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Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions Recap

Kathryn tells the other ruling members of the Court of Owls that Gotham has fallen ill and they must take drastic action. She says that a weapon is being built, one intended to be unleashed on Gotham so that it can be rebuilt by them. They must reach a unanimous vote to proceed, and they all vote in favor. Once they do, Kathryn says that Gotham must fall.

In the temple in the mountains, Bruce wakes up as his cell door opens. The Temple Shaman is standing there, and he says that he is in charge. The Shaman says that Court is a tool, and they've taken precautions to make sure Bruce's absence won't be noted. Bruce realizes that they're using his clone and warns that Alfred will figure it out, and the Shaman says that by that time, he hopes that they will accomplish their goal. He says that he needs Bruce's help, and tells him to eat because he'll need his strength for when they begin.

At the squad room, Harvey tells everyone to get back to work as the news announces that Aubrey has been restored as mayor since Oswald's disappearance. He asks Jim how things went with Frank at Frank's cabin, and tells his former partner that Edward disappeared. Jim is looking at the file of Michael Ness, the drunk driver who hit and killed Jim's father. Ness was killed in a prison stabbing, and he had chronic persistent hepatitis. Harvey explains that it's liver inflammation and someone with it can't drink. Jim realizes that someone dummied the report and asks Harvey to investigate it further before walking out.

Ivy takes a wheelchair-bound Oswald to the greenhouse in the abandoned estate. He refuses to let her baby him, and Ivy says that the plants are her friends. Ivy hands Oswald a mug of brother, and he knocks it to the floor and says that he has to get back to Gotham. She offers to help him if he was less of a jerk, and Oswald asks her to deliver a message to his bodyguard Gabe. Ivy goes once she has Oswald say "please."

Jim goes to his father's grave to meet Frank, at Frank's request. When Jim explains that someone made his father's death looks for an accident, Frank concedes that it's easy enough for the Court. He says that a weapon is headed for Gotham that the Court will use to destroy the city. The highest-ranking members are fanatics who have laid waste to Gotham twice before. Frank doesn't know how to stop it or what the weapon is, but he intends to find out. He tells Jim to stay uninvolved in case he's discovered, and walks away.

As Jim leaves, he sees Lee at her husband's grave. He goes over and apologizes for intruding, and she asks about Frank. Jim says that Frank is his uncle and they recently reconnected. She wonders how Jim can move on after leaving so much destruction in his wake, and walks away. Harvey calls Jim and says that Ness did a stretch for grand-theft auto and Carmine paid for his lawyer.

Ivy brings Gabe to the manor and the bodyguard hugs Oswald. Oswald explains that he needs to build an army and Gabe is glad to help. He leaves to call the man, and Ivy tells Oswald that she doesn't trust Gabe. Oswald insists that Gabe is loyal, but Ivy suggests that she use her perfume that will force Gabe to tell the truth. Unimpressed, Oswald says that he doesn't trust her, and Ivy is disappointed that they're not friends. He tells her that she's a freak and Ivy storms off. Gabe then knocks Oswald out.

At the temple, Bruce's cell door opens. He steps out and then runs down the hallway, but somehow comes back to his cell. The Shaman is inside and asks if they shall begin. Bruce runs off but comes back to the chamber and the Shaman is still waiting. The Shaman tells Bruce that it's time to pick a direction, and figures that he's scared of something. The cell door slams shut and the Shaman tells Bruce to sit so he can see what the Shaman has to offer.

Jim arrives at Carmine's home and says that Carmine took his father away from him. He reveals that he knows Carmine played for Ness' lawyer, and Carmine dismisses his bodyguard. Jim asks if Carmine ordered the hit on his father Peter, and Carmine says that he didn't. He admits that it was a hit and Jim says that he knows about the Court. Carmine says that he's not a member but they have a partnership, and says that everyone does the Court's bidding whether they know it or not. Jim asks who ordered the hit on Peter, and Carmine tells him that it was Frank.

Later, Jim finds Frank and puts a gun to his head. Frank calmly offers him a drink, and Jim asks if he ordered the hit on Peter. His uncle warns him that Carmine called the Court after Jim left, and it will raise suspicions. He then admits that he ordered the hit because Peter became a risk. Frank warns Jim that killing him won't change anything. Jim insists that Peter would have wanted justice to be done, and he feels the same. He arrests Frank for Peter's murder, and Frank tells him that stopping the Court is the only thing that matters. He knocks Jim down, takes his gun, and tells him to go to Dock 9C. The weapon will arrive there, and Frank will try to buy some time with the Court while Jim finds out what the weapon is without realizing that Jim is involved. He tells his nephew to make a choice and walks out.

Oswald wakes up tied to a chair, and tells Gabe to kill him and get on with it. Gabe says that they're going to auction off the right to kill Oswald to the highest bidder. A car pulls up outside and four thugs get out. Ivy is watching from hiding, and sneaks up to the greenhouse. One thug puts a gun to her head.

