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Heroes Rise: How the Riddler Got His Name Recap

Professor Dyson enters his lab, and Edward is waiting for him. Edward tells him that the building is empty and there's no one to help, and recites a riddle. Dyson has no idea what the riddle is, and Edward is furious that Dyson doesn't know. He gets hold of himself and apologizes, then ties Dyson up and recites another riddle. Dyson doesn't get that one right, either, and Edward notes that none of the others did very well, either. He lights up a Bunsen burner and says that the others were an artist, a writer, and a philosopher. Edward explains that they were the intellects of Gotham, and that his best friend recently said that there was no Edward without him. He insists that he knows who he is, but doesn't know how to be him. He asks another riddle and Dyson doesn't know that. Edward then turns on the gas and walks out of the building. A minute later, there's a huge explosion as the gas ignites.

The Bruce clone recites to Kathryn what happened when "his" parents were killed. Kathryn assures him that he is Bruce Wayne and calls Frank to say that they're ready. Frank says that he knows what to do if Jim doesn't accept his offer. Once he hangs up, he looks out the window of his hunting lodge to where Jim is pulling up in his car. Kathryn then has the clone start reciting Alfred's history.

Edward reads the newspaper, takes a drug to begin hallucinating, and sees Oswald there. Oswald wonders how long the public will buy Edward's show of grief, and asks how many people Edward has killed. Edward insists that they all fit the profile but failed, Oswald suggests that he give up the riddles, but Edward insists that they will show him the person that can teach him to be a villain. When Oswald says that he didn't have anyone help him, Edward reconsiders and figures that he needs an enemy rather than a teacher... and he knows the perfect man: Jim Gordon.

At the station, Lucius tells Harvey that six members of the intellectual elite have died in strange accidents. Dyson was an old professor of Lucius', and Lucius insists that Harvey should look at it. Harvey tells him that he doesn't have the resources, and Jim is on R&R after all he's been through. A singing messenger comes in and recites a riddle about how six masters have passed and they key to saving them is on a card. The card has a pattern on it, and Lucius figures the killer is sending Jim a clue. He realizes that it's a drawing of the Knight's Tour, and leads Harvey off.

Edward goes to the Knight's Tour, a chess exhibit. He takes the drug and hallucinates Oswald, and tells him that it's going to be electrifying. Devices beneath each chessboard activate, and Oswald says that they should discuss the real reason Edward is killing people. He warns that Jim can't help Edward, and Edward should face the truth. The hallucination disappears, and Harvey and Lucius come in. Edward sees Lucius as Harvey tells the tournament organizer that they need to evacuate the building. Smiling, Edward triggers his remote and electrocutes one player. When Harvey orders everyone out, another board electrifies a player. Harvey tells them all to freeze and Edward walks out.

Jim asks Frank where he's been since Jim was a kid, and Frank admits that he's done lots of terrible things. The worst was breaking from Jim's father Peter, and Frank came back to Gotham to make things right between them.

Alfred trains Bruce in knife throwing, and figures that Selina is weighing on Bruce's mind. Bruce insists that he isn't, and Alfred shows him a note that Selina left him asking for a meeting. After a moment, Bruce refuses, saying it will take more than a note for him to meet with Selina.

Lucius examines the chessboards and finds numbers on the pieces of the chess pieces. He dials the number and Edward answers, saying that Jim isn't there. Edward says that his victims failed his test, and if Lucius doesn't accept his test then he and others will die. He recites a riddle and tells Lucius to answer it, and then hangs up.

The next day, Frank takes Jim out hunting. Jim misses and says that he did so on purpose, just to make sure his gun works. He demands to know what happened between Frank and Peter, and Frank explains that the Court of Owls is a secret society started by Gotham's oldest and most esteemed families. They were dedicated to balance, but became corrupted. Frank and Peter were both members, and Frank still is a member. He tells Jim that the Court wants him to be a member.

Harvey and Lucius question Winston Peters, explaining that they got a tip about a pawn on Queens. Winston works at a pawnshop on Queens, and they figure that he's involved. When Winston doesn't answer, Harvey tells Lucius to hit him. Lucius suggests that they focus on the second half of the clue, which mentioned the "belly of the beast." Winston says that he was covering for the owner's cousin, Teddy Therio, and Lucius remembers that "Therio" is Greek for "beast." He and Harvey head out.

At the manor, Bruce visits Alfred in the kitchen. Alfred talks about a relationship he had with a woman, Sylvia, and they never got closure. He suggests that Selina is offering the opportunity for closure and Bruce should take it, and Bruce finally agrees.

Lucius confirms that Therio isn't at his apartment, and Harvey wonders where his missing badge is. He tells Lucius to put out a city-wide BOLO while he goes to a police academy graduation.

Oswald mocks Edward and says that he's making a mistake. Edward insists that it's a way forward, but Oswald tells him to admit that he's lost without him. When Edward refuses, Oswald performs a musical number to get him to confess. Edward finally admits that killing Oswald killed a part of him, but he will find a way forward no matter the cost. Oswald insists that there is no Edward Nygma without the Penguin.

Lee shows Lucius Therio's corpse and explains that he was beaten to death but there is an incision in his abdomen. Lucius figures that there's something in the stupid, and Lee starts cutting the corpse open. As she works, she explains that she worked at Arkham and the patients there just wanted to figure out who they were and didn't take a logical route. Harvey's missing badge is inside of the body, and Lucius realizes that he knows who the next target is.

