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Ace Reporter Recap

Supergirl arrives at the DOA and the team tells her that there is absolutely nothing going on. They take off on their errands and Supergirl wonders what she should do.

Later, Kara is at home cooking without much luck. Again. Lena arrives and Kara admits that it's no longer fun being unemployed. Her friend finally says that there's a press conference for Spheerical Industries next big thing, and she and their CEO, Jack Spheer, used to be close. They worked together for five years ago with a startup, and were romantically involved for two years. Jack invited Lena to the press conference, and Kara realizes that Lena wants her there for moral support.

The two women arrive at the press conference for the new program, Biomax, and Kara bumps into Snapper. She says that she's just there with her friend, and they snipe at each other. Jack comes out and says that his company is going to propel them into the future. He introduces Beth Breen, his CEO, and then cuts his hand on a monitor. Jack then releases a group of nanites, which heal his wound. Lena realizes that Jack has finally cracked the code. He looks out at the audience and sees Lena, then talks about how the nanites are the fourth medical miracles and they're unleashing them across National City.

Kara asks the first question, and Snapper interrupts her. She interrupts him back and Jack assures her that he's not violating any FDA guidelines.

Afterward at the reception, Jack approaches Lena. They awkwardly hug and Lena introduces Kara. Kara excuses herself and bumps into a man, Joe Watkins. He says that he knows Jack and has some information on him, and tells her to meet him at a parking lot that night. Meanwhile, Lena asks how Jack finally cracked the code, and he says that he'll tell her at dinner. Beth comes up and says that Jack should spend some time with the shareholders, and Lena quickly excuses herself.

That night, Guardian fights and subdues a thug, and runs off as the police approach. He gets into the van and finds Winn with Lyra. She knows that James is Guardian and says that she's there to fight crime. Winn asks her to give them some privacy, and once Lyra leaves James says that she's not working with her. Despite his objections, James finally gives in.

Kara arrives at the parking lot and Joe explains that he was fired from Spheerical a month ago. He thinks that the human test results were faked... and the car explodes. Kara survives the explosion unharmed but Joe is killed.

The next day, Kara visits James at CatCo and asks him to fill a FOI request. He figures that the government will respond faster to CatCo then to her. As James agrees, Snapper comes in and says that he has a lead on Spheerical. He sees Kara and points out that he fired her, and James says that Kara can visit any time she wants as his friend and he's going to file the request. Snapper warns that it's a conflict of interest and Kara tells James to drop it, but warns Snapper that she'll be back. As she leaves, she overhears Snapper telling James that he's meeting with the Spheerical human test subjects that night.

Jack sneaks into Lena's office past security and invites her to dinner again. She refuses again and Jack wonders why she's mad at him. Jack asks her if she has fun there, and points out that she had fun with him. He admits that he doesn't like how things ended with them, and Lena says that she didn't want to go. Jack tells her that he misses her, and asks to have dinner with her. Lena agrees after making sure that it's just dinner.

That night, Guardian goes after a man robbing a liquor store. He realizes that it's just a kid, and Lyra savagely attacks the thief. Guardian stops her and lets the robber go.

Snapper goes to the apartment of the test subject, Derrick Simpson. Supergirl is outside and watches with her x-ray vision. Meanwhile, nanites fly down the ventilation. Derrick tells Snapper that there were no tests, and sees the nanites fly in through the air grille. Supergirl flies in and pushes Snapper away, and the nanites consume Derrick in a matter of seconds. The heroine freezes the nanites momentarily and gets Snapper out, and the nanites thaw themselves and escape.

When Kara returns home, she tells Mon-El what happened and admits that she doesn't have any how idea how to stop them. Mon-El tells her that Lena called to say that she wanted Kara to talk her out of having dinner with Jack, and Kara tells Mon-El that they're going.

At the restaurant, Jack tells Lena that she looks stunning. Kara and Mon-El arrive and Kara introduces Mon-El to Jack. Jack says that Biomax is going well and Kara asks him if he conducted human trials. Lena asks Jack how he figured out the code, He says that he was inspired by a flight of starlings moving in sync, and he realized that he should have gone with Lena. Then he realized that he should make the nanites independent rather than linked to a central brain. The nanoswarm is linked to the Spheerical mainframe. Kara tries to ask another question, but Jack says that he's done and Lena tells her that she and Jack need to talk. Mon-El hugs Jack and says that they should get together. As he and Kara leave, Mon-El reveals that he stole Jack's security badge.

