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Deceptive Little Parasite Recap

As Lucifer pours himself a drink, Charlotte tells Amenadiel that they need Lucifer to show them Azael's Blade. Lucifer smashes his hand into the wall and pulls out the Blade, and Charlotte figures that God hid it in plain sight rather than destroy it. she says that only Lucifer can ignite it when he's angry, and Lucifer tries to summon his anger over God. Nothing happens, and Charlotte says that Lucifer has to apply himself and get angry. Amenadiel punches Lucifer and nothing happens, and Lucifer gives it to his brother and prepares to kick him in the groin. Charlotte interrupts them and Amenadiel points out that their only chance of getting home depends on Lucifer controlling his emotions.

Later, Lucifer meets with Linda and explains their plan to use the Blade to return home. He wants her to help him control his emotions, and Linda warns that emotions can't be controlled. All she can do is help him to realize what he's feeling or trying to avoid feeling. Linda suggests that she married Cindy to hide from something, but Lucifer refuses to discuss it. The therapist tells him that he has to bring his emotional walls down.

At home, Chloe is drinking coffee when Maze comes out and wonders where breakfast is. Chloe admits that she forgot, and Maze wonders if she's okay. Her roommate finally explains that she's still upset that Lucifer disappeared on her and got married, and Maze tunes her out by putting in her headsets while trying to look attentive. Chloe soon catches on and pulls out the earbuds, and Maze says that she can't deal with human emotions on an empty stomach.

Later, Lucifer meets Chloe at a crime scene and brings her favorite coffee. He hopes that they'll soon be back to normal, and they meet with Dan. The victim is Debbie Lang, who worked as the head of administrations at Starford, a prestigious elementary school. Ella confirms that Debbie was stabbed in the back, and there's no sign of B&E. The circumference of the wound is very large, and Lucifer notices that Debbie had a PhD in psychology. Ella says that she sees a psychologist, and Chloe finds a plaque with a missing pair of commemorative scissors. Hey figure the scissors were the murder weapon, and it was a crime of passion.

Lucifer and Chloe go to the school and talk to Assistant Dean Murray. He insists that their school is unique and they focus on emotional self-control. Lucifer is intrigued and points out that Linda said that emotions can be controlled. Murray insists that their students learn emotional control and Lucifer tells him to begin teaching.

Chloe tells Lucifer to focus on the case, but he figures that he needs immediate assistance. Murray assures him that the parents notice it after one class. While Lucifer checks the testimonials, Chloe questions Murray about Debbie. He shows her Debbie's desk and says that she was emotionally balanced. He insists that Debbie didn't have any incidents with parents, and admits that Debbie got into a verbal fight with parents whose child was denied admission.

Chloe talks to the fathers. One of them, Craig, admits that he said that he would kill Debbie when she refused to admit their son Wolf. The other father, Jon, explains that Debbie took their money and crushed their son's future. They made a "contribution" based on Debbie's advice, and she claimed the school didn't meet the donation. Dan comes in and tells Chloe that the murder weapon was found in their pool house.

That night at Lux, a blonde woman approaches Lucifer and tells him that he's under arrest. Two other blonde women come over to help, and Lucifer realizes that they all look like Chloe. He yells for Charlotte and when she comes over, she admits that if anger didn't work she wanted to try a different emotion. Lucifer tells them that he can't enjoy a triple menage a troi set up by his mother, and assures Charlotte that he'll control his emotions eventually. He figures that he needs to have a child to learn about emotions.

The next day, Chloe is making breakfast and gets a call from Ella. When she hangs up, she finds Lucifer standing behind him. Chloe explains that the killer wiped the fingerprints off of the scissors but not Debbie's blade. She figures that anyone could have planted the murder weapon there, and suggests that someone at the school embezzled the money. When Debbie confronted the embezzler, they killed her. Trixie hasn't dressed for school yet, and Lucifer offers to take her while Chloe investigates the embezzlement.

Lucifer drives Trixie to Starford and tells her to play along. Mr. Taylor greets them to take them on the school tour, and Trixie introduces herself as Trixie Morningstar. Taylor shows them around and Trixie insists on holding Lucifer's hand to sell the charade despite Lucifer's distaste. Their guide amits that he's filling in for Debbie and usually he's the equivalent of a P.E. teacher. Lucifer wants to see the classroom where they teach kids how to control their emotions, and Taylor figures that Trixie is having emotional problems..

Chloe and Dan meet with Murray and explain that they want to check the ledgers to see if Debbie was telling the truth about the missing donations. Murray immediately confesses that he did it because he felt like he didn't belong and his salary barely covers his risk. However, he explains that Debbie figured Jon and Steve didn't extend the check so they killed him. However, the assistant dean blames himself. Dan tells him that they're not sure the parents killed Debbis, and Murray asks them to disregard what he just said.

Taylor comes in when he hears Murray crying. He recognizes Chloe's name and says that her daughter is in Madison's class and his father brought him in. Chloe goes to check it out and finds Trixie and Lucifer talking about harnessing emotions. Her son Ranger is less than helpful, and Lucifer volunteers. Madison says that she'd rather have a child volunteer, and Lucifer volunteers Trixie. Trixie says that she's worried about her mother after she almost died, and she doesn't want to bother her mother so she hides her emotion. Chloe comes in and hears Trixie talking, and Madison suggests that Trixie could write a poem. Lucifer doesn't see the point of channeling his emotions into creative energy. One child is drawing a picture of his mother stabbing Debbie, and both Lucifer and Chloe stare at it.

