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Bar the Big Boss Recap

Ward wakes ups trapped to a bed and sees someone standing in the shadows. He asks them for help, and Harold steps forward and pulls a knife out of his side. He says that he's hungry and leans over Ward... and Ward realizes that he's hallucinating. Harold appears next to him, saying that he'll go after Joy next, and Ward screams in terror. A nurse, Stacy Hill, comes in and asks if Ward is all right, and he asks what her name is. Once she gives it, Ward offers to pay her a year's salary to release him and says that he has to get his sister away. He realizes that he can't tell her Harold's name since everyone thinks Harold is date, and Stacy admits that his withdraw is the worst that she's seen in a long time. She leaves and Ward screams in frustration.

Later, Bakuto comes in and prepares to give Ward an injection. He explains that Ward has been poisoned by Gao's synthetic heroin, and says that he wants to help free Ward from Harold by making sure that Harold never comes back from the dead. Bakuto says that they've realized they made a mistake giving Harold the gift, and in return he wants Ward in charge because Harold can't be trusted. The Hand will give Rand the antidote so they can give it to all of the people suffering from withdrawal. Bakuto asks Ward for an immediate favor: help him capture4 the Iron Fist, and Ward and Joy will be safe.

Colleen tells Danny that Bakuto wanted to kill her. Davos joins them and warns Danny not to trust Collen because she's part of the Hand, and Danny tells him to relax. He figures that she lied to Danny to seduce him into the Hand, and suspects that Colleen is an infiltrator. Danny doesn't believe it, and Colleen warns that students from her dojo are in the Hand compound and they don't know what's really going on. When Davos says that he broke them, Colleen punches him and Danny intervenes. Davos insists that he'll destroy the Hand if Danny won't, and Danny tells him that they'll take care of Bakuto with Colleen's help. Disgusted, Davos walks off.

At the penthouse, Harold and Joy watch the accounts and Joy about how she used to sit with him during his chemo treatment. Harold remembers everything she talked to him about, and says that he knows it wasn't easy for her to be there. Joy assures him that she wouldn't have missed it for the world, and suggests that they take a vacation when it's all over.

Kevin tells them that they have a visitor: Ward. Ward says that he has to talk to Joy alone, and she agrees. Harold tells Kevin to call the hospital and find out how Ward was released. Meanwhile, Ward asks Joy to leave with him. She says that they're in the middle of freeing Rand from the Hand. Ward tells her that Harold is using her and she needs to get away from Harold. Joy refuses and Ward says that Harold has always been a bastard to him since he came back from the dead..

Harold comes over and Ward claims that he's trying to make amends. However, Harold knows that no one signed off on Harold's release. Joy refuses to go with Ward, saying that she hasn't had a dad in thirteen years. Ward loses his temper and Harold says that Ward still needs help. Kevin and the other security man attack Ward, and he grabs a gun and orders them back.

Joy agrees to go with Ward and they open the elevator door. Bakuto and his armed men are inside, and step out. Ward insists that it's for the best, but Joy figures that Ward is a monster. When Ward tells Bakuto that he's screwing everything up, Bakuto punches him in the chest and tells him to control his passion. The Hand agents shoot down Harold's security men when they go for their guns, and Bakuto asks everyone to sit down.

Bakuto asks Ward to stop the transfer of his money, and Ward reluctantly does so. Meanwhile, Bakuto explains that Ward is giving him access to Rand in return for killing Harold. Ward stops the transfer and Bakuto tells him to stay with Joy. The Hand agents prepare to cut off Harold's head and restrain Joy when she tries to interfere. Ward asks Bakuto not to kill Harold in front of Joy, and Bakuto asks for his phone. Once Ward hands it over, Bakuto makes a call.

At the dojo, Danny treats Colleen's wounds He assures her that she fell for Bakuto's lies because she's human, and figures she should move to a hotel because it's not safe there. Colleen refuses to hide and wants Bakuto dead. As Davos says that they're losing focus, Bakuto calls Danny's phone and sends him video of his captives. He shoots Joy in the side, and Ward goes to put pressure on the wound. Bakuto says that if they get Joy to the hospital in thirty minutes, she'll be okay. However, if Danny isn't there in a half-hour, he'll kill them all.