Jack and Lena go back to Lena's office and Jack apologizes for making her choose between L-Corp or him. Lena wonders what would have happened if she stayed, and Jack wonders what would have happened if he had made room for Lena and her family. He asks if he can still do that, and they kiss.

Kara and Mon-El sneak into Spheerical They enter Jack's office and Kara accesses the mainframe. She discovers that the files on human trials are empty. There is a video file of Jack performing the first trial on himself. Kara realizes that Jack is the killer and downloads the file onto a thumb drive.

In Lena's office, Jack suddenly says that he forgot something at the office and walks out.

As Kara downloads the file, the nanites arrive. She and Mon-el run as the nanites enter the room... and merge to become Jack.

The next day, Kara visits a distracted Lena. She apologizes about interrupting Lena's dinner date, and then explains that she's been investigating Jack. Kara warns that Biomax is dangerous and Jack is covering it up, and Lena insists that Jack would never hurt anyone. In response, Kara plays the video file and explains that Jack is using the nanoswarm to kill people. Lena asks Kara to hold back the story until she has a chance to talk to Jack. Kara warns Lena that Jack will kill her if she confronts him, and Lena promises not to see him. She says that she has some work to do and asks Kara to leave, and says that she understands that Kara was just doing her job.

Lyra meets Winn at the bar and gives her her favorite dessert. She realizes that he's trying too hard, and Winn tells her that she went too hard on the robber. Lyra says that she'll temper her ways the next time, and Winn finally tells her that he and James can't have her with them. Furious, Lyra figures that James hates her and is upset with Winn for agreeing with her, and orders him to leave while she goes powder her nose. James is watching from the door, and Winn storms off past him.

Kara visits Snapper and asks if he thanks Supergirl for saving him. She then gives him her research on Spheerical to help him with his story. Snapper wonders what's in it for her, and Kara admits that she's learned a lot from him, and the most important thing is the truth rather than the reporter. She apologizes for breaking the rules and letting him down, and Snapper merely says, "Finally." Snapper says that he knows that the human trials were faked, and points out that Beth Breen signed the checks. If Biomax fails then she'll lose everything. Kara says that she has to go and quickly leaves.

That night, Lena visits Jack in his lab and says that he lied to her about Biomax. She knows that he killed people, and that when they worked on the nanites three years ago they could be used to control people. Jack insists that he doesn't know what she's talking about, and Lena realizes that he's telling the truth. Beth shuts Jack down with the headpiece she's wearing and says that Jack can't hear Lena. She explains that she controlled Jack into killing the two people even though he doesn't remember it. Jack wanted to scrap the project because it removed free will, but Beth stepped in and took control of him. Beth figures that she can control every major institution in the world. Lena figures that Beth will kill her, but Lena says that it wouldn't be financial responsible to kill her when she can control her.

Lena makes Jack pick up the nanite injector and advance on Lena. Supergirl arrives and moves Lena back. Beth releases more nanites, and Lena tells Supergirl to keep them occupied. Supergirl does so and Lena attacks Beth. Meanwhile, the nanites fly after Supergirl and pin her to a support beam. Lena knocks Beth out and smashes the control piece, and Jack starts reverting to his nanite form. As the nanites tear at Supergirl, Jack tells Lena to go to the mainframe. She prepares to override the code, but Beth wakes up to tell her that if she shuts down the nanobots then she'll kill Jack. Lena knocks her out, and Jack tells Lena to do it as he screams in pain. When Lena overrides the system, the nanites--and Jack—collapse. Lena and Supergirl can only look at Jack's body.

The next day, Kara visits Lena and brings flowers in honor of Jack. She confirms that Beth is in jail, and Lena talks about how she feels cold and calm except when she thinks of Beth dying in jail and then she feels warm. Kara assures Lena that she won't lose her, and Lena admits that she's afraid of the person she might be when she feels things. Hugging Lena, Kara says that she will always be her friend and protect her.

That night, James, checks with Winn in the van. He apologizes for what happened with Lyra, and tells Winn that he's his brother. James then opens the door and reveals Lyra standing there. Lyra says that James invited her, and James tells her that she's going to listen to everything that he says.

Snapper is working late when Kara comes in and gives him her first successful Danishes. He gives her a copy of the article, and Kara thanks him for not dragging Jack through the mud. Snapper shared the byline with her, and says that her interview was instrumental in them getting the scoop. He finally admits that she did good and thanks her, and tells her that she's been rehired because they need more reporters that care about the truth. Smiling, Kara goes to make coffee.

Lena is in her office when Rena comes in and offers her condolences about Jack. She says that she has a business proposition for Lena.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 26, 2017

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