Later, Chloe tells Dan that the child's mother is Joy Sherman and gives him the contact info. He asks about Trixie, and chloe says that she'll talk to him. Lucifer and Trixie come out of the school, and Chloe assures her daughter that she's not mad at her. She says that Trixie can talk to her if something is going on, and Trixie says that she wants to ride with Lucifer. Chloe agrees and Trixie gets into Lucifer's car. Lucifer concedes that a deal is a deal and tosses the keys to Trixie. Chloe objects and Lucifer hastily whispers to Trixie that the driving lesson will have to wait until Chloe isn't looking.

When Lucifer returns to his parking garage, a man in a hoodie approaches him. He punches Lucifer, who feels the punch, The "mugger" throws Lucifer into a SUV, and he realizes that it's Charlotte. Charlotte asks if the Blade has ignited, and explains that she was trying to get Lucifer worked up. She gets angry and complains that he's not handling it fast enough, and says that they have to get home soon.

At the station, Dan tells Chloe that they have Joy in interrogation. Chloe has received an email that Trixie is being considered for admission to Starford. Dan wonders if Chloe is considering it, and warns that Trixie has had enough big changes recently. Chloe explains that Trixie opened up there, and Dan agrees to consider sending Trixie there after they solve the murder.

Chloe and Dan show Joy the picture, and she says that every morning she said she wanted to kill Debbie. Joy explains that Debbie made her feel like a bad mom because she worked, claiming that she wasn't involved enough. When Chloe asks where she was on the night of the murder, Joy hesitantly says that she was with Taylor having an affair. She tells them that everyone hated Debbie because she held the keys to the most exclusive school in the city. Joy suggests that they go to the school's grieving gathering because all of Debbie's frenemies will be there.

As Chloe gets dressed, Maze points out that she's concerned about her clothing for once. Chloe explains that she's going to a grieving gathering and wants to look as good as the other parents. Maze promises that she's listening, and Chloe explains that she's not sure if she wants Trixie to get into the school. The demon doesn't see the downside of Trixie learning to defend herself against students with barbed words, and Chloe quickly leaves.

At the grieving gathering, Chloe checks in and the woman Elizabeth notes that she's alone. Maze comes in and claims that Chloe is with her, and Elizabeth is impressed that Trixie has two mothers. Chloe has no choice but to pull along, and Maze tries to kiss her. Once they're alone, Maze says that she knows that she shouldn't let her girl go into enemy territory alone. The other parents are grieving, and the event coordinator Sonya comes over and says that they'd be happy to have Trixie join. Maze hugs Chloe, and once Sonya leaves Chloe wonders how the parents can be so put together and have a kid. The demon points out all of the parents that are miserable and waiting to tear each other apart, and it reminds her of home. Chloe realizes that she's right and figures that they love juicy gossip, and figures that they should give the parents something to talk about.

In the penthouse, Amenadiel tries to ignite the Blade without success. Lucifer comes in and Amenadiel admits that Charlotte was right and he can't make the Blade work. He says that he doesn't have much of Charlotte's attention anymore because he doesn't have a glorious destiny, and Lucifer explains that Charlotte tried to kill him earlier. Amenadiel tells him that he should enjoy the fact that he's the Lightbringer, and Lucifer points out that Charlotte has been obsessed recently. he insists that nothing would be happier than Charlotte getting her wish, and Amenadiel tells Lucifer to stop fighting them because it's all on him.

Maze chats with one of the parents, Steve, and hitns that Chloe is close to making an arrest and the DNA is in the car. Steve immediately starts spreading the gossip to the other parents, and Chloe figures that the killer will go the car.

Madison goes to Chloe's car and prepares to break in. Lucifer arrives to talk to her about her class, and Madison claims that Chloe wanted her to get something for her. He has a spare set of keys made, and Madison starts going through the car. Chloe comes out and realizes that Madison is the killer. Madison finds Chloe's gun and draws it on them, She fires a warning shot and orders them to stay back, and the other parents run out. When Madison sees Taylor, she says that it's all his fault and Chloe realizes that she slept with Taylor. She tells Madison that everyone there has secrets. Taylor says that they only had sex one time years ago, and they realize that Ranger is Taylor's son. Debbie realized that Ranger was Taylor's son, and threatened to expose Madison. Chloe appeals to Madison as a mother, and Madison admits that she got so angry that she couldn't control herself. She says that she's realized that they can't control their emotions, much to Lucifer's disappointment. Maze arrives and knocks Madison out, and admits that listening to emotions isn't her thing.

Later, Chloe tucks Trixie in ad says that the school would let Trixie in if she wanted to go. She explains that at first it made her feel worried and insecure, but then she found out that the other mommies were just as worried as she was and they were pretending to be perfect. Chloe assures Trixie that the two of them don't have to pretend with each other. Trixie says that she doesn't really like the school, and chloe admits that she doesn't like it either before lying next to her daughter.

Lucifer tells Linda that she was right and it's impossible to control one's feelings. Linda asks if he's willing to be more forthcoming now, and Lucifer explains that he plans to use the Blade to get into Heaven. However, once he does, he's going to leave Charlotte there. He hopes that the two of them will tear each other apart and get the punishment they deserved for manipulating him. Lucifer says that he doesn't want to feel the feelings he's had anymore, and Linda tells him that he has to feel the pain that he's been suppressing over what happened. He considers what Linda is saying, and she tells him that the only way to work through the pain is to go through it.

Later, Lucifer tells Charlotte and Amenadiel that he's worked out how to activate the Blade. He channels his pain and it bursts into flame as he breaks into tears. The fire goes out and Charlotte tells him that Lucifer has to try harder. Amenadiel , having seen Lucifer cries, tells their mother that's enough. Lucifer insists that the sword must be broken, not him, and Amenadiel says that there's plenty of time. Charlotte agrees but once she walks out, she removes a bandage on her wrist. Light pours out, and Charlotte says that there's not time for her.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2017

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