At the graduation hall, Harvey rehearses his speech backstage. Edward comes in and says that he's there to address the graduating class in Oswald's absence. Harvey refuses to let a cop killer speak, and Lucius

Bruce meets Selina where she requested but she doesn't show up. Sonny and two of his men are nearby, and Bruce goes over to ask if they've seen Selina. As they start frisking him for money, Selina arrives and tells Sonny to back off. Bruce says that he's there to see her, and Selina says that she has business with Sonny. He warns her that she can't trust Sonny, and explains that she was trying to protect Selina from her mother. Unimpressed, Selina says that she can take care of herself and starts to walk away. Bruce asks why she invited him there, and Selina says that she didn't leave any note. Sonny and his men then start beating Bruce. Bruce gets back up and takes them down.

Edward addresses the cadets and says that Harvey is tied up. He asks them a riddle, and none of them answer. He activates gas bombs, puts on a mask, and laughs manically.

Lucius arrives outside the graduation hall and finds another messenger waiting for him. She asks if he's "Foxy," and calls Edward's number. Lucius knows that Edward is the only one who calls him Foxy, and Edward says that he's filled the graduation hall with a deadly toxin. Lucius will have to come up alone and play a game with him for the antidote, and Lucius agrees.

A gagged Harvey is tied up on the edge of the balcony, and Lucius arrives. He demands that Edward let Harvey speak, and Harvey tells him not to play Edward's game. Lucius tells Edward to begin, and Edward explains that he'll ask three riddles. For every riddle Lucius gets wrong, Edward will cut one of the three ropes supporting Harvey... and Harvey has the antidote around his neck. If Lucius gets at least one riddle right, everyone will live.

Lucius fails to answer the first riddle, and Edward cuts one rope. He asks the second riddle and Lucius fails to answer that one correctly as well. Edward figures that Oswald was right and he's the only one, but then insists that Lucius isn't a good enough enemy. He then asks the third riddle. Lucius asks Edward if he killed Oswald, and Edward repeats his riddle. His opponent gets the right answer, but the third rope breaks and Harvey falls. Lucius grabs him, and Edward walks off.

Bruce checks himself in some broken glass, and the clone comes up behind him. He asks how things went with Selina, and Bruce realizes that the clone sent the note. The clone injects him with knockout drugs and Bruce passes out. As Bruce collapses, the clone says that it is what he was made for... to be Bruce Wayne.

Back at the lodge, Jim wonders how his father could have been part of the Court. Frank explains that they thought that they could do good, but now he wants to destroy the Court. Peter saw through the Court's lies, and Frank didn't believe him until the Court killed him in a car "accident." Jim demands to know where he was when he and his mother needed him, and Frank explains that the Court sent him overseas to prove his loyalty. Now Jim has been asked to join the Court and he can help Frank destroy them from within. Jim wonders why he should trust him, and Frank tells him that he has to believe in something.

Alfred is sitting at home when the clone comes in posing as Bruce. He says that Selina is Selina, and Alfred offers him some shepherd's pie. The clone says that it sounds delicious, and Alfred goes to get it.

The police break into Edward's home, but there's no sign of Edward. The only thing they find is a painting with a green question mark painted on it.

As Lucius gets into his car, Edward sits up in the back seat, gun drawn. Lucius points out that the supposed deadly toxin was knockout gas, and Edward explains that the point was to get Lucius to play his game. When Lucius wonders why Edward kill Oswald, Dyson and the others, Edward explains that he's always felt that there was someone stronger and smarter inside of him, someone that people would fear. No one saw that except Oswald, and Edward killed him because Oswald killed the woman he loved. Now Edward knows how to be that person, and Lucius helped him. After he thanks Lucius, Lucius points out that he killed seven people. He tells him that he needs help and advises him to turn himself in. Edward is disappointed that his actions seem mad to people, and says that he just killed the best friend that he ever had. He was trying to hold onto Oswald for a little longer, but now he knows without Oswald that he's the Riddler. With that, he knocks Lucius out and laughs.

The next morning, Edward goes to the docks where he shot Oswald. "Oswald" appears next to him, and Edward says that he cared about him and misses something. He admits that he knows the GCPD is looking for him, and Oswald tells him that no one will be afraid of "the Riddler." Edward says that they will be and drops his pills into the water. When he turns back, Oswald is gone. Edward says goodbye to Oswald and walks away.

Ivy is tending to the plants in her greenhouse. She hears Oswald moaning and greets him as he wakes up. Ivy explains that she pulled Oswald out of the river and has been nursing him back to health for weeks, and Oswald smiles as he remembers that there's someone he needs to kill.

Jim returns from gathering firewood and discovers that Frank is gone. He's let a photo of himself, Peter, and a young Jim. Frank has written a plea on the back for Jim to help him in Peter's memory.

Frank tells Kathryn that Jim's interest is piqued but convincing him will take time. When Kathryn warns that they don't have time, Frank assures her that he won't let her done. She says that the clone is in place and Bruce should be waking up as they speak.

Bruce wakes up in a cell. He goes to the barred window and looks out at a snow-covered mountain.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2017

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