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Dangerous Liaisons Recap

Lyla is at the bunker and monitoring her ARGUS agents and Green Arrow's team entering an arcade. An ARGUS drone spotted Adrian entering it 16 hours ago, and no one has entered or exited since. They set off an alarm and the arcade machines activate. A flash-bang goes off and an arcade turns and opens fire on the group. Mr. Terrific takes it out with one of his T-spheres, while a video machine plays a warning message from Adrian.

The next day, Lyla tells the team that Adrian escaped the arcade through a secret tunnel. Oliver figures that Adrian hasn't left the country yet because he's not done. Quentin comes in to warn that he can't hold the press off any longer, Oliver takes questions and admits that Adrian's secret life came as a surprise to all of them. He tells the press that the details of the investigation are confidential. Another reporter asks Oliver what he has to say to the families of Prometheus' victims, and Oliver says that they're doing everything they possibly can to bring Adrian to justice. The reporter asks if Oliver has anything other than canned platitudes.

At Helix, Felicity asks Alena for help finding Adrian. Alena says that they need access to ARGUS' computers to avoid duplicating their efforts, and Felicity accesses the mainframe. She discovers that the information from the ARGUS drone was sent to an unsecured phone, and Alena suggests that Adrian has someone inside of ARGUS. Felicity checks the phone and discovers that it belongs to an ARGUS agent, Pierce.

Pierce takes an elevator and Alena takes him out.

Later, Oliver, Lyla, and Dinah are called to the crime scene. Lyla confirms that he was killed with blunt-force trauma, and Oliver notices a CCTV. He has Felicity and Curtis download the videos from it and sends it to Oliver's phone. The video shows that the elevator accelerated up at 9 Gs and then dropped into a freefall for 40 stories. Felicity says that someone could have manipulated the computer remotely, and Felicity sees a line of code and says that she knows someone at Helix who might be able to identify it. Distracted, she leaves.

At City Hall, Quentin and Rene meet with Mr. Aked, the husband of Gay, a woman that Prometheus killed. They assure Aked that they're doing everything possible to find Adrian, and Aked snaps at them briefly and then apologizes. He insists that Gay loved their children and now she's gone, and asks them to find Adrian. Quentin assures him that they'll find him. Once he leaves, Rene says that he can't handle hearing from more victims. Quentin figures someone in Rene's situation would have been sympathetic, and says that Curtis told him about Rene's wife and daughter. He wonders why Rene hasn't done anything to get Zoe back, and Rene says that he isn't ready yet.

Felicity returns to Helix and says that she recognized Alena's code. Alena claims that she didn't intend to kill Pierce, and insists that she killed him by accident in a good cause. She then says that Cayden James, the most skilled hacker in the world, was scooped up by ARGUS eight months ago. Now he's being held without cause, and Alena took the information off of Pierce to rescue Cayden... and Felicity is going to help Helix free her. Before he was taken, Cayden was working on a biometric tracker that could find anyone anywhere in the world.

At the bunker, Lyla tells Oliver and Diggle that access to ARGUS requires two security keys. Pierce had one of them, and it was replaced with a sophisticated copy. Reprogramming the keys takes 24 hours, and Oliver says that the attack doesn't feel like Adrian. Agent Ditkoff is the only agent with a key who isn't in lockdown, and Lyla asks the team to bring him in. Oliver agrees to help and goes to call the team.

Felicity suggests that she negotiate with ARGUS, but Alena tells her that the plan is already in motion. The organization has hired mercenaries to get Ditkoff, and Felicity realizes that the team is heading there as well.

Ad Ditkoff drives down the road, the mercenaries close in. Curtis monitors the team from the bunker as they move in on Ditkoff's car. He directs them to the three mercenaries, who are firing on Ditkoff's car. As they take out Ditkoff, Green Arrow and Dinah arrive and attack. Spartan and Wild Dog move in and help take out the mercenaries. As Spartan drives off with Ditkoff, Felicity calls him and says that he has to let the mercenaries get the security key. Spartan calls Arrow and tells him that Felicity has information they don’t have, and asks him to let the mercenaries go. Arrow agrees and the mercenary drives off.

Back at the bunker, Felicity insists that Ditkoff couldn't have been killed, but Lyla points out that now Helix has two keys and ARGUS has been compromised. Oliver warns that Felicity might have crossed a line, and Felicity points out that he's the last one to be making moral judgments. Diggle sides with Oliver, saying that there are better ways to fin Chase. Felicity points out that they don’t have any leads. When Lyla refuses to release Cayden, Felicity says that her only choice is to help Helix. She walks out and Diggle advises Oliver not to follow her.

Quentin calls Rene in and wants an explanation. He knows that Rene has full visitation rights, but there's no record of Rene ever visiting Zoe. Quentin demands an explanation, and Rene tells him that they took Zoe away from him because he hurt her. He explains that he was reheating some soup for her and passed out drunk, and Zoe burned her hand on it. Rene figures that Zoe deserves better than him and walks out.

