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Brockman Turner Overdrive Recap

Angie and Jay arrive at the crime scene and Monica warns that there are bodies everywhere. A sedan slammed into a truck was transporting cadavers to the medical school and a latch on the door broke. The officers question the driver, Piedmont, who says that someone driving a fancy car ran a red light and slammed into his truck. He didn't get a look at the driver, and Angie and Jay head back to the station.

At the station, Angie and Jay warn Pritkin that his sweat and hairstyle aren't good. Angie explains about the hit-and-run and they figure that it was a test drive gone wrong. Pritkin tells Jay that his application for the lieutenant's program was approved. Once they're back in their car, Jay tells Angie that he was going to tell her, and he's not even sure if he's going to do it. She insists that it's fine, and Jay says that he's thinking of their future. Angie pulls over to get tacos, and even the drive-thru operator thinks Angie sounds weird.

Later, the officers go to check out a new car lot. Dr. Edelweiss is working there, and they explains why they're there. Edelweiss goes to talk to his manager, and Angie complains briefly about Jay looking for a car for his lieutenant gear. She tells him to drop it, and Edelweiss comes back and says that maybe somebody did take a car for a test drive and didn't come back. He goes to talk to his manager to get more information.

At the morgue, Monica is placing bets with her bookie when Danny comes in. She claims that she was talking to the DNA lab, but Danny knows better. He understands that she's taking her break-up with Giles hard, because he's been there, and says that he's there for her. He immediately asks if she got any prints off the hit-and-run vehicle.

Jay and Angie wonder if they should go to another dealership. Danny calls to tell them that they have a match on the prints. The driver was a USWC star athlete, Aaron McLaren. Edelweiss comes back and says that his manager has authorized him to tell them that the driver's first name was Aaron.

Angie and Jay go to the gym and ask for Aaron, and find him out on the court. Aaron is playing badminton, and he immediately says that he doesn't own a car. Athletic director Arnold Wafer runs up and say that it's a private practice, and tells them to direct any questions to the office of the dean. Angie questions Aaron anyway, and Arnold tells them to run two laps.

That night, Pritkin meets with his date Beth Wiedner. He gets a call from the office and tells DA Melanie Burke at the next table that they have a suspect in the hit-and-run. Melanie comes over and discusses the case with Pritkin. She figures that Aaron is untouchable because of his status as a badminton player in LA, and invites them up to her condo.

The next day, Pritkin tells Angie and Jay that they can't go after a college athlete. Angie insists that Aaron broke the law, and Pritkin tells them to bring him in and let Danny work him over. They end up calling him to make sure the press doesn't learn about the case, and Jay suggests that Aaron confess and work out a deal. Aaron denies the case in great detail, but Danny shakes the phone and tells Aaron to talk. Jay plays good cop and tells Aaron to put his ego aside, but Aaron says that he never will. Pritkin comes in to tell them that Piedmont isn't pressing charges.

Angie goes to see the precinct therapist, and bumps into Monica coming out. Monica claims that her brother died, and the therapist Dr. Morrell yells at her to call if she needs help with her gambling problem. Once the ME leaves, Angie goes in and tells Morrell that her committed relationship is making her feel uncomfortable. Morrell figures there are a lot of things that separate her from Jay, and Angie is just start realizing it. Angie isn't impressed and collects some antidepressant samples before she goes.

Jay and Danny visit Piedmont at the hospital and ask why he changed his mind about the changes. A deliveryman brings in a new TV and puts it next to the other gifts, and Danny wonders if the university talked to Piedmont about dropping the charges.

At the station, Danny and Jay tell Pritkin that the school got to Piedmont. Angie suggests that they charge Aaron with fleeing the scene and see if shakes something loose. Pritkin warns that they're on thin ice, and Jay suggests that they let it go. Angie objects and asks Pritkin if he's going to play it safe. Pritkin warns that the DA will have his ass if he agrees, and Marnie comes in to say do it.

The trial soon begins and people are in an uproar. Aaron arrives at the courthouse, and Angie arrives next. She tells the newscaster that she's just looking to have a good time, and steps up to the glam cam. In the courtroom, Danny's cousin the bailiff gets the officers seats, and Judge Gruff calls the trial to order. Gruff reds the charges to Aaron, who pleads not guilty. The police present the case and Hoffman does the sketching.

Marnie finally calls Jay to the stand and asks him of Aaron fled the scene of the crime. Jay hesitates and then says that he couldn't have fled the scene because he's slow on the court and off. Aaron ignores his lawyer and describes how fast he got away from the crime scene. Marnie motions that the court move to sentencing and Gruff agrees. The bailiffs take Aaron away, and Jay tells Angie that he knew Aaron would crack. She suggests that they get a beer and Jay agrees until he makes real lieutenant.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2017

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