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Dragon Plays with Fire Recap

At the penthouse, Harold checks himself in the mirror and listens to newscasts about how Danny is rumored to be moving drugs through Rand and the DEA is hunting him. He then drives to Rand and takes the elevator to his old office.

Ward is meeting with Jeri, telling her that he knows the charges against Danny are false. He says that he wants to help Danny, and Jeri warns that Danny's life is in danger since he attacked the DEA agents. Meanwhile, Harold comes in and says hellos to Ward and Jeri. Jeri warns that Harold faking his death for years fraud, and he asks her to leave so that he can speak with Ward. Once Jeri leaves, Harold says that it's the time for him to reenter the world and stores the tablet in a hidden safe. He explains his plan to explain his resurrection and tells Ward that he can either come onboard or it's just Harold and Joy running the company. As for Danny, he's now a drug smuggler. Harold figures that they can sell the synthetic heroin and Bakuto's cure, and admits that he's been messing with Danny for years.

In the park, Danny hides in the bushes and avoids the police. Colleen comes up on him and shows him a Bulletin article about how Danny is wanted by the DEA. She's bought him some sneakers and Danny reads the article. He wonders why Harold is framing him, and finally asks Colleen how she's doing. Colleen admits that it's been overwhelming, and Danny says that they should find out what evidence the DEA has against him and figure out a way to refute it. He wants to contact Jeri, but Colleen suggests that they use a messenger.

Jeri is going into her office when Claire approaches her and gives her a note from Danny. She offers to take Jeri to Danny, and Jeri accepts. They go to an alleyway and Jeri admits that Danny shouldn't turn himself in because he'll sit in a jail cell for up to a year before he ever goes to trial. She warns Danny and Colleen that the DEA considers them both unarmed and dangerous, and shows them the evidence the DEA has given her. The documents are from the Hand but Danny realizes that they've been changed, and figures Harold is responsible. Jeri says that Harold is at Rand in Ward's office, and Danny admits that the original tablet is in Harold's possession. She suggests that he ever go back to K'-un-Lun, turn himself in, or prove his innocence. The documents are digital, and Danny realizes who else might have the original file.

Danny and Colleen go to the Hand compound and discover that it's deserted except for Gao. She's still in her cell, and says that she's been waiting for Danny. Danny asks for the tablet, and figures Gao has it. She says that she doesn't, and they go in. Gao tells Danny that he is a poor Iron Fist since his chi is polluted with guilt because he lived and his parents died. She figures that's why he left K'-un-Lun, to avenge his parents. Gao tells Danny that he knows she didn't kill his parents, and the person who did is much more treacherous than her. She claims that she tried to talk the killer out of murdering Danny's parents because it would draw too much attention to them. Danny realizes that Harold had his parent skilled, The Hand offered him his life in return for his setting up their heroin operation in Chia. When Wendell found out, Harold feared that he would ruin everything and asked Gao for poison. Gao tells Danny that he will only gain the strength of an Iron Fist after he kills Harold, She warns that Danny has two choices, and no one has come back from making the second one. Colleen and Danny leave Gao there.

Back in the alley, Danny realizes that Harold has been lying to him all along. He describes how he imagined his mother somehow survived the crash but he could never leave K'un-Lun to find her. Danny wants to make Harold pay for what he's done, and Claire warns him that he can't win against something that happened fifteen years ago, and warns him that killing Harold won't help. Colleen agrees, saying that she was glad that Davos killed Bakuto instead of her because otherwise she would have spent the rest of her life wondering if she killed Bakuto for the wrong reason. She warns that if Danny kills Harold then it will corrupt his chi and he'll never be the Iron Fist he was meant to be... so she'll kill Harold for Danny. Claire suggests that they give the tablet, and Colleen figures that Ward can help them.

Ward visits Joy in her hospital room and insists that he was trying to protect her. He insists that the thing wearing Harold's body is dangerous, but Joy doesn't believe it. Ward offers to take her to where he hid the two dead men that Harold had him hide, but Joy refuses to go with him. Joy points out that he lied to him about the drug abuse, and Ward admits that he's a liar but he's not lying about Harold. He shows her the article about Danny.

That night, Ward meets with Danny in response to Danny's text. He tells him where the tablet is, and Danny asks Ward to get rid of Harold while he takes care of the rest. Danny wonders why Ward is helping him, and Ward says that he wants Harold put away as much as he wants to. When Danny explains that Harold had his parents killed, he stares up at the sky for a moment and then tells Ward that he's going to put an end to Harold.