That night, Jim tells Harvey what he's learned. Harvey pours some drinks and tells Jim to check the lead. However, he assures Jim that he has his back if he goes after Frank. Jim figures that they can't take the chance, but tells Harvey that the GCPD can't be involved. Harvey realizes who Jim plans to use to raid the docks.

Barbara and Tabitha are receiving payments from their mob bosses. Jim calls and Barbara figures that he wants a favor.

The Shaman tells Bruce that he's been waiting a long time for him to begin his journey. He takes out needles and explains that they are a way to open the mind. The symbols on the end glow with a greenish light, and the Shaman touches the first needle to Bruce's head. Bruce finds himself in Gotham, with the Shaman at his side. They're in the alley on the night Bruce's parents were killed The killer shoots them and Bruce snaps out of his vision. The Shaman assures him that it was just a memory, and he says that Bruce has never really left that alley. For Bruce to accept what the Shaman has to teach, Bruce has to leave the memory. The Shaman tells Bruce to rest and leaves.

On the docks, Barbara and her men torture the harbor master for information. He claims that there is no Dock 9C, and then says that Carmine never asked questions about what came in there. Barbara tells her that she's running things now, and repeats her question. He says that something came in a week ago and they picked it up, but the crate is still there and it has "Indian Hill" stamped on it. Barbara figures that the harbor master has a phone number and says that they'll call it.

Someone enters the warehouse and two of Barbara's men go to investigate. Their screams ring out, and then one masked killer runs out, dodging the other's bullets. Barbara and Tabitha leave, while the swordsman finishes off the others. The harbor master says that he didn't tell them anything, and the killer decapitates him.

After they tie up Ivy as well, Gabe has his men take photos of Oswald to use in the bidding. They step aside to eat cannolis, and Ivy tells Oswald that she'll be fine. Oswald asks what her plan is, and she tells him to be nice to her. he promises to be nice, and Ivy calls one of the men over. She asks him if he'd let her go if she has valuable information, and offers to whisper it in his ear. The man gets close enough to smell her perfume, and then Ivy tells him to kill the others. He shoots everyone but Gabe, and Oswald tells her to stop the man and have him untie them. He does so and Oswald shoots him. Oswald then tells Gabe that he's going to auction Gabe to himself, piece by piece.

Frank goes to the Court, and he says that Jim only knows what Carmine knew. He assures the Court that nothing can lead to them, and claims that he doesn't know why Jim is investigating now. Frank warns that Jim won't stop until one of them is dead, and Kathryn tells Frank to kill Jim.

At the station, Jim tells Harvey that Barbara called and told him about the killer and the weapon that apparently arrived. He figures the Court already has it, and it involves Indian Hill. Jim's phone ring, and he answers it. It's Frank, who says that they need to talk. Jim tells him that the weapon is there, and Frank asks Jim to come to his house alone.

Gabe says that he was there for Oswald after Gertrude was killed, and Oswald passed him over. Surprised, Oswald admits that Gabe has a point and asks if he could be loyal again. Gabe swears an oath that he'll serve him, and Oswald asks Ivy to use her perfume on Gabe. He falls under its spell and refuses to swear loyalty to Oswald. He explains that he was never loyal to Oswald and they only followed him out of fear. They considered him a tiny freak that held an umbrella. Furious, Oswald grabs a garden rake and rips Gabe's chest open, screaming.

Jim arrives at Frank's place and asks if he knows what the weapon is. Frank says that he doesn't and figures that the Court no longer trusts him. He explains that he's supposed to kill Jim, and what happens next is up to Jim. Frank needs someone on the Court that he can trust, and Jim needs to join the Court. At some point Kathryn will call to ask if Jim is dead. Frank tells Jim to pick up and say that he blames Frank for Peter's death. He figures that Jim can finish what Peter started, and says that Peter would have been proud of Jim. With that, Frank shoots himself in the head.

Bruce tries to ambush the Shaman when the man comes to the cell, but the Shaman easily subdues him and puts another needle to his head. The memories replay again and Bruce watches his parents die. When he tries to run forward, the four individuals vanish. He swings at the Shaman, who easily deflects his blows and finally shoves him the length of the alley. The Shaman then tells Bruce that he has much to teach him, but Bruce's pain blocks him from becoming what Gotham needs him to become.

Bruce comes out of the vision and discovers that he's bleeding from the injuries in the illusion. The Shaman explains that they've tried to end the cycle of violence in Gotham, but it always starts up because people are afraid, and fear breeds hopelessness. He insists that he cares about the people of Gotham, and they need something only Bruce can provide: a protector. Bruce says that no one can protect Gotham by themselves, but the Shaman tells him that if he can become a symbol then Gotham can be reborn.

Oswald buries Gabe and apologizes to Ivy for losing his temper. Ivy asks if he's giving up his plans for revenge, and Oswald figures that he can't take on Edward and the others by themselves. She suggests that Oswald build an army of freaks from Indian Hill. Intrigued, Oswald wonders what kind of freaks.

Jim is at Frank's gravestone when Kathryn calls. He answers and says that he killed Frank, and says that it's time that they meet. Kathryn agrees and hangs up, and Jim sees her limo nearby. He goes over and gets in.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2017

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