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Spanking the Zombie Recap

Major and his team land in a war zone, and Major shrugs off another coughing fit. They cover a soldier Otis going in for the hostages but he's gunned down. Major and Justin go in next and Major makes it inside. He takes down the enemy troops and takes out one of them. The other one shoots him before Justin takes him down, and Major assures his friend that he's okay thanks to being a zombie.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv discuss the fact that the memory-restoration serum didn't work on Blaine. When Major takes the cure, he'll forget everything. Ravi assures liv that if Major gets too bad, he can inject himself with the dose of the zombie cure that he gave him. Clive comes in with a new case, and explains that the murder occurred two weeks' ago, and the case was given to him. The vic's name was Roxanne Greer, and Liv tell him that she was cremated. Ravi explains that Roxanne's brain is the one that he's using for his memory restoration experiments, and Liv refuses to consume it because she was a dominatrix, Sweet Lady Paint. She was found in a dungeon strangled by her own whip, and Clive figures that she was murdered by one of her own clients but they don’t have a list of them.

Once Liv consumes the brain, she and Ravi go to Roxanne's sex dungeon. Liv starts acting like a dominatrix, and suggests that a control freak like Clive would enjoy being told what to do. He assures her that he wouldn't, and figures that the previous detective, Percy, broke in through a window. Searching the place, they find a remote for spy-tech. he locates a hidden camera lens but the memory card is missing. Clive figures that the victim realized that his session was being taped, killed Roxanne, and took the chip. Liv sees a leather mask and gets a vision of Roxanne torturing a man on the bed wearing the mask. Roxanne whips off the mask to reveal Baracus' face. Liv tells Clive who she saw, and Clive figures that Baracus killed Roxanne and took the memory chip to protect his reputation as a mayoral candidate. Liv explains that the vision was longer and clearer, and figures that it was because of Ravi's memory restoration serum.

As Justin removes the bullets from Major's body, he says that they took out the separatists. Major looks out the door and sees the children that they rescued from the separatists. A mercenary comes in, congratulates Major, and puts something in a trunk. Once he leaves, Major goes over to the trunk and discovers that it contains human brains.

The next day, Clive and Liv go to a restaurant where Baracus is getting food. Liv explains that she had more visions overnight without anything triggering them, each one showing another of Roxanne's clients. She doesn't recognize any of them, and Clive says that they need to get back to the station so a sketch artist can sketch them all. Baracus spills ketchup on Liv's boot and she tells him to lick it off. They talk to Baracus privately and Clive explains that they know that he was Roxanne's client. Liv recites what Baracus said in the vision, and Baracus is apparently surprised to learn that Roxanne had a hidden camera. Baracus has an alibi for the time of the murder and Clive goes to check it out.

Back at the station, Liv meets with the sketch artist Jimmy and says that she wants him to do nine different sketches. She gives him a cover story and threatens to beat any advice out of him, and tells him to be a good "sketch bitch" and pick up the pad. Jimmy quickly agrees and starts doing the sketches. He asks to take a break to eat, and puts out a spoon. Liv gets a vision of a man cleaning Roxanne's silver and begging her to punish him. when Liv snaps out of it, she finds Jimmy staring at her. He tells her that she was staring at him for 20 seconds, and Liv tells him to just eat the broth.

Liv and Clive start bringing in the clients, starting with weatherman-turned-anchor Johnny Frost. He claims that he doesn't know Roxanne and is a married man, Liv tells him that Johnny's name is on Roxanne's client list, and he quickly remembers that he was there for an "investigative piece." Johnny tells them that he was on air when Roxanne was murdered, and he didn't know about the camera. As Clive and Liv leave, Cavanaugh tells them to stay off of his case. He explains that Harley told him that Clive and his pale partner had already interrogated him and now Harley is lawyering up. Cavanaugh insists that they both stay away from his case, and mentions that Harley was casing Wally's house the day before the murders. Clive figures that Harley is their guy, and suggests that Harley will talk to Liv's Fillmore Graves friends.

Liv soon meets with Vivian and tells two of her people about how Harley may be connected to Wally's murders. A.K., head of military operations, wants to kill Harley immediately, but Carey Gold objects. Liv says that they need information first land says that Vivian is going to pay Harley to talk. As they talk, Liv has a vision and stares off into space.

Soon, Liv is back at the station describing a new suspect to Jimmy. As she and Jimmy share a moment when Liv threatens him, Clive bursts in and Liv sees defense attorney Brand Stone out in the hallway. She has a vision of Roxanne punishing Brandt and spotting a pervert spying on them. As Roxanne mutters "not again," Liv snaps out of the vision. She confronts Brandt, who eventually admits that he was one of Roxanne's clients. They go to the interrogation room and Clive confirms Brandt's alibi for the night of Roxanne's murder. Liv orders Brandt to stay there and answer Clive's questions, and Brandt stays but refuses to answer the questions. When Liv describes what she saw in the vision, Brandt asks if there's an existing record of Roxanne's sessions. She asks about the voyeur, and Brandt says that Roxanne claimed that the peeping tom was frightening her. Clive shows him the sketches and Brandt recognizes one of them as the voyeur.

