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9. Lamb to the Slaughter Recap

Crying, Eve drives to an alleyway and crouches down, holding Harry's bracelet. A man, Jay Tate, runs up, grabs her, puts a knife to her throat, and tells her to hand over her belongings. Eve says that she has nothing, but the man finds the bracelet and she puts it on him, and tells him that if he wants it then it's his.

The EMTs bring back Harry, who gasps for breath... and discovers that the bracelet is gone.

Alistair calls Isabella and gets her voice mail, and says that she's thirty minutes late. He hopes that she's all right, just as she enters his flat Alistair apologizes for what happened and says that he should never have allowed her arrest. He tells Isabella that she means a lot to him and hopes that she can forgive him. As they kiss, Alistair's phone rings. Alistair takes it and says that he'll be right there. Once he hangs up, Alistair tells Isabella that Harry has had a serious accident and goes.

Jay goes to a locker room and tries to remove the bracelet. His younger brother Nathan helps him remove it but doesn't have any better luck. Nathan offers to fight for Jay, get beaten, and they get enough money to pay the debt. Jay refuses to let his brother risk it and figures the odds might fall in his favor for once. As he playfully knocks Nathan back, he drops a coin... and it comes up heads.

In the hospital, Rick and Suri look on as Harry wakes up. Daisy and Eve come in and Daisy hugs her father. Rick and Suri take Daisy to get something to eat, and Eve points out that the bracelet is gone. Relieved, Harry agrees and they kiss. Alistair comes in and Eve goes to find Daisy. Once they're alone, Harry tells Alistair that Isabella tried to kill him. Alistair figures that Harry is concussed and raving, but Harry tells him that Isabella is the one taking out the other criminals. He admits that he was involved with Isabella long before Alistair did, and she turned psychotic when he broke it off. Alistair doesn't believe it and walks out.

When Alistair returns home, he discovers that Isabella is still there. He tells her that Harry was electrocuted and looks for a reaction, and Isabella hugs him and says that it was a terrible way to die. Alistair doesn't correct her assumption.

Once Anna and Daisy doze off, Harry leaves the hospital.

Isabella goes to Eve's bar and says that she didn't want to kill Harry but he made it impossible for her not to. She asks about the bracelet, and Eve claims that she destroyed it. Isabella doesn't believe it, but Eve points out that she just killed the best man she ever knew and says that Isabella is alone now. Shocked, Isabella tells Eve to leave town because if she sees her again she will kill her.

That night, Harry drives to Eve's flat and she's surprised to see that he's alive. Eve hugs him in relief and explains that Isabella told her to leave town and thinks that Harry is dead. He asks where the bracelet is, and Eve says that she did something stupid.

Jay is fighting in an underground fight club and getting beaten. As Nathan watches from the crowd, Jay slips and his opponent hits the wall. Jay hits the man's knee and Nathan spills some beer. The opponent slips on it and Nathan takes him out.

The next day at station, Alistair tells Suri and Steve to examine Harry's crash--purely as a precautionary measure--and tells Suri to treat it with the utmost confidentiality. Once he goes, Alistair requests a printout of all of Harry's cases over the last three months

Suri and Steve check the crash scene and the impound lot. The report says that there was a leak in the brake line and there's no way of telling what caused the leak.

Jay spars with Nathan in the locker room, and the promoter comes in He says that he has another fight for Jay that night, and Jay agrees.

Isabella is drinking champagne and tells the barman that she lost her only companion. A banker comes over and hits on her. Isabella tells him to leave her alone and walks off. As she sits and remembers being there with Harry, the banker comes over and tells her that she was rude. He suggests that they have some fun, and Isabella agrees. The table light explodes, blinding Xxx, and Isabella smiles in satisfaction as the patrons take him to the ER.

At the fight, Jay beats his opponent and the promoter calls someone in to see him. Harry and Eve arrive, Eve having recognized Jay's thumb tattoo as belonging to the gym. Harry talks to the security guard, Rory, who identifies Jay and says that he's usually on his back. In the ring, Jay taunts his opponent, who can't land a blow. Jay knocks the man out with a couple of blows and everyone cheers.

Alistair goes over Harry's files and finds the one on Isabella. Steve and Suri return and Steve report that it was an accident as initially reported. However, Steve says that the leak meant Harry was out driving without brakes, and the leak was recent because Harry had the car serviced a few months ago and there was no leak then. Suri tells Alistair that something doesn't feel right.

After the fight, Jay collects his winnings and the promoter tells him that there's plenty more where that came from. Harry and Eve approach Jay and Harry says that he was the last person to wear what's on Jay's wrist. The DI warns that there are consequences for his good luck, and as they struggle Harry bumps into a fighter holding a beer. When the man spills his beer, he attacks Harry and a fight breaks out. Jay watches and laughs, and Nathan quickly gets him out.