Danny prepares to go, and Davos says that he's not going. He figures there's no reason to care about the Meachums, and says that they'll take Bakuto down once he leaves the penthouse. Danny refuses, telling Davos that he doesn't tell him what to do, and leaves.

Twenty eight minutes later, Bakuto gives Joy something for the pain. Joy doesn't believe that Danny would abandon them, Time runs out and Bakuto prepares to decapitate Harold. He asks if Harold has any last words, and Harold apologizes to Joy for choosing a failure like Ward over her. He tells her to never trust Ward again, and says that he loves her. Harold then tells Bakuto that he's ready.

Danny comes in and tells Bakuto to stop, and Harold goes to Joy. Danny goes to her as well and Bakuto says that once they leave, Joy will get medical attention. Bakuto insists on putting handcuffs on Danny, and then tells Ward that now he knows how to get rid of Harold for good. Danny realizes that Ward set the whole thing up, Harold tells Joy that Danny is making a noble sacrifice for them, and says that he'll get her to the hospital.

As they take the elevator down, Danny wonders why Bakuto wants the Fist. Bakuto explains that there's someone in the Hand that wants to work with Danny. He assures Danny that he'll help him become what he was meant to be. They reach the lobby, and Danny summons the Fist. He shatters the handcuffs and turns to punch Bakuto, but the Fist fades.

Colleen and Davos step out and take on the Hand agents. Danny knocks Bakuto back and knocks out one agent, and Bakuto admits that he can't kill Danny but will do what it takes to subdue him. Colleen blocks a sword with her arm, and Danny knocks Bakuto back to try to get to her. Meanwhile, Davos kills his opponent and Colleen finishes off hers.

Bakuto runs out, and Danny and Colleen go after him. After a moment, Davos follows them as well. Bakuto runs into a nearby train station and turns to face them. He dismisses Colleen as a betrayer, She insists on fighting him alone, student versus sensei. They fight and he cuts the tip off of her sword, but she kicks it into his leg. Davos stops Danny from interfering, and Colleen finally stabs Bakuto in the chest. Bakuto collapses but Colleen refuses to kill him because it will make them no better than them. She figures that they should call the police, and Bakuto asks Danny if he wants to be an assassin.

Davos steps forward and kills Bakuto, and tells Danny that his duty is to kill the Hand. He figures that Danny couldn't do it because he isn't a warrior but a failure. Danny attacks him and Davos knocks him down, and Danny figures that it's because he left Davos. They continue fighting and Danny finally takes Davos down. He tells Davos to yield, but Davos renews his attack and Danny knocks him down, his hand around his throat. He summons the Fist and says that he was selfish for leaving, but he's learned that the Fist isn't for just K'un-Lun. Danny says that he's the Iron Fist, then lets the Fist fade. Davos gets up and Danny wishes that he could understand. His former friend says that he never will, and that the pass is open to K'un-Lun and no one is guarding it. Davos warns that there will be consequences and walks away.

Danny and Colleen turn to Bakuto's body, and realize that it's gone. They figure that the Hand operatives took it, and Danny points out that Harold came back from the dead.

The next morning, Harold and Ward take Joy to the hospital. The doctors take her away and Harold goes to the ER. He looks at the sick people with disgust, and then tells Ward that he thought of how he turned against his father. Harold admits that it took a lot of balls to kill Ward again, and it's time to take back control of Rand. When Ward wonders about Danny, Harold says that he's served his purpose. Danny calls Harold and says that they took care of Bakuto, and Harold tells him to get some rest. He confirms that Danny is at the dojo with Colleen, and Harold thanks him for freeing his family.

As Danny and Colleen go into the dojo, Danny admits that he didn't know if the Fist would work or not. He says that he thought he could find a new family in K'un-Lun, and then with the Meachums. Danny doesn't want the same thing to happen with Colleen. Colleen says that she feels the same and they kiss before going upstairs.

Later, Colleen wakes up when she hears music. Danny is in the dojo performing a kata to the music, and Colleen joins him. Ward texts to tell them to get out because they're coming for Danny and Harold has set him up. Danny goes to the window and sees soldiers moving in, and he and Colleen attack the solders as they break in. They take out the first wave and realize that they're DEA agents. Danny and Colleen run outside and down the street.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2017

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