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Episode XCVII Recap

As Ashi rides an airship passing over the land, two hooded figures recognize her and grab her. She easily dodges their attack and they tell her that they won't let her hurt Jack. Ashi explains that she's trying to find Jack because he might be in trouble, and admits that she's not sure if she's Jack's friend. They remove their hoods, and explain that they're Jack's friends. The two Woolies explain that Jack rescued them from slavery fifty years ago and defeated the slavers at the risk of his life. A butler comes up and says that Jack got off there, and Ashi thanks the Woolies for sharing their story and then jumps off of the airship. Ashi drops into the forest below and easily breaks her fall.

In the abandoned city, Scaramouch reactivates and rejoices in the fact that he's alive. His phone is broke so he hopes to Aku to report that Jack lost his sword.

Ashi hides as beetle drones flee through the forest. They're badly injured, and an arrow slams into the tree she's hiding behind. The archers tell her to identify herself, and invite her to come with them that she says that she's a friend of Jacks. The archers take her to their home and show them the statue of Jack that they built. One archer explains that they were cursed to guard a magical portal, and Jack managed to not only defeat them but restore them to their human forms by destroying the well that enslaved them. Later they learned that the curse was Aku's doing. The archers say that they haven't seen Jack since that day, but they will be there if Jack needs their help.

Scaramouch continues hopping his head to a port. he gets kicked down a hill and jumps to a freighter, but the sailor points out that no one is allowed onboard without a body. Scaramouch insists that he's Aku's top assassins, and is shocked to learn that he's #3 on the list. Disappointed, Scaramouch boasts that he'll be back in Aku's good graces and tries to sneak onboard. He finally gets aboard after offering to pay a body with a small head credits, and says that Aku will give him the money once he arrives there.

Ashi continues searching for Jack and comes to a city in the forest. Teenagers are dancing at a rave, and Ashi asks them if they've seen Jack. The DJ trains a spotlight on her and ask why she's there. When Ashi says that she's looking for Jack, the teenagers raise their hands in an "S" gesture and sing that they'll never forget Jack after he freed them from Aku's mental enslavement. Ashi dances with them, smiling. She thanks them for their help and says that she will find Jack.

Continuing on, Ashi comes to a waterfall. She remembers the High Priestess telling her and the other Children that they must become one with the darkness by diving into a pile of burning coals. Ashi dives into the water and tries to scrub the black costume off of her. Come morning, she finally does and makes clothing out of the leaves.

On the ship, Scaramouch sits on a deck chair alone. He spots a payphone and tries to make a collect call to Aku. A depressed Aku accepts the calls, but can't hear Scaramouch over all of the laughing passengers. When he goes out and tells the canine passengers to keep quiet, they take offense and toss him off the ship. Bored, Aku hangs up.

Ashi comes to a tavern and whispers to the bartender that she's looking for Jack. He doesn't hear her until she yells, and all of the guests come over and explain that Jack beat all of them. The bartender says that back in the day, he was Da' Samurai. However, Jack enlightened him to the true meaning of being a samurai, and he gave up being a warrior to become a bartender at the place where they met. Demongo, the Soul Collector, comes in to collect the souls of the greatest warriors... and realizes that he's come to the wrong place.

As Ashi goes back out into the storm, a figure approaches her and asks if she's Jack's friend. Ashi admits that she is, and the figure tells her to follow the path north. When she turns back, the figure has disappeared. Ashi follows the path to a vast graveyard. Jack is meditating in the middle of them, and the Dark Horseman approaches the warrior. The Horseman dismounts and tells Ashi that she can witness the end but may not proceed further.

Great warriors of the past emerge from the gravestones and the Horseman says that Jack has failed his purpose and accepted his fate. Jack picks up his broken sword and prepares to commit seppuku. Ashi yells at him to stop and the Horseman slaps her away. He says that it doesn't concern her and there is no hope, but Ashi insists that she's seen the hope that Jack spread. The Horseman attacks her, and Ashi avoids his attacks. He tells Jack to face the consequence of his failure or face his guilt for all eternity.

Ashi tells Jack that he's being misguided, and she's seen the countless innocents that Jack has helped. The Horseman attacks her and Ashi knocks him back, insisting that Jack has made her more than she was. Her opponent finally grabs her and throws her away, and tells Jack that death follows in his wake. When the Horseman says that the children are dead, Ashi yells that they're alive and Jack saved them. The Horseman prepares to cut her down, but Jack parries his blow and then cuts the Horseman in half. The other warriors fade back into their graces, and Jack tells Ashi that it is time to find his sword.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2017

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