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10. A Hero of Our Time Recap

Harry walks out of the flat, staggered by Alistair's death, and sees Eve nearby. She walks off and he meets her nearby. Eve wonders why Isabella has killed someone other than a bad man, and Harry insists that Alistair was the best of them. Eve wonders who will be next, and Harry promises that there won't be anyone else. She holds up the bracelet on her wrist and says that Jay wasn't strong enough, and the bracelet is meant for Harry. Harry insists that he can beat Isabella without the bracelet, but he warns that he has no chance without it. He insists that he doesn't want it.

The next day at the station, Harry tells the officers that he's been put in temporary charge. He informs them that all of their resources are to go to finding out what happened to Alistair, and says that it was a murder despite the original report. Harry says that Isabella is the prime suspect and Rui is her one known associate, and says that there is no chance of catching Isabella unless he's there. Afterward, Suri tells Harry that it doesn't have to be his personal crusade.

The police cordon off Isabella's building and go in. A family of four is there, and Harry questions the father. He says that he's been on holiday the last three months, and he didn't rent the space out while he was away.

That night back at the station, Harry hesitantly sits down at Alistair's desk. Suri comes in and tells him about the search. She says that when Harry is ready, she wants to know everything about Isabella. Once Suri leaves, Anna arrives and Harry tells her that Isabella is the killer. She suggests that they go to a hotel so he can get some rest, and Harry agrees. Later that night, Anna wakes up and finds Harry standing on the balcony looking out on the city. She joins him and says that he can't catch Isabella stuck in there. Harry admits that he doesn't know how to catch Isabella but she has to be stopped and he's the only person who can do it. Anna understands that he needs some luck to catch Isabella. Harry insists that he loves her, and they hug. After a moment, Harry leaves.

Harry arrives at Eve's bar and Eve asks if he really wants the bracelet. He says that he knows what he's doing, and Eve tells him that when he puts the bracelet on, he'll be sacrificing everything that he loves. Harry tells her to get on with it, and Eve puts the bracelet on him and asks if he's ready.

Back at the hotel, Harry discovers that the elevator button doesn't work. As he pushes it, he sees Isabella in the lobby and she sees him with the bracelet. The elevator doors close and Isabella smiles. By the time Harry reopens the doors, Isabella is gone.

When Harry enters the hotel room, he finds Anna unconscious on the bed. He wakes her and says that they have to get Daisy, and Anna realizes that Harry put it back on. They get Daisy from her friend's and drive off. The next morning, Harry goes to Rich's place but there's no sign of him.

Rich is kissing Suri goodbye and tells her to look after Harry. He walks off down the street and finds a man with his car broken down. It's Rui, who knows Rich out when he stops to look at the engine.

As they drive, Harry tries to call Rich and gets his voice mail. Daisy talks about the party she was going to, and tells Harry that she doesn't want to go. He insists that it's just for a little while and tries to reach Rich again. They reach the airport and Harry tells Daisy that he had to put the bracelet back on. Anna says that they'll be fine and takes Daisy to the plane. As Harry walks out, Suri calls him and says a witness saw someone abducting Rich near Suri's flat.

Harry returns to the station and Suri says that they spotted Isabella's car on a CCTV but lost it. When Steve says that they have APBs out, Harry tells them that it won't do any good and goes to Alistair's office. Suri follows him and Harry tells her that he's met her match. She asks for the full story about Isabella, and Harry tells her that they were lovers. Then he went too far and Isabella chose Alistair to get at him, and now she's abducted Rich to send a message. Suri figures that she's cursed and says that Harry will get Isabella.

Harry concentrates on the bracelet, and joins Suri and Steve as they go over the map. There were six possible major routes, and Steve stabs one with a pencil. Harry tells them to bring up the traffic feed on that location, and they see Rui's car. He has officers surround the car and goes there, and Rui cheerfully surrenders. Rich isn't there, and when they question Rui at the station, he tells them to check Rich's phone. There's a voice message from Rich, saying that Isabella already has them.

Going back to the interrogation room, Harry asks what Rui wants. Rui tells him that Isabella still loves Harry, but he has to lose everything so he can see the world as Isabella does. He assures Harry that Rich will destroy, and Harry starts beating him until Steve runs in and pulls him off.

Harry goes outside to get his breath, and Eve joins him. Meanwhile, Steve and Suri question Rui, who refuses to say anything else. He tells them that Isabella is a goddess and beyond any of them, and see can see them wherever they are.

