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Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle Recap

Oswald and Ivy trek through an icy wilderness and come to a cabin. They go inside and Oswald calls to the occupant inside. There are butterflies frozen in ice cubes, and Oswald tells ivy to stop talking because he hears something. Victor Fries steps out and grabs Oswald, slamming him against the wall. He reminds Oswald that he ran people like him out of Gotham, and Oswald offers to help him reverse his condition. Oswald says that his enemies tried to murder him, and when he retakes his throne with Victor's help, he will provide him with every resource. Victor lets Oswald go and explains that he can only survive a few hours outside of the cold without his suit. Oswald shows victor his suit, recovered from a Wayne Enterprises black site, and asks if Victor will join them.

The Court brings Jim to Kathryn, and she says that she knows that Jim murdered Frank because Frank murdered Peter. She asks if Jim blames the Court, and Jim says that frank admitted that he acted alone. Kathryn tells Jim that the city needs him more than ever, and the Court wants him to prove his loyalty to them. When the time is right, the Court will call upon Jim.

Lee shows Harvey a photo of Frank and asks if Harvey has seen Jim. Jim comes in and they tell him that they found Frank's body that morning, pulled out of the harbor. Lee asks if Frank said anything when he met Jim at the cemetery, and Jim shrugs it off. She figures that he's hiding something, but Harvey tells her to back off. Lee figures that Harvey is covering for Jim and leaves. Once they're alone, Jim tells Harvey that Frank shot himself to get him into the Court. He explains that Kathryn wants him to prove his loyalty to the Court, and Harvey warns that they don't have time with the weapon in Gotham. Jim says that they don't have any other alternatives, and Harvey shows him a newspaper headline about Edward—Riddler--striking.

Barbara goes to Ed's lair and complains that he's been blowing her off. He insists that he's now the Riddler, and Barbara asks if Oswald ever mentioned a mysterious group. No one in Gotham seems to know anything about them, and Jim put her onto them. Barbara explains about the crate from Indian Hills, and how a masked assassin slaughtered half of her men. Edward remembers that Hugo hinted at some secret group, and promises Barbara that he will get her the answer to the riddle... in his own way. Barbara figures that he's going to make a big production out of it, and Edward figures that he can talk to the city's elite at opening night at the theater.

At the theater, Edward interrupts the performance of Hamlet and steps out with a sword. He says that his business is with the audience and says that he will kidnap and torture one of them to learn the secret that they've been hiding. Edward kills the actor playing Hamlet and bows.

Alfred is playing chess against Bruce-2, unaware of who he really is. the butler checkmates Bruce-2, who offers his hand. Alfred realizes that Bruce-2 lets him win and notes that he hasn't been himself recently. he demands the truth, and Bruce-2 says that he lied about working things out with Selina. He lied so he wouldn't have to talk about it, and Alfred thanks him for his honesty. The butler assures Bruce-2 that time will sort things out, and goes to check on dinner. Bruce-2 thanks Alfred and says that he's a good friend. Once he's alone, Bruce-2 notices that his nose is bleeding and calls Kathryn to tell her that it's happening again.

Jim and Harvey go to the theater and secure the crime scene. Neither one of them know about the secret Edward mentioned to the audience. Edward left a present and once the bomb squad clears it, Harvey opens it and finds a scroll inside. Jim reads it and discovers that it's a riddle in iambic parameter. They figure that it refers to Aubrey, and that Edward is trying to make them look bad by abducting the reinstated mayor under their noses.

At Sirens, Barbara assures Tabitha that once Edward finds the answer, they'll kill him. Edward comes in and Barbara asks him what his plan is. He explains that he's going to kidnap Aubrey and question him about the Court. Barbara points out that she could have brought Aubrey there, but Edward explains that he had to tell the GCPD what he's going to do because his crimes must live up to his name. He says that he has a plan to smoke the Court out, but he needs a bomb to detonate at a biker bar later that night. Tabitha wonders how Edward is going to get Aubrey now that the GCPD knows he's going after the mayor, and Edward says that they're going to bring him to them.

Jim and Harvey visit Aubrey and say that they want to move him to a safehouse. Aubrey points out his bodyguards and insists that his life is an open book. The mayor is eating Danishes and starts to feel sick. He explains that an appreciative citizen anonymously sent them, and discovers that his pills have been swapped out.

Oswald and Ivy go to a factory where Bridgit Pike--Firefly—is working. She refuses their offer, just as the foreman comes over and calls her a freak. Ivy tells Bridgit to kick her ass, assuring her that there's nothing wrong with being a freak. Bridgit recognizes Ivy from before she was aged, and Ivy says that Bridgit doesn't have to be alone anymore. Oswald offers to kill her boss, but Bridgit goes over, tells the foreman that she's quitting, and stabs him in the eye with a red-hot steel bar.

Kathryn lets Bruce-2 comes in and has a doctor examine him. Bruce-2 realizes that he's dying, and Kathryn admits that the process that brought the clone into the world is flawed. She tells Bruce-2 that the real Bruce will be back in Gotham before Bruce-2 dies, and Bruce-2 says that the Court gave him a purpose.. He figures that a lot of people will die when Bruce returns, and Kathryn says that the number is immaterial. Kathryn explains that what matters is that Gotham falls, and because of Bruce-2's sacrifice it will. She asks if they can count on him, and Bruce-2 says that they can.

The police take Aubrey to the nearest hospital, and Jim figures that Edward is waiting for them. Edward pages Jim over the intercom, shooting people, and Jim goes up to the communication room. When Jim bursts in, he discovers that Edward has left a tape player.