On the street, Jay and Nathan cheer at their good fortune and Jay figures that Harry won't catch them. He gives up to a rich young man. Aiden Ramsey, getting his car from a valet and asks for his car keys. When Aiden goes for a gun in his glove compartment, Jay beats him unconscious and yanks the keys out of his hand. He tells Nathan to get in the car, and Nathan looks at the gun and wonders who Jay mugged. Jay takes the gun and notices some cocaine in packets on the seat.

At Eve's place, Eve tends to Harry's injuries. She tells him that there's nothing tying them together anymore and she knows he hated wearing the bracelet. Harry says that Jay is carrying a curse and doesn't know it, and the bracelet is their responsibility. When Eve tells him that it isn't his responsibility anymore, Harry says that he's worn it and it will always be his responsibility.

The next morning, Suri sees Alistair in his office with Anna and texts Harry, asking where he is.. Meanwhile, Alistair tells Anna that he doesn't know where Harry is. He has her describe the accident, and Anna asks Alistair how he's involved with Isabella. Alistair admits that they're involved but he's assessing the nature of their relationship. Anna tells him that there was a black 4x4 following them, and advises Alistair to find out where Isabella was the night of the accident. She says that he should be careful and leaves.

Later, Alistair and Isabella are walking and he says that Harry told him that he and Isabella knew each other from Gambler's Anonymous. She claims that she had a gambling problem but not anymore, and her and Harry didn't really know each other. Isabella says that there's the discretion code and she didn't feel appropriate to bring it up after the accident, and Alistair seemingly agrees. However, he points out that they don't think it was an accident, and claims that a witness saw a vehicle pull away after Harry was electrocuted and didn't stop. Alistair says that they're going to interview the witness for a vehicle description, and then apologizes for going on about work. Isabella kisses him.

That night, Harry goes to a strip club and finds Jay in Nathan in a private room. Jay is snorting the cocaine while Nathan sits there and glares at his brother. His older brother finally tells Nathan that he's a leech throws him some money, and tells him to get out. As Nathan tells him that Jay used to be a good brother, Harry comes in and flashes his badge, telling the strippers to get out. Once they leave, Harry tells Jay that Nathan called him. He tells Jay to stop using the bracelet before it's too late, and folds him a deck of cards and tells him to find the Queen of Hearts. Jay randomly pulls out the card, and Harry keeps calling off cards. The fighter keeps pulling them out as he and Harry name them, and Harry figures that Jay can is addicted already. As Jay argues with Harry, Nathan clutches at his bloody nose and then collapses, dead.

At the station, Suri slips in to Alistair's office while he's gone and goes through the file on his desk. Alistair comes in and Suri point out that they're Harry's old files. She asks if someone is trying to hurt Harry, and Alistair says that he can't discuss it. Steve watches from the squad room as Alistair snaps at Suri. He then apologizes and says that he'll explain tomorrow, thanks her for her all of her help, and leaves. Suri goes back to her desk and tells Steve that she's enlisting a grass.

Harry takes Jay to Eve's bar, and Jay wonders how Nathan had a brain aneurysm when he's 21. He figures that Harry believes in the bracelet's power, and Harry warns him that the luck has to balance itself out. Jay figures that he has nothing left to lose.

In response to Suri's call, Steve comes in. She gets Harry's number from Steve and tells Harry what they've been investigating. Suri warns that she doesn't think Alistair believes that Harry's accident was an accident, and Harry tells her to track Alistair's phone and send him his destination.

Isabella goes to the courtyard of the flat opposite the crash scene.

Eve brings Jay a drink, and Jay figures that the bracelet is a punishment. He tells her to take it off, and Eve warns him that the bracelet stays with him until the day he dies.

Isabella goes to the apartment with the facing window, and finds Alistair waiting for her in the hallway. She realizes that he tricked her, and Alistair says that he couldn't ignore his gut even though Isabella was vindicated. Harry's accident occurred under mysterious circumstances, and the cases Harry was investigating had the same "bad luck."

Harry tries to call Alistair without success. Suri calls him to pass on Alistair's location, and Harry tells her to send backup as he drives there.

Jay aims the gun at Eve and says that Nathan got punished because of him. Eve admits that he made a mistake putting it on him, and Jay asks if the bracelet will bring Nathan bask. She says that it won't, and Jay shoots himself in the head.

Alistair tells Isabella that he checked her alibi for the night of the accident and the soup kitchen has no record of her. He asks if the car Anna saw was Isabella's, and she tells him that he'll never put anyone away with that. Alistair admits that he just wanted to know if she was involved, and now he does. He explains that when he met Isabella, he thought she was sent. But now he knows who she is and he'll see that she's brought to justice for what she's done. Alistair takes her hand and says that if she confesses the sentence will be more lenient. Isabella says nothing, and Alistair tells her goodbye.

As Alistair walks away, an attic door comes loose, slams into Alistair's head, and knocks him down the stairs. Isabella follows him and Alistair looks at her for a moment, and then collapses. She says that it's a shame when they could have parted so amiably.

Harry arrives and finds Alistair's corpse. Suri and Steve arrive with the backup and Steve punches the door in frustration.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 22, 2017

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