Lyla tells Oliver and Diggle that they're holding Cayden as a person of interest. Diggle is clearly displeased that he's being held without charges, but refuses to discuss it. Oliver wonders if they should let Cayden find Adrian and then turn him over to Helix, but Lyla insists that Cayden is dangerous. She figures that they should let Helix come to them, and Diggle realizes that she wants to use Cayden as bait. Lyla tells them that it's happening with or without their thought and leaves them to consider. Diggle figures that they should get Felicity out of Helix, and Oliver points out that they stood by and let her get in deeper. His friend says that they're now and Oliver is the only one Felicity will listen to him. Oliver figures that he doesn't have much credibility with her, but Diggle points out that Oliver wants Adrian as well and he's the only one who can pull Felicity back from the brink.

Later, Oliver visits Felicity and she reluctantly lets him in. He tells her that she's doing whatever it takes to stop Adrian because he was willing to do whatever it takes to create the city, and he created Adrian. Oliver says that they can find another way to locate Adrian, but Felicity doesn't believe it. He asks her not to do it, and Felicity tells him that for four years she's done everything he's needed. Oliver points out that she knows the toll its toll on him, and she's selling her cell to destroy a threat that he created. Felicity tells him that she fell in love with him in part because he does what it takes even if it's unbearably hard. She figures that she can't be any different, and tells Oliver that he doesn't have to carry the burden any longer. After a moment, Oliver says that he can't and Felicity tells him that he'll have to stop her before leaving.

Back at the bunker, Lyla briefs the team on the ARGUS base security. Mr. Terrific wonders what they do if Felicity shows up, and Oliver says that they stop her. Once they're alone, Lyla asks Diggle what she's done that has him so pissed off. When he points out that ARGUS is holding Cayden without due process, she insists that Cayden is dangerous. Her husband says that she sounds a lot like Amanda, and worries that Lyla is doing the same thing Felicity is. Lyla walks away without a word.

Alena and her team arm up, and Felicity assures her that she can handle it. She warns Alena that they know they're coming, and refuses to use a gun. Felicity points out that Alena said no one would get hurt, and Alena insists that if they do it right no one will.

Quentin calls Rene in and shows him his daughter. Zoe hugs her father, and Rene explains that Quentin is his friend. She thanks Quentin for arranging the visit, and tells Rene that she made the hockey team at school. Zoe asks if they can go home now, and Rene says that they can't. He reminds her that she got hurt the last time she was with him, and Zoe insists that it was an accident. The social worker doesn't know when she can go home, and Rene tells her that he's talking to a lawyer and he'll bring Zoe home.

As Oliver and Diggle patrol the rooftop, Diggle says that Felicity isn't the only one who thinks the end justifies the means. As they both wonder if there's a line, Lyla calls to say that they have targets coming in.

In the Helix van, Alena gives Felicity a table that controls the automated turrets at Argus.

A van pulls up at the RGUS gate and it checks out. Lyla warns the team that they have a problem.

The helix van arrives at a different ARGUS site.

Lyla tells Oliver and Diggle that Cayden is being held at an off-books black site 12 miles away, and she didn't see any reason to tell them. As the team takes a helicopter there, Lyla tells Diggle that no one was supposed to know about the site. Diggle disagrees and Lyla tells him to focus on the mission.

The Helix team shuts down the automated gun turrets and use the stolen keys to open the container with Cayden in it. They hear gunshots and Alena tells Felicity that they're going to say hello to her friends.

The team takes down the Helix mercenaries. Spartan gets the drop on Alena and she activates a gun turret. It shoots at Spartan and he takes cover.

Oliver finds the Helix agents loading Cayden into the van. Felicity steps in the way and activates the security grid separating them. She tells him that Curtis will let him out and sets down the tablet, and hope that he understands when they get Chase. Oliver tells her not to count on it, and Felicity walks away.

Back at the bunker, Diggle tells the others that they were defending an illegal black site run by his wife. Dinah asks Oliver what they want to do about Felicity, and he says that there's nothing that they can do. Oliver pours a drink and asks the others to go.

Rene apologizes to Quentin and says that he's put things in motion to get Zoe back. Quentin says that she deserves her dad, and her dad deserves to be with her.

When Felicity returns to Helix, she discovers that it's abandoned. Alena Skypes in and says that Felicity's connection to Team Arrow is a liability and they can't risk it. They left something for her: the biometric device.

Diggle returns home and Lyla says that they need to talk about the situation. He tells her that it's not a good idea, and reminds her that she said she wouldn't become like Amanda. Lyla insists that the world is safer for what she's doing, and Diggle says that it isn't better. He tells her that the job has changed her, and Lyla says that the world has gotten worst and they do what they can to protect the people they love. She insists that she's not ashamed of what she did or what she's going to do, and Diggle warns that they know what the fighting has done to them before. He doesn't know if he can move forward and walks away.

Felicity returns to the Bunker and plugs in the biometric tracker. Oliver tells her that no one from ARGUS was seriously injured, and Felicity explains that Helix froze her out and it's over. She figures that Oliver doesn't trust her, and the tracker picks up Adrian's location. It shows that he's in the bunker... and the console explodes.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 27, 2017

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