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This Sounds Unbelievable, But CSI: Miami Did It Recap

A man emerges from a coma after 15 years, and the orderly takes him out of the hospital. As he gets up and walks, a body falls out of the sky and lands on him.

At the station, Pritkin tells Jay that he did well on the written portion of his exam, and assigns him the case of a jumper to test how he does in the field. Jay yells at Angie and Danny to come in, and Pritkin explains that Jay will be running the investigation. He tells them that they have a lot of work to do, and someone throws a gun at him. Putting it in the desk, Jay tells the detectives that they have a lot of work to do and sends them to the hospital.

At the hospital, Angie and Danny meet with Monica. She first tells them that she received her two-week chip from the gambling addiction program. Angie points out that it's a casino chip, and Monica tells them that the dead man has no ID but there's an A on his t-shirt. He apparently fell from a thousand feet, but the hospital is only a hundred feet tall. Monica takes the body back to the lab to see what the autopsy tells them, but assures them that he didn't fall from the top of the building.

Back at the station, Jay visits Monica in the lab. She explains that the blood in the victim's body boiled in a vacuum, and theorizes that the dead man fell from space. Jay suggests that Monica take a break, but Monica insists that the dead man was dropped from fifty miles up.

Later, Jay and Pritkin calls Angie and Danny in. Jay gives them Monica's analysis and tells them to go to NASA and find out where the man came from. Meanwhile, Pritkin tells Jay that he's doing awful.

At NASA, Angie and Danny talk to Christine Craft, who is obviously pregnant. She explains that they're about to launch a satellite, and the detectives ask her if an astronaut could fall from one of their spacecraft. Christine tells them that they haven't sent anyone up in the last six months, and has them wait to watch the cookie finish baking. Everyone cheers as Christine hands them out, and she tells the detectives that they did register a launch out of California from a space tourism company, Galaxium Aerospace.

The detectives drive to Galaxium and Danny discovers that it's the pet project of CEO Sperber Pennington, an adrenaline junkie. Sperber is climbing a cliff and the detectives climb down to him to question him. Angie explains why they're there, and Sperber laughs hysterically at the idea. He assures them that he can account for every passenger on the flight.

Back at the station, Danny tells Jay that everyone thinks that their theory is crazy. When Angie suggests that Monica might be insane, Jay takes offense and Danny insists that hot-air balloon deaths occur all the time. Pritkin refuses to intervene, and Jay wonders if he's ready to be lieutenant. Once Jay leaves, Jay tells them to get the hot-air balloon paperwork. Monica comes in and says that the victim was Allen Fresco. He's an engineer at Acme Rocket Parts, a subcontractor for Galaxium. She found a packet of Tang in his pocket, meaning that Allen was on the spaceship.

Later, Danny go to Acme and talk to the engineer Dave. He says that the windshields were unsafe, and Allen told Galaxium about it repeatedly. Sperber wouldn't listen, and the last thing Allen said that he was going to try to convince Sperber one more time and then go to the press.

The detectives call Sperber into the station and ask him about Allen. He claims not to know Allen and insists that the windshields were safe. Sperber dismisses Allen as an idiot, and insists that Allen wasn't on the flight. Danny explains that they contacted every person on the flight and they all said that Allen wasn't on the flight... but Sperber acted nervous during the flight. They also heard the airlock open, screams, and the airlock shut again. Angie figures that Sperber pushed Allen off of the flight, and Sperber tells them that they'll never get a prosecutor who will take the case.

In the locker room, Angie tells Jay that the spacecraft theory isn't crazy after all. Pritkin says that he's proud of all of them and asks Jay what their next move is. Jay figures that they need physical evidence that Allen was on the ship, and someone needs to get on the ship that Sperber hasn't met. The only person he hasn't met is Monica.

Soon, Jay and Monica take a shuttle flight posing as rich kids spending their money. Once the in-flight movie begins, Monica makes her way back in zero-gravity and checks the bathroom. Once she's done, Monica goes back to Jay and tells her that she found Allen's wallet in the bathroom and he was definitely there. Sperber comes out with a gun, well aware of what they're up to.

At NASA, Angie paces nervously as Christine monitors the shuttle.

Jay points out that if Sperber fires the gun then it will kill them all. Sperber boasts that he plans to leave via the one-man space pod. Jay then calls NASA and asks Angie to tell him he would have been a great lieutenant. He explains that Monica is wrestling with Sperber for the gun and wonders why no one is helping her. Jay tells Angie that he loves being her partner, and Angie breaks into tears. The windshield cracks and Sperber is pulled out, and everyone cheers.

Later at the station, Jay returns to his desk. He tells Angie that he passed the first of three hundred cases he has to oversee, and figures that it's best that they spend time apart.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2017

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