate Justin tells him that the other mercenaries were human mercenaries before they became zombies, while Justin and major are just fellows who showed up there. Justin explains that he was the DJ at the Fourth of July party when the Max Rager infection turned everyone into zombies. He assures Major that he'll get there eventually. Once Justin leaves, Major starts coughing.

That night, Major visits Blaine at the funeral home and asks him about Natalie. He figures one of Natalie's clients is holding her against her will, and has a phone number. Blaine tells Major to stay put while he checks it. As he waits, Major asks him if he remembers what it felt like before he took the curse. Blaine gets the address and asks Major not to hurt the client, and Major admits that he may not have long.

Don E shows Angus their future club, and Angus figures that they need a name. He says that they need a way to separate zombies from humans, and Don E suggests that they shoot a prospective customer's hand with a nail gun. Angus tells him that it needs work.

When Liv arrives at the morgue, she finds Ravi examining Major. Ravi explains that Major only has weeks left and then he'll have to take the cure. Liv assures him that identity is just an illusion of the unenlightened memory, and Ravi says that his memory-restoration formula is ready but he doesn't have a way to test it. He suggests that they use Blaine as a test subject, and Liv figures that she could get Peyton to ask him to hear them out.

Clive calls Liv to the interrogation room where he's talking to Mitch. Mitch insists that he's the brain of the operations, and Clive asks to measure his feet to see if they match the size of the shoe they found. The suspect insists that he was just moving product, and Clive points out that the person who benefited from his incarceration ended up dead. Liv starts talking like Topher, and Mitch suggests that Topher and Devon were working an angle. Clive asks who Devon is.

Devon runs a meditation studio, and Clive measures his foot. He takes a DNA sample and confirms that when Mitch went to jail, Devon and Topher struck it rich. Devon spent his money hoping that things would bring him peace. It didn't work, and his mindfulness inspired Topher. Devon recognizes photos of the shoes and says that they're his, and claims that they were lost. He says that he had a sense that someone broke into his house, and calls to Ladybird who is now working there. Liv agrees with Devon and secretly tells Clive that it isn't Devon. Clive figures that they need the wino so they can do a lineup, and asks if Liv is up for a stakeout.

At the morgue, Ravi is working on his sample brain when Katty comes in and says that the girl from the plane crash was at the boat party the day before she got on the plane. Ravi says that he wasn't in on the investigation, and Katty has learned that the brains were missing from the boat party massacre. She wonders if it was connected to the plane crash, and Ravi lies and says that there was no brain matter in the bodies. Katty abruptly asks Ravi to dinner, saying that there's something else she wants to bounce off of him.

As Clive and Liv run stakeout, Liv meditates. He finally interrupts her and points out that she hasn't had any investigations. Officer Harris comes by and says that he got a report about a pimp yelling at his girl. He realizes that it's them, and says that a woman was watching them all night. Once Harris leave, Clive and Liv visit the woman, and asks if she's seen the wino. The neighbor woman insists that no wino man sleeps there, and Clive asks if she saw the man that the wino saw. She says that the wino put something in the dumpster, and Clive realizes that he was Mitch: Topher's killer.

Major runs the drill and manages to take out the opposition. The mercenaries congratulate him, including the commander. Afterward, Major asks Justin if he ever had the real deal. Major says that he has a hookup and Justin smiles.

Liv gets a text from Major and goes to see him. He and Justin are dancing to the video game and break off when they see Liv. Major explains that they're on Zumba instructor brain, and tells Liv that they saved her some. However, she agrees to take them on anyway. Major goes out to the kitchen to prepare more brain, but starts coughing again. He goes back out and smiles as he sees Liv dancing with Justin.

Clive brings Mitch in and figures that he grew a beard in prison. He and Liv explain that they have a witness who picked Mitch out of a photo lineup, and the malt liquor bottle that Mitch was chugging from when he posed as a wino has Mitch's DNA on it. Clive points out that they log mail in prison, and they know that Topher wrote a letter two years ago apologizing for turning Mitch into the DEA. Mitch refuses to write out a confession. Peyton arrives outside and motions to Liv.

Blaine is in the morgue talking to Ravi and Major when Peyton and Liv arrive. Ravi explains about the serum that could undo the memory loss, but if it doesn't work then it might kill Blaine. Blaine passes on taking it, explaining that he's afraid of remembering his old life. Ravi suggests that it's a chance to atone, and Major will have to take the risk and he's only a zombie because of Blaine. Peyton points out that Blaine isn't that way anymore, and Major says that he'll take the cure and the memory-restoration serum, because he'll want to remember his life. He understands why Blaine doesn't want to, and Ravi angrily says that a fundamentally decent person would realize that Blaine owes Major. Ravi reminds them that Blaine tortured Major and made him a zombie, and Peyton tells him to stop. IN response, Ravi says that he's in love with her and that's why he's being a dick. Blaine says that he'll do it and Ravi thanks him. Peyton tells Blaine that he doesn't have to do it, and he says that he knows. Ravi gives him the cure

Angus and Don E test Don E's method of detecting a human: eating ghost pepper. Once they realize that it doesn't affect Angus, Angus comes in with his new muscle, Dino, and tells Don E that Dino will handle acquisitions. Don E has come up with a name for the club: The Scratching post. Angus agrees and says that he has a hospital in Bangladesh lined up to provide brains. He tells Don E that they'll get up and running before approaching Blaine's customers, and orders Don E to go to some clubs and start scratching some rich prospective customers.

Peyton comes to see Ravi at home and wonders why he's been so awful to her. She says that he's made it all about his pride and jealousy, and Ravi tells her that he's done with pride. He admits that he's a little drunk, and Peyton tells him that he's the one who is stopping anything from happening between them. Ravi finally kisses her and as Peyton kisses him back, they hear glass break in the kitchen. They go back and find Katty there. Ravi starts to explain that he thought that they had broken up, but Peyton walks out.

As Don E gets lattes for Angus and Dino, he goes by the piano club where Blaine is playing. A crying Peyton comes in and Liv hugs her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2017

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