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The Future Recap

Kelly sits handcuffed on a bed, and Dagon forces her to take vitamins. Once she's done, Dagon tells Kelly to stop disrespecting the god inside of her. Kelly says that the baby will kill her, and Dagon boasts that it will kill every human and sniveling demon. She assures Kelly that the baby will be born no matter what Kelly does, and unfastens her to let her take a bath.

Once Dagon leaves, Kelly gets to her feet and looks at herself in a mirror. She then fills the bath and tells the baby that there's no happy ending for either of them. She takes a knife that she hid and cuts her wrists, sobbing. Kelly passes out, blood pouring from her wrists.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean track down leads trying to find Dagon and Kelly. Sam tries to figure how much time they have until the nephilum. He figures that they have less than a month to find Kelly before she gives birth. Dean wonders what they do if they do find her, just as Castiel comes in. He explains that he was in Heaven working with the angels, and claims that he got nothing. Dean explains that they had a shot at Dagon and lost, and is furious that Castiel knew and ignored them. He asks what is wrong with their friend, and walks off.

Later, Dean is in his room when Castiel comes in and apologizes. He gives him a cassette back that he borrowed, and Dean says that it's a gift and gives it back to him. He then tells Castiel that they worried about him and it's not okay for him to disappear, and Castiel admits that he keeps failing again and again. He wanted to come back with a win for Dean and for himself, and asks what they'll do if they find Kelly again. Castiel wonders if either Winchester could kill an innocent if they run out of time, and Dean insists that they'll find a better way... including Castiel. Castiel says that he'd like that, and Dean goes to get a beer.

Dagon checks on Kelly and finds the tub full of blood and Kelly sitting nearby. There are no cuts on Kelly's wrist, and she says that the baby wouldn't let her die.

Sam suggests to Dean that they track the nephilim rather than Dagon. He explains that he and Castiel were working on a spell to find Gadreel, and realizes that the spell to extract Gadreel's grace. If they have Castiel use the same spell on the baby, then they remove the grace then the baby is just a baby. The Winchesters figure that they have a solution, and Dean goes to get Castiel. He discovers that Castiel is gone.

Dagon tells Kelly that she has the chance to be an evil Mary Magdalene, and Kelly insists that her baby isn't evil because it saved her. Her captor says that the baby saved himself and Kelly will die, and promises that she'll be there to nurture him.

Castiel drives to meet with Kelvin and hands him the Colt. He warns that there are only two bullets in the chamber, and Kelvin figures that that will be enough to kill Kelly and Dagon. Joshua tracked the celestial pulse to a nearby house. Dean calls Castiel and Castiel ignores it, and Kelvin tells Castiel that he's doing the right thing. Castiel insists that he'll kill Kelly so that the Winchesters don't have to. Another angel, Hozai, comes up and says that Dagon and Kelly are in the house.

As Kelly sleeps, Dagon watches TV. The angels slip in and split up, and Castiel moves up behind Dagon… only to discover that she's gone. She teleports in behind him and then teleports away as he shoots, then knocks him back. Hozai attacks her and Dagon kills him, and victor tells Castiel to find the girl before going after Dagon.

Castiel finds Kelly and prepares to shoot her.

After Dagon knocks Kelvin unconscious, she goes to Kelly's room and discovers that she's gone.

At the bunker, Sam tries to call Castiel without success. Dean admits that he had the Colt under his pillow, and is ready to beat him up.

Castiel drives off with Kelly, who thanks him for not killing her. Castiel says that he failed his mission, and now he doesn’t know what to do.

Dagon tells Lucifer that everything is fine, but Lucifer knows that she's lying to him. She finally tells him that the angels found them and Castiel took Kelly. Lucifer screams in fury, and Dagon says that she'll find Kelly. He says that if she doesn't find his son then he will visit infinite torments on her. Dagon says that she'll make it right and turns to the tied-up Kelvin.

Castiel stops to communicate with Joshua and get his orders. He says that he will take Kelly to Heaven and her life and the baby's will end. He says that no human form can step through the gate to heaven and survive, and warns that the baby's power is beyond comprehension. Kelly insists that the baby could lift the universe to its feet, but Castiel says that none of them can take that chance. He tries to start his truck without success.

Dagon tortures Kelvin, who claims that he doesn't know where Castiel is. Kelvin dismisses her as Lucifer's side piece, and Dagon tortures him and asks for Kelvin's best guess.

Castiel checks himself and Kelly into a motel room, and he tells her to stay out of sight until he can get them back on the road. As he checks the Internet to find out how to repair a truck, Kelly tells him that she tried to kill herself and her baby saved her. Castiel realizes that it was the celestial pulse that they felt in Heaven, and Grace says that she felt her baby's pure spirit. The angel figures that the baby needs her alive, but Kelly insists that it was a miracle and it's all happening for a reason. Castiel tells her that he used to believe he had a mission, but he's been through enough to know that everyone is winging it. Lucifer is sowing destruction and there is no grand purpose. Kelly insists that her baby can be good for the world, and Castiel points out that even I she is right, she'll die and there will be no one to protect him. The baby kicks and Kelly asks Castiel to feel her stomach. He finally does so, and Kelly's eyes glow as she has a vision of Castiel protecting her.

The Winchesters arrive at the motel room and Dean slams Castiel against the wall. As he demands to know what the angel was feeling, the brothers see Kelly. Dean explains that he put a tracking app on Castiel's phone, and Castiel says that he failed to kill Dagon. He admits that his truck broke down and he wanted to keep the Winchesters safe by keeping them out of it. Castiel insists that it's his plan, and Kelly explains that Castiel is taking her to Heaven. Sam explains about the grace extraction spell, and Castiel warns that they don't know if it will work because they never completed the spell. Kelly walks out and says that she's going to Castiel, and they agree to go to the bunker to talk.

Castiel gets Kelly into the Impala, and grabs the car keys while Sam and Dean argue. She drives off in the Impala with Castiel in the back seat, and says that she's going to Heaven. She says that the baby chose Castiel and told her that if she followed Castiel's plan then he would make sure the baby was born. Kelly says that Castiel will protect and guide the baby after he's born, and Castiel points out that he has failed at everything, betrayed his friend, and lost two of his fellow angels. She says that they're destined for something great, and tells Castiel that he'll soon have the same faith she does.

At the motel, Dean fixes Castiel's truck and Sam wonders what's wrong with Castiel. Dean figures that Castiel is so desperate for a win that he can't see straight.

That night, Castiel and Kelly arrive at the sandbox over the gate to Heaven. She's sure that things will be okay as long as Castiel is there, and Joshua emerges from the portal. As he t3lls Kelly not to be scared, Dagon teleports in and destroys him. She says that she got the portal's location from Kelvin and killed him. Castiel attacks Dagon, who easily defeats him.

As Dagon prepares to kill Castiel, the Winchesters arrive. Sam shoots Dagon with a normal gun. The bullets have no effect, and she knocks him out. Dean tries to shoot Dagon with the Colt, but she teleports behind him and knocks him out. She destroys the Colt, and Castiel gets up and tells Kelly to run. Kelly takes his hand and her eyes glow, and power spreads from her to Castiel. He easily catches Dagon hand as she prepares to smite him. When she wonders how, Castiel tells her that it's a miracle and immolates her.

The Winchesters wonder what happened, and Castiel says that it was him and the baby. He heals the brothers' injuries and says that he's been lost but not anymore. Castiel tells them that the child must be born with all of his power, and they have to go. When the brothers say that they're not going to let him just walk away, Castiel says that they are and renders them unconscious. After they get in the truck, Castiel says that the baby showed him the future.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 28, 2017

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