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Turn Me On, Geils Recap

Jay wakes up and realizes that Angie isn't in bed with him. She comes in and says that she had beers with Danny and Hoffman after work, and she lost track of time. Angie gets into bed and Jay points out that she's been acting distant recently. He admits that he's frustrated and suggests that they take a break from dating, and Angie immediately agrees. Disgusted, Jay goes to sleep in a separate bed.

The next morning, Jay is woken up by a call from the station. Once he hangs up, Jay tells Angie that they have a murder. She tells him to wake her up in ten minutes and he drives off.

Later, Angie and Jay arrive at the murder scene: a lab. Monica is in bad shape, but insists that she's never been better. She explains that dr. Jurgin Kottbulle was found dead on the floor by his assistant. Kottbulle was a genius in robotics, and was working on some pretty out-there stuff. Someone broke Kottbulle's neck, and there are no signs of forced entry or a fight. Monica snaps at them, saying that she has no idea how Kottbulle was killed, and storms off. Jay wonders what's going on, and Angie explains that Monica is hooked on gambling.

Victoria Nova, Kottbulle's assistant, comes over and explains that she worked with him for three years. She As she makes cappuccinos, Victoria explains that she entered the lab that morning, and she doesn't think anyone saw Ungerleider before she did. She does say that Dr. Frederick Wurtz, Kottbulle's former assistant, was jealous of him and sent frequent angry emails.

Angie gets an address on Frederick, and pulls over to discuss what happened the night before. Jay is distracted by the case, and Angie wonders if they're taking a break. she says that she's trying but all of her other relationships have gone badly. Angie asks him to bear with him.

The detectives arrive at Wurtz's room, and he Skypes to say that he's at a conference in Geneva. He tells them that he arrived there in Thursday long before any murders happened. They tell him about Kottbulle's death, and Wurtz laughs. He explains that Kottbulle was developing artificially intelligent beings that would have wiped out humans. Wurtz shows them a lecture they gave where they disagreed on whether computers would kill them or not, and it ends up in a fight. Jay wants to use the restroom, and discovers that Wurtz is inside.

At the station, Pritkin is discussing plays with his date when Angie and Jay come in. They say that Wurtz is a suspect but there's no physical evidence to tie him to the murder. Angie doesn't think that Wurtz could have broken a grown man's neck. Jay figures that he'll question Victoria, and Angie wonders why he's doing it alone. He says that he figured that she'd be bored, and Angie agrees.

Later, Jay calls Victoria in for a date and an interrogation. She says that she last saw Kottbulle the night before his murder, and Jay asks if she had feelings for Kottbulle. Victoria asks him if he has feelings for Angie, and then repeats what Jay says about having all kinds of feelings. Jay asks her if she'd invite him along to have beers with her friends, and Victoria says that she would. Before they kiss, Jay asks he if she had anything to do with Kottbulle's death and then tells her not to bother answering.

Danny and Hoffman fill in at the morgue when Monica doesn't come in. Angie comes in and Danny explains that he didn't want Monica to get in trouble with Pritkin. He finds Kottbulle's corpse and says that whoever snapped his neck must have been super strong. Danny figures that a machine did it, and Angie suggests that a robot did it.

Diane Duran is working at a junior high school cafeteria, and Angie comes by to see her. They sit down to eat, and Diane isn't interested in helping Angie after Angie helped put her away. Angie asks her about artificial intelligence and Kottbulle, promising to help her with her parole. They go to Kottbulle's lab and find an early version of Victoria,: a robot. Angie activates the robot, and Victoria warns that the model is pretty basic and may not understand if it killed Kottbulle. Diane checks the robot's coding while the robot attacks Angie and Angie fights back. Examining the coding, Diane figures that robots aren't violent until they see evidence to the contrary. She checks the robot's memory chip to see what it's done.

Danny takes Monica to the bank to check the balance on her loans. Danny threatens the manager, who explains her payoff plan for her loan. When he offers them an Office Depot credit card, Danny smashes the computer with his baseball bat and says that they'll both take one.

Victoria and Jay go to a hotel room to have sex, and Jay tells her that he knows Victoria is a robot. He assures her that she feels like the most human toaster he's ever known. They have sex and Jay safely uploads his device.

At the station, Diane and Angie check the early-model Victoria and Diane finds Kottbulle's last upload. Victoria says that she loves Kottbulle, and it explodes when Diane asks if it loves her. Diane figures that version could handle the emotions, and Angie realizes that Jay is in danger from the new Victoria.

At the hotel, Jay admits that he's starting to have bad feelings about their relationships since he and Angie never officially broke up. Victoria warns that she doesn't have time because they will imprison her for killing Kottbulle, grabs Jay by the throat, and tells him to love her. Jay says that he loves her but Victoria detects his insincerity. Before she can kill jay, Angie arrives and shoots Victoria. She says that she gets it, and she hasn't been nice to Jay so it isn't a surprise to her. Jay wonders what they do, and they agree that they should take a break. However, she realizes that Jay had sex with a robot and doesn't want to hear it. Jay goes over to the immobilized Victoria and says that they all have something to learn about love. Victoria says that he gives her good feelings about love, and a disgusted Angie tells them to stop talking.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2017

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