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Dream Girl Recap

Paladin is riding back from a job when he hears a man calling for help from a camp. Paladin goes in and the man asks Paladin to help him. The man, is sitting next to a large bag filled with something heavy. he introduces himself as Buddy Webster and explains that he's been alone for five years. Paladin is unable to pick up the bed, and asks what's in it. Buddy explains that it contains gold dust and plans to take it into Jackson City to get it cashed. Paladin advises him not to talk about it quite so loudly, and reluctantly agrees to help Buddy load it up. he suggests that they take it to Sacramento which is closer, but Buddy insists that it has to be Jackson City.

Buddy and Paladin ride into Jackson City, and Paladin tells Buddy to go to the hotel while he takes the gold to the essay office. When Buddy says that wants to mosey around, Paladin orders him to stay in the hotel room. Later, Paladin goes to Buddy's room with the money and hears a commotion inside. A barber is giving Buddy a shave, and a jeweler and saddlemaker are trying to sell Buddy their wares. Paladin pays the saddlemaker off, and the jeweler explains Buddy selected a ring for $5,000: the biggest and the best. Buddy insists that he wants the biggest and the best, and Paladin checks out a second ring and confirms that it's real. He pays the jeweler what it's worth--which is less than $5,000--and orders the man out.

Paladin gives the second ring to Buddy along with the rest of his money. He tells Buddy that he's on his own, and Buddy asks him to do one last favor. Buddy wants to give the ring to a girl, and that's why he had to come to Jackson City. The miner explains that he met the woman, Virginia "Ginger" Adams, and they knew that they were in love. He admits that he hasn't kept in touch with Ginger, but he told her that he'd make his fortune and be back for him. Buddy asks Paladin to find Ginger and have them meet Buddy where they met before. Paladin suggests that Ginger may not have waited, but Buddy insists that she promised that she would and she will.

Later, Buddy finds Paladin in the saloon and complains that Paladin didn't summon him. Paladin tells him that Ginger is in there and taps on the shoulder of a nearby saloon girl. The girl--Ginger--comes over and Buddy says that he's dreamed of her night and day. Ginger claims that she did the same but clearly has no idea who Buddy is. Buddy describes how he met Ginger on the way to church, and tells her that he made his fortune just like he said he would. Paladin advises Buddy to give Ginger the big ring, and Buddy asks her to wear it now and puts it on her finger.

When he realizes how much Buddy has, a man named Joe Becker perks up and offers a round of drinks. Paladin tells him that they're not drinking and hands Joe his card. Meanwhile, Ginger puts on a fake smile and asks Buddy to recite his name so she'll know what her married name is. She tells Buddy to tell her where he'll be and she'll come to him, while Joe watches them. Paladin tells Buddy that he doesn't need to remind Ginger of where they met, and she finally remembers where she met Buddy and how he nicknamed her "Ginger". Ginger tells Buddy to go on ahead while she changes, and reminds him to take his saddlebags. Paladin says that he'll take care of them.

Later, Buddy returns to his hotel room to get his things. Paladin is waiting, and asks where Ginger told Buddy to meet. Buddy says that they're going to be married, and Paladin tells him that Ginger is a saloon girl. Buddy doesn't believe it, and Paladin warns him that Ginger wants his money and will kill him for it. Angry, Buddy says that he doesn't want to see Paladin anymore, and Paladin agrees that he probably won't.

Ginger waits with Joe and his accomplice at her apartment. She objects when she realizes that Joe is going to kill Ginger. Meanwhile, Paladin pulls Buddy into the shadows, goes up, and kills the two men, and then tells Ginger that Buddy is waiting for her. She walks past Buddy without a word.

Buddy goes to the saloon with Paladin in tow. Ginger is at the bar, and Buddy slaps down the saddlebags with $500,00 and asks her what good it is to him. She gives him the ring back, and Buddy slaps her and then says that he was going to buy her the world and a new life. Ginger tells him that he would have had to start her over as a baby to do that, and tells him that she has to go work. Buddy says that she won't be working there and buys the saloon from the owner. Furious, he orders everyone out and they leave.

Once Buddy is alone with Paladin and Virginia, he orders Virginia to stay. When she tells him that he doesn't have enough money to buy her, Buddy tears up the place. Paladin finally stops him and tells Buddy that it's not Ginger's fault that Buddy pinned his dreams on Ginger. He asks Buddy if he wants to hurt Ginger more than the world already has. Buddy apologizes to Ginger and offers to make an honest woman out of her. She says that she doesn't have to be married to be honest, and offers to run the saloon. Buddy gladly gives it to her and starts to leave, and Paladin tosses him the saddlebags that he's forgotten. Once Buddy leaves, Ginger starts cleaning up the place while Paladin laughs.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2017

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