Harvey checks on Aubrey, who wants to leave. Jim calls Harvey and explains that Edward is after the Court. EMTs bring in injured bikers from the bar, and Jim tells Harvey not to leave Aubrey's side. A fight breaks out and Harvey goes out to help his men. Edward, disguised as a police officer, goes into Aubrey's cubicle. By the time Jim arrives, Edward has killed the bodyguards and taken Aubrey.

Jim goes to Sirens and finds Tabitha and Butch there. He demands to know where Barbara is, and says that he heard a rumor that Edward hurt both of them a while back. Jim offers to take Edward in but give Barbara a free pass, and Tabitha admits that she hates Edward but doesn't know where he or Barbara are. Harvey calls to tell Jim that Edward sent another riddle. Once they leave, Edward tells Butch that she won't betray Barbara. Butch isn't convinced.

A blindfolded Aubrey warns Edward and Tabitha that he doesn't want to mess with the Court. Edward insists that he will unmask the Court, and Barbara reminds Aubrey of the time she captured him. Aubrey insists that the Court will know that he talked, and Barbara prepares to put the box on him again. He gives up the Court's name but says that he's never met them. Edward thanks Aubrey for his help ad tells Barbara that he's going to force the Court to reveal themselves.

Tabitha comes in and gives Edward what he asked for, and he says that it's time to get the Court's attention. Edward goes back to Aubrey, and Tabitha tells Barbara that Jim knows everything.

Selina refers to her apartment and shows her cat what she stole. Bruce-2 comes in and says that he missed her. He claims that he forgot she told him to stay away, and that things have changed. Selina doesn't care, but Bruce-2 says that he's not Bruce.

At the station, Lee tells Jim that the ballistics report came back on Jack. Someone removed the bullet from Frank's head and replaced it with another one. Lee figures that Jim knows what's going on. When he tells her to drop it before she gets hurt, Lee says that she plans to find out what Jim did and make him pay for it. Harvey calls Jim to his office and shows him the riddle. The answer is the TV, and Jim turns it on. Edward is on the air asking about the Court, and threatening to blow up Aubrey's head unless they come forward.

Kathryn calls Jim and tells him that the Court cannot be exposed. She says that it's an opportunity to prove his loyalty and hangs up. Jim tells Harvey what the Court said.

Edward tells Aubrey that the GCPD won't find him. Aubrey warns him that they're both dead because the Court won't bargain with Edward. Jim calls and tells him to come by the GCPD so he can tell him who runs the city. Edward considers and then tells Jim to empty out the GCPD so that it's just him, Aubrey, and Jim.

Harvey orders the officers out and wishes Jim luck before going himself. Aubrey soon arrives, the bomb around his neck, and says that Edward sent him in alone. Jim tells the mayor to sit down and then calls to Edward, and Edward steps out of the shadows. When Aubrey tries to run, Edward holds up the remote trigger for the bomb. Jim advises Edward to blow Aubrey up, and Edward demands the answer. He threatens to kill Aubrey and walk out with Jim as his hostage. He hits the trigger but nothing happens, and Jim explains that Tabitha called to tell him how to set up a jammer.

Edward aims his gun at Jim and prepares to shoot Aubrey. Jim takes out his car keys and invites Edward to take a drive with him once he lets Aubrey go. When Edward prepares to shoot Aubrey anyway, Jim warns that then the riddle wlll go unsolved. Edward lets Aubrey go and tells Jim to start driving.

Bruce-2 explains to Selina what happened, and tells her to leave Gotham right away because something bad is going to happen. Selina wonders what happened to the real Bruce, and Bruce-2 says that he's not in Gotham and is safe. When Selina tries to leave, Bruce-2 stops her and says that he cares about her and wanted to save her. Selina tells him that Bruce would try to save everyone, while Bruce-2 only wants to save her. She says that Bruce-2 will never be Bruce and doesn't matter, and Bruce-2 insists that she's wrong. When she threatens to tell Alfred, Selina asks how he's going to stop her... and Bruce-2 shoves her out the window where she falls to the sidewalk several stories below.

Jim drives Edward to a park. As they wait, Jim talks about the night Edward had dinner with Jim and Lee. He admits that he had a good time and considered Edward a friend. Edward says that every friendship ends in betrayal, just as a car pulls up. Edward goes over as Kathryn ad a Court assassin get out, and he wonders how he knows she's real. Kathryn says that's the point of a good mystery, and says that the answer to who truly controls Gotham is with her. She invites Edward to get in and all of his questions will be answer. Edward hands his gun over to the assassin and gets into Kathryn's car. Kathryn goes over to Jim and tells him that Jim has made them proud, and they'll find something for Edward to do for the court. She says that they'll be in touch and leaves.

Barbara storms into the club and tells Tabitha and Butch that something went wrong. Tabitha admits that she told Jim how to disarm the bomb, because Barbara promised her that she could kill Edward. Barbara says that as long as the Court is out there, she'll never be in control. Tabitha asks if she means that they'll never be in control, and Barbara storms off. Butch tells Tabitha that Barbara has changed, and Tabitha tells him to shut up before walking away.

Oswald, Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Firefly arrive at Oswald's old manor. Freeze and Firefly start arguing but ivy reminds them that they're all family now. On the news, there's a story about the GCPD capturing Edward. Oswald turns off the TV and tells everyone to rest up because the next day is going to be busy.

On the street, Selina's cat comes down and circles her body. More cats come out and gather around Selina.

Kathryn meets with the other Court members and introduces their newest member: Jim. Everyone applauds and Jim puts on the owl mask waiting for him.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2017

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