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Wag the Tongue Slowly Recap

At the morgue, Ravi examines Blaine and confirms that he's healthy. However, he points out that none of Blaine's memories were restored by the serum he took the day before. Blaine figures that isn't a problem, and Ravi warns that there are a few more days--until Saturday morning-- to wait to see if the serum works. He tells Blaine to find someone to keep an eye on him just as Liv comes in. Blaine thanks her for coming to his show, and suggests that Ravi come there next time. Once Ravi leaves, Liv points out that Ravi had a drunken hate-bonk with Katty and then Peyton showed up and Ravi kissed her.

At a dental equipment supply office, Dentolco, the office gossip Cheryl Warren is talking about how Yolanda is having an affair with Dr. Klein. As she spreads more gossip, the fire alarm goes off. Cheryl finally goes with the others. A few minutes later, two employees Felicia and Jan are in the office and see Cheryl's feet beneath the stall door. When Cheryl doesn't respond, they look in and discover that Cheryl is dead.

Later at the morgue, Ravi and Liv are examining Cheryl's body as Clive looks on. He explains that she was single and the top salesperson at the office. Her yogurt was spiked with Utopium, which reacted with her anti-depressants and caused a fatal reaction. There was no suicide note and Cheryl had just planned a trip to Hawaii. The security camera picked up Cheryl removing the yogurt from the freezer and taking it directly to her desk to eat, but was interrupted by a fire alarm that went off 15 minutes later. they figure a co-worker pulled the alarm as a diversion and poisoned the yogurt. Clive goes to bring in the fifth-floor employees while Liv cuts up Cheryl's brain and consumes it.

Major is at home playing video games with Ravi and waiting for Fillmore Graves to call him in. Ravi suggests that he go with him because he has nothing else to live for, and Major bursts into a coughing fit. He recovers with the help of an inhaler, and Ravi says that he thinks that it's time. Major agrees and Ravi has Liv bring them the cure. He gives it to Major and tells him to keep it close at all times. Meanwhile, Liv gossips about Peyton and Blaine to Ravi.

Blaine visits Peyton in her office and asks what she's doing until Saturday morning.

The next day at the station, Clive shows Liv the latest on the Tuttle-Reid murders. Liv is watching Cavanaugh and Devote talking, and wonders what they're talking aboard. Clive tries to get her to focus on the case, and a uni tells Clive that Felicia, the head of HR at Dentolco, is there. They question her and Felicia says that Cheryl was a huge gossip. If she wasn't such a tremendous saleswoman, they would have let her go a long time ago. Cheryl received dozens of reprimands from HR, and Felicia shows them to Clive and Liv.

Next, Clive calls in Jim Davies, who worked next to Cheryl for the past five years. Cheryl spread gossip about Jim's affair with a dental hygienist named Todd. Jim's wife found out about it, divorced Jim, and moved to Virginia Beach. Jim insists that he was relieved to no longer be living a lie, but Clive points out that he was in the perfect position to spike the yogurt. When Jim says that the last employee at the gathering spot was Pete Aboud, Clive calls in Pete. He says that he was on a phone call, and Liv points out that he was caught taking Cheryl's food. Pete only ate one piece of Cheryl's string cheese, but she made such a fuss that he kept doing it. Georgina Galleano at Birdside Dental Associates called him about a major sale but backed out after a ten-minute call. Meanwhile, Liv wondering if Cavanaugh has been working out.

Ravi lies on the couch and plays video games, and finally tells Major that Peyton defended Blaine for not wanting to take the memory serum. Blaine texts Major to let him know that he got a brain order from Osborne Oates, the guy who brought Natalie out of Max Rager. Major asks Ravi if he wants to come with him, but Ravi refuses until Major points out that he doesn't need to wear pants.

Clive interviews Vicky Ernst, who Cheryl outed for abusing the company sick leave policy. It cost her a promotion, and no one has been able to place Vicky after the fire alarm went off. Vicky says that she was in the bathroom alone, and saw Jim running for the stairs. She followed him out and Rhonda Diaz saw them there. They then interview Rhonda, who confirms that she was at the coffee shop just before the alarm went off. She saw Jim and Vicky get at the gathering spot, first, and Clive says that Cheryl learned that Rhonda was a former porn star and she emailed her filmography to the other employees. A uni tells Clive something, and Clive says that they need to bring Pete back in.

Major and Ravi watch Osborne's home and Major figures that Natalie is in a second location that Osborne will lead them to. They'll attach a GPS tracking device to his car and follow him there. Ravi points out that the car is behind a gate, but Major figures that they'll work something out.

Liv returns home and gossips to Peyton about how mopey Ravi is. Blaine comes in holding cocktails, and Peyton explains that she's keeping an eye on Blaine in case he dies. She asks if it's okay that Blaine stays there, and Liv agrees.

