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Episode XCIX Recap

In space, a spacecraft floats through the void. Debris slams into it, knocking it off-course. It falls toward Earth and crashes in the Sahara Desert.

The next day at a city, jack and Ashi prepare for their journey. They stop at a vendor to get some food, but Ashi has her doubts. Jack tries some and his head transforms into a fish, and Ashi quickly leaves.

The workers feed the giant camel beast and Jack and Ashi board with the other passengers. When they get aboard, Jack's head turns back and take their positions among the green-furred tiger-headed warriors riding with them. They bump into Jack and Ashi and more cram in, shoving them together. The beast departs across the desert, and Jack and Ashi try to both grasp the support pole and their hands keep touching. Jack sweats and notices that the temper seems to be rising, and they both try to avoid eye contact.

As they wait, Jack realizes that the letters on the soldiers' uniforms spell out "Die Samurai Jack." The soldiers attack them and they fight them off. When Jack and Ashi bump fists, they apologize to each other and then continue fighting. The samurai suggests that they leave, draws his sword, and goes out the windows. The soldiers follow as Jack and Ashi run up to the beast's head, take the reins, and swing to the desert floor. The beast continues on and Ashi realizes that she's holding onto Jack's neck before letting go.

Jack and Ashi walk across the desert and finally come to an oasis. They drink and Jack makes hats from the palm trees to shelter them from the sun. The warriors continue on and a sand storm springs up. Looking for shelter, they see the crashed spaceship and enter through a hole in its side. Exploring the ship, Jack realizes that it's some kind of prison but there's no sign of the prisoners.

A leech attaches itself to Ashi's leg, and Jack cuts it free. He sucks the venom out of her leg and says that they should leave. Something screeches in the darkness, and Jack and Ashi run for the hole. However, it is has disappeared and the screeching draws closer. They proceed through the catwalks and come to a large prison cell, also broken open.

Thousands of the leaches form into one gigantic creature and spits more leeches at them. Jack deflects them with his sword, and Ashi grabs broken glass from the shattered cell and uses them as shuriken, killing more. the samurai cuts a whole in the floor, and he and Ashi drop down. As they run, an alarm goes off above a door. The computer scans them and confirms that they are non-prisoners, and grants them access.

Inside is an armory and the computer warns that a breakout protocol is in effect. it reports that the prisoner, Lazarus 92, has escaped and can be recaptured when it nears the weapon. Ashi accidentally shorts out the computer, trying one of the items. The computer skips over how to initiate the weapon and its location, and how to use it. Ashi arms herself with a shield and two-bladed weapon, and Jack tells her that he has a weapon designed to kill Lazarus 92.

Jack and Ashi move through the ship and Jack tries to initiate the weapon without success. Leeches flow into the hallway and form into Lazarus 92, and Jack is unable to initiate the weapon. He finally admits that he doesn't know how to use it, and tosses it to Ashi to try. Jack fights the creature, but more of the leaches flow into the side vents and then leap out, attacking Ashi and tearing off her costume. Jack, blushing, tries to avoid seeing her. Ashi doesn't see the concern, and attacks Lazarus 92.

jack tosses his robe over Ashi and she points out that he's acting weird. Lazarus 92 breaks down into its component leeches and then reforms into a dozen man-sized creatures. Jack slides the anti-Lazarus weapon over with his foot and tells Ashi to cover him, and tries to initiate it. As Ashi cuts the smaller creatures apart, they reform into Lazarus 92 and it tries to overwhelm Ashi's shield.

The device finally activates just as the leeches cover over Jack and Ashi. As they scream in agony, the device destroys all of the leeches. gasping for breath, Jack and Ashi look at each other and finally kiss.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2017

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