At the Scratching Post, Don E asks Tanner for help. Tanner points out a stool, and Don E goes out. He comes to three men hustling drugs, and approaches the dealer Tanner afterward to ask if his Utonium is any good. Tanner says that quality Utopium is a relic and Boss took out the old crew slinging it. Don E admits that he was one of them, and says that the one time he tried it was magnificent. They go back to the Scratching Post and Don E sets Tanner up with some Utopium. As they party, Don E asks Tanner if he wants to be a zombie and Tanner agrees.

At the station, Liv and Clive go through the mug shots trying to find someone who matches the sketch that Brandt picked out. Johnny comes in with Brandt as his attorney, and Brandt says that Johnny has information about Roxanne's murder but he may have violated the law. The defense attorney asks Clive to ignore a tiny white lie, and Liv immediately agrees. In the interrogation room, Johnny says that he received an email and the sender threatened to release a video of his session with Roxanne unless he played them $10,000. Liv tells Johnny to crawl across the floor to assure them he's apologetic, and Brandt explains that Johnny got another request for money in return for not releasing the video. Clive figures that they can use the set-up to catch the blackmailer... and Roxanne's killer.

Vivian calls Harley in, claiming that there's a settlement for his brother Dave's death. She introduces him to A.K. and Carey, and explains that they purchased Max Rager. Vivian gives Harley a $10,000 check for the funeral expenses, but asks him to tell them where he got his theories about zombie killers. Harley says that his brother told him all about the zombie labs. Vivian shows him a brain mush tube and explains that some of their men made it down to the zombie lab that night. She says that Caleb worked for them and the police found similar tubes in Caleb's refrigerator, and figure that he swiped some tubes from Max Rager. Carey explains that they quarantined the men who went down to the lab, They want any information that Dave passed along to Harley. Harley says that there's one foolproof test: zombies only have a pulse of ten beats a minute.

Mercenaries rig Harley's truck with surveillance devices.

Harley insists that the only way to deal with the zombies is to shoot them in the head and burn the bodies. When Carey objects, Harley insists that they're part of the problem and if it gets out then humans versus zombies. He says that he and his fellow "travelers" are armed and ready to do what it takes. Vivian leads Harley out, and she tells him that zombies are a bit of a leap. He shows her a photo of a zombie that Dave sent him, and insists that once the virus spreads it will be too late.

Once Harley leaves, Liv joins Vivian. Harley gets a call from his leader, and everyone listens in as Harley says that Fillmore Graves doesn't have the guts to do what is necessary, and that the Chaos Killer victims are zombies. Once Harley hangs up, Liv says that they have to protect the victims.

Liv goes to the park where Ravi is waiting for her along with Clive and Johnny. Ravi and Liv pose as a couple holding hands, and stroll towards Johnny. A bicyclist grabs the envelope with the video from Johnny. Clive, posing as an ice cream vendor, shoves his cart in front of the bicyclist, brings him down, and arrests him. At the station, Clive identifies the perp as James Wackler, a divorced father of one. He did a stint for robbery, but admits that his case is thin. Liv wants to play bad cop, and assures Clive that she can be intimidating.

Clive enters the interrogation room and Liv comes in after him and closes the blinds. She calls Wackler "Crazy James" and uses a crop to take out the surveillance camera. Liv accuses Wackler of breaking in to get the video and blackmail the other men, and killed Roxanne when she found him. Wackler admits that he killed Roxanne and that the reason Liv gave is as good as any other.

Back at Fillmore Graves, Major coughs and Justin figures that he should have a medic look at him. Justin goes out with the other mercenaries to toast Otis, and Major collapses, gagging. When Justin hears him, he comes back in and Major tells him to take him to the police morgue.

At the morgue, Liv and Ravi examine Major. Ravi confirms that Major's lungs are filling up and determines that he needs the cure immediately. Liv finds Major's gunshot wounds and tells Ravi not to inject him because the wounds will kill him. She injects a needle into Major's lungs to remove the fluid, buying them enough time for the wounds to heal.

At the club, Don E and Tanner pour out drinks for the grand opening. They're serving brains from a hospital in Bangladesh, and a triumphant Don E orders a round of drinks for everyone.

Ravi and Liv wait at Major's bed. Liv tells Ravi to get some rest because they need him on his game the next day. He reluctantly goes and Major wakes up. Liv tells him that the memory-restoration serum didn't work on Blaine and apologizes. Major figures that once he heals up, he has to take the cure and he loses his memories. He asks Liv to keep reminding him of what they meant to each other, and give him a less silly name. Major has her describe when they first kissed, and says that Liv looked beautiful. He figures that she'll knock him off his feet again, and they kiss and then make love.

The next morning at home, Ravi looks at the syringes with the antidote. He takes one and goes to the bedroom. Meanwhile Liv wakes up and gets out of bed. Major wakes up as Ravi knocks on the door. He comes in and confirms that Major has healed enough to survive. Ravi explains that the memory loss will take a couple of days to complete it, and Liv says that everything she needs to say has already been said. Major says that he'll miss them, and Liv promises him that they're not going anywhere. Ravi injects the antidote as Liv holds Major's hand.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2017

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