That night, Ravi dozes off in the car. Osborne finally comes out and Major wakes Ravi. Osborne drives off and Major follows him. He pulls away but when they round the next bend, They see a car up ahead and pull over. A man comes over and orders Major and Ravi out at gunpoint. He checks their IDs and tells Major that if they ever see him again then he'll kill him. He then beats Major and drives off. Once he's gone, Major gets up and chuckles, and tells Ravi that he slipped the tracking device into the man's pocket. Ravi tells Major that he's not responsible for Natalie, and warns that they're dealing with people who know how to eliminate zombies. Major agrees to stay away and they go back to the car.

The next day, Major follows the man anyway to an apartment building..

At the morgue, Liv gossips to Ravi about Peyton and Blaine. Ravi tries to focus on his work, and Clive comes in and says that the person Pete claimed to talk to doesn't exist. He's going to review the sales calls to see who Pete was talking to, and gives Liv a binder of all the company cell phone texts so she can go through them.

That night, Clive plays Pete's mystery call for Liv. As Georgina talks to Pete, they hear the fire alarm go off in the background. It sounds like Georgina is trying to keep Pete on the line. Liv finds a text from Jim to Vicky a minute before the alarm went off. They bring Vicky in and show her the call, which was a single exclamation mark. Next, Jim comes in and Clive asks him what it was about. He claims that it was a butt dial,

Later, Clive calls Liv and admits that he hasn't figured out how to Jim and Vicky poisoned the yogurt and were the first out of the building. As Cavanaugh and Devore go into an office and close the blinds, Liv gets a vision of Cheryl watching one of Rhonda's pornos where she plays an Italian detective. She tells Clive what she saw and says that she'll call him back, and then tells Ravi that they need to find the porno from the list. Ravi agrees to help, and says that he believe sin justice.

At the funeral home, Peyton tries out one of the coffins. Blaine worries what will happen if he gets his memories back and he doesn't want to see them, and Peyton assures him that he'll find some good memories. He doesn't believe it, but Peyton suggests that he'll be the new and improved version.

Back at Peyton's apartment, Peyton and Blaine are making supper when Liv comes in. Blaine goes to the bathroom and Peyton tells Liv that Blaine hasn't remembered anything yet. Liv wonders if Peyton is losing sight of the big picture.

The next day, Ravi tells Clive and Liv that he found the film. He compares Georgina's voice to Rhonda's and confirms that they match. Clive says that they need blueprints for the building.

Later, Clive calls in Vicky, Jim, and Rhonda. He points out that they all had solid alibis, but he finally worked out how it happened. Jim sent Vicky an exclamation mark text, and she pulled the fire alarm. After that, Jim led everyone out. Cheryl followed everyone out and Rhonda called to set Pete up. Jim slipped the Utopium into Cheryl's yogurt and then took the freight elevator down with Vicky. They got down first, letting them get to the gathering spot first. They all wanted revenge on Cheryl for ruining their lives, and Clive individually suggests that they confess. Jim, Vicky, and Rhonda, admit that they were all in on it but didn’t think that Cheryl would die. They figure that Cheryl managed to screw them even worse after she died.

Major watches the apartment and sees Natalie on an upper balcony. He goes through the lobby, avoiding the doorman, and goes to the upper floor. Major knocks at the door as security arrives, and Natalie opens the door. She asks why he came there, and Major says that he planned to save her. Natalie pulls him in and closes the door, and says that people will hunt her down. She tells Major to run and that he has no idea what he'll do if he finds Major there. Major says that he has a good idea, and Natalie tells him that she'll figure a way out of her situation. A car pulls up out front, and Major gives Natalie his dose of the antidote. He explains that her memories will start to fade and she will eventually start life as a new person, and Natalie contemplates whether to take it.

Peyton tells Blaine that by the next morning he'll be in the clear. She admits that she's gotten used to Liv and Major being zombies, but it's not her life. Peyton wonders if they wake up and the original Blaine is back, and says that she doesn't want to waste the opportunity if it's the last night with "her" Blaine. They kiss and Blaine agrees. However, he stops and wonders if they should wait. Peyton agrees, figuring that she'd hate herself if Blaine reverted to normal.

Major gets called on a mission and flies out with the other Fillmore mercenaries.

Liv finds a post from one of the zombie haters on the bulletin board. It's Harley Johns, whose online signature links to a local gun range. They bring it up and discover that it has a zombie apocalypse special.

Blaine wakes up and finds Peyton waiting nervously. He tells her that he doesn't have his memories back, and Peyton leads him to her bedroom.

Clive and Liv go to the gun range and find Harley there. They ask him about his claim that he lived next door to a family of zombies, and Harley tells them that he was with his family on a picnic. He explains that he doesn't know if the dead people were zombies or not, but insists that there are zombies in Seattle. His brother Dave showed him a photo of a zombie, and took it with him to the grave when he was killed in the Max Rager massacre. As they go, Liv points out that Dave was the lab technician whose severed arm they used to access the basement. Harley calls to them and says that he can't murder what isn't alive so it's none of Clive's concern.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 26, 2017

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