Joy comes to see Harold at Rand and says that she came to talk. She wonders why Harold framed Danny, and Harold claims that he withheld certain documents from her. He says that he gave the files to the DEA, but Joy doesn't believe him and demands to see them. She realizes that Harold framed him, and Harold insists that Danny won't stop until he destroys their family. Joy demands the truth, and doesn't believe Harold when he claims that he's innocent. Furious, she walks out.

Ward pulls up in front of the building and sees Joy come out. She ignores him, gets into the car, and leaves. Ward goes to the front desk and takes the elevator up. Down the street, Danny, Colleen, and Claire wait in a car and Danny shows them a bag. He says that it has as much as Jeri could give him.

Ward goes upstairs and sees Howard's armed guards. He calls Danny and says that it can't be that night because of the guards. Harold knocks him out with his driver, and Danny realizes that Harold has found out. Claire wants to call the police, but Danny figures that they can't wait. He insists on going in and Colleen goes after him. After a moment, Claire goes to a nearby hot dog vendor and buys his cart from him with the money Jeri gave Danny. He agrees and Claire turns on the propane tanks, and then lights them off.

The Rand guards go to investigate and chase Claire, and Danny enters the lobby. He takes out the remaining guards and takes the elevator up. Colleen runs in, sees the armed guards waking up, and takes the service elevator.

As Harold drags Ward into his office, a guard tells him that Danny is there. Harold tells the guards that Danny isn't bulletproof and the gather at the elevator as Ward wakes up. Colleen comes in behind them, and Danny swings through the window using the Fist to shatter the glass. The guards attack and Colleen goes after them. Danny takes out the lights and takes cover as the guards fire at him. Meanwhile, Harold opens the safe to get the tablet.

Colleen takes out her guards and prepares to attack Harold from behind. Danny sees her as Harold turns and aims at her before she can strike. Jumping over the table he's using as cover, Danny slams the Fist into the floor and the shock wave knocks everyone else down. Harold recovers and runs for the roof, and Danny confirms that Colleen is okay before going after Harold. Ward gets the tablet from the safe and once Colleen sees it, she goes after Danny.

When Danny reaches the roof, Harold shoots at him and hits his hand. As Danny binds the wound, Harold talks about the last time he was there, he was with Wendell before the building was opened. He wishes that he had killed Wendell then before Danny was born, Danny attacks and knocks Harold down, and then runs off. Harold follows the blood trail and insists that Danny destroyed his family. Danny yells that Harold destroyed both their families, and Harold rants about how Danny turned his children against him and now vengeance is the only thing he's interested in.

Danny drops down and knocks the gun out of Harold's hand, and prepares to punch him dead. Harold figures that Danny won't go where he goes, knocks Danny off, and grabs a pipe. He finally takes down, and Danny's life flashes before his eyes. He attacks Harold, knocking him back onto a piece of pipe that impales Harold through the chest. Harold tells Danny to finish him off, and Danny remembers facing the Dragon. He tells Harold that the battle is won and he's through with him, and he's wasted too many years hating whatever Harold is.

As Danny turns to walk away, Harold pulls himself free and grabs his gun. Colleen and Ward arrive and Colleen shouts a warning, and Danny deflects the bullet with the Fist. Ward shoots Harold, who falls over the edge,

The next day, Danny and Ward go to a crematorium to make sure Harold is disposed of. Ward thanks Danny for being there with him and admits that he hasn't heard from Joy. Jeri comes in and tells them that the DEA has agreed to drop all charges against Danny. Ward suggests that Danny help him run the company, but Danny admits that he's not much of a businessman. His friend wonders who he'll blame for his failures now, and Danny says that he understands.

Later at the dojo, Claire and Colleen are sparring as Danny comes in with pizza. He suggests that Colleen could get Rand to sort out some kind of a scholarship, and he plans to go back to K'un-Lun and explain to Lei Kung why he left... and to complete his training. Claire tells them that they both respond to problems with violence and need some psychological help, and then leaves. Once they're alone, Danny tells Colleen that he thinks that he can be more than a weapon. He asks Colleen to come with him to K'un-Lun and she hugs him.

Ward returns to his office and looks at the paintings of himself and Danny that have replaced the ones of Harold and Wendell. He goes into his office and looks at his father's painting.

Davos meets with Joy and tells her that Danny destroys everything that he touches. He points out that her world was destroyed after Danny returned, and says that the only chance of her getting her old life back is to have Danny killed... and offers to help her. Joy tells him to continue talking. Behind them, Gao secretly sits and listens.

Danny and Colleen climb to K'un-Lun and they find blood on the rocks. The bodies of Hand agents are nearby, and Danny and Colleen continue up the pass. K'un-Lun is gone and Danny figures that it's all his fault.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2017

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