Harry tells Eve that he has too many hostages and Isabella has none, and it makes her too strong. He figures that Isabella is pure evil and wonders what he should do, and Eve tells him that he has to kill her. Harry wonders where the bracelet will take him if he does that, and warns that if he kills Isabella then he proves her right. Eve gives him a gun and says that if Harry doesn't kill Isabella then they all lose, and walks away.

Steve talks to Suri privately and suggests that she convince Harry to settle down. However, he admits that Harry is their best chance of finding Isabella. Steve agrees to wait but tells Suri that he will never let her down.

Harry listens to Rich's message over and over, and makes out a ferry tannoy and church bell chimes in the background. He starts having the officers tracing boat routes, and plays the message back for Steve and Suri. An officer brings Harry a tide report saying that it's rising, and tells Steve and Suri to stay there.

Down at the Thames, Harry searches for Rich... unaware that he's tied up to a pier.

At the station, Suri wonders if Rui was taking literally when he said that Isabella could see them somewhere. Meanwhile, Isabella has her man Cliff monitor the station CCTVs and confirm that Harry is heading to the river. Suri and Steve come in and arrest Isabella.

At the river, Harry is forced to pull over when some kids ride their bikes over a makeshift ramp. He hears the church bells and runs to the river, He sees Rich tied to a piling , unties him, and gets him out of the water.

Suri and Steve take Isabella to an interrogation room, and Suri notices her bracelet. Once in, Suri goes to Alistair's office, checks Isabella's phone, and finds a photo of Isabella. She then goes to talk to Isabella before Harry arrives. In the cell, Suri asks why she killed Alistair. When Isabella doesn't answer, Suri warns there are at least 20 DIs willing to beat her, and she isn't avoiding the charge. Isabella tells her that if she's finished, Harry is the only one who will see it. Suri asks about the bracelets, and Isabella asks how Suri gets all of the breaks in his favor. She says that they're lucky bracelets.

Harry takes Rich home to have his brother pack. He apologizes to putting Rich in danger, and figures that they'll see each other again. Rich tells Harry to make him proud, and Harry hugs him.

Isabella calls a matron and complains that the toilet is blocked up. The matron takes her to a nearby restroom, and Isabella slams the cell door in her face.

Steve has Rui brought in and says that they have Isabella and found Rich. Rui points out that Harry isn't there, and asks if Suri is there. He insists that Harry has to lose everything, and Steve runs out.

Suri calls Harry and says that they have Isabella. He figures that Isabella let them capture her, and he tells her to get out as he runs for the station. As Isabella orders everyone out, Isabella calls and triggers the bomb on her phone in Alistair's office.

When Harry arrives at the station, he finds fire squads going through the ruins. He calls to Suri, while Steve looks through the rubble and finally finds her. She's alive but badly injured, and Steve goes with the paramedics as they take Suri out. She wakes up long enough to tell Harry to get Isabella, and Harry leaves as the ambulance drives away.

Isabella waits at the art gallery where she met Harry, and watches the smoke rise from the station. Harry goes back to the demolished squad room and looks out, seeing Isabella across the river. He says that he's waiting and she walks to the station. Going in, she takes the elevator to the squad room. Harry is waiting, and Isabella explains that a mechanical flight grounded her flight and she ended up staying at the same hotel where Harry and Anna were. She figures that the bracelets want them to be together. Harry turns, aims Eve's gun at her, and says that it's for everyone he's lost.

A rafter crashes down on Harry, and Isabella goes back to the elevator. It shorts out, and she goes back to see Harry crawling out of the rubble. He holds up his arm with the bracelet and tells Isabella that her luck is walking out. Isabella goes up the stairs but Harry cuts her off and she continues to the roof... cutting her hand on a piece of rebar.

On the roof, Isabella stops and turns. Harry aims the gun at her and Isabella tells him that the bracelet won't allow it because Harry doesn't wish her dead... because he's too good. After a moment, Harry lowers the gun and says that he wishes that he had seen her with her daughters, when she was a good person and a good mother. Isabella says that she was, and admits that what she's become is more than the bracelet. She explains that it made her greedy, and then took her girls. Crying, Isabella warns Harry that he'll eventually give in as he raises the gun again. He says that he has to kill her and there's no other way. Isabella takes his hands, says that it's her final gift to him, and pulls the trigger for him. She collapses in his arms, dead.

Eve arrives and Harry walks past her. She takes the bracelet from Isabella's body, briefly mourning her former friend. Later, Eve throws Isabella's bracelet into the Thames.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 29, 2017

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